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  1. I mean he's "good" but it's not like he's franchise altering good. Certainly not a centerblock. Maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. The inability to hold teams to lower point totals is at least arguable. But much of it doesn't compute. Still, small sample size, and there's still much of the season to perform. We'll see..
  2. I wonder what happened from last year's playoff Vikings. Yeah, they were close with the titans, but the titans opponents' cumulative record is 1-8. So we don't know enough about the Titans to call them a playoff team either. Then the Vikings vs Green Bay was never really close. They were down by 20 points or so going into the 4th. Then obviously we imposed our will upon them for most the game. I don't really get why they aren't the team they were last year. I was looking through their roster and I don't notice a huge turnover. Of course losing Hunter and Barr is never going
  3. Glow was rated higher on pff than Nelson last I checked. Maybe it was Monday, but at least last week.
  4. Ballard must be smoking dope. You don't throw away a community savior. Egregious, Ballard... Egregious.
  5. I just watched this game highlights on youtube. Lamar isn't on Mahommes level. Lamar was just ready to bail on the pocket the first time a purple helmet got within 5 feet. He looked like he was under pressure all evening and evading pressure that wasn't really there.
  6. Yeah...agree here. Willins has had opportunities and didn't show enough when the time called.
  7. Its absolutely fine to wait until the evidence reveals the answer. But do you people have to remind everyone of that fact when there might be a reason to believe this team is a contender? It's the most annoying thing about internet naysayeres. Like, just let us enjoy the * win.
  8. Even Brady rode the tail coats of a superior defense...multiple times depending on who you talked to. No shame in it. A ring is a ring, even if it's romanticized more than it should be.
  9. I was kind of impressed when I saw him make the first nice grab and then a second shortly after. Hope its not the last time I see him.
  10. Anyone remember if Carries was the same guy that tackled the dude that tried to leap over him? Or was it Blackmon maybe?
  11. Man, Blankenship r eally does not like those goal posts. Hitting them all the time...
  12. I've watched enough Pacers games to know that more wins doesn't mean we're in the running for a championship. If I don't have hope for that...I don't care. So there's a limit to the "wins is all that matters." Winning the regular season is great, but who gives a flying F if you don't do anything else? So talent does matter, and I am sorry to say I disagree a bit with you just to how much it matters... We won yesterday... but we also imposed our will and that matters more than the simple fact we won, IMO. Just my two cents...
  13. I'ts impossible to not be infatuated with the aggressive style we played with this week. It obviously has its srengths and weaknesses, but I prefer to play this style and take our chances.
  14. I honestly am not sure I understand what I did there...elaborate?
  15. I'm gonna hold my breath here a bit. We need to see us against the elite teams before we can decide. Last year vs KC was great but we fell apart at some point during the Pittsburgh game against a backup QB thereafter. Colts and consistency have been at odds for longer than I can remember really. But when we are consistently good against the league's elite, that's when I'll settle on us being legit.
  16. I can't wait for the day when people stop saying this sort of thing. Bottom line is Grigson left the Colts in worse condition overall than he found it, despite taking over after the lost 2011 year without Manning. Yes, he went 8-8 in 2015 with 5 QBs. Then he went 8-8 again with a full year of Andrew Luck. Grigson was not good. Please stop romanticizing it...
  17. I still think that speaks to Ballard's genius. Yeah Williams isn't with the colts anymore and on the Lions practics squad, but it's pretty ingenious to be able to put in RBs for career performances, whether they come form the street or the 2nd round. It's even more genius to hire the head coach that understands how to use those players and get them to perform above the expectation . . . even if for a game or two. Also agree on Blackmon. Still good to see him come in and perform. That still speaks loudly, IMO.
  18. Really all anyone has been asking for is diversity in our defense. Moving on form Grigs and Pagano, we just didn't have the playmakers to let that happen. We said in 2017 that Ballard needed at least 2 years and we sort of gifted him the 2020 offseason since Luck retired in right before the season started in 2019. Ballard and Reich are fixing that. Week 1 can be considered an aberration (depending on how the next several games go anyway), especially considering COVID-19 practically erased the offseason and we never got the opportunity to work out the kinks. Being unprepared is
  19. Good Flus - Noticed this as well. Tighter man across the board. And not really sure about my first impressions simply because I was too busy just enjoying watching the game. Be curious to see the all-22 crowd's thoughts. My only real concern is that we suffer a sort of fallout / predictability once we've broken out the strategy. Kinda like we did with KC last year changing the game plan up a bit, but it never seems to find it's footing after the one game. Pass rush - not just the sacks. We laid several hits on the QB as he was throwing (plus that one nonsense roughing the passe
  20. Ive watched it like 10 times and still laughing. PFF grade scale breaks when grading plays like these lol
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