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  1. if we move to 2 it should be for Wilson not Fiields
  2. gonna hope for Cousins lol but would also accept Darnold cause he is young and could be cheap
  3. he's definitely been good imo and part of his career has been on a terrible Washington team and the Vikings almost always have a garbage OL too
  4. I agree we need to just trade for Kirk the 49ers can kick rocks
  5. that's easily worth it for a top 10 QB coming to a team with an elite OL and up and coming D
  6. I never thought of Cousins as an option and I'm sad that you made me think about this lol
  7. I'm literally the one guy on this board that doesn't need sold on Kirk ill take him right this second if they would trade him and I'm buying his jersey day one lol
  8. I would take Cousins right now in a heartbeat but you probably already knew that
  9. only reason I'm big on Brown is cause he is a proven LT over a unknown rookie who could bust. The QB thing I have no idea what the hell is gonna happen lol
  10. Idk I some how quoted my own post for some stupid reason so I just edited it to get it removed lol
  11. so would you be good with another bandaid QB like say Winston Fitzpatrick or JB or would you rather see what we got with Eason? I agree we have many holes to fill thats whybay this point I'm actually more interested in the idea of trading for Orlando Brown to be our answer at LT and then see where we are at with a QB next off-season
  12. yes lol but that also has a 0% chance of happening cause the 1st pick belongs to a division rival sadly
  13. agreed lol I'm just the type that thinks a 8-8 season is just as bad as tanking both are a wasted season to me so if the plan is to have some scrub like JB than just throw Eason out there and trade for Orlando Brown lol and if we are picking top 5 next year we will just get a QB then
  14. we definitely don't need a rebuild just need to commit to getting a QB I don't really give a damn how CB does it he just needs to get it done soon
  15. that is definitely my big fear being the NFL Pacers
  16. I'm like 90% sure the Super Bowl is out of reach now lol so I'm going Draft
  17. I'd absolutely love Luck to come back but I know he isn't going to. I also know the Texans will never trade Watson here so like I said I'd be ok with the risk of a down year to see if Eason is anything special. that's also why I'd trade for Orlando Brown Jr this year he is a proven LT better than an unknown rookie.
  18. I agree if we are not gonna trade up enough for someone like Wilson than to hell with it I'd rather just throw Eason to the wolves if he sucks we pick high next year and if that's the case in intrigued by orlando brown possibly being available
  19. I hope the jets stick with Darnold then that would keep Wilson on the board past them
  20. honestly if we are not moving up to like 6 or 7 for a good young qb I'd rather just trade our 1st for Orlando Brown Jr to play LT and go with Eason and if he's good we are set if he sucks we get a qb in 2022
  21. this is my fear too we will end up with Foles
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