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  1. Our 2018 DE picks that are on IR atm from the start of the season.
  2. No I stated in a another post that all our 2019 draft has been productive except the last 3 picks. And as far as our CB's from the draft our D-line didn't help our draft class or any other CB on our roster.
  3. How can you say he's regressed when our D-Line can't get a sack to save their life. Every CB we have had has not looked good because we can't get pressure on the QB. Plain and simple.
  4. Why are we not picking #12 since the raiders beat us this year.
  5. Colts didn't have a WR to get 600 yards this season. That's sad.
  6. I just asked the question was TB better than JB. And w/o our Kicker who lost about 2 or 3 by himself we would be 9-7 so that would've made us 11-5 for TB.
  7. Injuries doesn't make a QB take longer to read a Defense.
  8. I just think JB holds on to the ball to long and that will be his downfall.
  9. Every draft pick of 2019 has been productive except the last 3 the 6th pick and the two 7th. Everyone else has played and played well.
  10. So do you think Jacody is better than Teddy Bridgewater?
  11. Thank you for the prize and congrats to all!!! GO COLTS!!!
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