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  1. Now that you've boosted the ceiling from 7 to 8, I feel so much better.
  2. I hope they are right, but I'm afraid anyone expecting the Colt offense to still be crazy good, expecting the Colts to contend in 2019 will come crashing back to earth in a matter of weeks. What do I want from a QB? Accuracy, consistency(consistent drives, coming away with points) and one who is good in the clutch. I've gone back and watched practically every Brissett play as a pro. He's not particularly accurate. There was no consistency(consistent drives, points). In fact, if you take away a bomb here or there to TY and others, it was pathetic. Clutch? He did next-to-nothing in the 4th quarter all season. Did Chud and Chuck play a part? Sure, but what others are seeing or now saying they are seeing in Brissett? I don't see it, and the fact that most of them didn't see it 3 weeks ago tells me it's not real.
  3. Whatever happens, long-term, I'm not worried about losing Brissett. Maybe in 2019 he changes my mind, but until he proves otherwise, he's a replaceable backup.
  4. Not just King, many in the media seem to be much higher on Brissett and this roster than Colts fans seem to be. Hopefully they are right, but I don't see it either. People have certainly bought into Ballard, but it's much easier winning a playoff spot, winning executive of the year with a generational talent at QB than it is with Jacoby Brissett.
  5. Unless Brissett or Kelly shock and play at a very high or elite level, I'll say 6. I'm not as high on this roster as some seem to be. Even with Luck, an MVP candidate at QB, I thought they might have been an offseason or two away.
  6. In doesn't just reflect on Kelly. It reflects on both of them. Honestly, you have no idea what you have in Brissett or Kelly. Until you know you have a legit starter/franchise QB, you probably carry 3.
  7. Long term, it's probably going to be a combination of things. In order to compete, yes, you probably need a better QB, but Ballard will have to approach things differently as well. The moneyball approach works fine with an elite, MVP candidate like Luck. With a lesser QB, you need a cast of playmakers and difference makets.
  8. I hope Brissett does well, but I'm not overly optimistic. In 2017, he acquitted himself well being thrown into that situation, but never seemed to progress during the season(in fact at times I felt he regressed) and did nothing in 4th quarters, in the clutch, where the majority of NFL games are won. The Colts scored few points in the 4th quarter all season. Jacoby's a solid backup, yes, but he's a backup... if you're looking to compete on the highest level, that is. Don't get me wrong, you can compete with a lesser QB than Manning or Luck, but I'm afraid he still needs to be a few steps up from Brissett. Talent-wise, I'm much more intrigued by Kelly, and if the guy is doing everything right and working hard, I'm not going to beat him over the head with things he might have done in the past.
  9. I gotta say, if it gets to Kelly, he could make some sort of wild cavalry character. The letters home to his uncle would be good.
  10. If it weren't for Kelly's history, people would be excited. He looks pretty damn good. If he were a 3rd round pick with no past, people would be jumping up and down. In a vacuum, if I were shown Brissett's and Kelly's film, I would say go with Kelly. I have to say it would be interesting to go from the the two #1 picks, the two golden boys, to Mr. Irrelevant, a guy who was sleeping in his mom's basement a few months ago.
  11. Honestly, people need to lower their expectations, period. That's where we are at the QB position. Chances of us landing another elite, generational talent any time soon are slim. We'll be throwing things at the wall until something sticks. You might see quite a few QBs go through this town in the coming years.
  12. Luck has played 86 games for the Colts? Manning played his 86th game for the Colts in October of 2003. Looking back, that still feels like the beginning of an era, the beginning of his career. Brady played his 86th game for the Pats some time in 2005? Yeah, hate to say it, but if this truly is the end, Luck will be forgotten fairly quickly.
  13. Irsay will probably give it a full season before any type of ceremony. If the Colts go 3-13, I'm sure they will make behind the scenes inquiries to gauge Luck's interest in returning. Before moving forward, you have to. The guy could still potentially give you another decade of elite play. If you're convinced he's finished, then you bring him on the field and honor him at the first home game of 2020. Ring of honor? That's many years away.
  14. He's not close to a bust - elite numbers, made the playoffs practically every year he was healthy, won 4 playoff games, made an AFC Championship game, 4 Pro Bowls He's not a bust, but if he truly is finished, he will be forgotten fairly quickly. He didn't do enough to have any type of lasting legacy.
  15. Over the past two days. I've watched as much Brissett film as I could and I'm having a hard time getting excited. Could you be a scrappy team, go 9-7 and win a wild card with Brissett? Sure, but I find it inconceivable you could ever compete on a high level, compete for a championship with him. I'll be watching nonetheless. If they're still alive in December, it's better than nothing.
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