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  1. Well tickets are also too much freaking money! I'd love to go more but I cant put myself in the poor house just to get decent seats for a game and who wants to go to a game and be in the nosebleeds you cant see anything and have no idea what's going on. I went to the Houston game this year and it cost me 300 bucks for 3 seats and we were in the middle of the section just before the top section. That's ridiculously overpriced IMO if I'm in a section like that at a pacer game it costs me 20 bucks but the colts costs me 4 times that!?!?
  2. Any team that ever beats my teams in a championship scenario they will be blacklisted the cowboys are just annoying and the American team thing is stupid same reason I hate the Lakers and pistons in basketball they both cost my team shots at championships
  3. I hate the Steelers but I hate the Patriots and cowboys more lol also hate the saints lol
  4. Colts_Fan12

    Stephen A Smith Proves He Doesn't Watch Football

    This is so perfect teddy just killed me with his face
  5. Turner again playing great!! Where are all his haters at??
  6. I certainly wont be upset if he gets 20 points a game tho lol
  7. Colts_Fan12

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    You just want more Buckeyes on the team puke lol
  8. Colts_Fan12

    ESPN 1st mock is up

    Damn another mock where Simmions is on the board and we pass yuck
  9. Colts_Fan12

    The Browns...

    I agree idk who that will be but if they can find one they will be on the right track hopefully they dont keep Greg Williams like the jags did with Marrone
  10. Colts_Fan12

    The Browns...

    They need to nail it with their HC hire imo if they can do that they will be a team that can make noise in a year or too
  11. Colts_Fan12

    Braden Smith

    I just cant help but wonder how he would be at his natural position if he is playing this good at tackle!! Really love the pick!!
  12. Maybe it has to do with him not quite being in top football shape after being out for so long?
  13. Also gordon wouldn't be going to the practice squad like collins did. sorry our fanbase cant understand that Ballard values draft capital