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  1. Luck 4 president

    No QB in Round One?

    .0000001% chance that happens
  2. Luck 4 president

    Jay Ajayi

    He had one good year back in 2016. Hasn’t done much since then. He’s slow too. I’d rather give reps to our younger backs
  3. Luck 4 president

    Some Perspective on Free Agency

    Difference is Ballard signed and drafted people who weren’t hot names. Nelson was a big name, but not at 6. Some “experts” thought Leonard was the worst move in the draft. A monkey could’ve drafted Luck.
  4. Luck 4 president

    Some Perspective on Free Agency

    Every year for the last 3 years Colts fans have wanted Ballard’s head after the first few days of Free Agency due to the lack of big names signing with us. This is the same Ballard who just won Executive of the year. He didn’t win this because of the draft only, but also his FA acquisitions. Check out these rankings released for last year’s signings. We have 2 and 3 with Ebron and Autry, only trailing Brees who shouldn’t count imo because he was a resigning. None of the FAs were big names that we signed but they turned out much better than expected. Regarding Funchess, 10 million is pretty steep, and I didn’t agree with it at first. After doing some research I think it is a good gamble to make. Funchess didn’t have an amazing year last year. But if you look at his 2017 year there are some interesting stats to note. He only had 3 drops and tied for 6th best in drop rate. He also had the best contested catch % in the league. That was being the 2nd option, but often drawing the top CB. It’s not hard to believe he can replicate or even top that with a better QB and being the 3rd option on the Colts. Also, he is 24. He has yet to hit his prime, and hopefully the best is yet to come. So just let Ballard do his thing. It should be expected by now that he isn’t going for those top FAs, but would much rather sign the moneyball players with chips on their shoulders. I will trust the reigning executive of the year over all these armchair GMs 10 times out of 10.
  5. Luck 4 president

    Ballard's master plan for the Funchess deal

    OBJ woulda cost us a ton of draft capitol, brown is on the wrong side of 30 and demanding an insane contract, and Bell just never really made sense for us. Just chill man. Every year so far Ballard has been patient in FA and has gotten some amazing signings.
  6. Luck 4 president

    Ballard's master plan for the Funchess deal

    Your post contradicts itself in a way. You are assuming Funchess reaches all of his incentives in order to get $13 million. His incentives are probably 10+ TDs, 1000 yards, and pro bowl or something along those lines. So if he does reach those incentives then how is that a waste, and how is he a scrub?
  7. Luck 4 president

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    What happened to not overpaying FAs? I hope he works out and gets $3 mil in incentives, but it’s hard to believe he would’ve gotten this contract somewhere else.
  8. Luck 4 president

    Antonio Brown to the Bills.

    It was on Instagram, and he quickly deleted it after he realized he has no say in the matter lol
  9. Luck 4 president

    Todd Gurley has Arthritis in Left Knee

    Not all make millions you know. There are quite a few who are out of the league and never got that big contract but have medical bills for the rest of their lives. I think the NFLPA should push for something similar to the MLB or NBA, not for the stars like Gurley, but for the no name guys who never got paid and left the league due to career ending injuries
  10. Luck 4 president

    Todd Gurley has Arthritis in Left Knee

    NFL needs to provide free health insurance for life for their players. Luckily Gurley got paid, but there are countless other no-name guys who suffer their entire lives from injuries in the NFL
  11. Luck 4 president

    Would you?

  12. Luck 4 president

    CFL Team Dumps Manziel

    Pretty sure it is just because he is a terrible QB. He threw 4 interceptions in his first start in the CFL and got benched. Next stop is the AAF
  13. Luck 4 president

    Thoughts on Derrick Henry

    I’ve always felt he was underused/misused with the Titans. He is a very good RB imo and when he’s given around 20 touches a game he’s able to produce. Pair him with a good OL and passing game (not necessarily the colts) and he would have a career year
  14. Luck 4 president

    How to buy a draft pick

    It would be awesome if the NFL was like the NBA where you could buy draft picks off another team.
  15. Ya I don’t think any receiver could have gotten down on that play. He caught it and was hit immediately by 2 safeties. He would have been perfectly fine had the second safety not hit him illegally.