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  1. Simply put, Andy Reid got out coached. Doesn’t happen often. This is now the blueprint of how to beat the chiefs, until they are able to figure out their run D.
  2. I don’t live near Indy, and every colts game I go to we get crushed by 30+. I’m going to this game and I am expecting a similar outcome.
  3. If you’re betting, bet on the chiefs to cover. Derek Carr picked us apart. Mahomes will have himself a day
  4. If Derek Carr can pick us apart, imagine what mahomes/Reid are going to do.
  5. Just a few months ago people were freaking out because eberflus was interviewing for HC positions. Funny how quickly people turn
  6. There goes our super bowl hopes /s
  7. Pairing him with Hooker would be nasty. If I knew we’d be picking late next year then I’d give a first. I’d give a 2nd hands down
  8. Dalvin cook for mccaffrey. Who wins that trade? Mccaffrey is the better receiving back, but the panthers offense is not nearly as good as the Vikings. And the Vikings could heavily rely on Dalvin cook this year.
  9. Dumb of the Steelers imo. Fitzpatrick is a baller but their pick could be a top 5-10 pick. They could be terrible with Big Ben out. And he has played with the idea of retiring many times so that pick could have gone to a QB in a deep class.
  10. Few teams use fullbacks in today’s game. I don’t think it’s a bad idea with what we’re trying to accomplish.
  11. Guilty until proven innocent in the NFL. Look at the Zeke situation last year. Wouldn’t be surprised if AB missed some games based off an accusation.
  12. Those guys were honest and up front from the beginning that they would not play for those franchises. AB led on the raiders and even signed a new contract. They acted arrogant, but AB was straight acting like a clown. People force trades all the time, but I see few similarities with this situation.
  13. I’ll start the Peyton haters thread.
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