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  1. Yes its good too see n hear that character means something from top down. Colts fan from Maryland here since 1960 !
  2. Thompson might impress also I just have feeling one makes squad. This talk about Suh I just don't know if he is player fits locker rm or that Ballard or Reich want.
  3. Yes Shippy could be too practice squad just have feeling about it.
  4. I see your point. I can remove Franklin final D leave 25. I can see 6 wr -- Hilton/Funchess/ Campbell/ Cain/ Rodgers/ Dulin.
  5. Their is going too be a Lot of competition at LB and WR. LB Turay is going too have too bring it show improvement cause I think Banagou and Speed are both going too be finds for colts at LB and rush off the end. Lewis kicking inside probably has put on a little weight. I'm not sure about green maybe a replacement for Sheard. I think Penny Hart makes this team and maybe Dulin also if he balls out on kick returns/ punt also. I believe Snippy makes team at DT hope that Stewart makes improvement n is a beast inside. Defense---DT Stewart/Lewis/ Autry/Ward/ Hunt/Shippy. DE Sheard/Green/ Turay/ Houston. LB Walker/Maniac/ Banagou/ Speed/ Orekekie/Franklin.CB Desir/Moore/Wilson/Hairston/Rock ya sin. Hooker/Geathers/Farley/Willis/Tell III.
  6. I think snippy makes the team. He will be a great udfa find.
  7. Could be Malik Gant Marshall or Eli walker K SU
  8. I am very surprised Gardner and butler still there. I am hoping Wren is their or Hooker I'd like see trade up to get one of these guys who fell. Also we can get a good RB here in fourth !!!
  9. Great Pick! Fast slot end around maybe kick return ! ☺
  10. Good picks I'd love those three also. I believe colts are going get a ton for the 34th pick
  11. If picking who I like would be safety Rapp or CGJ. B Murphy or Rock Ya Sin and DL Omenuhi who I think will be a star!!!
  12. I believe colts will draft DL Charles Omenuhi, RB Montgomery and OT/OG/ C Dalton Risner he has played all those position.
  13. Ian rapaport reported jets are trying hard too trade up from rd 3 to get early 2nd rd pick. What would they have give up this yr n next yr draft too make such a move? Probably a lot this yr and include number one next yr according to him
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