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  1. That is a steal for the colts
  2. I wouldn't mind having Blythe and Al woods. Our lines would be pretty intense.
  3. Right now COVID 19 is 3.4 percent mortality. I wouldn't mess around with that. It is significantly higher than this years flu. Sure, dont panic, but I would not make light of it. I think if you look at countries hit hardest by the virus, it seems serious enough to warrant some consideration. Im washing my hands about double what I used to. Im not going nuts on TP though, what is this a diarrhea epidemic?
  4. If 4 QB's are taken before the Colts pick it's pretty likely that a highly rated player will be available. It means 8 non QB positions were picked. I think there will be some great options.
  5. That is interesting how much weight he's losing and gaining. I guess as a percentage of weight its under 4%
  6. If 4 QB's are gone by pick 13 there is going to be some blue chip talent available. We could get a steal of a pick and go with a guy like Rivers at QB. Then draft a later round QB and hope he develops.
  7. I totally get where you are coming from. I think this team has gotten better though. Our Oline is elite. If we can get a few pieces on D they can be top 10 at least in the stuff that matters. Get us one more solid pass catcher and we have a competitive team. KC won with a highly flawed D but it came together and complemented that explosive O. I think that winning and contention for a SB involve just a bit of a tweak here or there. Get a top 15 QB and this team can roll.
  8. This was a SB contending team with AL. If we get the right QB and a few pieces like and interior DL and maybe a pass catcher I don't see why we cant contend again.
  9. I watched Clowney play with Seattle a few times this year. He looked like a game wrecker most of the time.
  10. I think if you add him up as a player and look at his full impact theres no point to getting him.
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