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  1. Damn, Pep Hamilton did beat that D, didn't he? Best game I remember him calling. Where it went after that, I have no idea.
  2. You're never going to run or have a carbon copy of a defense. Seattle itself doesn't have the personnel to do what it did in 2013, and I'm no expert on their D, but I'm sure they have evolved some since then.
  3. No, you said "where's the podcast?" So I told you.
  4. Youtube. Every Monday or Tuesday, I think. It's pretty good.
  5. In Bowen's podcast, he said, in talking to the Colts, they have said yes, our defense is the Seattle defense. Minor differences, maybe.
  6. In Bowen's podcast, he said Ballard(or the Colts) have said yeah, our defense is the Seattle defense. That's what they're going for. Just some minor differences, maybe.
  7. Not sure if there was a mistake, but it now says Cain will be ready for training camp and will not be on PUP to start the season. Same thing Bowen said on the podcast.
  8. They tried him more as a receiver early on, it seemed. He caught the one TD, but also had the 30 yard drop vs. Houston. Later, the 4th and 2 vs. Tennessee comes to mind. I do like Fountain's tape. Not worried about one drop in a meaningless moment.
  9. You would think, but Ballard said they worked him out at SAM and decided to keep him at DE. Not sure, but I think Houston might have played some SAM earlier at Georgia. I doubt the Colts use him in this role, but he probably could have played it. Physically, he's fairly similar to Banogu.
  10. It's interesting, when Seattle won the Super Bowl, they didn't have a huge sack guy - the sacks were more evenly distributed - and their LBs had a fair number of sacks. I could see a similar distribution with our lineup.
  11. At the time, they were crucified for the Irvin pick. Few people apparenty had an understanding of what they were going for. Reading a more detailed breakdown of the Seattle SAM/Leo, it sure sounds like Banogu and what the Colts seem to be going for.
  12. I'm not beating the drum for Willis. I'm just giving my take on the situation. This seems to be the common perception of Colts fans: we missed out on all the safeties we talked about for two months, so we grabbed Willis in the 4th for depth. From Ballard, that's not at all how I read it. This is who he wanted. This is someone he targeted and wanted. He speaks about Willis in one way, Tell, Green, etc., in a completely different way. As I said, we'll see. The guy has yet to take a practice rep. You might be spot on.
  13. Not sure what you mean, and I have no idea what will happen with Willis, but there is nothing about Geathers' situation - his level of play, his injury history, his peanuts one year contract - that says to me he is some sort of entrenched player.
  14. This sort of reminds me of two months ago when people were predicting three year 18 million dollar deals Geathers.
  15. In the With the Next Pick mini-doc, Eberflus said if we draft him, we can teach him technique. I'm guessing he was talking about Banogu. Banogu told PFF that, at TCU, they weren't even taught pass rushing moves. They only rushed with scheme. So I get it. You start him at SAM, send him on blitzes, work on his technique and work him into the DE rotation. You hope you can turn an athletic freak into an impact pass rusher. If not, he can still be valuable as an athletic SAM and a situational pass rusher - sort of a unique weapon.
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