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  1. That's beauty. My points program is having a reduced cost of flights till the 30th.
  2. BTW when is the scheddy released. I might wanna book a flight and watch a game.
  3. I was looking all over and was starting to feel like an *. Lol
  4. Where did you get the schedule? I cant find it on NFL.com
  5. Yeah but my point is more about the poor hotel staff that have to put up with this. When you make a giant mess of the place, some poor person has to clean it. Sometimes only making min wage. My grandfather was a caretaker for my school. Everytime someone thought it was funny to flush something stupid down the toilet he was there. Im all for good fun, but why make someone's day harder.
  6. A hardening of connective tissues?
  7. I get it, jocks like to prank each other. At what point is mindless property damage seen for what it is. The entitlement is disturbing.
  8. I think that is a nice price to pay for a guy who fits the system. We could still go out and get another above avg saftey as depth.
  9. I think Mosley is a significant upgrade over Walker.
  10. I would move to keep both. I think the defense is going to add some complexity this year and players familiar with the system may have a slight edge. nice spot here. Geathers, although injury prone provides a solid safety option and is capable of delivering big hits. I'm not sure who we could get in FA the would fill the enforcer safety roll better than him. Honestly, if we could get him for four years on a cheaper contract I would do it. At worst he is great depth is we find another guy to play in front of him. Desir, has played two decent seasons for us. I dont think he gets a big payday here or anywhere else. He should get a solid middle of the road CB contract and I think he is a great fit here. I would love if Wilson or a FA could step in and become a true No.1 CB . I don't feel comfortable if Desir is our best CB. Kenny Moore could get even better but his height makes me view him as limited as far as covering your big WRs. I think both player afford us a cap friendly option. I would much rather we concentrate on upgrading pass rush and maybe get a better MLB. I want to see Leonard paired with guy that's top level.
  11. For the most part I like your posts but... You gotta get off the TY isnt a no 1 receiver triangle. We need a solid no 2 WR and some depth. TY is top 10 WR material. He is not a number 2 wr.
  12. Was he out for the Chiefs game? I saw Wilcox out there.
  13. Why would they announce this before the season is over?
  14. For regular season that's how I watch games. I have had the pleasure of watching every colts game this year. For playoffs I like to start with a small delay and catch up at the half.
  15. So with that in mind. I feel like that's the right call. If the call on the field is a TD and it takes you a day to think about it, maybe that means you go with the call on the field.
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