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  1. In your defense, I seem to recall Ballard saying the pundits have it all wrong, talking about prospect rankings. He turned out to be right. There were a lot of surprises, seemed to me to be more than usual.
  2. I am pretty happy with the picks. Got another Darius Leonard style LB, a bare minimum situational pass rusher and an intriguing CB that I think has a chance to be a mainstay. Not sexy picks, but hard to argue they're bad picks.
  3. That said, we didn't punt very much.
  4. Fake Media! We traded a first for Trent and went nowhere!
  5. No thanks. But I'd like you to meet this guy. You should have plenty to talk about.
  6. Well yeah, but that's the point of those contracts. That doesn't mean I'm saying we should be limited to those types of deals. The type of player usually determines what type of deal you shoudl give them - or at least have in mind what off you're willing to give. Guys you retain, guys that if you used them as they were used on their previous team and still have projected life and value in the NFL deserve 2-3 year deals and any performing over taht is bonus (i.e. Hunt and Ebron), and then your cornerstone guys get teh longer deals. You use all these tools taking risks into account, I was just speaking specifically to a subclass of the available tools. I disagree with the no cost certainty of 1 year deals. There is, and its based off the cap in the current year. The value of the replacement player is generally known. Not to us so much, but amongst the league and that value is relative to the available cap. So if you signed a replacement level for 2 years, you'll actually be paying the same (maybe less) than if you signed 1 player at replacement value each year. It's the guys like Ebron where you get consistent value for multiple years, but that has less to do with the fact that he's under a 2 year contract and more to do with the fact that he was a good enough player that he deserved a 2 year deal in the first place.
  7. So, we're just supposed to come and sit in here or what?
  8. I always thought the 1 year prove it deals were always glamorized because of the "prove it" portion that people attach themselves to. It's not a prove your value and you're all the sudden valued toward the top of your position. It's more like a, "you're on your way out and we're trying to squeeze the last bit of football out of you before you're less than the replacement value." You always hopes a guy outperforms, but the point of these "prove it" deals is less about proving they deserve a bigger contract and more about taking calculated risks on guys with diminished value. Generally, that diminished value is based heavily on their previous year's underperformance. If tehy perform the same as last year, you are getting what you paid for. If they perform less than last year, these deals are cheap to walk away from. And if they outperform them, maybe they resign here, maybe their franchised, or tehy sign else where. It's a wiser investment of risks/rewards, spreading that risk over several players with cheap overhead and no long term investment on a year to year basis. It's sustainable, even if every player signed that fits under this category fails to live up to their contract. On the other hand, signing a player based on his reward (i.e. last year's performance) which is often near the peak of his value in his entire career. Here, the risk/reward is not spread and instead all in one player. Wehre he lives up to his salary, the reward is never realy exceeded, or marginally so. But if he underperforms, well, the overhead in cap space goes years into the future and can affect you for multiple years.
  9. I'm saying that's the whole point. Knowing that, you lock a player up for another year at a cheaper value than you would ify ou entered into a 1 year deal with him. It was intentional. Not because they want a 2nd round pick for Rogers, but because they're avoiding the market and still coming in under what the market value woudl be. It's like having a half-off coupon that is valid only for you and no one else. That's just the part that seems lost on everybody else.
  10. Its my damn game, I'll play it any way I damn well please! And my team is good dangit! Even the UDFAs are coming along nicely...
  11. Thank you all! I will take the Titans. Havent been around as much this year/offseason. Been having a lot goin on. Huge coincidence I came here to see some draft posts and see this starting back up. Ill take the Titans and just be sure to check regularly and get picks in to someone ahead of achedule with BPA as a fall back to keep things going. Whens it start?
  12. The one thing the NFL has going for it is parity. I don't watch the NBA because it is a major market affair. Yeah there's a soft cap, but clearly the big market cities have an advantage and since it's a super star driven league, superstars find their way eventually the Lakers, Celtics, etc. MLB is the same, but with an unlimited cap, you can essentially pay to play at every position. If the NFL doesn't have parity, I find myself caring less and less. This isn't about Tom Brady anymore. Whether he's the greatest of all time or not, a coach like Bill Belicheck is what tips the scales. The fact of the matter is, Brady would just be another guy or, at best, a good quarterback without Bill. But Belichick, if he didn't have Brady it would have just been someone else, Bledsoe or someone after Brady. He's that good of a coach. He has almost single handedly made this a lopsided league. And good for him, good for Pats fans. But I don't care to watch it.
  13. I dont know if I will or not, but it's certainly the first year, pretty much since Peyton Manning came to Indy that I just don't whether or not I watch it.
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