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  1. Completely agree. Van and Akers both are great picks considering the production/roles that will be available to them if they can play up to it.
  2. Best division in football (by far) in my opinion. All 4 teams with the exception of the Rams made really good moves this off-season. If the Rams can find a consistent running game behind Cam Akers and a decent level of O-line play, they could return to shape a little bit, I think a lot of people are sleeping on them. 1. 49ers 12-4 2. Seahawks 10-6 3. Cardinals 9-7 4. Rams 8-8
  3. I agree with what you say about the South with the exception of the Jaguars. I really do believe they're going to be abysmal this year, there is just a lack of talent across the board. That defense is nothing similar to the 2017 or even 2018 teams - if they're going to be competitive they can't trade Fournette (which they're rumoured to be looking at doing), and they're going to be counting on numerous rookies (Chaission, Henderson) to fill MASSIVE shoes (no more Ramsey, Smith, Bouye, Campbell, Ngokoue, Church, Gipson - all gone). Unless somebody is on the Minshew mania train I can't really un
  4. I think the Colts added the most talent and are the gaining the most value with an extra year of development from all our young players (especially on defense). Rivers with our OLine and a strongly improved rushing attack and improved D-Line play are both huge areas of improvement. I think we're primed for the 3 seed in the AFC and about 10 or 11 wins. Texans really lost a strong dimension to their offense without the Hopkins-Watson combo. Their O will be abysmal in comparison to last year as soon as Will Fuller gets injured (aka week 3 lol). I wouldn't be shocked if they could pu
  5. This mock may look a little un-Ballard but hear me out, I believe the Colts may be a little more aggressive this off-season, It's hard not to when you've got well over $100M in cap space. I think they'll make a couple more 1 year moves rather than rolling cap over, but I am still trying to come at it with a Ballard outlook. Re-sign: Pierre Desir, CB, 1 year / $7,000,000 Desir exceeded expectations for the Colts last year. He had a great year, similar to Rashaad Melvin, I think he'd rather take a 1 year gamble with a higher APY than a long term deal with a lower base. Mel
  6. I would like trading for him but i wonder how much they'd ask for.
  7. I’m fine with this pick. Very talented, decent fit but I think Ballege would pair better with Mack
  8. After a busy two days I wanted to bust down the smoke and kinda look at what we realistically have at the moment, and what can be done to improve upon this whether through day 3 picks, or from the fourth wave FA’s. There’s still options on the veteran FA market (thank god) because we’ve got so,e giant holes. First and foremost MLB/OLB, WR, CB, and RB. I think ink we can get 3 impact players in this draft, maybe not starters but situational/impact players. Honestly I think we should target CB, LB and WR in that order. In Round 4 you’ve got a chance to grab
  9. Not really a fan. I prefer Hubbard if you're going DE, or Hurst if you're going DT. I really liked Nathan Sheppard too. Not sure on this one. Honestly, I'm not going to pretend like I'm some amazing scout, but I've been skeptical so far.. prove me wrong Ballard, prove me wrong.
  10. Not a fan. Sam Hubbard was on the board, and we passed on Harold Landry for Braden Smith who imo still would have been around at this pick.
  11. Love the Jackson and Landry combo, it’s what I’m rooting for personally, but he has us passing on both Derrius Guice and Maurice Hurst for Darius Leonard. Seems like a reach for need to me. My ideal situation: 36 - Josh Jackson 37 - Harold Landry 49 - Maurice Hurst / Derrius Guice 67 - Malik Jackson / RB (Kerryon Johnson?)
  12. Great move from the Cards to move up to 10 and grab what I'm assuming will be Rosen.
  13. Buffalo trades up with TB... gonna be interesting to see what they give up as thats likely the package that we inevitably declined.
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