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  1. I'm actually feeling some good vibes now.
  2. I've had 3 and consider myself lucky I don't have migraines. The first one was accompanied by some bad depression though.
  3. My wife is a Ravens fan, it was a very crummy night.
  4. Were just so snake bit. Every week there's a new reason why we couldn't get it done. Seattle we hadn't had Wentz practice with the team much. LA he's injured for a critical drive. Tennessee he's hobbled. Yesterday Wentz balls out only to have an injured kicker lose the game.
  5. Feel free to be optimistic about our chances. I just am done already. I don't think we make the playoffs and I'm not confident we will be playing meaningful football in Dec. I get it. It's a long season but that game just tore any optimism I had. Now we got to find a kicker, not good news.
  6. Yeah he's a baller. Great trade. Totally worth a first. It's such a shane this season is done. Oh well we can watch development between him and Pittman. Could be a great pair.
  7. He's been fine in his career this was a bad game
  8. If you make any one of the last 3 kicks this game is over.
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