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  1. I like Wentz. He needs a change of scenery like Tannehill
  2. I have two kids, a boy and girl. I never got the gender reveal concept. I just told people and was more pleased the heartbeat was strong and there were no issues.
  3. Off-season will be investing. It have might be long term benefits to sign players long term in a down salary cap year. There's less money available for everyone.
  4. That's what the game day thread is for Mr censorship
  5. Say what you want. That fumble goes our way and we might just win that. There's a lot of little things that went the wrong way, missed fgs, finger tips of Pittman, bad challenges. My big point is we could have won that. Amazing play by a young team. Future is bright see you next season.
  6. I'm not a big finger pointer but that challenge combined with some other decisions I gotta say it was mismanaged
  7. Man its just not breaking our way. Inch here inch there. We don't have right now. Gotta swing the momentum sone how. Int, sack, something its too comfortable.
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