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  1. CanuckColtsFan

    Charlie Casserly Report: Luck to be full go for Training Camp

    I think this thread got sidetracked. THIS is good news!
  2. Andrew Luck is our best weapon too. Keep him upright and he will do special things.
  3. A nice little add on to take Jurrel Casey
  4. CanuckColtsFan

    Jacoby Brissett

    Too early to pull the trigger. I'm among the most positive regarding the Luck comeback, but let's wait and see.
  5. CanuckColtsFan

    Prime time games

    There's basically a 1 in 5 shot at being in prime time every week. 17 weeks. So around 3 a season is avg.
  6. CanuckColtsFan

    Coach Frank Reich

    The NFL is worth billions with each team owned by multi millionaires, sometimes billionaires. People don't have that kind of money unless they care about it a lot.
  7. CanuckColtsFan

    Frank Reich Rejects the Notion of a Rebuild

    Thank you
  8. CanuckColtsFan

    Ballard's 2017 draft vs. Grigson's 2012

    So this is the big thing with Grigson. His picks looked good immediately but turned into not much. Hilton was fantastic though. The whole point Ballard is after is there are no short cuts to greatness. Wait and see. The comparison is only rookie year. I think we we can count on 4 of the players from Ballards first draft to contribute nicely.
  9. CanuckColtsFan

    Frank Gore to sign with Lions

  10. CanuckColtsFan

    4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    That's fair. Almost nobody agrees, you feel it every time you go to shop for food. The necessary nature of the good creates a situation where one feels the price increase.
  11. CanuckColtsFan

    4% price increase to Sunday Ticket

    This is very common misconception. Food as a percentage of income has significantly shrunk over the last 100years. Mechanized farming tech, chemicals, and GMO's have lead to sizeable yeild increase. The craziest thing is a bushel of wheat cost the same as it did 50 years ago. People spend their money on housing, entertainment, cars, healthcare and various activities. Now an argument can be made about access to quality food. Also less people garden and raise their own livestock.
  12. CanuckColtsFan

    Looking forward to watching him play again...

    He's heading into his prime and finally healthy. I'm getting very excited
  13. CanuckColtsFan

    Josh Gordon

    The man is a beast. Cleveland will be happy to have him this year.
  14. It's a multi Billion dollar business. As much as I like the sentiment it's always about money, now it could be tempered with respect.
  15. CanuckColtsFan

    Andrew Luck spotted on beach in LA

    LOL Vancouver is way warmer than that. I'm going there in a bit to actually be able to go outside without dying. I'm in Calgary. It's been a very cold snowy winter. Usually we have some cold spells but this has been brutal.