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  1. does @onebad150 know because that user is the only one not auto
  2. what are we doing? my chat wouldn't load and everyone is on auto
  3. I’d prefer a locked TE position but I’m fine with the consensus. First year in, I’m here for the ride.
  4. Have you considered using Sleeper app? I joined a dynasty league on it in June and I’m really liking the chat and other league features. I know I’m new but I didn’t see it considered in last years thread so I wanted to bring it forward for consideration. Thank you for the invitation btw
  5. Whatever happened to my body my choice? This thread is hilarious.
  6. Isn’t there like 7 teams that can’t even afford their draft class? The offseason is still early, chill tf out.
  7. It wouldn’t let me post the screen shot but I ended up with: QB- D. Watson (I’m sorry value pick) RB- David Johnson RB- T. Gurley WR- A. Thielen WR- J. Edelman (gross value pick) TE- H. Henry FLX- D. Williams IDP- C. Mosley D- Jags (another gross value pick) K- G. Zuerlein
  8. He fell to 11 and I had 12 so I took Damien Williams and then Theilen to start the next round. I couldn’t believe it lol
  9. I just ask because he isn’t on the injury report listed on espn. Thank you for your insight though.
  10. Does Parris play tonight or is he still recovering?
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