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  1. Sorry for missin the pick guys. I spent the day getting all my computer screens and stuff from work and setting up shop at home to work for the next foreseeable future. Thanks for the assist. If Denzel Mims wasn't there, it would have been Justin Jefferson. Good pick assistant GMs!
  2. Why do people say the bolded? That is simply not true. He was scoffed at being in the top 10 by many sources, precisely because he was almost universally agreed to need a year of development He was one of those players where his value was in the eye of the beholder. Some thought he was a mid first round pick based on talent, but many many others thought he was a Day 2 pick. But almost everyone agreed that he needed to hold a clipboard for a year. It kills me that this revisionist history on Mahommes is just accepted and stated as fact by some. Opinions on him back in 2017 were just as divisive as they are on Love or Lamar Jackson for instance. Mahommes needed a ton of overhaul.
  3. It's completely unfair to say Ballard inherited an 8-8 or better roster. It's not completely off the mark, but you seem to draw a line from Grigson's termination and Ballards hiring. The fact of hte matter is, Ballard took over a roster that without Luck in 2017 went 3-13. 2 years later and a new HC staff, that roster improved to 7-9 without Luck (and the same replacement starting QB).
  4. I actually liked the trade. We got a dominant player at a position of need - a position that is in the top 5 of hardest positions to draft for, by the way. I wanted Love or Herbert, but I can make my peace with the fact we most certainly won't get Herbert and will most likely not have a chance at Love either. I loved Buckner pre-draft and was sad he'd never be in a Colts uniform. So the trade was one that I could get on board with.
  5. What if weve agreed to the trade, sent a PM but you havent announced it within 3 hours?
  6. Well, I wouldnt say its a COMPLETE waste. Backup QB are valuable as well. But like anything else in the draft, usually the better backups are taken earlier - everyone just usually calls them busts. Me personally, I'd usually take a different position than QB in Draft Day 3, because you also need depth at other positions you're more likely to fill on Day 3, to say nothing about Special Teams. But I'm not against occasionally taking a stab on a QB with the right traits. Maybe hes not anything but a spot starter, but at this stage in his career, anyone wouldve said Ryan Fitzpatrick was a 7th rounder worth his weight in gold. Its just gotta be a guy you love at the 5th/6th/7th round pick.
  7. You didn't know those guys are just falling from the sky? lol.
  8. Watch the '18 LSU game where the throwing lanes were much tighter than the Big 12 lanes he had to make whil in Oklahoma. When he needed to make tight throws, he couldn't do it consistently. Accuracy is one of the most uncoachable traits and Jalen is more developmental in that area than he is upside. Hard pass in any round before the 5th.
  9. It's really impossible to guess who that 'someone' is. The signing of Rivers ensures that Jacoby is in the rearview, but maybe can stick around at the right price. He's still not the answer. Rivers is nearly done but we're hoping to squeeze the last bit of good play out of him. If we do make any sort of run in the playoffs this year, we're looking at late 1, early 2nd for QB in the draft in 2021, which means maybe, MAAAAYBE that guy will sit a year and be ready in 2022. Nobody has a crystal ball for that sort of prediction.
  10. We dont know who all will be available next free agency/draft or the one after that.
  11. There needs to be a "Someone Else" checkbox.
  12. And despite this, people continue speculating wildly. Nice try, I guess?
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