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  1. He reads and reacts to the bubble screen as fast as anyone I’ve seen. This could set him up to being burnt long on a fake pump to bubble screen.
  2. Would Pat McAfee throw his name in the hat for a tryout if Vinatieri retires
  3. You definitely dangle and listen to offers for both Hoyer and Kelly.
  4. Defenses are more able to stack the box with Brissett at QB rather than Luck also.
  5. Desire Landry exchanging words next play mixing it up midfield
  6. The Browns are there the last week of training camp August 14,15. I’ll be there and the game Saturday.
  7. Thank you for the replies. One more question. Parking night of game cost estimate. Is uber cheaper I’m staying on NE side of Indy
  8. Visiting the week of August 12. Will be at the Colts-Browns practices and preseason game. Looking for things to do Tuesday and Friday when they are off. Some insight on BBQ bash and Thirsty Thursday. Also any casino recommendations locally.
  9. I was following the draft on twitter and one of the NFL media guys tweeted the Colts were asking for next years #1 from teams . I think it was Ian Rapoport
  10. Colts were asking for next years #1
  11. C . If you move down 20 spots and give up the 5 year option you have to get something better than a 2020 2nd.
  12. Because of his injury history I can see letting Geathers hit FA this offseason. I believe we resign Glowinski to a 4 year deal though.
  13. Could one of the TEs be traded for a pick before deadline? Is Cox or Swoope worth a 4th or 5th?
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