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  1. Colts bias on a Colts fan board??? no way really??
  2. People still fear them from the Manning days lol
  3. you mean the same chargers that struggled to beat the Lamar Jackson led ravens. we could lose but it wont be a damn blowout you must be drunk.
  4. I know that cause the colts players were the ones repeatedly getting thrown to the ground after plays
  5. yeah the colts are gonna suck because we didnt destroy the browns in a joint practice without our QB lol whatever
  6. if the run game is struggling let's just trade for Zeke
  7. so after the injury to one of our best camp players the browns decided to go full gangster and start mouthing off and throwing players to the ground after plays. I'm glad the colts aren't taking any crap. why act like * after an injury like that??
  8. I'm very upset about this Fountain injury he was doing so good praying for a great recovery. I am also not surprised the browns are destroying us in practice I'm sure we just dont have it in us right now after that injury. That's tough to see and keep playing at a high level after honestly.
  9. Doyle's injury history is exactly why I think Mo is gonna be a key piece for us.
  10. I agree the guy has enormous potential hes prolly the best blocker of the 3 already and his hands are the biggest in the whole league hes only getting better every year.
  11. i have no idea why hes even being brought up as a trade candidate Mo isnt going anywhere.
  12. I highly doubt Mo is going anywhere he just gets better every year he will prolly be getting a ton of snaps either this year or next
  13. luck is throwing and doing workouts he's not just sitting on his butt
  14. Great! that's what I wanted to hear lol
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