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  1. Dude grabs to freaking much. It's getting out of hand how much he hurts us with penalties.
  2. It's frustrating watching the game because I know they're a good team but they can't run or pass the ball correctly. It seems like the defense always bails them out till they get too tired.
  3. It has been horrendous plain and simple. They never have a rhythm and always look out of sync. And never use the play action correctly. Something has to give.
  4. Question??? Is Taylor hurt or something?? Why are they running Hines like that??
  5. I'm surprised the Colts haven't tried to snag this guy. He's a great TE prospect.
  6. Why do people keep saying GB is better at evaluating QB's?
  7. You got Ballard on the horn? Ask him if jelly or jam on his toast.
  8. Love must really be mediocre because NE and Indy had chances to pick him and they passed over him.
  9. 1st degree murders and 1st time dui/misdemeanor and stealing a golf cart while being drunk is not the same thing.
  10. It was just showing us moving back in the 5th and trading 4th rd pick and that was stupid to me at the moment. Didn't have any other info til now.
  11. So the same people that are posting that support women hitting, and spitting on men?
  12. Name the RB's we've had that made a difference since 2006? And I didn't want to list Trich because I'm trying to wipe his memory of mines as a Colt.
  13. You're tripping. You must have just signed up on the boards because these guys have been screaming for a RB help each season along with O-line help. Vick ballard had one ok season before he got hurt. Dude had a total of 877 yards in two season with the team so cut it out. Colts haven't had a good RB since 2006 actually if you really want to go there. We cried about Donald Brown, Mike Hart, Delone Carter and Kerwynn Williams for years. So to say we havent been crying for a RB for years is a lie plain and simple.
  14. So you guys haven't been posting saying we haven't had a good RB signing in five years? Hell I've been on this board a while and we been looking for a good RB signing since 2012.
  15. I understand that but we really need a RB. We've been saying this for 5 season now.
  16. Fergerson just sucks plain and simple lol and i really don't bash players on the team but he does. Dude looked like LT in college and now he moved up in competition and that went out the window. We haven't picked a good RB since 2012. Hell thats five seasons now. And Ballard couldn't stay healthy.
  17. Those backs are going to end up just like Josh Fegerson. Crazy film but garbage play.
  18. None are left lol. We're rolling with two old backs this season. lol
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