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  1. That’s 5 1st and 2nd round picks in 3 years for one position. If the new two don’t pan out, at what point does the scouting department just stop throwing these high picks away?
  2. He was a UCF kicker who had a YouTube channel. NCAA kicked him out of the league because he wouldn’t delete his YouTube channel. Their reasoning was because he was profiting off of being a college athlete.
  3. I’ll be honest I don’t know too much about Paye. Is he more of a hold the edge type guy instead of a pass rush type DE? 11.5 sacks as a 4 year starter seems really underwhelming for the amount of hype he’s getting on here. So far Ballard hasn’t shown he can draft a good DE but I hope this guy works out.
  4. We have a lot of good options. Christensen might be the most underrated and also the most athletic of the tackles. Was a first team all American and being from BYU you know he’s got good character. Could be one to watch for
  5. He’s an expert at evaluating QBs not one of the media talking heads that all say the same thing. I bet you thought he was crazy in 2018 when he ranked Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen above mayfield Darnold and Rosen. Or last year when he had Herbert above Tua. His criticisms of Fields mechanics are warranted which is why he ranked him so low. Wilson is the most accurate QB and throws the prettiest ball so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s better than Lawrence. His comps are Wilson -> Mahomes, Rodgers Lawrence -> Luck, Elway
  6. I think we way overpaid. We were the only team to even make an offer. If we were more patient we could have gotten him for pennies. Eagles had to dump him no matter what, and nobody wanted him but us apparently. He was downright bad last year. It wasn’t his coaches or teammates it was him. Consistently made some of the most inaccurate throws I’ve ever seen. Hopefully a fresh start could change some things but that’s quite the gamble.
  7. Sources on the Eagles side say they are looking for a “Matthew Stafford package”. Doubt they will give up picks for him. Also doubt anyone will give anything close to what the Rams gave.
  8. Fields and Wilson will be out of reach. We’re looking at Mac Jones, Lance, and Trask. I’d probably go with Jones out of those 3
  9. Do you realize the majority of AC’s career was without Nelson? And by your theory Kelly should not have made it.
  10. My only question is HOW DID COLE BEASLEY MAKE IT??? I can name at least 10 receivers more deserving than him.
  11. This is the only way I’d be happy getting Wentz. If we get multiple draft picks to eat the contract then it would be worth it. Eagles are going to have a tough offseason bc they will need to get rid of lots of people. Glad we aren’t them.
  12. Please no. The guy had one fluke season like 4 years ago. This year he is arguably the worst decision maker and most inaccurate QB in the NFL. We need to look to the draft for a QB. I’d rather give Eason a shot before trying to trade for a guy like Wentz.
  13. So almost 20 years since we drafted a good DE and coming up on a decade for WR. Not entirely Ballard’s fault but he has used lots of high picks on those positions.
  14. Only position worth trading up that far for is QB. Would be sick if he fell to us but will not happen.
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