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  1. Sam Jones was the name of the actor that played Flash Gordon lol
  2. I was wondering myself why the hell they took him besides just to screw us
  3. yeah I really thought he would be better than Autry here with less double teams
  4. yup we need to get this guy could make an impact playing with a beast like Buckner
  5. with this fan base I'm expecting many to expect way too much lol
  6. I just hope I don't have to read everyone complaining and attacking TY if he is slowing down and showing his decline when he is not what everyone expects
  7. I actually agree with this I also happen to really like Campbell unlike alot of people. guess I'm just gonna wait and see what Juju gets I know everyone here isn't a fan but I like the guy and I think he is a great #2 with possible #1 upside the dancing don't mean much to me either but I get people not liking it lol
  8. I love TY and all but he was showing some decline and if his deal is similar or not much cheaper than better younger receivers in FA I'll be a lil bummed lol
  9. if he becomes available is anyone ok with Danielle Hunter for our 21st? he is only 26 actually younger than Buckner and the 2 of them together would be unstoppable lol
  10. kinda hope Ertz goes to the bills or panthers lol I'm not a fan of him coming here
  11. yeah with all the edge rushers being gone I would have thought more people would be talking about him besides us 2 lol
  12. definitely agree! he actually seems to have alot of talent when you look at the whole picture
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