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  1. #12.

    Ballard on off-season pass rush

    We scored 6 points on offense.
  2. #12.

    No International Games for Colts in 2019

    Buccaneers, Bengals, Raiders and Jags to London. Way to sell it.
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    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    Outside of the Chargers game, the Pats really haven't played all that well in the second half of the season. They didn't play all that well yesterday and should have lost. It's the Pats, so they're given the benefit of the doubt, but it's a winnable game for the Rams.
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    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    The stats say Mahomes played well, but I didn't think he played that well. In the first half, he was taking sacks and overthrowing receivers left and right. In the second half, he got lucky with some screens that went long and some pass interference calls. Over time, I'm not sure his sandlot style will win consistently, especially in big games. You can't be that hit or miss. He was nonexistent for a half. Can't say Brady played all that well either. Game should have ended on his 3rd INT. The Pats haven't played the McVay Rams. They played Goff his rookie year with Fisher, but I'm not sure how much you can take from that. New England has been terrible at times vs. the run and Wade Philips knows how to get after Brady. McVay shouldn't get ridiculously outcoached like some do vs. Belichick. They have a solid chance.
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    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Who knows if they will win, but the Rams won't make all the stupid mistakes the Chiefs did, and their D is better.
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    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Dee Ford is the new Lin Elliot. The game should have ended on Brady's 3rd INT.
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    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Belichick was happy going to the half 7-0, but Reid took a timeout on 3rd down, even though he's getting the ball to start the 2nd half. Big mistake.
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    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    Okay, Brady chokes on that drive. Can Mahomes now get a pass within 10 yards of a receiver?
  9. Great award. Let's do a team trophy in 2019.
  10. You can control every trench like it's France circa 1917, but with Belichick, Peyton, McVay, Reid and their 2019 offenses, you better match scores and keep up, otherwise you will be back on the bus faster than we were in KC.
  11. I'm a supporter. Great job so far, but hopefully he's more flexible than some from our past. Ballard said he wants opponents to "feel" our D-line. That's great, but unless we have the ability to match scores with elite offenses, every Super Bowl, no one will be feeling us. Instead, we'll be sitting at home feeling ourselves.
  12. In the past 20 years, we have the most winners - the most execs of the year. Of course Grigson in 2012 was the equivalent of Mark Mosley as MVP in '82.
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    This years FAs

    Players in Glowinski's position usually get paid. The O-line was probably the most high profile, talked about group on this team, and Glowinski's the free agent member of that group. Someone will overpay. Wouldn't doubt if we don't match.
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    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    Like I said, Luck's a different kind of guy. I think Brown would work fine with Luck. Would the Steelers trade Brown to another AFC playoff team, though? Would they trade him to the Pats? I doubt it. Would they trade him to the Chiefs or Colts? I don't know. If a trade were possible, from the Colts perspective it would probably be more about the draft pick, money and his age than anything locker room related.
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    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    "Gotta love being on the same team as TY". https://www.colts.com/video/pro-bowl-day-1-antonio-brown-on-friendship-with-t-y-hilton-20290963 https://www.colts.com/video/pro-bowl-day-3-antonio-brown-gets-a-andrew-luck-update-from-t-y-hilton-20304708