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  1. I have seen that on some mock drafts that Carlos Basham Wake rising too bottom have of 1st rd nfl good morning football reported he is. I like him and I like Ossai from Texas. Both are in 270 range. I like them both also But DE Northern Iowa Emerson Smith is rising up draft boards This article was from KSTP 5 Sports reported by Darren Wolfson. 2019 stats 14 sacks and 21 for loss! I like him Too
  2. I think OT Teven Jenkins will be their when colts pick 21. Do they take him. IN MY OPINION I think the COLTS do. If they trade back their is a strong probably they lose him too another team. Anything is possible in these drafts its all guess little luck like CB said. LT tackle will be fixed for yrs too come unless of injuries. He may look 15 lol but watching film u can see the toughness and the ability too protect the QB I think 54 might be when they do it unless he is gone when they pick at 21. IMO
  3. If Colts take him you no its not any kind issue. I like Brown a lot. I like Cosmi too in a trade down maybe. It depends on colts draft. Board.
  4. I looked at that so if that's case so be it Colts will do their work. So that said with so many that talk good be something about him has to be a lot their. OT ID Like Jenkins,Cosmo Darrisaw be gone. I like Georgia Algeez and their corner stokes 4.25 40 great pro day
  5. I want Paye you can't pass him up. I feel their are OT you can draft that will be all pros they do this right we could have all pros every position on line or close too it. Braden not making pro bowls is a travesty !!!
  6. Go too Horseshoe ck out articles colts love OG/C Minerez. OT Brown 6.8 over 300 with best ras numbers unbelieveable! Colts love him had several virtual meetings! You can put him in LT. Shows depth in OL. We will see ill be basket case until out turn. If Paye or Jenkins are their and we don't take either! I will lose it !
  7. Yes I love Paye and Jenkins. Can only hope one of them are their. I take Paye reason being depth in OL and harder find DE .
  8. Great articles on draft and rumors. They say colts met severaltimes virtually with OG/C Ramirez and that the colts love this guy like a lot teams do. With Chris Ballard anything is possible. I have no idea who they will take its guess work. Its possible they take Tevin Jenkins who they love huge senior bowl RAS off charts. They met pro day virtually couple times. If he is their I think colts take him. If he is gone. They could take a pass rusher they love. I personally believe if Jenkins is gone they trade down to recover 3rd rd pick. I just hope they draft well get 3 top needs addressed with good players and NO head scratchers picks!
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