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  1. It dont matter who is there I doubt he will want to in Toronto
  2. I'm sure he dont wanna be there I dont blame him they always suck it up in the playoffs maybe he will consider us if he sees how much easier the east is and we have a good showing next year
  3. I heard Leonard doesn't want to play with lebron either tho
  4. How the hell did the raptors land Leonard?!?
  5. Colts_Fan12

    Nelson at RT?

    Yeah he was only one of the most dominant guards in college football like ever why not move him to tackle lol
  6. Colts_Fan12

    All-Time Pure Talent Team

    Good lol easily the best QB ever with that mind and talent combination
  7. Colts_Fan12

    All-Time Pure Talent Team

    The lack of peyton on a lot of these teams is sad he was prolly the most football intelligent qb to ever play and he was accurate and had a good arm before the surgery easily one of the greatest talents of all time
  8. If we can make it to the finals or east finals we should have a good shot at someone really good next year especially players that wanna escape the west and all the stacked teams
  9. Fingers crossed for Mitchell lol
  10. I still have a hard time believing he came here to come off the bench he averaged 19 5 and 5 that's better than bogey and he can play the 3 I just dont see someone who had a season like that agreeing to be a bench player
  11. I bet Evan's plays at SF he is too good to come off the bench
  12. He will hardly play this year the minutes will belong to Joseph and DC I'm not saying we will be bad we just did get worse with LBJ leaving we should have done more with our cap to improve and try to make the finals
  13. I honestly think we got worse so far we lost lance who was a spark and GR3 and have only added McDermott who plays no D and is only a shooter
  14. Any shot at Randle? Seems like hes gonna be gone from LAL
  15. I'm glad hes out of the east lol now we need to do something so we can win the east
  16. Doubt they will match it they declined his option didnt they last year? plus they are in bad shape financially
  17. We might try but I dont think we got enough money now since he opted in
  18. This Thad thing really bums me out I like him but I'd much rather have Gordon him with Turner down low would be very hard to handle for teams
  19. If the Lakers become a superteam overnight I'm done with this league the cap isn't fair for smaller teams what's the point if only 3 teams have a shot at a title every year
  20. You know what is hilarious mark always overrated colts players and will give them years to improve but if they are a pacer player he treats them like they are trash in 3 seasons and is ready to ship them off
  21. Must be all pro before rookie deal is up or you are worthless I guess
  22. Let's just hope one of them actually comes here and doesn't choose somewhere else or we created another hole
  23. Dont even try me and you are like the only 2 myles Turner fans everyone else is stupid enough to give up on the 21 year old lottery pick defense isn't important I guess lol
  24. Hes a very good young player why you and half our fanbase cany understand that than idk what to tell you he was among the league leaders in blocks this year and his shooting is only getting better if he does improve his rebounding he will be great and I dont wanna hear you tell us how special he is then cause all you do is wanna trash him and trade him lol