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  1. Ohio St QB’s are always massive projects in the NFL because the coaching does all their checks and calls for them.
  2. Colts will win regardless of who is kicking FG’s for them
  3. No way Ballard would go after him but this doesn’t surprise me and I don’t fully blame Antonio. AB in Pittsburgh had to deal with Big Ben who seems like a * and Tomlin clearly had no control of his team therefore things built up. AB needed a fresh start and where does he end up? Gruden and Mayock!? Of all the teams in the league that was personality wise probably the worst possible fit for him. I think the Colts have some people in key spots that would actually allow him to be a fit in Indy but it’ll never happen.
  4. Never said his salary was why the defense was bad. Just simply answered which I’d rather have. We saw first hand for several years what only having a top notch QB gets you if you have holes elsewhere on the roster.
  5. Complete team. I often make the argument that Peyton wins the Super Bowl in one or two years where Brady won it had we had a better defense. Luckily, the defense came together and got hot after that embarrassing loss to the Jags. Went on and won it all. But prior to that the defense was never great. Big reason why I’m such a Ballard fan is based off his comments from day 1 he gets it. It was great to have a qb like Luck however the entire roster matters. And he has upgraded basically every position.
  6. I hope so. I had a gut feeling the pass rush and turnovers will be better so I took a chance and drafted the Colts defense in fantasy.
  7. As long as our OL plays somewhat alright i like our chances. Colts 26-20
  8. They got their replacement for Clark
  9. Yea JMV is good too. I live in Virginia and am about to move to Minnesota so the podcasts are the way to go for me. Nice though cause I can scroll through and pick n choose what interests me based off topic and the guest.
  10. I don’t agree with every take he has and he’s annoying on college basketball broadcasts. But I do like how he’s not afraid to disagree with the narrative and ask tough questions. He asks questions in ways that a fan would ask rather than a professional radio host. That I like about him
  11. For the Colture is a good podcast if you can tolerate the same thing being repeated multiple times each episode. And Luke is annoying with his delivery comes off as rants and trying to convince you rather than just talking on a podcast. Overall it’s a good podcast. And reputable..they’ve had Reggie on there, Kevin Bowen etc. On my Podcast app on my phone I subscribe to 1070 The Fan and Dakich. Don’t listen to them religiously but every so often they will have Venturi, Bowen, a player, Ballard, etc on for an interview. Can be good listens
  12. Yea lol my non Colts fans troll us over how easy banners go up “AFC Finalist”
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