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  1. On the first possession: A stop or turnover on defense. A TD on offense. And no injuries.
  2. It's like you read my mind. lol.
  3. lol that Texan thread was a treat lol. I mean, I'd give him back, but now I want him to do good just because I want to see more Texan fans sack punching themselves. That comment about eating the box of crayons was fabulous.
  4. Ewww. Hated the guy pre draft. Loved the landing spot. Hated the fact they waived him 2 years in. Currently hate the fact we claimed him. He's good to push the pile... if he ever gets to it.
  5. Short of going to football reference team page and clicking on each season record, I'll bet that information is difficult to find if google was your primary source. But your point is taken. I agree, they are the gatekeepers for a reason. We've been "rebuilding" for the better part of a decade at this point. It's annoying and I think most fans (across the globe) just want this nightmare to end. We'll get our shot again this year, but at least we're on the upswing and realizing improvement. At the end of the day, if we're competitive with top tier teams, I can live with the fact we lost. Not that nonsense last year against KC. I just want to barf thinking about it.
  6. I went to that raiders game we won. Took a 4th quarter Colts touchdown to take the lead. Then on the Raiders subsequent drive, went all the way down to the 10 yard line about to score and we get a huge sack and then a play later Bethea intercepts a pass to seal the game. Had we lost that game, we would not have another Week 1 win since 2009. Pretty crazy considering the Colts overall record during that time span.
  7. 5 times? I couldn't even make it through the first half once...
  8. Maybe I'm projecting my own personal experiences onto Ebron lol. I'll be 36 myself in September. I never really cared for social media in college, used FB to find a date once and realized pretty quickly that people show you only what they want you to see lol. Every so often you find a community like this one where an online life is tolerable, but that's about the extent of my online presence.
  9. People like Ebron who are technically a millenial, but close enough to the older generation (Gen X?) to have grown up without social media until it was the giant it is today have this sort of problem. You have those accounts to interact and converse, but most people anymore just want to say anything and then not be held accountable for it. So if you can't distance yourself from the 99.9% of trolling trash, stay away from it altogether. Not really worth your time.
  10. In your defense, I seem to recall Ballard saying the pundits have it all wrong, talking about prospect rankings. He turned out to be right. There were a lot of surprises, seemed to me to be more than usual.
  11. I am pretty happy with the picks. Got another Darius Leonard style LB, a bare minimum situational pass rusher and an intriguing CB that I think has a chance to be a mainstay. Not sexy picks, but hard to argue they're bad picks.
  12. That said, we didn't punt very much.
  13. Fake Media! We traded a first for Trent and went nowhere!
  14. No thanks. But I'd like you to meet this guy. You should have plenty to talk about.
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