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  1. Until Lamar can produce in the playoffs I won’t ever pick them no matter how good they are. (Kinda like they Peyton haters back in the day) Lamar has layed two goose eggs in the playoffs so far and for some reason I remember him being pretty average in Louisville’s bowl games too.
  2. I just hope Reich doesn’t abandon it too much like he seemed to do last year. Couple examples off top of head..We were gashing Pittsburgh on the ground even with Hoyer in. Really wearing KC out on the ground, moving the chains. Both times Reich decided to get pass happy and one game we lost the lead and lost and the other we won but other teams offense had a shot at the end that they shouldn’t of had.
  3. I don’t think anyone. Ballard has said repeatedly for years now he’s never gonna stop looking to upgrade the roster and to never feel “safe”. Jacoby and Hooker performance wise this shouldn’t surprise anyone. If any would have an argument it’s Mack. But then again he’s a RB so positionally it makes sense to have a strong 1-2 combo. We have that now.
  4. My vote for right now is Smith. We’ve seen first hand how much the line changes when Kelly is out. AC has been our longtime franchise LT and everyone and their mother mentions Nelson first when talking bout the Colts OL. I think quite a few people forget that Smith came in the same draft. I foresee my vote changing to Rock in the future. Last 8 games or so he was very solid and really playing well. But he’s constantly getting roasted on other Colts pages such as FB. Too many people just bring up his rough start as if they didn’t watch the 2nd half.
  5. I’m all for a black alternate but I see Duke when I look at that one
  6. Lol yes I know but there was a few year gap where fans became Cowboys fans. I know and met several who root for the Texans because they are local but can’t get themselves to stop cheering for Dallas.
  7. I lived in Texas for 5 years..and I go back every year for work..Cowboys and Texans are not rivals. Maybe moving in same division would create that but currently no. Lot of Texan fans root for Cowboys as a 2nd favorite cause they were Dallas fans before the more local city, Houston got a team.
  8. Good to hear him mentioning getting with Rivers hopefully. Here in Minnesota, I’ve heard Cousins on radio appearances mention how he and receivers have talked about making plans to meet somewhere and throw/run routes as soon soon as they are allowed to socially. I immediately said to myself I would assume all teams will but it’s nice to have some sort of confirmation on the Indy side.
  9. Ugly logo but those new helmets are nice. That blue pops
  10. I just want sports back period, empty or not. We would go to a baseball game tonight if things were open. Hoping by football season they come to something whether it’s 100% open, 25% capacity or television only.
  11. I was at the Colts/Steelers game in 2017 where we lead most of the game but lost on the GW FG...when they made that kick I saw so many terrible towels and such a loud roar it was disgusting lol
  12. Their receiving group is better than it’s made out to be. I don’t think they will win division but will be better than people are saying.
  13. Nobody in their right mind expected the Packers to draft a QB with their first round pick. So unless the Colts hacked the Packers system I’m not sure how they could have planned on conning Green Bay into trading up.
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