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  1. Colts_Fan12

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    You're wasting your time man there has been stats after stats posted in support of how good Hooker was yet people still complain over and over about ints
  2. Colts_Fan12

    The Safety Position Moving Into Next Season

    We have enough of those types at SS
  3. Colts_Fan12

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    people do change I know it's hard to believe. I'm sure KC regrets taking hill even tho hes one of the best WRs in the league
  4. Colts_Fan12

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    Too bad he was actually a top 10 prospect so try again lol keep digging that hole
  5. Colts_Fan12

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    Whatever you say try reading up on simmions you wont find anything negative about him since but that doesn't fit your hating him narrative
  6. Colts_Fan12

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    Dude was a potential top 5 or 10 pick but whatever lol
  7. That doesn't mean there are not great individual defenders pg is one so is Leonard davis lbj and Durant
  8. Huh? I'm talking about individual players there are tons of very good defensive players harden isnt one if them not even close
  9. Oh yeah cant forget hes also one of the worst defenders in the league too
  10. Cant forget his 50 flops a game average and his 25 FT attempts
  11. You mean if Harden keeps shooting the ball 150 times a nights to get his 40 points? Magic Johnson is a 10 times better player than Harden
  12. Colts_Fan12

    Kwon Alexander-Worth the Risk

    Fans tend to lach onto average players alot around here the thought of an upgrade pains them. Hell just look at all the people willing to toss big bucks at Geathers instead of upgrading the position
  13. Colts_Fan12

    Ouch. Top DL Tears ACL

    Jesus anyone can get hurt I'm sure the Cowboys are upset that they drafted Jaylon Smith and I'm sure the Jags are mad they drafted Myles Jack 2 elite players who were drafted injured yet are great pieces on great defenses
  14. I dont see how anyone could support Mixon but not Simmons