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  1. Yes, you can evaluate JB fairly at this point. He may not have the most glamourous receivers but he does have a damn good line and running game. He has plenty of opportunities to make the read and deliver the pass. He simply fails to do this consistently, unless he is spoon fed by Reich. The narrative that he is anything more than one of the top 5 worst quarterbacks in the league is crazy talk. PFF had him ranked 26th a month ago, but even that is conservative considering they had him above Tannehill and Pittsburg is now playing Hodges. I concur with them that he is around the 28th best starting QB in the league. If we include backups I think he is around 30 to 32. This makes the decision much easier.
  2. Cut him? Go to the Colts Reddit, they think the guy is great. If only we can find a GM with that view we could get a haul. After all, he is a franchise QB right...and they don't grow in trees...and our receivers suck or are hurt....and he has a leadership rating that I am told is really amazing!!! Someone will want the dude, right?
  3. But this gives you so much valuable information as an organization, it clears up so much. You can go into the draft will a much better direction. If Chad wasn't close to as good to Jacoby then why keep him? You can find much more stable backups than Chad. Heck, we already have one of those guys in Hoyer. 1. We have a guy with huge upside, so maybe we do get Love and see if he develops and gives Chad a run for his money. Also, Chad my screw up again. 2. Be aggressive in the draft because neither are going to be the guy. They can fight it out for the backup. See if you can get something for Jacoby or Chad. 3. See number 2. Show the team that the Colts walk the walk and that there will be competition at every level
  4. I don't disagree, but it is the wrong choice. Do we not preach competition? Why should Jacoby be seen as the unquestioned QB going into next year? He hasn't earned that right. Our coaches and gm will be extremely short sighted if they don't play Chad, but they probably won't because it will hurt JBs feelings. I hate the Patriots but I am in awe of BB. He would do it without a second thought.
  5. He wasn't good before the ACL. His best games pre-ACL were Falcons and Texans. Our receivers were running wide open in those games due to blown coverages. That is a testimate to Frank, not Jacoby.
  6. I wish we were playing our third string QB, and I don't mean hoyer.
  7. This is my first time doing a poll, so sorry if it is awkward
  8. In the first half JB had some good completions, but what you have to separate is the completion and the degree of difficulty it took to make the completion. When a receiver is the first read and wide open without a defender withing 3 yards, is that a great play by JB or a great play call by Frank Reich? I contend it is a great play call and literally any NFL QB should be able to make the throw or they will not be a starter for very long. Just as the scouting report says, his completion percentage is higher (though still not amazing) because he throws only short yardage, and only when the receiver is wide open (like college wide open). I noticed this same pattern of JB making "NFL throws" and great completions in other games that Frank had masterful play calling, examples include the Falcons and first Texans game. All quarterbacks eventually get the offense tailored for their strengths, but to have to constantly script plays to help him will only last so long. Why intentionally hamstring yourself and not be allowed to open up the playbook because the guy playing the most important position on the field is so limited. Also, I don't think he will get better. He worked with Tom House all offseason and is still the exact same guy he was in 2017 and in college. QB processing doesn't get that much better. You can initially get better with more reps in your first couple of years but then it tapers off. Fact of the matter, some guys can just process the play "in real time" better than others. The scouts call this "instinctual play", and all indications point to JB being a slow processor. This will put a ton of pressure on FR to make his first read get open, and JB will miss other opportunities because he just can't see the field like other quarterbacks. You put JB on the Dolphins and he would be at the bottom in almost every statistical QB category. He is a bad quarterback on a pretty good team and it makes him appear average.
  9. I am glad you have settled the situation.
  10. I agree, the pass was not ideal and neither was the result. I was just mentioning that it wasn't a throw directly to the opposition like we saw in the Titans game, and many times the receiver will catch this. Still not the placement that you want.
  11. Guy is definateley over the top. I don't know if the int was his fault, but was on his trailing breast plate. I wouldn't however call that well behind. more often than not you should come up with that as a receiver. What I like is that he has quiet feet while he scans the field, and you can actually WATCH him go through his reads. Then he has a quick trigger when he makes a decision. People say that quiet feet dont matter, but I disagree. It shows how comfortable he is operating in the pocket and he has a good base when he decides to throw.
  12. Fair enough, no need to waste your time then if you don't trust the analysis. Yea, I cringed at that part. The parts you didn't probably get to show the quick release, hip rotation, and tight window he threw into. That latter part is what I liked in the video. His voice...the guy has trouble saying the "TH"s, which he pronounces as an "F" sound. As a father that sends two daughters to speech therapy, I commend him for having the confidence to get on Youtube (and keep comments open) knowing that he will receive this type of feedback. The guy has moxy and I like it.
  13. Seemed to do fine in the preseason with these very same receivers. The windows he was throwing into were also tight, unlike the backyard windows that Jacoby seems to require. Jacoby never throws open a receiver. The wide open throws that he make are a credit to Frank Reichs play calls, especially scripted plays. After those run out he seems lost. \ Here is film analysis someone did, which is kind of funny: He is not an Indy fan and at some point says that Chad would give Luck a run for his money at the starting position (which is going over the top), but it is still fun to watch. He also calls out Brissett in the pre-season, and is pretty spot on.
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