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  1. Isn’t there like 7 teams that can’t even afford their draft class? The offseason is still early, chill tf out.
  2. Literally in the fantasy football section lol but the offer was only available until noon so I needed feedback quickly lol I appreciate the feedback. I ended up trading Gurley for Golladay. I still have until August 1 to lock in two of Mixon, Golladay, and David Johnson.
  3. In my league we are able to have two keepers. I have it narrowed down to three: Mixon, Gurley, and David Johnson. I was for sure thinking Mixon but someone just offered me Golladay and Mike Evans for Mixon. Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. Thanks!
  4. No thanks to this cop hating *, maybe him and Isaiah Crowell can start a flag football team together.
  5. It wouldn’t let me post the screen shot but I ended up with: QB- D. Watson (I’m sorry value pick) RB- David Johnson RB- T. Gurley WR- A. Thielen WR- J. Edelman (gross value pick) TE- H. Henry FLX- D. Williams IDP- C. Mosley D- Jags (another gross value pick) K- G. Zuerlein
  6. He fell to 11 and I had 12 so I took Damien Williams and then Theilen to start the next round. I couldn’t believe it lol
  7. I just ask because he isn’t on the injury report listed on espn. Thank you for your insight though.
  8. Does Parris play tonight or is he still recovering?
  9. I hope he continues to sit out so I can grab him in my keeper league August 11th lol him with gurley and David Johnson would be wonderful.
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