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  1. When the demands of the job exceed the time it takes to do the job well, you get the same results as a sophmore in high school who crammed the night before the test. It's really not a surprise to me anymore, or an excuse for that matter.
  2. You think they put too much on the table? I mean, you never truly know how much another team is willing to jump you. I wonder if that was the Colts initial offer and once competition started phasing out, they pull the, "well the deal has changed" card. Is that even feasible? I mean you can offer what you want, but is it wise to change your offer after other potential trade partners drop out? It'd prolong negotiations and I suppose for Ballard, if you feel you can rehab Wentz, keep the offer competitive and the deadline so you absolutely know how to prepare for FA and the draft. I guess I
  3. And there is no evidence right now. I wouldn't like that sort of gamesmanship, if you can call it that, from the Colts. But sometimes it feels like things worked out a little too nicely. But then again, the value in this trade depends on Wentz, so we've officially won nothing as of this moment.
  4. The first thing about any negotiation you need to know is: who's got what leverage? Colts knew the market and the other serious contenders. The Eagles only leverage walked out the door when the Bears tapped out. They were wishing upon coins before flipping them into the fountain at that point. It honestly would not surprise me at all if there was some collusion claim against Reich and the Colts for tampering with Wentz and his agent to ensure a move to Indy. Maybe it was all circumstantial, but uhh... Ballard and Reich aren't stupid. I mean, I might try to throw floaters out
  5. Ehhh. He was decent enough. Most of his damage was done pre-snap. A lot of dink and dunk. When he had to throw the ball 50 yards, sometimes it was spot on, and aother times he'd miss a guy 3 paces ahead of the FS. I don't think he'll ever be able to shake off that cloud over his head that he could never come up big in the 4th quarter of the playoffs. He was average to above average. But there were only a few games where I thought man, glad Rivers plays and not Brissett.
  6. Any "inexpensive" vet is going to cost more than a 4th round if you want that QB to be at least competent. Guys like Fitzpatrick or Foles if he becomes available somehow are going to cost you $8-$12 million a year. That's your second stringer if you pay those guys. 3rd stringers that sit behind Eason if you have faith in Eason, are guys like Phillip Walker or someone in that range (he's obviously not available, but for the sake of argument). If Eason is your #2 QB going into the season, you should be reluctant to pay a 3rd stringer more money unless you aren't sure of his devel
  7. Lol this was amazing. Is Zach Ertz the cool granny? The white hair throws me off.
  8. I remember it being discussed, but I totally forgot anything about it actually happening.
  9. Homeboy was running for his life all night. Hard to say the loss was on him. To be fair, he made a couple bad throws when not under pressure, but rushing your reads because you only get 0.5 seconds before you need to mail it will do that to anyone.
  10. A lot of that was coaching scheme. Longer developing routes and throws downfield. We've discussed it on here time and again, but it's notable. Luck didn't help matters constantly fighting for every conceivable yard instead of protecting himself, give up a yard or two early and just slide. Those two things - coryell style offense and Luck not sliding - were the primary components his body betrayed him. I don't think anyone would have heartburn over his retirement if he had done it in a timely fashion. Maybe people wonder "what could have been," but that's a legacy Luck invited with such a
  11. Definitely agree that TY has lost a step. And he was usually protected in the slot from dealing with man coverage. Without it, and since his injury, he's not the same player.
  12. Not only that, but the stadium was in such a terrible state and deeply in need of massive upgrades. As I understand it, the upgrades wouldn't happen without some serious concessions, hence the legislature trying to seize the team under eminent domain. Legal? Probably not. Desparate? Absolutely. The fact that some Baltimore fans are still salty about it, but then take in the 95 Cleveland Browns by storm and rename them the Ravens is really the only argument you'll ever need against said salty fans.
  13. We don't seriously think this is possible...right?! I mean, yeah obviously would welcome him with open arms but I just don't see it.
  14. Say what you will about the Texans or Jets being amongst the most undesirable head coach jobs to land, but for a player, it's gotta be most undesirable for players, right? Barry Sanders, Megatron and now Stafford wanting out. At least for once Detroit is open to the idea of trading a player.
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