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  1. And it's these sorts of threads that pay this guy's check. Seems like the majority complain about Doyel, but we keep talking about his opinions. we're basically asking for him to stay in the Indy spotlight. Meh..., we'd be better off talking about paint drying.
  2. Ken Dilger was a favorite of mine. Played TE as a kid. Dilger was Dallas Clark before we even knew what a Dallas Clark was. Roosevelt Potts was another rando favorite. Maybe romanticizing him as a child, but dude always got the tough yards. He left and that was it. But probably Marshall Faulk was the most bad*** of them all. I'd still take him over LaDainian Tomlinson. Still have all his rookie cards I ever collected as a kid.
  3. We took some unnecessary draft picks from a needs based perspective rules. I hope thats the worst I can say, but I really cant confirm, is that we got everything we need. We need Wentz to play well.
  4. I am not really worried. I just think that they missed out on the 1st 2 rounds for a left tackle and I don't think that It's likely that were going to find a starting left tackle this late in the draft. So that just tells me That they are OK with who they have already.
  5. We obviously are seriously considering Nelson at LT or have faith in our OT signings.
  6. I once heard that in most cases, suicide is death by depression and it changed the way I thought about it. When my wife and I lost our firstborn and saw a therapist I saw what it was to live with it... really for the first time. There's a lot of learning how to cope and helping those who struggle with depression cope. It takes a lot of time and it's different for everyone. But it definitely starts with looking at it differently. I'll be the first to admit how wrong I was about depression and how to treat others struggling with it. But I am glad I did learn because my wife onc
  7. This gets my vote. I was more heartbroken after that game than the super bowl loss to the Saints. That season was magical. We were such big underdogs, but almost every game came down to the wire. No one took us seriously and before then, it was just the Indy Motor Speedway and the Pacers. But in 1995, the Colts commanded attention and was one drop away from going to our first SB since they moved to Indy.
  8. I'll never know why we didn't give him more snaps running routes. At least in the red zone. It was like Trey Burton got healthy and MAC got dog housed or something. Burton missed the first month and still had 20 more snaps running routes. Which was weird since he was like, the highest rated TE by PFF standards at one point. By the end of the season he was still ranked in the top 5,
  9. The Colts giving up a first for Craig Erickson was pretty disastrous with the benefit of hindsight. He lost the job to Jim Harbaugh and fell as low as 3rd string. At least with the Jeff George trade we got a return getting a couple of first and a third, That future first we got from Atlanta netted us Marvin Harrison. With Erickson, we got a starter for a game and a half and the pick we gave up still had Ray Lewis on the draft board. Trent Richardson was a bad trade, but it doesn't come close in my estimation. There just weren't a ton of prospects around the 26th pic
  10. I wish I could, but the last few years I've followed the draft less and less. Got 2 young kids that eat up most my spare time I'd usually spend on watching film and studying prospects. Thanks anyway! I definitely miss these.
  11. I wish I could, but the last few years I've followed the draft less and less. Got 2 young kids that eat up most my spare time I'd usually spend on watching film and studying prospects. Thanks anyway! I definitely miss these.
  12. And that's why I think we've got a better chance with getting more return on investment with Wentz. Frank's done it with Wentz already. Not sayiing he can't do it with a rookie, but the thing about rookie QBs (or really any NFL player), there's an element of development that rests solely with the player and whether they can turn into an effective QB. Some do, but the majority don't, and it never becomes apparent to us until he's benched or replaced. Sometimes a draft pick doesn't work out. The odds of drafting a QB that pans out in my eyes are worse than the odds of Wentz being back with
  13. It's a good thing that this is a really solid draft class for OTs. Teams might try to make a trade lopsided, but knowing another team's needs isn't much of an advantage when you're drafting the best players as opposed to drafting for team need. Teams jump you which is something that always happens every draft. But it also happens that teams maximize their draft trade values and may call the Colts to see if they can offer adequate compensation iwthout having to move down as far as the team trying to jump you. And if you draft well, you can find a starter at a position of need anywhere in th
  14. 11. That's 11 pages On an old thread about what number will a football player wear... Can we just let this thread die?
  15. I just heard on the radio that Kenny Moore siad just bring back Marlon Mack and I guess TY tweeted that's all you? Kenny Moore responded we already got you back. So maybe we gettin TY too?
  16. He has the versatility that Ballard likes, but I'm just not sure he'd be a fit for our defense. He's mostly an edge guy, who added some off the ball LB skills to his skillset while in NE and MIA used him very similarly so that he wasn't just a sub-package player. My question is, does he add that much value over what we already have? Especially if we take a DE high in the draft? I think you gotta pass. He'll cost more than he's worth or just go somewhere that will pay him more because of his fit.
  17. Well and there's always good ol' supply and demand. In drafts like potentially the 2021, people might think it'd take mortgaging the next 3 drafts to get Trevor Lawrence and that might be true if he were the only true 1st round prospect. But teams these days seem to be getting better at developing QB talent, at least in the short term - we'll see how well that translates to longer term development and staying power for guys like Justin Herbert or Lamar Jackson. Not to mention health, it could be that the expected QB lifespan is shortened by 5 years given how dual threat QBs are used. But I
  18. I kinda had to lower my expectations when I saw the summarized above the chart, "Thanks to one draftee, the Chiefs have had the best multiple drafts."
  19. When the demands of the job exceed the time it takes to do the job well, you get the same results as a sophmore in high school who crammed the night before the test. It's really not a surprise to me anymore, or an excuse for that matter.
  20. You think they put too much on the table? I mean, you never truly know how much another team is willing to jump you. I wonder if that was the Colts initial offer and once competition started phasing out, they pull the, "well the deal has changed" card. Is that even feasible? I mean you can offer what you want, but is it wise to change your offer after other potential trade partners drop out? It'd prolong negotiations and I suppose for Ballard, if you feel you can rehab Wentz, keep the offer competitive and the deadline so you absolutely know how to prepare for FA and the draft. I guess I
  21. And there is no evidence right now. I wouldn't like that sort of gamesmanship, if you can call it that, from the Colts. But sometimes it feels like things worked out a little too nicely. But then again, the value in this trade depends on Wentz, so we've officially won nothing as of this moment.
  22. The first thing about any negotiation you need to know is: who's got what leverage? Colts knew the market and the other serious contenders. The Eagles only leverage walked out the door when the Bears tapped out. They were wishing upon coins before flipping them into the fountain at that point. It honestly would not surprise me at all if there was some collusion claim against Reich and the Colts for tampering with Wentz and his agent to ensure a move to Indy. Maybe it was all circumstantial, but uhh... Ballard and Reich aren't stupid. I mean, I might try to throw floaters out
  23. Ehhh. He was decent enough. Most of his damage was done pre-snap. A lot of dink and dunk. When he had to throw the ball 50 yards, sometimes it was spot on, and aother times he'd miss a guy 3 paces ahead of the FS. I don't think he'll ever be able to shake off that cloud over his head that he could never come up big in the 4th quarter of the playoffs. He was average to above average. But there were only a few games where I thought man, glad Rivers plays and not Brissett.
  24. Any "inexpensive" vet is going to cost more than a 4th round if you want that QB to be at least competent. Guys like Fitzpatrick or Foles if he becomes available somehow are going to cost you $8-$12 million a year. That's your second stringer if you pay those guys. 3rd stringers that sit behind Eason if you have faith in Eason, are guys like Phillip Walker or someone in that range (he's obviously not available, but for the sake of argument). If Eason is your #2 QB going into the season, you should be reluctant to pay a 3rd stringer more money unless you aren't sure of his devel
  25. Lol this was amazing. Is Zach Ertz the cool granny? The white hair throws me off.
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