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  1. Brock Bowers. Surrounding Anthony Richardson with as much talent as possible is my number one focus right now.
  2. More than likely Gus Bradley will take the fall but it should 100% be Chris Ballard.
  3. Probably something close to what Gilmore signed with the Colts. I guess it'll depend on how high his market is and how long he has to sit and wait to sign somewhere. I'm assume he'll sign something close to 12-15 million per year.
  4. I would be okay with signing him on a short deal if the price is right.
  5. If the Colts aren't able to a top FA at CB then I wouldn't mind taking a flier on Xavien Howard to bring in a veteran presence to help mentor the younger guys while filling a need at outside CB. Also, Xavien will go back to playing man coverage which is something he excels in.
  6. Mike Williams (LAC) makes much sense for the Colts. He'll be a cheaper option while having previous ties with Shane Steichen.
  7. How are you a Colts fan and not know Travis Etienne is an RB for a division opponent?
  8. Hopefully, he'll return to Indy under a contract similar to the last one he signed with the Colts.
  9. Didn't the Colts have over $60 million before the cap increase? I thought they would have closer to $90 million or am I missing something?
  10. Definitely! Gotta see how everything goes with the NFL Combine and FA pan out over the next few months. I much rather see the Colts bring back Kenny Moore and sign a number one corner in FA to allow them to take Brock Bowers or Brian Thomas Jr at 15 (If available) since this NFL Draft is loaded at WR. I would love to get Bowers in RD1 and another WR in RD2 or RD3. We just gotta wait and see how things play out first.
  11. Bring back Michael Pittman and give me Mike Williams from the Chargers who has ties with Shane Steichen. I'm also more than okay with taking a guy like Brian Thomas Jr at 15 if Brock Bowers and the other top three receivers are off the board.
  12. I think he meant if Luck had returned in 2019, the Colts were poised to win it all which I don't agree with. I think they still needed quite a bit to win it all.
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