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  1. its easy to see yet we didn't do anything for him after the TD kinda annoyed me
  2. "Mo will continue to be a part of our offense!" comes out with a TD and then not a damn thing after that how dumb
  3. well as of this season so far Mo is the better player so if they do as they should Mo won't be affected
  4. I mean once Doyle is back
  5. Mo is such a beast and one of my favorite colts really hoping this leads to a bigger role for him!
  6. can tell you didnt watch the game OP
  7. honestly I'm thinking more 2nd or 3rd seed but thats just me lol
  8. still didn't miss any that alone is pretty damn impressive
  9. no but he just wasn't one of the best college kickers in his time at school I get it either way I don't think we have a problem no matter who we picked
  10. did you even see Blankenship kick in college? cause by the way you speak about him it doesn't seem like you did he's one of the best in recent years and was damn near perfect on extra points his entire college career
  11. obviously not most things i have read said both were good not surprised they went with the higher upside rookie
  12. have to say Kirk Cousins and Larry Fitzgerald in the NFL and in sports its Reggie Miller
  13. well it was all true lol oh well others know exactly what you mean
  14. I agree I also wish we would just use him like he should be used instead of wasting his skills
  15. wow crazy to see that "bum" Hooker on there seeing as how all I've ever been told is that he is terrible. glad to see someone showing him some appreciation!!
  16. yep that is chole for ya just runs with whatever the popular opinion is at the time
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