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  1. I'm very interested to see how we stack up to a Div rival. I'm happy football is back. I think this game will say a lot about the season. If we lose I'm doubtful we're a playoff contender. We win and maybe we got a shot at playoffs and more. This team might just have the character it takes to be successful. We need to see guys like Ebron and Leonard play like we've see them play. Let's go Colts!
  2. It's concerning as he's a team captain. So is Vinny. I have been a long time supporter of both. I always thought Geathers would pull it together. Im not sure anymore.
  3. They picked om Geathers and he didnt look great.
  4. That game definitely could have ended in our favour. Were close, im hoping for a solid game against Tennessee. If Brissett plays like that we have a win.
  5. Yeah its not all bad. It would have been really nice to get a win there. 1 and 0 is rare and what a missed opportunity.
  6. I was just thinking that. D shuts em down and we kick it to win
  7. I aint mad it appears we're the same age
  8. I wish your generation knew how to quit; smoking, polluting, running up the debt, taking cheap education for themselves and then complaining about free loading, etc
  9. I need to see Brisset in a game with this team.
  10. The man got enough hate over the years. He was GM of the year. Then he was terrible. Then people hated him. Honestly, he tried, looked great, drank his own Koolaid, crapped the bed, got fired, got crapped on by everyone. End of story. This is about Luck. For better or for worse he just didnt have it. Ive said in another thread Id probably do the same.
  11. If I've got millions of dollars. Im moving somewhere warm. The guy likes snowboarding. Aint no good mountain's round there. He's either coming back in a year or hes moving in a year.
  12. Im in that mans shoes? Millions in the bank. New family. Great education. Good guy. Too much wear and tear. I'd do the same. Cant blame him. Im still PO ed though
  13. Man I was thinking the exact same thing. How in the world do I have to deal with another year of Tom Brady, yet somehow my 29 year old QB is gone. I dunno football is harsh. Anyone else bored of the Patriots in every superbowl for 20 years. NFL is wrestling with legitimacy.
  14. I dont see how a little calf thing holds him out. A thousand times yes he is playing.
  15. Rodney Harrison needs to take a step back, and examine his hate on for the Colts.
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