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  1. Sam Jones was the name of the actor that played Flash Gordon lol
  2. I was wondering myself why the hell they took him besides just to screw us
  3. yeah I really thought he would be better than Autry here with less double teams
  4. yup we need to get this guy could make an impact playing with a beast like Buckner
  5. with this fan base I'm expecting many to expect way too much lol
  6. I just hope I don't have to read everyone complaining and attacking TY if he is slowing down and showing his decline when he is not what everyone expects
  7. I actually agree with this I also happen to really like Campbell unlike alot of people. guess I'm just gonna wait and see what Juju gets I know everyone here isn't a fan but I like the guy and I think he is a great #2 with possible #1 upside the dancing don't mean much to me either but I get people not liking it lol
  8. I love TY and all but he was showing some decline and if his deal is similar or not much cheaper than better younger receivers in FA I'll be a lil bummed lol
  9. if he becomes available is anyone ok with Danielle Hunter for our 21st? he is only 26 actually younger than Buckner and the 2 of them together would be unstoppable lol
  10. kinda hope Ertz goes to the bills or panthers lol I'm not a fan of him coming here
  11. yeah with all the edge rushers being gone I would have thought more people would be talking about him besides us 2 lol
  12. definitely agree! he actually seems to have alot of talent when you look at the whole picture
  13. I'm hoping we take a good look the dude could be sneaky good next to Buckner he gets good pressure and was like in the top 5 in double teams last season for edge rushers
  14. well this day didn't start off any better last thing I wanted to see was another player I like going to the stupid patriots right after I woke up lol atleast let them go to other teams I don't hate im not even asking for them to come here
  15. definitely that's why I would have absolutely no problem getting him here next to Buckner
  16. I would trade 21 for Hunter in a heartbeat honestly and then grab a LT with our 2nd and be on our way lol
  17. the Lawson deal stings a lil was hoping we could get in on that and not have to worry about DE as much in the draft but oh well i didn't expect much today anyway Ballard will figure it out like usual lol
  18. I still think that will come in FA may not be a big signing but still someone at the position
  19. I am almost certain our LT will be coming from our 1st pick and I'm totally ok with that
  20. still plenty of good players available not much to be upset about imo lol not if everyone is out of money but us and the crap teams lol
  21. I don't mind the colts not doing anything that never bothers me much but seeing the pats get everyone pisses me off lol
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