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  1. well it was all true lol oh well others know exactly what you mean
  2. I agree I also wish we would just use him like he should be used instead of wasting his skills
  3. wow crazy to see that "bum" Hooker on there seeing as how all I've ever been told is that he is terrible. glad to see someone showing him some appreciation!!
  4. yep that is chole for ya just runs with whatever the popular opinion is at the time
  5. truth! he has been constantly crapped on since he was drafted
  6. I could honestly see it happening for a few players! Hooker Rock Turay and Campbell all could have great years imo
  7. even if he was he was a 3 time pro bowler in NO
  8. I don't know where people come up with this stuff lol
  9. well you two have both gone on record saying that Hooker isn't even average and that is clearly not true and very very stupid to say so history clearly doesn't back up either dumb statement lol
  10. you sir also like to say stupid things lol
  11. I'm honestly gonna say like 13-3 or 12-4 I mean unless Rivers is just completely shot and sucks we should be pretty dang good. we have the advantage of playing a bunch of pretty terrible teams and of the better teams we play a few im not even sure they will be good like the Pack and Pitt. the only teams we play that I see as seriously being tough is Baltimore and Minnesota
  12. we should have a pretty sweet year not gonna lie we play some terrible teams and with and upgrade at QB we should be good
  13. his play has literally NEVER looked like he will be out of the league so yeah what you said was indeed stupid lol
  14. damn you really like to post a lot of stupid stuff that just isn't true keep it up
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