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  1. One of PFF's analysts said they just hired a new analyst who was a QB. CFL, maybe? I don't know. The numbers and advanced metrics are useful of course, but I think Collinsworth realizes if you are going to do daily podcasts and live streams, you need some real football people, analysts who can present a real world, football translation of the numbers.
  2. They did, out of principle, but practically every one of them also said he's going to be really good in this offense and behind this O-line. Mike Renner is the only reasonable member of the group. He takes the numbers and gives them a real world, football application. He actually played sports. With the other analysts, everything is black and white - you should take either a WR or CB with every pick and never take a RB.
  3. #12.

    A Day Later

    A 2020 season is far from certain. Who knows what will happen. If it rolls through to 2021, you might re-sign Rivers and Kelly and go with Rivers/Eason/Kelly. Of course if there is no 2020 season and a draft lottery, you may have a shot at a high end QB in the draft. Who knows.
  4. We lucked out at the QB position. We're lucky Rivers hit free agency and Eason fell to us. There's at least somewhat of a plan. It could have been much worse.
  5. I'm fine with Brissett returning as the backup. That's what he is. He's a backup, a solid backup. That said, I'll never understand why Ballard and Frank feel compelled to artificially pump Brissett up in the press. If anything, it's been counterproductive. It has not helped a thing. Rookie GM/rookie head coach mistake. You signed a starting QB and drafted another. That speaks for itself. Just let it be. Now that Eason has been drafted, Frank probably has Brissett's special package up to 14 plays a game.
  6. If Brissett is traded, I'm sure there's a provision stating, no football in 2020, no draft pick.
  7. We're talking to them again?
  8. Maybe they like Kelly much more than people think. I thought he looked pretty damn good. As I said last preseason, if I knew nothing about Kelly or Brissett, based on what I saw from them in preseason, I would have said start Kelly.
  9. If they clearly didn't want Love, what does signing Rivers have to do with anything?
  10. If the Colts felt Love was a true franchise QB, they wouldn't have signed Rivers and traded the 13th. Whatever interest there was from the Colts, it much exaggerated, to the point the Packers felt compelled to move up.
  11. Good reason to trade down for 2021 picks. If there is no 2020 season, I doubt they just give the Bengals the #1 pick again. They will likely have some type of lottery, at least for the top 14-16. The Colts could luck out, get relatively high and package some picks for a franchise QB.
  12. The black uniform is 1998. It's the most cliched thing in sports. Who hasn't had a black uniform? To me, it's what pathetic organizations like the Lions or Jags do to make themselves look tough. The Colts have tradition. There's no need to turn into the Jags.
  13. Beyond that, it's probably pointless to go all in on this season. The draft and everything is a nice diversion, but the idea of any kind of normal football season taking place is pure fantasy, I'm afraid to say. They're digging mass graves in New York, yet the Jets and Giants will be out at training camp in a few months? Additionally, what will the protocol be when players get sick? The flu spreads through locker rooms every year. Once coronavirus inevitably hits a team's locker room or facility, what happens? Is everyone in isolation? Is that team off the schedule? Until there is a medical breakthrough, I have a hard time seeing it.
  14. Practically every team in sports had black uniforms at one point. It was ridiculous. Even the Reds were wearing black uniforms. What sense does that make? Their name is a color. Don't change anything. The blue face mask reminds me of mostly crappy Colts teams.
  15. Just passing it along. Based on recent times, it's pretty accurate, though. Rhodes was horrible in 2019. I do however think it's a good idea to take a low risk chance on a reclamation project now and then.
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