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  1. HOW IS *insert player* ONLY RATED A *insert rating* ?!?!?!
  2. Send Blackmon and a 1st. Resign hooker and adams and go all in for the next 2 years
  3. Ya those are all edge rushers like Von Miller and Khalil Mack that had 10+. I don’t think an off-ball LB (4-3 LB or 3-4 ILB) has ever hit the 10 sack mark. From what I could find, Urlacher had 8 and that’s the closest
  4. When was the last time an off ball LBer got 10 sacks? Has it ever happened?
  5. We would have to pick top 5 to get him. If we somehow traded up to get him we would have the best OL for the next decade.
  6. If Rivers goes down early in the season, JB doesn’t take us to the playoffs. If rivers goes down mid season, we still don’t make playoffs. 2nd half of the schedule is much harder. If Rivers gets us to playoffs and goes down, JB’s 190 yards per game will not get us far. He’s proven that with an elite OL, good offensive weapons, and an above average defense, he’s incapable of producing. Keeping him just takes a roster spot away and hurts the development of the other QBs.
  7. Cut JB and eat the cap. Holding onto him for a year only hurts us long term. Would rather see the 2 young QBs with more potential get reps in practice. There is not a single good reason we should keep him. If rivers goes down, our only hope is if one of the other 2 QBs is ready.
  8. Good for Ballard saying what other Executives and owners are afraid to say. Admitting that he was ignorant up until 10 days ago is not easy. If we all think back to 2016, about 95% of us, including myself, were against Kaepernick kneeling. Realizing we were wrong is the first step in making progress. Glad we have a good leader that is respected in the locker room and around the league.
  9. Who in the top 20 players, besides QBs, would you trade Nelson for? Not saying we should, but who would provide more value to our team? I can only count a few players.
  10. Statistically, Leonard has had 2 of the best years by a MLB ever in NFL history. Even with missed games. But, Ray Lewis was the ultimate leader for a defense and he was feared. I think that’s what separates Leonard and Lewis. I expect Darius Leonard to have his best year this year with the DL upgrades.
  11. Since the draft I always thought chad Kelly was the 2nd best on our roster, but didn’t say anything bc supporting him is Taboo on here. He’s got a high ceiling and I believe he has the potential to be the most accurate QB in the NFL. Seems like he’s matured and I’d like to see him get a legit shot with us instead of someone else. Only way I see him making the team is if we cut or trade brissett. Also, it would make a good story going from #1 pick Manning to #1 pick Luck to Mr irrelevant Chad Kelly.
  12. I don’t think it would be much of a competition between Worford and Glowinski
  13. On paper, this roster. If Rivers plays like he did 2 years ago then this could be the best colts team this decade. If Luck didn’t retire we would have been contenders last year and the next 3 years
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