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  1. I'm so happy to read the comments on this topic. I'm in Canada and my window into the happening of the U.S. is obscured. It's easy to get the wrong impression of what the general story is. Social media is a mess and the news has it's it own motives. What a treat it is to see a measured debate stay on topic yet address a very tough situation.
  2. Could be a great year. I am looking forward to football. This is a good team. Going into last year before the retirement, I thought we were a contender. We might not be as good at QB but the team has improved from this time last year.
  3. I'm starting to think he might eclipse 8 sacks. For me, that is more than serviceable as a starter as long as his run defense is avg
  4. I think the NFL is trying to go ahead with the season. I believe it will happen in some form. The simplest way to put this whole arguement; nobody knows. Things could open back up and the population could get hammered, or the virus could peter out. Good luck with opening back up. Im up in Canada, we're planning a slow staged return to business as usual. If at any point the healthcare system gets overwhelmed we will go back a stage. Let's do this together. Left and right mean nothing when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones. Support each other and listen more than you talk.
  5. That is a steal for the colts
  6. I wouldn't mind having Blythe and Al woods. Our lines would be pretty intense.
  7. Right now COVID 19 is 3.4 percent mortality. I wouldn't mess around with that. It is significantly higher than this years flu. Sure, dont panic, but I would not make light of it. I think if you look at countries hit hardest by the virus, it seems serious enough to warrant some consideration. Im washing my hands about double what I used to. Im not going nuts on TP though, what is this a diarrhea epidemic?
  8. If 4 QB's are taken before the Colts pick it's pretty likely that a highly rated player will be available. It means 8 non QB positions were picked. I think there will be some great options.
  9. That is interesting how much weight he's losing and gaining. I guess as a percentage of weight its under 4%
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