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  1. If TY is out we dont have a chance. It's so silly but this team doesn't win without him.
  2. That's the type of season were having.
  3. We need a WR somewhere in the first 3rds, and a FA WR maybe resign Funchess but Id like to see a guy who can take TYs job as he ages.
  4. This game is pretty good evidence the team is starting to crumble. Cant hold a 14 pt lead near the end of the third. The last 6 games. No TY no wins is what this team is, you can book it.
  5. I like going for two. I don't like how that was the last time we scored points, and how the D collapsed.
  6. The D just decided the turnovers were enough and didn't bother to stop anything
  7. We get some points but somehow give Winston a career game.
  8. The D couldn't stop em this game
  9. They dont need to tank the play on the field is taking care of it. 1 and 5 in the last 6 games
  10. Team finally scoress points and the D refuses to get a stop
  11. Lead at the half, ill take it. D can lock down and scheme with Evans out
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