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  1. Not taht we've deserved to win any of them, but we should've won TEN and BAL. We gave those away, but LAR could've gone either way. We just some bad injury luck and had to rely on Eason. I mean, tough loss, but Wentz stays in, we could've finished them off. Even if we just didn't give away the two I mentioned, we're 4-2 and first in the division. But we've got to get some sort of healthy.
  2. Not that you expect much down to earth thinking on the radio, particularly from Mike Wells, but he was co-hosting with Bowen this morning and he was talking about how much Ballard botched the backup QB position because of his movement up and down the depth chart. Not to mention that Ballard said "Look, he's a 4th round pick, he's going to have to earn it" when asked after he was drafted and hasn't had a great thing to say about him since. To me, when it mattered, we had a serviceable backup when we needed it - Jacoby - and he did well when he was forced to start an entire season after Luck retired. After signing Rivers, we all knew we couldn't keep Jacoby at $20m as a backup and couldn't really resign him for what he wanted after the 2020 season so we drafted Eason. Had the talent, but needed to be coached up - what do you expect from a 4th rounder? ya know? and then we drafted Ehlinger in 2021 and signed Hundley and put him on the practice squad. Ehlinger goes on IR and once we get to see Eason, activate Hundley to the active roster because we've seen enough of Eason. Ballard will put him back on the PS if he clears waivers or maybe we don't. But these guys act like we're 2-4 because we cut Eason and Ballard has just completely mishandled the backup situation. Like, we're talking about a backup QB. Any team that has to put in their backup for considerable time is in a bad place. Let's not act like even serviceable backups like Fitzpatrick and Brissett are the norm when we draft 4th round and later QBs. Let's get a little bit of a grip on reality...
  3. Let's hold off with this one. Let's at least wait until whispers of JT being HOF worthy first.
  4. At least matter more than other less consequential kicks. I'm not saying he's the sole reason we lost, but damn, it's one of the bigger reasons for it.
  5. 296 yards and 4 touchdowns on the last 4 Ravens possessions (32 plays total). I don't care about record setting performances as much as I care about how much the defense just crumbled. That's 9.25 yards a play. Just putrid. They didn't even have 150 yards on 5 possessions. Force a punt, get a turnover. Do something other than let them march down the field like there's only 11 offensive players on the field and no one else.
  6. So we should expect flare ups in the future? Yes I can be prepared for that, hire another kicker. Unless this was the first time in Blankenship's medical history, then this was not something that should've caught the Colts off guard. That being the case, hire another kicker because you're basically (and to restate it once more) walking into a game with your pants around your ankles hoping for the best.
  7. The article I read said it was a flare up. That suggest he was injured prior to the game. So, again, should've hired another kicker while Blankenship heals.
  8. I don't care if he was injured or not. He either should've made it or we should've known better and hired someone off teh street until we could rely on Blankenship. You don't just waltz into a game with your pants down around your ankles and hope for the best.
  9. If I had one nitpick, I'd like to see him continue to improve his frequency pushing the ball down the field. His air yrd/attemp is steadily increasing, if you omit his gimp game vs the Titans. I think the more he can trust guys to win in contested catches, the more he will do that. But he's been at least as good as he was pre 2021. Not quite 2017, but we arent asking for that. Bang out the running game and Wentz can take advantage against Defensive looks that respect the run.
  10. I don't know how much I buy the stories that are coming out of htis book. I don't doubt that there was some turmoil in-house. Like, any married couple knows that arguments/fights are inevitable. It's going to happen. And this "marriage" involved 3 people. But more than that, the stories are comprised mainly of 3rd party accounts. We'll see, but I wouldn't ever expect Brady, Belichick or Kraft to corroborate the stories even if true.
  11. Gaaaah. So many key players are hurt. I'm over it. Maybe we're still 0-3 with everyone healthy, but it really just makes the losses feel even worse.
  12. What is it with everyone's ankles this year? Seems like every ankle just decided to go chickenblank this year.
  13. This Eason thing is so overblown. And I'm going to get this out of the way first, no, I'm not advocating leaving Wentz in, aggravating his injury or other wise playing him when he's incapable of being ineffective. But players play hurt all the time and if the docs clear him to play and he's 75% and wants to play, can play and can be effective (read more effective than his backup). Play him. But as far as Eason goes, Eason being 3rd string tells me one of two things. Either, Reich believed Eason's time in week 2 made him rethink where Eason was in his development or Hundley right now is more ready than Eason. Big whoop. We're still talking about Day 3 QBs. Do we really want to just throw these guys out there "just to see" if he's good enough? That's insane to me and I think framing the backup QB situation that way would lose you your job if you were coaching that way. Part of me thinks that much of this narrative is just something that people say to hide the true motive of wanting to keep our first round next year and lose our way into a high draft pick.
  14. It may be great to include what Ballard is talking about - delayed gratification - into his team building philosophy. But it shouldn't be a hallmark of that philosophy. I don't think Ballard is suggesting that it is, taking NCF's OP at his word. But no coach or GM is guaranteed a job tomorrow, so you need to do what you can to win now without setting the franchise back a year or years. Particularly with 1st round picks, those are guys that need to help you win today. So the main pillar of building a team should be accurate scouting and projecting players' talents, strengths and weaknesses, whether drafting, trading or free agent acquisitions. I mean, I don't mind if we take a pick that we know isn't going to pay dividends in the first year. Heck, pretty much any Day 3 pick is going to fit that bill. But I don't think we should be using 1st round picks that we know or have reason to believe it likely won't pay off in year one. I mean you expect certain positions to have a steeper learning curve that may take a little longer to develop - that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about guys with injuries that keep them out of camp or talented freak athletes that are "1st round talents, but needs patient team to develop" type prospects. Those types in the first round should just be a non-starter. Dayo I might be able to get on board with it, but it's gotta pay off. You can't really afford to miss on 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. I mean 1-3 round picks don't all have to be All-Pro players year in and year out, but they've got to at least be guys you can count on on a weekly basis. And those delayed gratification type of picks usually just don't pan out or at least play lessthan the draft capital you spent to get them. Whether it's a Malik Hooker pick who's rap sheet in college was being injury prone, or the developmental freak athlete that just doesn't develop enough to justify the pick.
  15. I don't get why we are already looking to next year's draft talking about possibly drafting a QB. There's no possible way anyone can know if Wentz can be the guy going forward. He's got two bum ankles and still running for his life on most drop backs. No one would be good enough if that's you're only sample size for 3 games. Get a grip people.
  16. “Understandable” is not synonymous with “excusable.” When you’ve spent as much draft capital as we have on the OL and DL, it should be much better than it has been, injuries included. Maybe there’s some truth in that. 1993 Cowboys OLs may be a relic of the past. What I think is not acceptable is that defenses can “solve,” in a sense, OLs and beat them with schemes and whatever else teams can do to mask flaws and play to their strengths while we’re left flabbergasted. Then on the other hand, we just toss our hands up and say they’re better than us. That’s not gonna fly ever. And if that’s a fact we were being asked to accept blindly, we got the wrong coaches and GM.
  17. You don't take him out unless you have to for injury. There's still time to right the ship. I'm not super confident that happens, but I'd rather try making hte playoffs then throw the towel in midway through the season. Make the playoffs and anything is possible.
  18. It's either 75% of snaps or 70% of snaps plus playoff berth. Obviously he's played virtually all snaps save for the 4th quarter last week. So he's probably over 75% as of now. But it's not hard to see a scenario where Wentz gets hurt because we're letting him get molested by opposing defenses.
  19. The article headline makes no sense at all. Like what should I be imagining?
  20. Marlon Mack is a good RB, which is why he's on the team. JT is just better, but should he go down, it's still good to have a guy like Mack in reserve. Doyle and Wilkins are decent, but the guys above Wilkins on the depth chart are all pretty good too, you can only dress so many of them. I mean trade Mack or don't, but you could make a case for trading Wilkins as well. Doyle on the other hand is the best TE on the roster, and I dont' really think there's an argument to the contrary. MAC should probably be involved in the passing game more, but it's not like he's getting a ton of targets when he does. Has run over half the routes as Doyle but has a third of the targets. Not sure the deal on Granson, but it's clear that what we heard about him in camp was mostly coach speak. If he was ready and better than his competition, he'd be out there. But he's clearly not there yet. Agree on Hines, we just need to get both he and JT the ball more in general.
  21. Eh, we weren't in the game against Seattle. Tennessee didn't get out of hand really, but let's be honest, the defense was not really challenging the Titans when we needed them to get a stop. I mean they ate up half the 4th quarter in one drive by just ramming it down our throats and getting little dink and dunk passes. Took up 7:30 and getting nearly 5 yards per play. Tannehill went 5 for 6 plus a 15 yard scramble (UGH) all the while we are burning up all the timeouts. Score might have been close while during that drive, but it was demoralizing and left us only 3 minutes or so to score both a TD, get an onside kick and move the chains once or twice to get within field goal range. For all intents and purposes, that last Titans drive was the nail in the coffin, but it was death by a thousand cuts.
  22. Well, Ballard said he wants to start with building strong in the trenches. He's failed on both ends of the ball, particularly with DE. The secondary is woefully inconsistent in its coverage. That's on Reich and the DC. Yeah, the OL is getting over the injury bug, but that's no excuse to get your QB pressured 27 times - 8 sacks, 6 hurries and 13 QB hits. Reich and Ballard. Wentz is running for dear life. Then we abandon the run game when Reich and Ballard both say that they want to establish the run and take some pressure off the QB. I mean it was clearly the best thing going for our offense yesterday and we just went away from it. So by their own goals they''ve set for themselves, they have failed on virtually all fronts. Don't think anyone here needs to point their finger at one being worse than the other because they are failing the expectations they've set for themselves, which is worse than a bad loss and the media/fans questioning a play call here or there.
  23. And 5 passes to 2 rushes inside the 10. Like, why? You know Carson isn't 100%. You know your pass protection is getting Carson killed all year so far. Just run the damn ball. Don't need to get complicated or cute.
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