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  1. Luck 4 president

    What the colts need to contend in 2019

    Having Doyle’s reliable hands back will be huge. We need a WR2 whether it’s Cain or a FA/draft pick. A good guard/center combo because we can’t trust Kelly’s health. On defense we need a SS that isn’t injury prone, a DT, and another CB.
  2. Luck 4 president

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    He’s still a top 3 receiver in the league. He may be 30 but he hasn’t shown signs of slowing down yet. And not all GMs are looking to add good locker room guys like Ballard. Someone will pay up. If Amari Cooper can go for a 1st there’s no doubt in my mind AB will go for a 1st.
  3. Luck 4 president

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    It will take much more than a 2nd round pick. Probably a 1st and a 2nd or 3rd.
  4. Luck 4 president

    Colts 2019 WR's

    Again, why do people on here keep talking up daurice fountain?? One of the worst drops of the season. He just wasn’t made for the NFL
  5. Luck 4 president

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    We need hooker more than any other player on defense this week. I don’t trust our other DBs to cover Tyreek on deep throws.
  6. Luck 4 president

    Marlon Mack is learning and growing as a RB.

    Mack definitely exceeded my expectations this year. That being said I think it would be foolish to put all our eggs into one basket with him given his injury history. I’d like to see Hines and Wilkins develop more so we can have a true RB committee
  7. Luck 4 president

    Andrew Lucks biggest fan on the planet ?

    Cowherd has always been a huge Luck fan. Even before the season when Luck was still trying to get healthy cowherd was the only member of the media who seemed to believe in Luck.
  8. I doubt he spends much more than the last two off seasons. Very low possibility he goes after the guys you listed. He’s gonna go after inexpensive depth signings is my guess. But maybe if we go deep in the playoffs some players will take pay cuts to play for us. He needs to spend 89% of the cap by the 2020 offseason I believe.
  9. Luck 4 president

    Colts 2019 WR's

    Why do lots of people on here like Fountain? I’m actually curious.
  10. Luck 4 president

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    I feel good about any of our potential matchups in the AFC
  11. Luck 4 president

    Wild locker room

    Who cares what the media says. Literally every team celebrates after big wins.
  12. Luck 4 president

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    I’d say the biggest blame should be between the GM/Tomlin, and AB. I don’t blame Big Ben or Le’Veon Bell nearly as much. The whole organization is a mess now and if they want to fix it they need to make changes in the front office and coaching staff. Then they need to trade AB.
  13. Luck 4 president

    Dan Dakich... Maybe less flags thrown Colts-Texans game

    This is probably what he was referencing Edit: I wish this page wouldn’t decrease the quality of pictures, but our officiating crew throws 13.1 flags/game
  14. Luck 4 president

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Ya that’s what I’ve always said. All-Pro has it right. They have a distinct separation between LBs and Edge rushers.
  15. Luck 4 president

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    Now just needs DROY, and a super bowl ring