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  1. Bummer. Sad that his last couple of kicks were blocked - not that it's necessarily his fault. But who wants to go out on that end note? Still, Vinatieri could have missed every kick this season and still gone down as the greatest of all time. I don't care what position you play in the NFL, to been a top tier player at your position until he was almost 47, even despite his 2019 season, speaks volumes. Great player and even better teammate.
  2. Yeah, but Baggagegate has so many Gs in it! Like is there any word that has more G's than Baggagegate? The fingers trying to type it is what I imagine a small child mouth is doing when learning how to speak and they just can't say the word right. Awkward to type lol.
  3. They play each other twice a year. You're going to have to be a little more specific than that.
  4. What a choke job by the Colts yesterday. That zone defense was getting buzz sawed. Walker, Ya-Sin and Quincy were popular targets. Sickening. Every time you see those guys or anyone really, give up a catch in coverage, they're a full step off coverage. Felt like rarely you saw a contested catch. Then the putrid offense in the 4th quarter... Just the epitome of inefficiency. I felt like I was watching a Pagano run offense. We could not run the ball for (Matt Foley voice) jack squat. All day long. Our best runs were scrambles and there was an outside zone I believe that netted 13 yards. But pretty much other than that, nothing. Especially up the middle. Apparently that was a no fly zone. It was nice to see Brissett throwing downfield. Hope he does that more often, but dear lord the accuracy of practically all his throws except the TD to Pascal was awful. Throwing behind guys, the long throws looked like the ball had a parachute on the descent. Plus they were underthrown. A better secondary would have picked at least two of them. We looked lost out there a couple of times with the timeout call after we had already taken a timeout. The play was just as befuddling. It's a wonder we even put up points on the scoreboard despite the play. The JB pass to himself, Marcus Johnson was wide open, but Glowinsky looked like he tried to pass protect with his eyes closed. I thought that was a bad call, but the OL has to give JB a fighting chance. I don't care for any excuses about young OL, you are a paid professional and you are one of the better offensive lines in the league, you can't miss that badly when you are in a 4th-down-do-or-die situation. What's the capital of Thailand? Yeah, there were 53 guys doing that to themselves along with the coaching staff.
  5. 2007 Spygate 2015 Deflategate 2019 Baggagegate
  6. I remember at my best, I destroyed everyone I played in Mario Kart on the SNES...like not even close. But even then, I had a few bad breaks and lost on rare occasion. Lets not dwell on the exception as though it starts a trend.
  7. It's learnable, just beyond Brissett's capacity. He just can't see the field develop.
  8. This mischaracterizes the issue in its entirety. Just because it takes a long time for QBs to find generational talents at QB is not a reason they shouldn't try to get better at the position if the team doesn't have a generational talent at QB. Bill Belichick has had Brady for the past 20 years and he's still drafted a QB every other year. In the past 10 years, he's drafted 3 QBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. It seems as though what you have in mind is teams selling the farm to trade up and take the #1 QB in the class at #1. There are so many other viable ways ot get franchise QBs better than the one we have. If we used a 2nd or 3rd on a QB, could it be the next Drew Brees or Russel Wilson? Maybe. But even if it's not and he sits a year and then ends up being better than Brissett, that's a win. We can try again in another year or two. You should always try to improve your roster and add valuable depth, no matter what the position is. Yeah, we have a mediocre QB. We should still be using higher draft capital and perhaps trading up in cases where it makes sense.
  9. There's a lot of reasons Chad doesn't need to be starting, but this once immature always immature mentality you have is really a bunch of nonsense. We all make mistakes and if we were held responsible for them in perpetuity, no one would succeed at anything.
  10. Just in case it wasnt clear, I was being sarcatic. Definitely not trying to argue politics.
  11. I didn't see @2006Coltsbestever post you're responding to. But I think you could have just responded "Jason Garret" and dropped the mic. lol. I think even he'd be like, "yeah, I've seen those scootermagruder youtube videos."
  12. Yeah, seems pretty unnecessary. It's the costliest state to live in after AL, NY, HI. They have ot leave at 5 in the morning just to get to work on time. And if the earthquakes and forest fires don't get you, then doing anything in any place in Cali causes cancer. They have it bad enough, I think we can give them a break.
  13. I noticed that. Watched a little bit more anyway since I was bored at work. Couldn't put my figner on it before. Now that I heard it and know that it could be related to a speech disability (which I know little about), I kinda feel that I said it at all, even if it was here away from his YT comment section.
  14. Giving Luck a run for his money is an overstatement. But what he actually said was that Chad Kelly would beat Andrew Luck. That's a disqualifying statement. I had to stop watching at that point because I just couldn't trust his film analysis (which was based off pre-season no less). Plus I couldn't get over his voice.
  15. This gif brought to mind the joker line "you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" Lol. No idea why but still.
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