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  1. For any other position group I’d agree. Safety is probably our biggest weakness and the only locks are Hooker and the rookies.
  2. Last time I went to an LA colts opener, Luck didn’t play and was out the whole season... so not me!
  3. Nacua was a ball hawk in college and he was clutch in some big games. Had multiple game sealing interceptions. Could be a decent backup for Hooker
  4. Haven’t heard anything about tyquan Lewis in a while. Anyone know how he did?
  5. I don’t live in Indy or near any football cities so going to NFL games, much less colts games, is not easy. Last time I went was week 1 of 2017 after irsay said Luck would be ready. 2 weeks ago I bought tickets to the Kansas City game and now I’m thinking this could be 2017 all over again and I won’t get to see Luck again lol
  6. That’s what Luck and Jacoby are for. I think being in the same division as Watson and mariota and 1/3 of our games being against dual threats, having someone like walker is pretty beneficial. Just my opinion.
  7. For the practice squad I’d say Walker. He’s good for prepping our defenses for matchups against dual threat QBs. He’s not the better QB, but is better for the PS
  8. 1 TY 2 funchess 3 campbell 4 Cain 5 pascal 6 Rogers thats how how I see it playing out IF we keep 6. If Hines or Campbell can show some consistency in the return game then Rogers becomes expendable and we will only keep 5.
  9. It seems like yesterday TJ Green was a dark horse for one of our corner spots
  10. Do you think we can get a first round pick for Luck?
  11. @crazycolt1 had a season ending injury. He’ll be out for another 8-12 weeks.
  12. Luck, Leonard, and Ebron will make it. Hilton and Nelson should but probably won’t make it
  13. Campbell and Ya Sin. These were 2 of our weakest positions last year imo and if these guys ball out we will be scary.
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