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  1. Do you realize the majority of AC’s career was without Nelson? And by your theory Kelly should not have made it.
  2. My only question is HOW DID COLE BEASLEY MAKE IT??? I can name at least 10 receivers more deserving than him.
  3. This is the only way I’d be happy getting Wentz. If we get multiple draft picks to eat the contract then it would be worth it. Eagles are going to have a tough offseason bc they will need to get rid of lots of people. Glad we aren’t them.
  4. Please no. The guy had one fluke season like 4 years ago. This year he is arguably the worst decision maker and most inaccurate QB in the NFL. We need to look to the draft for a QB. I’d rather give Eason a shot before trying to trade for a guy like Wentz.
  5. So almost 20 years since we drafted a good DE and coming up on a decade for WR. Not entirely Ballard’s fault but he has used lots of high picks on those positions.
  6. Only position worth trading up that far for is QB. Would be sick if he fell to us but will not happen.
  7. Skeptical of any DL or WRs we draft. Can’t remember the last time we drafted a good one.
  8. I’d be happy with Trask. He definitely lacks athleticism and doesn’t have zip on his throws which could result in more interceptions and passes batted away in the nfl. I’d say a QB with comparable traits outside of size is Drew Brees. I wouldn’t trade up for him like the other QBs and think he should go around our pick.
  9. I don’t doubt that, but if they’re offered multiple firsts and 2nds to move down a few spots then they should take it. They’re more than a good LT away from being a good team so take the picks. Plus he could still be there around 5-8.
  10. I said this because of all the QB needy teams in front of us. I fully expect the Bengals to trade out of the #3 pick(assuming they pick 3) because they will have a ton of offers and will be able to use the trade to build around Burrow. Jags, Jets, falcons, panthers, lions, giants, Broncos, Vikings, 9ers, Patriots are all teams in front of us needing a QB or are looking for a replacement. No way Wilson falls out of the top 10. It would be nice for us if he fell into a spot where we could trade up, but it’s just not gonna happen.
  11. Coaches poll is much better than a committee of 13 people with heavy biases. Maybe AP poll would be better but that poll and coaches poll are always very similar unlike the CFP rankings. Most people that want 8 say it will have 1 spot open for G5. If the CFP committee stays in charge then a 2nd G5 will never make it no matter how good they are. If there were 2 guaranteed spots for G5’s like you proposed then that would have other issues bc not every year there are top tier G5 teams. And BYU is not even a G5 so how would they fit in? I still think the bigger the playoffs the better.
  12. Who else hopes we lose to the jags so they don’t get Lawrence for the next 15 years??
  13. Need a 16 team playoff based off the coaches poll. No automatic bids. The problem with an 8 team playoff is Oregon would get an automatic bid while coastal Carolina and BYU get left out. The #16 team will most likely get smashed by Bama every year, but so will #4 Notre Dame this year. An expanded playoff gives everybody a shot. CFB is the only league in the world where a team can go undefeated and doesn’t get a shot at the title. It sucks for non P5 teams who fall into this category.
  14. Lawrence, Fields, and Zach Wilson will go 1-2-3. ZW and Fields could swap. Trey Lance and Trask will probably go around 10 or low teens. Mac Jones will go somewhere in the 20s. If we have a guy we like, we’re gonna have to trade up. Do you think we have the assets to trade into 3 with the Bengals if Wilson is our guy? Watched his bowl game and he was electric. It would probably take multiple firsts and an elite player like Nelson/Leonard to move up that far.
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