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  1. That might be a little overboard. Currently, they're an inconsistent 6th seed, 5-5 in their last 10. They win 3, then lose 3. Their winning percentage is only slightly higher than the Colts' 9-8. Maybe by next year, they will be rocking. As far as Caitlyn Clark to the Fever goes, if a WNBA team somehow affected an NFL team's ticket sales, I'm guessing it would be a first in sports history. The NFL suspended blackouts in 2015.
  2. It's not accurate to currently call it stacked either.
  3. But that's not how people define a stacked era - just looking at one team. You need multiple champions and multiple teams consistently competing. See the AFC in the 2000s and 70s. Currently, you have none of that. The Bills consistently make the playoffs. That’s about it. The whole "the AFC is stacked" thing was born out of the AFC West free agent frenzy last year where people were calling it the greatest division ever. That obviously didn't materialize. The AFC West was mediocre at best.
  4. In 20 years, I'm not sure anyone will look back on the current AFC and think it was loaded, especially compared to the 2000s or 1970s AFC. 2023 was a pretty lackluster year in the AFC, really.
  5. My guess: It will be a repeat of the first Niners/Chiefs Super Bowl. The Niners will limit them, but like Garopollo, Purdy won't score enough, won't come through in the clutch.
  6. No one should be surprised. Hell, the Ravens lost to us. Lol
  7. Never trust the Ravens in the playoffs.
  8. Hopefully, none, but be smart and prepare for 4 a year.
  9. Belichick is getting about as much interest as Wentz did last offseason.
  10. Yeah, he showed some signs, and it might all work, but it still feels like we're doing everything the hard way.
  11. The Texans have the much better blueprint. We're doing the things the hard way. Hey, let's take an athletic QB who isn't a great passer and hope he turns into a passer. Let’s draft a receiver who can run go routes and hope he can turn into a route runner. Let's draft an edge in the middle of the first who can stop the run and is a hardworker and hope he can turn into a pass rusher.
  12. This is the playoff game that Manning did beat the Pats in '06. Manning won the 3rd one. After 3 playoff games, it was 2-1 Brady, and Manning finished with a winning postseason record vs. Brady/Belichick.
  13. Mahomes to another Super Bowl. That should make everyone happy.
  14. I'm not too worried about it either way. If it includes play calling duties, Steichen might let him walk.
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