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  1. Thank God someone has some sense here...this thread is bananas and it could hardly get worse. I'll take a GM that his on 3 out of 7 picks, let alone have those picks be 2nd rounders. It's like the nincompoops here expect every 2nd rounder to be a hit. Show me one that has that sort of hit rate, ya know?
  2. I think the AFC gauntlet is a little tougher this year with the Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers and Titans. Not sure that whoever comes out the NFC east, Saints, Bucs or Seahawks could stack as well. At the very least, the Pack is more of a frontrunner amongst those teams than the Colts is in the AFC.
  3. Not gonna put either of us in the SB prematurely, but if that were the matchup, history wouldn't matter. A-Aron has the experience, and its often surprising how much of an affect that seems to make. And he's one of the greats. For us, at least Frank Reich's been there.
  4. Its what should happen. You could call hold or pass interference, or defensive holding on the vast majority of plays, but its never called that way. So when it actually is called that way, there's an appearanxe of unfairness, or impropriety... disproportionately at the very least.
  5. Lets put it this way...how often does a potentially game sealing drive end w 6 offensive holds in the final 2 minutes?
  6. Please...wth you supposed to do when its 3rd n 20? Use your head
  7. I'd rather watch him come in on the last series and take a knee...
  8. Well, this is true of course. But it's also true that it still ultimately rests on his shoulds - fair or unfair. I think it's totally okay to give him a sort of pass for a year, or even a few years. But at some point... Hope Eason is the guy, but I wasn't a huge fan pre-draft. We'll see how it goes, though. Still, we traded our first and I think it's fair to assume that's because Ballard didn't see any value in moving up or at least taking a QB in the first (or maybe he just saw more value in Buckner?). Burrow was probably out of reach but Herbert was within range and he's stolen t
  9. I definitely think trading him this season is out of the question. We've already planned for his presence on our payroll despite his actual pay. If we trade him after this season, it probably can be assumed we resign him in a backup roll and thus much less than $15 million per year. Assuming a backup QB pay, I'd definitely trade him for a 5th. But I can agree with you in the sense that that 5th rounder could be a swing and a miss.
  10. Dalton was never good. He had moments and that's the best I can really say. I don't want Cam at all. After seeing him give up on a fumbled football in the super bowl, I could never trust his leadership. The future signal caller for the Colts will come in the draft, hopefully Eason or a QB we draft in the next few years. I'm not entirely optimistic, but I certainly don't think a FA QB is the solution.
  11. Maybe in theory. In application, trading up for a QB and drafting a franchise, cornerstone QB is so improbably that it's hardly worth trading up. Trading up for Lawrence from where we'll likely be picking is more than risky - it's suicide. The skins traded up for RG3, The Cards traded up for Josh Rosen. The Jets traded up for Sam Darnold. The Ravens for Lamar Jackson and the Bills for Josh Allen. It's a shot in the dark, really. So I think that you are better off accurately judging talent and drafting how it comes to you. I am not against moving up a few spots he
  12. Im actually starting to wonder if our secondary is overrated. Browns WRs made some impossible to defend catches at times, but by and large, they owned us on 3rd down efficiency. We really should have blitzed more to start the game. I was wondering why we weren't and Reich just stuck with the game plan. Because, why not?
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