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    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Just do a horseshoe at the 50. Simple. Whatever it is, I'm sure it's already completed.
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    Peyton talks Colts on NFL Network

    I won't make a football analogy. I'll use something closer - tennis. Prior to his renaissance in 2017, Federer had won one grand slam in 7 years. Prior to winning a few grand slams in 2017, Nadal also had a few down years. Still, every time either stepped on the court it was the biggest story in tennis. Why? They're the two greatest players ever, just as Tiger is one of the greatest golfers ever. As far as golf ratings go, I read last year that golf has the oldest average viewing audience of any international sport - 61, if I remember correctly. For survival, golf needs Tiger, desperately.
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    My theory on luck situation.

    If Luck isn't ready day one, and they had 33 draft picks yet didn't draft a QB to develop, they're *. I agree with the physician who said if Luck isn't ready to start camp he'll never play again. Two months.
  4. Who needs a foot? We're talking Colts corners.
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    Not another Hines Thread...

    The law of averages. If you, like the OP, feel he will shine as a rookie, the burden is on you to show why. It's not on me or others disprove it. After the initial post, I'm not exactly ready to jump on the bandwagon
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    Not another Hines Thread...

    He might be a player; he might not. Hopefully he is. Chances are he isn't
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    Not another Hines Thread...

    What rookie has taken a snap at the NFL level?
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    April Mock 2018

    I believe he is the only poster anywhere who went Turay... and it was an April Fools Day joke. No worries, if he pans out, dozens of posters will claim they knew he was great all along.
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    Ballard's Draft Brilliance

    Keiaho was the biggest: projected 7th to undrafted, 3rd round. Mike Mitchell was the biggest reach I remember from recent times.
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    The "Soft" Label of our Colts

    They earned it.
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    PFF Colts Draft Grades

    Here's the reality: in January, had someone done an offseason prediction thread, using exactly what the Colts ended up doing with their 80 million in free agency and exactly who they took in the draft, they would have been laughed at. Seriously. Yet, once it's finished, the fan comes out, the rationalizing begins and it receives mostly A and B grades. Who knows if it will be a good draft. When it comes to the draft, it's all a crapshoot anyway. The good thing - you had a lot of picks. You're bound to hit on a few.
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    Yes, and people said the same thing in free agency - it was Polian-esque. No, Ballard pursued numerous free agents. They simply chose to sign elsewhere. There isn't much of anything that reminds me of Polian.
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    Ryan Grigson

    Ballard has about 6 months, then the honeymoon is over. Nature of the business. Results, otherwise fans will turn on him like they will turn on anyone. I didn't love this offseason or draft, but personally I'm in wait and see mode.
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    2018 Colts Offensive Line

    It was a disaster the first time around.
  15. Draft anyone and they're a starter on this team.