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  1. well when I say someone is the GOAT I just mean everything considered. I agree players can throw and run and are more athletic than peyton they still are not the better QB imo
  2. his arm power wasnt that weak imo either and yes his accuracy was great too. he didnt have a huge arm like say Mahomes but he could still throw it deep and on point he was only lacking in athleticism imo and that like I said isnt very important if you're as smart as he was and had as quick of a release.
  3. his brain is part of his natural talent he is the best combo of the 2 out of anyone to ever play his arm talent also wasnt as lacking compared to the others either. I agree luck had more physical talent but not the brain peyton still had a phenomenal arm just not the wheels but that's not really necessary.
  4. it's easily Peyton Manning hes the most naturally talented QB ever hands down. Tom just got lucky and had the greatest football coach of all time.
  5. i swear these QB topic threads can make you wanna smash your head into a wall....
  6. dear god the point of people's posts always seems to go right over both of your heads. no one should use either to evaluate a player period the end. stop trying to justify highlight videos you wont win.
  7. how did I know you would try to justify that.....
  8. lol funny you would mention reading defenses cause JB is very poor at that lol whatever you have a troll agenda that isnt gonna change
  9. umm it's the exact same thing. both are terrible ways to evaluate a player end of story.
  10. well you also can't go by highlight videos and you do that for JB all the time so?
  11. you set yourself up for the things you get you argue with some of the smartest damn people on the forum and then cant or wont back up a single thing you claim as others have said you just ignore the posts
  12. you know damn well she has no clue what you are talking about all she really understands is "JB good everyone else bad"
  13. not praising JB as the next great Colts QB is whining didn't you know?
  14. dear god you two try way to hard to go out of your way to make up these excuses.
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