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  1. Im actually starting to wonder if our secondary is overrated. Browns WRs made some impossible to defend catches at times, but by and large, they owned us on 3rd down efficiency. We really should have blitzed more to start the game. I was wondering why we weren't and Reich just stuck with the game plan. Because, why not?
  2. So, i hear a lot of this "Riech is SOOOO predictable." And thats fine. If thats so true, next game call the play and if you are right more than you are wrong, maybe anyone can listen and agree. But these complaints are super annoying when you look back in hindsight and tell us about it...dont care.
  3. You should try the Yahoo sports app. You can only watch local broadcast games, but I wonder if you can put in a location manually without allowing the app to access your GPS on your phone. At least I remember contemplating it when I was going through the set up.
  4. At the end of the day, we've put up enough points to put us at 3-1 and there is reason for optimism. We've run the ball well before with the same OL. Rivers has been able to move the ball. I believe two interceptions were not on Rivers, cuz didn't both TY and Mo drop well thrown passes that ended up being picked off? Pretty sure only the pick 6 was 100% on him though and that was almost entirely to blame for that loss. Defense was bad overall that day too. I'd like to see us hang in a shootout or shut down an elite offense. But I believe we are playing playoff football
  5. I wonder why we try Hines up the middle so much. Really, the only thing I can think of is to strategically set up something else. Maybe an outside run or screen pass. It'd be tough to get anyone to think that we're not running a screen if every time Hines went up the middle it resulted in a screen pass. Can't telegraph our punches. Still, running up the gut in the goal line with Hines just never really has a good look to it. Maybe in Hines' career he's had a TD up the middle, but I can't remember one.
  6. This so much reminds me of Monty Python. "Bring out your dead!"
  7. Well, Texans fans finally got what they wanted...
  8. Cox is definitely of the mold of Antonio Gates. Took the guy a couple years, but man he has balled out this year. Blocking and running routes/catching has improved a ton. Rivers has definitely been a part of Mo getting noticed. Hope we don't lose him. Not so great last year, but showed promise. Promise getting delivered this year for sure. Is he worth that though? Not sayin he's not. But it's crazy to think anyone would give a first for a guy in his final years.
  9. Agree there. Last receiver we drafted in the 1st was Reggie Wayne as I recall and damn man. That worked out pretty well. Pretty tough to argue against when you hit on guys like Reggie and Julio and it's even harder to argue why they arne't worth more than a couple 2nds, but you know you'd do it if it meant for certain, a Super Bowl. EDIT: Forgot about Anthony Gonzalez and Phillip Dorsett. Still...
  10. And that's where I would hesitate. A greater QB can shred any defense. Manning did it when he was on level 10. Brady and Brees for sure could. Rodgers obviously. But we did punch Mahomes in the face last year and not many teams can say that. Consistency is the question for me and 3 out of 4 is a good step in the right direction. Buckner, bro...dude destroys lol.
  11. I just think that's a price too high for me. But if there were a year to do that, it'd be this year (despite the fact it's probably too late for that now).
  12. Defending against that receiving corps will be a serious test. When Mayfield's on, you'd be hard pressed to find a better offense. I kind of want him to test our defense and give us another peek into where this team is really at. Hopefully on the side of better than worse.
  13. I mean, I would take Julio any day. But we'd never get him at a price we would be willing to pay. Dude is just always good if he's on the field healthy. I mean I have never seen anyone as dominant as Megatron, but Julio is pretty damn close.
  14. I guess... but they are ranked low in part because we played them and shut them down. Yes Jags moved the ball well, but I don't think anyone can argue that the defense has looked entirely different since week 1. I'm more willing to chalk that up to COVID-19/no pre-season. And that's your argument or cause for concern - not a big sample size. I get it. And I'm not crowning them an elite defense. But it is a legitimate force and, to me, inarguably a strength of the Colts. Average defenses don't shut down opposing offenses consistently, even if ranked in the second half of the league. And
  15. Why you think that? They've mostly been able to get stops when they need it. They've taken over the game when we need it. At the very least, they are the better unit and as good as the bears D was, we out played them.
  16. Our receivers are good enough. Just injured. Paris can't catch q break and Pittman was flukish. Dont need to panic and trade future assets away.
  17. I mean he's "good" but it's not like he's franchise altering good. Certainly not a centerblock. Maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. The inability to hold teams to lower point totals is at least arguable. But much of it doesn't compute. Still, small sample size, and there's still much of the season to perform. We'll see..
  18. I wonder what happened from last year's playoff Vikings. Yeah, they were close with the titans, but the titans opponents' cumulative record is 1-8. So we don't know enough about the Titans to call them a playoff team either. Then the Vikings vs Green Bay was never really close. They were down by 20 points or so going into the 4th. Then obviously we imposed our will upon them for most the game. I don't really get why they aren't the team they were last year. I was looking through their roster and I don't notice a huge turnover. Of course losing Hunter and Barr is never going
  19. Glow was rated higher on pff than Nelson last I checked. Maybe it was Monday, but at least last week.
  20. Ballard must be smoking dope. You don't throw away a community savior. Egregious, Ballard... Egregious.
  21. I just watched this game highlights on youtube. Lamar isn't on Mahommes level. Lamar was just ready to bail on the pocket the first time a purple helmet got within 5 feet. He looked like he was under pressure all evening and evading pressure that wasn't really there.
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