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  1. JB has no touch every throw is a missile unless he lobs one up to be picked off, I think he can be fixed but it should have been addressed early in the year , he has to make it a little easier to hold on to the ball if your not accurate and going to throw it high or behind your target it cant be a hundred mph
  2. not to mention our kicker is is 315 years old in dog years and lost two games for the shoes
  3. Well I guess i wont mind working overtime on Sundays now
  4. I believe the colts have a plan, Not something I thought before ballard, Hopefully we will protect our qb with this draft, If Luck is healthy he wont be for long with our current o-line,For that matter no qb will be safe.Please pick what we need not best available unless its o-line!
  5. I have a autographed blue and white football with manning and clark and a helmet with manning
  6. Ballard, it seems is following a plan, His agenda is to make the Team better , So far his approach is common sense, address the blatant needs While not compromising the teams future.
  7. I was waiting on the old line up everyone to one side and snap it to a receiver play
  8. not only is Your opinion old tired and lame, but its getting real old when you attack anyone who points out any short comings of the colts, Almost every time i post you attack me ,Like somehow you think you are a better fan than I am, man cant you just state your business and leave it at that?
  9. No I'm a simple factory worker and in reality, in my opinion I do my job better than he does his. He has missed on most of his picks and fa . You can give him a free pass and think that he is good at his job but the facts say different, Picks of need our number # 1 pick last year, WR Really That was not a pick of need, I dont claim to be a football guru but I do know what I see and My eyes tell me he is not good at evaluating talent, or evaluating the colts needs. I think the colts deserve better and Luck for sure deserves better, You sir, must not be
  10. Not really correct I dont blame him for no sb I blame him for not having the ability to get competitive players, He has gotten lucky with a couple but for the most part most of his selections or players would not start on the browns. His selections seem to be knee jerk reactions instead of any kind of a thought out process, If I made as many mistakes at my job as he has I would be unemployed.
  11. Odds are he would last a lot longer behind that ol than the colts ol
  12. It doesnt matter if its preseason or not if you put luck out there with this oline he will get hurt ,not IF but WHEN! He ( luck )should of had language in his contract stating if they didnt improve the oline significantly he could opt out and go somewhere where they would protect there franchise qb, If luck gets hurt on the first snap because one of the ol missed his block whos fault is it? Not lucks, it falls right on Grigsons shoulders for not evaluating the talent pool well enough. These are his guys he picked or traded for them .
  13. Is that the story now ? Why did he not fess up in the first place. My point was he lied to cover up a mistake.
  14. Sounds like he was messed up on drugs and did not realize the national anthem was playing and pulled a ryan lochte to cover his butt
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