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  1. This is ridiculous. Nobody would be surprised if the Colts took a guard with an early pick, they've had interest in a number of second/third round prospects. If a player like Brown is available to make the jump from Glo - you take it. Cincy deal could essentially be Campbell for a 2nd and Glo + 5th for a 3rd. That's not crazy - theres also simple logic behind taking a developmental RB3 after trading away Wilkins.
  2. As much as I'd rather wait it out and find a value/logical starter at QB, I think pulling the trigger on Wentz is the move if Reich is pushing for it. If Frank thinks he can get Wentz back to MVP level, then I'm on board... pull the trigger. Wentz cap hit is only 23.5 mil for the trading team, and non guarantee'd by 2023/2024. Pull the damn trigger. Trade: Indy Receives: Carson Wentz, Zach Ertz, 2021 5th Philly Receives: 2021 2nd, 2022 2nd, 2022 3rd, 2024 4th, Jack Doyle, Jordan Wilkins CIN Receives: Parris Campbell, Mark Glowsinski, PHI 2021 5th IND Receives: 2021 2nd, 2021 3rd I love Campbell but would move him if there is a team that would bite. Glowsinki’s value is interesting because he’s got positive value but - the 6.5 cap hit might be rich. I think a team like the Bengals with needs at both of the positions would bite for a couple mid round picks. Cap: 58.9 mil Re-Sign: Xavier Rhodes, 2 years 14.6 mil Xavier Rhodes performed very well this past year proving worthy of a longer term extension. He’s a great fit in Eberflus’ scheme. Justin Houston, 2 years 20 mil Houstons been very dependable throughout the past two years. He’s brought consistent pressure and played the run really well. I think he deserves another extension as he can continue to produce at this level for another two years. T.Y. Hilton, 2 year, 20.2 mil Retaining T.Y. not only brings back a dependable WR who could *flourish* with Carson Wentz behind center, but it also allows for another season of mentorship for Pittman, Pascal and the entire WR room. T.Y. deserves to be a Colt for life. Anthony Walker, 2 years, 8 mil Retaining Anthony Walker is a nice move for now to keep our defense intact. I would love to see us snag Karamoah-Owusu or someone of that caliber in the draft but think its a long shot considering other priorities - Walker is a fine compromise. Malik Hooker, 1 year / 4.6 million A one year prove it deal to Malik. He may get more on the open market, but I would be okay with a deal like this if he wants to prove his place on our D. Long term, I am fine with a Blackmon-Willis safety duo, but Ballard loves DB and versaltilty, so why not? Cap: 25.5 mil Free Agency: Von Miller, 1 year / 10.5 million This feels like an Indy move if Denver doesn’t bite on his 19 mil club option. He’s a vet who can come in and show he’s still got the juice for another year (or beyond if he plays up to Kyle Juszczyk, 2 years / 9 million BOOM! Finnally bringing a real FB back to Indy. Juice would be perfect in our system - he’s more than a traditional FB - he is like adding another TE on the field if he is ultized properly. I would love to add him to our O. Cap: 9.25 mil Extension: Braden Smith: 4 years / 44 mil Draft: Trade 21 to Cleveland for 26 and a 3rd round pick 1 (CLE): Alex Leatherwood, OT/OG, Alabama Leatherwood, 6’6 is a former 5 star recruit who is dominant in the run game. He may struggle on the edge against athletic rushers if he doesn’t improve his technique - but he can always kick inside to guard if needed. 2 (CIN): Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia Campbell has tremendous size at 6’2. He’s still raw but he flashed coverage skills in many big games this year. He could compete with Rock to be CB2 day 1, and if both pan out we could have Campbell and Rock with Kenny inside as the outside corners after Rhodes next contract is up. 3 (CIN): Deonte Brown, OG, Alabama Doubling down on the Bama OL men. Trading away Glo who was inconsistent in his own right, left a whole at RG. Brown can slide in day 1 and start - solidifying our OL with young, talented, cheap (for now) studs. Having a dominant OL and winning the LOS trickles down into our dominant run game and ultimately a successful passing attack giving Wentz some weapons and protection. 3: Amon-Ra St-Brown, WR, USC Reunite Pittman with his former runningmate at WR at USC - St-Brwon is a big play receiver who could be a dependable weapon in our offence for the considerable future. 3 (CLE): Hunter Long, TE, Boston College Athletic receiving TE who has some blocking abilities. We like to run a lot of multi tight end sets so adding another young, athletic TE is the move here. 4: Tony Fields II, LB, WVU Fields is an athletic backer who can provide value as a sub backer. He’s a solid tackler and had two productive seasons for WVU. 5: Kylin Johnson, RB, Mississippi St. Kylin’s got all the talent in the world to be a productive NFL running back. He had a great performance against LSU to start the season but had a locker room incident which will cause him to fall considerable. He’s a developmental kid who could be solid in our rotation if he gets his head straight. Roster: QB - Wentz, Eason RB - Taylor, Hines, Johnson FB - Juzczyk WR - Hilton, Pittman, Pascal, St-Brown TE - Ertz, Ali-Cox, Long LT - Leatherwood, Green LG - Nelson, Hunt C - Kelly, Pinter RG - Brown, Eldercamp RT - Smith, Clark Edge - Miller, Banoglu IDL - Buckner, Lewis IDL - Stewart, Muhmmamed Edge - Houston, Turay WLB - Leonard, Adams ILB - Walker, Fields, Franklin SLB - Okereke, Speed CB - Rhodes, Campbell, Moore, Ya-Sin, Rodgers FS - Blackmon, Hooker, Wilson SS - Willis, Odum
  3. accidentally published early still a work in progress come back
  4. I agree with what you say about the South with the exception of the Jaguars. I really do believe they're going to be abysmal this year, there is just a lack of talent across the board. That defense is nothing similar to the 2017 or even 2018 teams - if they're going to be competitive they can't trade Fournette (which they're rumoured to be looking at doing), and they're going to be counting on numerous rookies (Chaission, Henderson) to fill MASSIVE shoes (no more Ramsey, Smith, Bouye, Campbell, Ngokoue, Church, Gipson - all gone). Unless somebody is on the Minshew mania train I can't really understand why people still credit their current defense.
  5. I think the Colts added the most talent and are the gaining the most value with an extra year of development from all our young players (especially on defense). Rivers with our OLine and a strongly improved rushing attack and improved D-Line play are both huge areas of improvement. I think we're primed for the 3 seed in the AFC and about 10 or 11 wins. Texans really lost a strong dimension to their offense without the Hopkins-Watson combo. Their O will be abysmal in comparison to last year as soon as Will Fuller gets injured (aka week 3 lol). I wouldn't be shocked if they could pull together some close games and win maybe 9 games but I think if they don't have any early season momentum they'll end up in the 7-8 win area. Titans are really just banking on the same dominance physically and schematically, which probably checks out against most teams in the AFC (with the exception of the Ravens and Colts both adding dominant interior DL pieces). I think Tannehil can keep up his really great play with another year in that system as long as the rushing attack continues to be strong. Jaguars are really just lacking talent across the board at this point, I really wouldn't be surprised if they tried to tank a bit next year. 1. Colts 11-5 2. Titans 10-6 3. Texans 7-9 4. Jaguars 3-13
  6. This mock may look a little un-Ballard but hear me out, I believe the Colts may be a little more aggressive this off-season, It's hard not to when you've got well over $100M in cap space. I think they'll make a couple more 1 year moves rather than rolling cap over, but I am still trying to come at it with a Ballard outlook. Re-sign: Pierre Desir, CB, 1 year / $7,000,000 Desir exceeded expectations for the Colts last year. He had a great year, similar to Rashaad Melvin, I think he'd rather take a 1 year gamble with a higher APY than a long term deal with a lower base. Melvin netted 5.5 and played similarly, assuming nobody offers Desir a larger flier deal this should keep him home. If he continues his high level of player he will certainly be in line for a large payday next off-season, but I think it’s too early to give him the farm now. Dontrelle Inman, WR, 1 year / $2,000,000 Inman came in mid season and really impressed. He looked like a very formidable option for the Colts passing offence. He is a very solid depth WR who can play in a pinch. Jihad Ward, DT, 1 year / $2,000,000 Depth signing for the DL. Ward flashed last season for the Colts, though injuries brought an end to his season. Tender: Chester Rogers, Matthias Farley Sign: Landon Collins, S, 4 year / $38,000,000 Collins has had an up and down start to his career, he followed up a slightly disappointing rookie campaign with 2 extremely solid years in his 2nd and 3rd years being one of the premier safeties in the NFL. Despite this, he’s still got injury concerns and fell off a bit last year. Overall, Collins is a 25 year old, 3 time pro bowler and captain of his team. He is a guy that I could see Ballard spending big for, he’s a great locker room guy and a tremendous fit beside Hooker. Collins can play all over the field, dimebacker, deep and is great in run support. He’s a good matchup with tight ends (something that the Colts have historically struggled with). Overall, I think he fits perfectly, and if he doesn’t break the bank he very well could be a horseshoe. (The contract is based off Devin McCourty’s deal in 2015 but on 4 years to account for injury concern) Z’Darius Smith, DL, 3 year / $24,600,000 This guy just screams Ballard signing to me. He’s a young, versatile player. He reminds me of a slightly better Denico Autry, someone who could play anything from 3-4 OLB to 4-3 DT. He can play EDGE or inside for the Colts and would be a force with Autry. It looks like the Colts best path to a formidable pass rush may be pass rush by committee as it looks like a premier pass rusher may be out of the equation at this point. With DL being something that the Colts need some help with, Smith looks like a smart signing. Getting a bunch of high motor guys in the same rotation is a recipe for success. John Brown, WR, 1 year / $5,000,000 Similarly to the Ryan Grant deal, this is a flier for a underperforming WR. Brown would fit in to the receiving core quite well, he’s a speedster. Another weapon who could fit in well, hopefully he doesn’t follow the curse of being an underperforming #2 WR FA acquisition for the Colts. Orlando Scandrick, CB, 1 year / $1,750,000 Scandrick is somewhat washed, but played okay at times for the Chiefs last year. This move adds depth and insurance in the case of either an injury or poor play from one of our younger corners. Denzel Perryman, LB, 2 year / $15,000,000 Perryman is a thumping inside backer who is very stout against the run. He struggles in coverage, but at 26 he is still young. A linebacking corps of Perryman, Leonard and Walker has the potential to be set for years if Perryman can find his grove with the Colts. With injury and coverage concerns he may not get a contract big enough to represent his potential. I’d opt to give him a 2 year deal with a higher APY rather than a longer deal. (Contract based off Avery Williamsons deal) Draft: 1. Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State Dynamic inside pass rusher who would be a great addition to the interior DL. 2. Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State A ballard guy, someone who could be a #2 WR in due time. He’s got all the tools to be a #2 thriving in the intermediate game, something the Colts really need. 2. Jamel Dean, CB, Auburn At 6’2 he’s a big outside corner with the potential to be a nice, big outside man to man corner. 3. Amani Hooker, LB/S/CB, Iowa One of my favourite players in this class. A dynamic player both in run support and in zone coverage. You can throw him anywhere in the defense and he’s gonna make plays, in obvious passing situations you can play him at LB (take out Perryman) and then in running situations you can play him out wide or at safety with Collins and Hooker. 4. Jamal Davis, LB, Akron Small school backer, he’s physical and uses his body well but has issues wrapping up and getting off blocks. He’s got the tools and if he can put them together well he can be a nice linebacker. Not gonna add rounds 5-7 until I've got a better idea of who my favourite sleepers are. But heres the roster outlook: Costonzo / Haeg Nelson / Andrews Kelly / Boehem Glosinksi / Pohels Smith / Garcia Luck / Brisset Mack / Hynes / Wilkins Hilton / Campbell / Brown / Inman / Rogers Doyle / Ebron / Cox / Hewitt Smith / Lewis Jones / Hunt Autry / Ward Sheard / Turay Leonard / Hooker / Franklin Perryman / Davis Walker / Adams Desir / Wilson / Moore / Dean / Hariston / Scandrick? Hooker / Farley Collins / Hooker May be a little bit rich at this point, but it's just a stab at things for now.
  7. I would like trading for him but i wonder how much they'd ask for.
  8. I’m fine with this pick. Very talented, decent fit but I think Ballege would pair better with Mack
  9. After a busy two days I wanted to bust down the smoke and kinda look at what we realistically have at the moment, and what can be done to improve upon this whether through day 3 picks, or from the fourth wave FA’s. There’s still options on the veteran FA market (thank god) because we’ve got so,e giant holes. First and foremost MLB/OLB, WR, CB, and RB. I think ink we can get 3 impact players in this draft, maybe not starters but situational/impact players. Honestly I think we should target CB, LB and WR in that order. In Round 4 you’ve got a chance to grab a great cover corner in Nick Nelson from Wisconsin. I’d love that pick. He can play inside out and has the versatility to fly around the field. With thhe he picks in Round 5, I’d target Tegray Scales/Josey Jewel/Shaq Griffin whoever is around. All 3 are different types of players but could fit in while and even potentially start (that’s how weak our LB core is). With the other pick I’d go for Eq St. Brown if he’s still around, if not I’d take Korey Robertson. There’s a number of free agents I’d consider bringing in after this draft as well. C.J. Anderson or Demarco Murray would be natural fits with Marlon Mack and now with a much improved OL, they’ve got opportunities to actually look good. Another big name I’d consider is Dez. He may be a big name but I see little bar in bringing him in on a larger one year prove it deal. He’d provide a big target for Andrew and would provide less attention to Ty and Ryan Grant. On the LB corpse I’d take a long and hard look at NaVarro Nowman and/or Korey Toomer. Both would really bolster our LB corpse, a starting line of Leonard/Josey/Toomer or Leonard/Bowman/Griffin provides a lot to work with. Lastly, I’d look at DRC or Delvin Breaux. Both have the ability to start outside for us which would allow us to run a combo/rotation of Hairston, Desir and a rookie in the nickel which isn’t too shabby. Attached I’ve just got a little sketch summarizing these thoughts, pay no attention to it don’t even know if it will be big enough for you to see.
  10. Not really a fan. I prefer Hubbard if you're going DE, or Hurst if you're going DT. I really liked Nathan Sheppard too. Not sure on this one. Honestly, I'm not going to pretend like I'm some amazing scout, but I've been skeptical so far.. prove me wrong Ballard, prove me wrong.
  11. Not a fan. Sam Hubbard was on the board, and we passed on Harold Landry for Braden Smith who imo still would have been around at this pick.
  12. Love the Jackson and Landry combo, it’s what I’m rooting for personally, but he has us passing on both Derrius Guice and Maurice Hurst for Darius Leonard. Seems like a reach for need to me. My ideal situation: 36 - Josh Jackson 37 - Harold Landry 49 - Maurice Hurst / Derrius Guice 67 - Malik Jackson / RB (Kerryon Johnson?)
  13. Great move from the Cards to move up to 10 and grab what I'm assuming will be Rosen.
  14. Buffalo trades up with TB... gonna be interesting to see what they give up as thats likely the package that we inevitably declined.
  15. Just pray here that it's not Chubb to the Broncos, gotta think they will at least consider Nelson. Heard they really loved Ward, too bad he's gone.
  16. Depends on what Cleveland does at 4... do they trade down? If not they'll probably grab Chubb if not a "mystery defensive player they like" which was rumoured a couple weeks ago... my guess is if its a surprise it's Derwin James or Denzel Ward.
  17. Saqoun, Odell and Eli will be a deadly offensive trio
  18. Crazy, literally can't believe they took Mayfield!
  19. If we’re picking at 6, my moneys on Quention Nelson unless Chubb is on the board which he may very well not be. If we move back I’d say Smith or Edmunds.
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