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  1. imo there are more qb injuries since the mobile qb thing is now in style in the nfl. not saying pocket passers dont get hurt they do. the game seems to be changing and injuries seem to be part of it.
  2. elite receivers can make a qb look good and they do have them now. but that does not mean they will do better than the colts
  3. we have brooks, blackmon, cross, dabo, denbo, thomas and tutsie , ballard must think they can play or he would not have them on the roster
  4. after all of ballards failed attempts at drafting a truly elite pass rusher I think imo he has finally drafted a game changer at pass rush.
  5. if ar develops as i think he will 2025 looks better
  6. it would help a lot if we could bring pressure on most snaps , sacks are good but constant pressure is even better imo
  7. I hope he starts before the season is over
  8. i dont see the colts beating the texans at all this season , the texans have added more elite talent they will dominate our division this season, I hate to say it but it is reality
  9. maybe not a starter but I think dulin will be a pleasant surprise this season
  10. i dont care what any football player or kicker says or his beliefs are. i only care about him missing his field goals against the colts. i certainly dont care what is said on social media
  11. the realist in me because of the weak secondary and unproven talent on the team sees 7 wins. but the fan in me sees 10 wins
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