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  1. Dustin!


    It's one of your favorite times of the year!


    It's time for free agency and the draft!


    Come home!    Come back to Colts.com!     Join the fun!!


    Come home!      :thmup:        :colts:

  2. Yeah, I kind of blew of metaphorical football fuse, but I'll have profiles of the rest of our guys up in a week or two.
  3. Breakdown of FSU DL Mario Edwards Jr. http://forums.colts.com/topic/37735-breakdown-of-fsu-dl-mario-edwards-jr/#entry1087298
  4. what's with the dots under people's avatars?

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    2. MTC


      It's still a work in progress. More details will be released soon.

    3. Synthetic


      Ah reputation feature, sorta figured that was the case. At least it's not the squares on other forums, dots look better.

    4. Gramz


      haha if it's based on number of posts, and reaching 8000 it will take me a while to get there.

      I still havn't reached 4000 posts, and I've been here going on 4 years. lol

  5. LOL @ my scouting report calling Paul Dawson fast and explosive. I guess the tape doesn't lie, but man his combine performance was so unexpected.
  6. fwiw, the only players I have a first round grade (projected isn't the same thing) on so far are: Gurley, DGB, Davis, Phillips, Jarrett, Kendricks, Beasley, Diggy, Gregory, Johnson, Peters, Waynes, and Collins.
  7. http://forums.colts.com/topic/37565-breakdown-of-clemson-lb-stephone-anthony/#entry1082997
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