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  1. brently76

    Carlos Hyde

  2. This thread could easily be a response to the multiple other threads going on in this forum regarding this topic. I've read this forum for 2 years now and man has the substance gone downhill.
  3. Davante Adams if Green Bay doesn't pay him.
  4. brently76

    First Game

    Expected the community to recommend a little more with all the views. Guess I'll try a root beer and check out the Peyton statue. Thank you neverstop.
  5. brently76

    First Game

    I'm going to my first nfl game this Sunday for the Titans game. I am pretty excited about it. Anyone have any suggestions for pregame festivities or must do activities at the stadium. Thanks!
  6. brently76

    Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts

    I wasn't implying that I wanted to trade him. I was simply providing a segment that I thought was interesting. Time will tell how this plays out.
  7. brently76

    Colin Cowherd Theory on Colts I didn't see this anywhere but feel free to remove if it has. I thought this was an interesting segment. Thoughts?
  8. brently76

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    I am going to have to remove myself from the league. Unfortunately I started a new job in a new industry that is going to take up a lot of my time. Thank you for the opportunity though.
  9. brently76

    Colts Joe's League 2017

    If there is still available spots open I would love to play. For some reason I wasn't able to send you a direct message. I have been reading the boards the last two years and just recently made an account. Let me know about the availibilty. Thanks!