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  1. Dude grabs to freaking much. It's getting out of hand how much he hurts us with penalties.
  2. It's frustrating watching the game because I know they're a good team but they can't run or pass the ball correctly. It seems like the defense always bails them out till they get too tired.
  3. It has been horrendous plain and simple. They never have a rhythm and always look out of sync. And never use the play action correctly. Something has to give.
  4. Question??? Is Taylor hurt or something?? Why are they running Hines like that??
  5. I'm surprised the Colts haven't tried to snag this guy. He's a great TE prospect.
  6. Why do people keep saying GB is better at evaluating QB's?
  7. You got Ballard on the horn? Ask him if jelly or jam on his toast.
  8. Love must really be mediocre because NE and Indy had chances to pick him and they passed over him.
  9. Guy looks like Chad Johnson in those highlights.
  10. You stating other GMs. What other GM's value our 2nd round picks as picks that could've been made in the 3rd round?
  11. Doing research on the internet and having a scouting team that goes out to watch players all season are two totally different things. And like I said in the first. How can you compare Grigson to Ballard when Ballard picks in this draft haven't played?
  12. How can a GM "MISS" when no practice or games have been played?
  13. Do you have a scouting team in your back pocket? Do you do this professionally? Just because "YOU" don't know the player doesn't mean it's not a good pick. Sit back and let this man do "HIS" job and be a good "FAN". Thanks in advance.
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