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  1. I'm starting to think he might eclipse 8 sacks. For me, that is more than serviceable as a starter as long as his run defense is avg
  2. I think the NFL is trying to go ahead with the season. I believe it will happen in some form. The simplest way to put this whole arguement; nobody knows. Things could open back up and the population could get hammered, or the virus could peter out. Good luck with opening back up. Im up in Canada, we're planning a slow staged return to business as usual. If at any point the healthcare system gets overwhelmed we will go back a stage. Let's do this together. Left and right mean nothing when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones. Support each other and listen more than you talk.
  3. That is a steal for the colts
  4. I wouldn't mind having Blythe and Al woods. Our lines would be pretty intense.
  5. Right now COVID 19 is 3.4 percent mortality. I wouldn't mess around with that. It is significantly higher than this years flu. Sure, dont panic, but I would not make light of it. I think if you look at countries hit hardest by the virus, it seems serious enough to warrant some consideration. Im washing my hands about double what I used to. Im not going nuts on TP though, what is this a diarrhea epidemic?
  6. If 4 QB's are taken before the Colts pick it's pretty likely that a highly rated player will be available. It means 8 non QB positions were picked. I think there will be some great options.
  7. That is interesting how much weight he's losing and gaining. I guess as a percentage of weight its under 4%
  8. If 4 QB's are gone by pick 13 there is going to be some blue chip talent available. We could get a steal of a pick and go with a guy like Rivers at QB. Then draft a later round QB and hope he develops.
  9. I totally get where you are coming from. I think this team has gotten better though. Our Oline is elite. If we can get a few pieces on D they can be top 10 at least in the stuff that matters. Get us one more solid pass catcher and we have a competitive team. KC won with a highly flawed D but it came together and complemented that explosive O. I think that winning and contention for a SB involve just a bit of a tweak here or there. Get a top 15 QB and this team can roll.
  10. This was a SB contending team with AL. If we get the right QB and a few pieces like and interior DL and maybe a pass catcher I don't see why we cant contend again.
  11. I watched Clowney play with Seattle a few times this year. He looked like a game wrecker most of the time.
  12. I think if you add him up as a player and look at his full impact theres no point to getting him.
  13. It's so nice to hear some solutions on the board. I would be very happy with this off season. If we got a solid WR or TE in the mix we got a shot.
  14. If we get a beast in the middle of the dline I feel like things could come together.
  15. The record without TY speaks to what an impact he has. The man is a very good player at a position that is key. Leonard is a game changer. He is the type of player that is needed to win playoff football.
  16. Jarvis Landry would be a perfect acquisition . I think TE is top 3 need. If you look at teams like SF, KC, Bal the all have some good TE's. Having a big guy up the middle that you can trust to catch the ball is huge. Ebron whined because he needs to be on a team that gets lots of plays on offense via the pass. JB is a QB that can't afford dropped balls. He doesn't get the ball downfield as often so 3rd and longs are not his friend. If a TE can be counted on to make a 5 yard play reliably you might have a game changer on O. I know this sounds like Doyel but I'm thinking a guy more towards Ebron but with very reliable hands and then goes and get yards after the catch by running people over. A big giant X factor like Kittle would be nice. I don't know maybe I'm grasping at straws because I don't believe the F.O. will replace J.B. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I just don't think it's easy to go get a franchise QB.
  17. It was a weird season on the DL. We have Houston who balled out, Sheard wasn't quite as good as last year, Margus Hunt was nothing like he was at the beginning of last year. Autry also took a step back. Turay looked like he was taking the next step. Stewart looks serviceable. It's just such a mixed bag. I'm really unsure whats going to work next year. There is a strong chance Houston and Sheard fall off. They are getting up there for DE's. Maybe Banago and Turay take their place maybe they don't. I might just say draft all DL. jk Then you look at the secondary. Desir is 29 and will be 30 next year, there's a possibility that what we saw this year is his new normal. Kenny Moore is excellent and he will get better but he's only 5'9" at some point he's not going to be able to cover big guys on the outside. Rock is a good sized corner. I fully believe he could be a great player maybe even cover the number ones. I'm really not sure about Tell. I wish Wilson was better I though it was going to come together for him but I'm not even sure he's a depth player in this system. I really enjoy Moore in the slot. I really want a guy who can come in and be a solid player on the outside if Rock or Desir go down. So draft a 6 ft guy with some ability to play outside. I'm essentially saying draft Rock again. The Safety's are playing okay. Good enough that we should spend draft capital elsewhere. What we really need is a crazy good WR that stays healthy. TY is amazing but, father time is fast approaching and our offense looks like complete trash without him at 90% or better.
  18. I started the season with high hopes for our CBs. I wasnt all that impressed. So I would be very happy to see a solid CB 2 caliber guy added to the roster.
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