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  1. I like Marvin Wilson ! I going say right now the OT we took from Alberta in udfa is going make team and will be a steal.
  2. I love the draft except one. I just hope being with colts that Eason gets it. We had great UDFA class Cline Coleman OT from Canada will make team glowing reviews on him and another speed CB ran 4.2 little guy can flat out play !
  3. He was traded for pick 211. We took a good corner too! Wish him well.
  4. Prince OT and OG Simpson. Hunter Bryant TE.. Luc Barcoo CB. I want DE Anae!
  5. WR Antonio Gandy Golden !! Wow !!! All I can say !!!
  6. Look at Winfields measurables. Yes I think they like Evans App St. I just hope they draft good players that can make impact with 34 and 44.
  7. Me too I think Swift and Antoine winfield Jr. Josh Jones Cleveland n Wanegho OT. Higgins Pitttman Mims. If we trade back please don't go too far
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