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    I am a corporate attorney at in Indiana. I married my best friend. I love anything Colts, going to rock and heavy metal concerts, fishing, video games, and card games where the bragging rights is worth more than the money we gamble.

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  1. You’re the deep safety, WR runs at your face and you don’t turn to cover. That’s not play design, that’s just bad coverage.
  2. Dude has been terrible in coverage. He wasn’t “misdirected”, he just got burned. On two long * plays.
  3. Nah, it goes to the free safety, second TD he’s been burned on. Stroud legit is picking on him.
  4. I think he comes back, but I don't really want that. I am not usually a grass is always greener guy. But for better or worse, at this point, I just think it's Irsay's style since Tony Dungy, if not before, to want his team in a Tampa 2 style defense. So if we're going to keep Gus (or bring in a similar DC if not), we do need better pressure, yes, but jsut a sheer numbers game, 5 vs 4 is not exactly setting yourself up for success. So there needs ot be more creativity scheming pressure, be that blitzes or stunts, and so on. I'm just tired of either coming back or going into the 4th tied or with the lead, and needing a stop or turnover, only for the defense to get utterly eviscerated, picked apart, lose the lead, and then need our average/backup QB to march down the field and score a TD just to come up short. Hasn't been just htis year, but this year highlighted it for sure.
  5. "Serious moves" that's a can of worms that you're going to have to elaborate on. Serious moves as in...what? Because I don't mind trading picks for players and vice versa, but we have little on the roster that I think would classify as ground breaking. I think if there's a year that we move up in the draft, it could be this year if the right guy falls within trade-up distance. I know everyone likes Harrison Jr. which I'd be on board for, but who knows where he's drafted this early on. I hadn't even looked at other skill position players which I think is our biggest need - WR and CB amongst the top, and not necessarily in that order either. I also think it depends on whether we keep Bradley - fingers crossed we have a change there, but not sure who's in the market. But if we did, and shifted our defensive strategy to include more man coverage on the back end, I wonder who is on the trading block around the league - also probably too soon to tell.
  6. Why is his seat hot? He hired Shane. He and Shane were one play away from the playoffs (and division title). That’s after our QB of the future went down for the season due to a biological issue no one could have known. Relied on our septh all season long and many of them surprised, especially on defense. No, if anyone needs to go it’s Gus Bradley. We were top tier in sacks and turnovers. But late in games, he was far too content with sitting in coverage, not scheme pressure on the QB except at a league lowest pace, and let opposing QBs sit back, read coverage long enough for someone to finally get open. How many 2nd and 3rd and longs did we give up conversions on? Waaaaay too many. All year long.
  7. Especially considering they were 8-3 going into December. 1-5 since.
  8. Just gotta hope for a Jags loss. I want to win our division so bad. Just sucks when we desperately needed a win this season we showed up seemingly unprepared.
  9. Is anyone watching the Texans v Titans? I can’t watch it, but the play by play on ESPN makes it sound like the most boring game of football ever. Looks like both defenses basically doing all the scoring and putting the kicker in FG range, while the offense is turning the ball over and giving the punters lots of practice.
  10. Well, they’re great until it’s third down. Rush 4 and drop back 25 yards. First down.
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