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  1. Rasul Douglas WVU has to be in the top 10 @rd13_era
  2. Yes, but at halftime was there much hope the Colts would win . So why not try Morris.
  3. Holey cow give up 3 TDS to Brown, but let's worry about there other receivers . Yeah that makes sense.
  4. I was referring really to the last two years of play from the Colts. Pagans and the rest of the coaches are bad.
  5. You don't let the clock run out. You need every second you got run a play
  6. He was stifled big time by a back up tackle, pressed into the lineup by injury, in the 1st game against WVU. Didn't look good at all.
  7. I'm saying this appears to be another year we have expendable backups that can return future 6th 7th round picks. There's no guarantee once cut that they return to our PS.
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