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  1. I think the run D game is going to improve with Grove back. If we can make Cincinnati one dimensional I think we can sack Browning and get him off his game. I think we get two picks. One dagger in the late 3rd.
  2. Lol I've been hearing this for years.
  3. Hes not top 15. The record shows it. Luck retiring is not an excuse. This is a middling team that overpays positions that are not as high impact on winning.
  4. Gross. This team is boring to watch. I was looking forward to a team that would show improvement over the year and miss the playoffs. There's nothing worth watching now. Secondary is badly flawed. We cant stop the big pass and we can't make them either. The run game isn't reliable enough. We end up getting behind and non stop throws ensure a predictable offense that caves from pressure.
  5. I think we might win another but the limitations are obvious. He holds the ball in weird situations, fumbles like crazy and cannot put it accurately downfield.
  6. Im getting pretty sick of talking about next year less than half way through the season. Ballard went into this season razor thin on cb. This was predictable and preventable.
  7. Gene came on and did an odd job of waving it away as contact that changed the route then claimed that it needs to be obviously uncatchable for the second.
  8. Yep written off early again. I'd love to watch meaningful football in November, December
  9. The product is starting to feel like wrestling.
  10. This is absolutely disgusting. Two absolutely terrible calls to rob the Colts. I'm not usually into the game fixing crowd but this one felt like there was no way they let the Colts win. I'm salty I paid for the NFL package.
  11. Great to see our line become a strength again.
  12. Haha nice try. No you play Richardson. He's playing well and will get better. I'm glad they held him out this game.
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