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  1. He didn't hesitate and didn't make the ultimate read because he never intended on throwing the ball to anyone else. He locked on the receiver from the snap and threw to the only place that was safe.
  2. Yes, you can evaluate JB fairly at this point. He may not have the most glamourous receivers but he does have a damn good line and running game. He has plenty of opportunities to make the read and deliver the pass. He simply fails to do this consistently, unless he is spoon fed by Reich. The narrative that he is anything more than one of the top 5 worst quarterbacks in the league is crazy talk. PFF had him ranked 26th a month ago, but even that is conservative considering they had him above Tannehill and Pittsburg is now playing Hodges. I concur with them that he is around the
  3. If the media is consistent in anything it is that they love to build someone up, and then love to tear them down. We are on the downward spiral where some media figure will break away from the pack and have their own "hot take" that Jacoby isn't a franchise qb. This narrative will then start to gain momentum. Only Jacoby can stop it with consistently good game play.
  4. He gets asked by Greg Doyle if he feels pressure at all because of the 2 year extension (audition). Jacoby says that he doesn't and says "Is that what this is"? Greg responds by saying "Yes, that is what I think it is", and Jacoby says "You answered your own question then". First of all, most professionals answer this by saying something along the lines of "I feel that I have an audition every time I step on that field, nothing is given to you in this league". This is how even Vinny has responded to his performance. The difference is that Vinny has earned a bit of leeway (not a
  5. JB is always snarky, ever since college. My assumption was that he just didn't know how to be very "social" with people that he doesn't respect (reporters), and this is the reason I was not getting on him too much....I thought it was a personality thing. However, I am not so sure anymore; it is almost like he wants to make everyone asking him a question, especially negative, look dumb. Also, just like I posted last week. I can't find a time when he actually takes blame, it is always a team thing. Andrew would have said "I made a couple bonehead plays"; Jacoby won't say that an
  6. I never said he was, only that they are happy right now after moving on from Mariota. The stats and game film won't really come out until he loses games they should win or is precieved to be holding them back. Every QB has bad games, but consistently showing the same issues is when the "realist" fans will start with the criticism.
  7. It is funny, but just like watching a good episode of Jerry Springer, I would often visit the Titans Reddit sub earlier this year. I would just laugh at all the "Mariota Superfans" creating all sorts of excuses for him and blast those that supported Tannehill. They would blame every other part of the team, coaches, coordinators, etc. Now they are singing a different tune. My point is, if the forum is constant having these debates, then he isn't a franchise QB. There will always be a few who go against the grain, but when film and stats come out each week....time to seek other
  8. I hate that Jacoby is literally the same guy we watched in college, and we have hope he is all of a sudden going to become "elite" (or at least some did at the beginning of the year). For crying out loud he only had 204 yards passing per game in college, and only around 150 yards passing per game against ACC teams. 150 passing yards per game....hmm, sounds about right. His depth of target was 6.7 yards....yep, checks out (or should I say checks down ). https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/players/jacoby-brissett-2.html Midway through the year the following article wa
  9. I think Chris bringing in Jacoby was a good move, especially after his awful decision to role with Tolzien going into 2017. My biggest gripe is that they gave have him a nice contract for 2 years and created this narrative of him being top 15 in the league. Nothing about that is inherently bad, but I just hope they will be open to other options at the end of the year. I think they have to draft a QB and see what you have in Chad Kelly (if only for a couple of quarters). If a backup has to go in for any reason (besides downing the ball on the last play) and it is Hoyer, I am goin
  10. I agree. Leadership is a funny because it can be so easy to lose your influence if your performance doesn't match your words. The rah rah guys can easily become the vocal leaders for the team. However, the moment they start letting the team down then their words fall on deaf ears. Jacoby was a vocal leader last year, but he was never counted on to actually win the games. He was more of a peer that spoke up and tried to get the team fired up. Now he is the top dog because of his position, but position alone won't let you keep your leadership status. He has to let his play on
  11. Jacoby is going to lead us into QB purgatory. Announcers are starting to pick his game apart.
  12. JB would be wise to do everything to try to start this upcoming game. It will not be good for him if another QB is able to make the offense look much smoother (as Hoyer did last game). I just wonder what he will look like if he can't scramble every now and again. He does escape a lot of would be sacks (that Hoyer couldn't).
  13. I'm glad we are getting these guys at these prices.
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