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  1. Yeah, but with the way we play these days vs. how the Chiefs and Bills play, we might prefer cold and wind.
  2. At least we don't have to lose to the Steelers this year.
  3. If Wentz works, sure. Given the circumstances, I thought it was the right move. If he doesn't.... If he doesn't, you're sitting there with two QBs with zero NFL experience, already out a number of draft picks and already out a fair bit of coin.
  4. I know you were talking about damaged goods, but just looking at the QB position specifically. The Colts spent a 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th in the past two years on QB. Paid Phil 25 million. Paid Jacoby a hefty sum. Paying Wentz 25 mill., whatever. The price is getting up there. We'll see if they should have just listened to you, gone all in and not nickeled and dimed it.
  5. I wonder how Fisher's contract breaks down when it comes to playing time and incentives.
  6. The whole discussion on defensive aggressiveness - over the past several years, you've heard Frank and Ballard say things that lead you to believe they want the defense to somewhat evolve, and it never does. Maybe Frank wants it more than Ballard, I don't know. After Leonard racked up the sacks as a rookie, Frank talked about getting a pass rush from our LBs. They drafted these athletic LBs, Okereke and Speed. They drafted Banogu with the Leo position in mind. It hasn't gone anywhere. At times, we'll play more aggressively with pressure and in coverage, but Eberflus always seems to reve
  7. Might be the pissing match Ballard was referring to.
  8. On the surface, it sounds somewhat logical, but is it really born out statistically? Do O-linemen of the same age return quicker from an achilles than a DE?
  9. The Colts don't want Wilkins or Taylor to be LeVeon Bell, and they don't want every back to play the same. Rathman coached Wilkins to play a certain way and coached Mack to be more decisive. You might think Mack is the best zone runner, and stylistically, he does still hesitate and read more than the other two, but ideally for an every down back, I think they are looking for something closer to what Taylor was by season's end.
  10. With most inside running in zone, you're still talking split second decisions, and their stated goal was to turn Mack and Wilkins into more decisive runners between the tackles. Mack still reads and hesitates more Taylor or Wilkins, but he's much more decisive than he was when he entered the league.
  11. As far as Mack and Wilkins go, they wanted decisive running between the tackles. From everything I read out of the Colts and Rathman, their goal was to turn both into more decisive runners. Another back with a different skillset, coming from a different system, they might want them reading more.
  12. Yes, and according to everyone involved it was Rathman coming in and working with Mack which turned Mack into a competent between the tackles runner. As a rookie, he was still dancing. That's of concern to me now. Rathman told Wilkins to run a straight line, take what the defense gives you, and that's what he generally does. I'm not sure how anyone could watch his play as a pro and characterize it in any other way. I could be wrong, but I'm going by what I see on film. Currently, Jackson does not at all look like a physical runner you would choose to cover
  13. I'm speaking more on running style and what the Colts would want in a runner to replace Taylor, if he goes down. It took Rathman a season to transform Mack into a competent between the tackles every down back, and as I said, Jackson looks closer to Hines than Mack to me.
  14. He's a straight line runner who can run between the tackles and cover that part of Taylor's game, if Taylor goes down. Wilkins is a more physical runner than Jackson. Jackson looks closer to Hines than either Mack or Wilkins and might be the Colts' insurance policy if Hines isn't extended.
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