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  1. I think there is unique correlation to Hines and Granson in that both their pre seasons were uninspiring. There are some on here who wanted Hines cut after his fumble and drops issues in his rookie pre season. No one will admit to those posts today but they were on here. I saw at least one post on Granson who predicted he would not make the 53. I personally think Granson has the ability to be the playmaking TE that Ebron was in 2018. I am intrigued with his athletic ability. Time will tell.
  2. Two things... 1) 48 is the number allowed to be active on game day? 2) I would think Mack is inactive before Wilkins. Mack does nothing on special teams and Wilkins does.
  3. I think you start with likely inactives and work backwards from there. Out Fisher Rhodes Turay There are 3. Fries, Williams, & one of the new DB's - Wilcox or Keyes - seem likely to be 3 more. I am not sure if any PS player gets brought up for Sunday. That is based on 47 game day active players, which I think is the # allowed this year.
  4. OK - who on the PS is going to be brought up to pressure Wilson?
  5. Buckner is a given. Said so in my first post on this. I was just thinking about other players who may already have or could ascend.
  6. Jeremiah did not specify but the responses to his tweet all have pass rushers and def playmakers separated. Which BTW - read some of the comments to the Tweet by people who think their team has checked all of Jeremiah's boxes if you want some entertainment. I have a good feeling about Paye. Hopefully Turay regains his 2019 form prior to injury. Okereke was a stand out in camp - maybe he rises to playmaker level this season. To @NewColtsFan Moore could be listed as a playmaker as well as obviously Leonard. Offense has potential guys to fit the playmaker definition with none bigger than Wentz.
  7. Don’t disagree at all. Just depends on utilization. Campbell, Pittman and few others could be as well.
  8. Thanks for the definition of a playmaker. I feel more educated now. I considered Kenny Moore and would listen to an argument that he could be listed as a playmaker. Ultimately though I am not sure he fits the narrow description from Jeremiah. Paye and Okereke are two that I think could move into the pass rush / playmaker category. Wentz is clearly the biggest question mark.
  9. Saw a tweet from Daniel Jeremiah that I thought was interesting. These are the pieces that he thinks are necessary for building a championship foundation in today's NFL Role/Number of players QB (1) Pass rusher (2) Off Playmaker (3) Def Playmaker (3) Quality OL (3) As it relates to the Colts, I see too many questions marks QB - Wentz is TBD at best Pass rusher - Buckner but TBD on Paye or anyone else. Off playmaker - Taylor is one but TBD if they have two more Def Playmaker - Leonard is one. Who are the others that turn the ball over or get the O off the field Quality Olinemen - they meet this standard I think Indy will be a good team but they have too many question marks right now.
  10. You always thinks there is something afoot and there never is. See Superman's post for the reality of what the restructure means - and then look no further.
  11. Sweet Jesus. They freaking practice everything.
  12. Sweet baby Jesus…. haven’t you said this exact post 6 different times already in this thread. Let it breathe.
  13. My thoughts??? See post # 8 in this thread by @Smonroe for my thoughts. A pre-season depth chart means precious little.
  14. So if he is cleared to play against the Rams, you still hold him out?
  15. You are going to be disappointed. I would bet dollars to donuts that Taylor plays zero in the pre season.
  16. Can’t recall the last time I saw a “packaged” trade this time of year. If Ballard does try to get something for him, it would be for a 7th rounder, 6th at best. My most likely scenario - he gets cut and they bring him back to the PS.
  17. 1) Dear God... 2) Is there a thread that you don't suffocate the life out of?
  18. Megastrachan is corny but the somehow Carribean Amphibean is cool??? I simply do not get kids these days. Now get off my lawn!
  19. You post about 10 Dear God worthy thoughts every day. This one is not different.
  20. Whew, thanks for clearing that up.
  21. Same. But he deep dislike of Belechick remains.
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