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  1. I normally don't want any owner to medle in the GM's affairs. However, if Jimmy doesn't think JB is the man going forward, then by all means...medle away! Finally, a commentator that seems like he actually watches our games! He was flat out not convinced by JB and I think he was holding back to be polite. So much better than what Booger was spuing last week.
  2. There is a lot more wrong with his play than that! I heard this same nonsense argument with Vinny. Does anyone feel scared before any extra point any longer? The argument was invalid with him and is also invalid with Jacoby. Literally anyone else can give you 150 yards a game!
  3. I amazed at how he has been playing. I mean, we are witnessing the impossible...I was told that there wasn't ANYONE better than Vinny out there. Now, if there was just someone that was possibly better than Jacoby... Sigh.... Well, we can't have everything, we are sooooo spoiled..
  4. I wonder how we would assess Ballard if he didn't get credit for Leonard. Grigson didn't get credit for Luck and Ballard really shouldn't for Nelson. Drafts have been pretty poor when you compare them to other GMs.
  5. I think I am more upset at the organization for treating fans like they are *s. All this nonsense was evident for anyone with half a brain. Then the media gets involved and says that he is an MVP candidate after averaging 175 yards a game. So fans start to lash out at the nonsense as they recognize reality. The tide is turning as the national media will start to turn on the current narrative. Only Stephen Holder and Pat McAfee will be left bailing water for Jacoby.
  6. Well, at least he is hearing the question. If he hears it too much Jacoby might all of a sudden get a mysterious injury and have to go in IR. Knowing this organization, they probably just release Chad to have the issue go away. No one will clamour for Hoyer.
  7. He didn't hesitate and didn't make the ultimate read because he never intended on throwing the ball to anyone else. He locked on the receiver from the snap and threw to the only place that was safe.
  8. At this point, I hope it is Jacoby pitching the ball to Pascal to throw.
  9. Completely agree. I work as a consultant in my day job and deal with upper management all day. This screams if pushing a false narrative and not wanting to ruin the facade. This was also what they did with Vinny.
  10. There are plenty of backup options. Why would you get a person that could be a distraction? You don't do that for a backup, you do that only if the talent is immense.
  11. 1. Watson 2. Tannehill 3. Minshew 4. Foles 5. Mariota 6. Kelly - a hunch 7. Brissett Kelly could be better than 6, but I am convinced he is better than Brissett. JB has been unable to demonstrate skills Chad did in the preseason. Just watch Chad in the preseason, he stands in the pocket and his head ticks around the field. He is actually going through progressions, some JB has yet to show. First string vs third string...doesn't matter, I am talking about the skills Chad demonstrated.
  12. The thing I hate the most about this season is not the record, or even Brissett, but the confidence I am losing in our coach and GM. I really liked Ballard and Reich. I always knew Brissett wasn't the guy, but I had hope we were in good hands from a management perspective. I am really not so sure anymore. I feel like our organization has no transparency, won't make the tough calls, and sticks to poor performing players. I don't know if it is because Ballard and Reich are boyscouts, or someone has blackmail. Whatever the case it tells me they are either poor talent evaluators,
  13. Yes, you can evaluate JB fairly at this point. He may not have the most glamourous receivers but he does have a damn good line and running game. He has plenty of opportunities to make the read and deliver the pass. He simply fails to do this consistently, unless he is spoon fed by Reich. The narrative that he is anything more than one of the top 5 worst quarterbacks in the league is crazy talk. PFF had him ranked 26th a month ago, but even that is conservative considering they had him above Tannehill and Pittsburg is now playing Hodges. I concur with them that he is around the
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