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  1. OffensivelyPC

    My Two Favorite Post-Draft Quotes from the "Experts"

    Lol. Made this post. Well done, sir.
  2. OffensivelyPC

    TY Hilton should buy the Houston Texans one day.

    Hilton absolutely owns Jonathan Joseph every time they play. But you the larger point, the Texans only when when the Colts say they can win. Literally. We go for on a fourth-down where the consequence of missing it gives them a win? The Texans are our b.....
  3. OffensivelyPC

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    I would have thought that after 6 seasons of Grigson and Pagano, we all would have moved past the "build the monster" references. I believed it to be, in fact it should be, annoying to all Colts fans. Maybe even masochistic. And we're still referring to it 2years remover from Grigson? Find any other quotable, slash hashtage way to reference how we are building this team from the ground up. Any. Other. Way.
  4. all it takes is a handful of serious injuries, arrests, and returns for senior year to turn a great position to just a good or average. Add to that the fact there are plenty of guys who are way overhyped who end up not holding up to scrutiny, some really bad combines and voila, 6 DL projected in the top 20 now becomes 3. This stuff happens every year, and you can never predict to what extent it will happen. You play to win today because that's the only thing that's really somewhat under your control. What if the 2019 class ended up being like the 2013 class? All that losing for what?
  5. Meh, he likely wouldn't flourish in our system the way he is in Dallas. Very little similarities between our two offenses. Their passing game is dumbed down, to put it simply, to accommodate Prescott's weaknesses. Put him in our offense and chances are he would have struggled same as he was in Oakland.
  6. OffensivelyPC

    What are the odds on Jags defense they knew every play

    I think all anyone is saying is that Cain hasn't proven anything in a real NFL game and despite the talent, was drafted in the 6th round. Throw on top of that, he had a season ending injury before it even began. If the Colts were worth their weight in gold, they could draft as if he won't be on the team, because so far, Cain's recent history is the story of many young players who lasted a year and were out of the league because they couldn't make an impact today. So I think the probability of drafting a WR in the first round is the same whether we plan on retaining Cain or not. But I do think the probability of drafting a WR in the 1st is, or should, be fairly low just because of the ridiculously bad hit rate on WRs. It's a question of cost efficiency, not Cain's availability.
  7. A simple google search could've gone a long way to avoiding the creation of such a thread lol.
  8. OffensivelyPC

    Here is why we lost...

    Luck missed Inman on 3 different crossing routes and what I can't figure out is if Inman and Luck aren't in sync because Inman is not on the right tempo or because Luck just missed him. 3 times on 3 similar patterns where Inman had to lay out for a 12 yard in/out route. I'm not sure where the issue lies, but it was definitely peculiar. Regardless, I don't think he's going to be the #2 for us anytime soon.. At least on a regular basis.
  9. OffensivelyPC

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Despite their record the Jags secondary is really good. They contained Belichick and Brady.
  10. OffensivelyPC

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    You dont know that. You didnt have eyes on the whole colts sideline then entire time.
  11. OffensivelyPC

    Colts @ Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Lol, nothing could be done. No ability to challenge and it is a ref judgment call.
  12. At 1.20ish, I'm really hoping for someone like N'Keal Harry. For both of them, they'll have to prove they can beat press coverage, and neither of them has shown that. N'Keal has struggled with it, and AJ plays slot too much to know whether he can, which means (probably) that he's probably less refined than even N'Keal.
  13. I think WR is one of those positions that will also be strong enough to compete with the DL talent. We'll see early next year just how good each of those positions are, but I expect Interior DL and WR to be among the best groups of next year's draft class.
  14. In today's NFL, i'd probably put an elite interior DL (especially NT) above an elite WR, but they're close enough that any they would compute about the same in the BPA equation.