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  1. Trade all of our draft capitol To crappy teams for future 1sts next year and hope they land at no. 1
  2. Dalton, Carr, or Stafford would improve us tremendously. I think Rivers is already well on the decline. Preseason the chargers had the best roster in the NFL with tons of offensive weapons, and rivers had maybe his worst year to date.
  3. Ya we would have had a first round bye. With our schedule this year we would have won 13-15 games with Luck.
  4. Tua will go top 5, maybe even top 3. Slim chance we even have a shot at him. He probably has the most accurate deep ball in the draft and has great field vision. I think he’d work well in our offense despite his size
  5. You can’t expect to get a QB in Free Agency. You have to draft them.
  6. Trade 13 down to the 25 range + a 1st round next year and take Love. Or take a shot at Tua or Herbert.
  7. Keep brissett starting so we get a better draft position
  8. I said this when Luck retired, his retirement will put us in QB limbo for the next decade. Won’t be good enough to compete and won’t be bad enough to draft a top prospect. Our only hope is to get a sleeper in the first round.
  9. Got put on skates by a 3rd string QB
  10. Chiefs. Andy Reid is long overdue for a SB and mahomes is fun to watch. I’d like to see a ravens chiefs matchup that is a straight shootout
  11. Huntley seems like a game manager to me. Not a lot is asked/expected from him. Utah has had a relatively easy schedule yet Huntley hasn’t put up elite QB numbers. He’s an efficient QB, but not really a game changer. He will be a late round QB but I don’t think he’s the type we are looking for. Seems like another Brissett
  12. I don’t get why everyone loves Love so much. I watched a few of his games and he did not look good. He put up good numbers last year but this year was completely opposite.
  13. Exactly my thoughts. No way he comes back. This is the new reality with our team. Play makers will not want to sign with the colts until there are significant upgrades at the QB position.
  14. Difference is Tom goes through progressions first. If everyone is covered then his check down guy likely has tons of room to run. Jacoby doesn’t go through his progressions and will check it down to someone who is covered. Tom (maybe not this year) would rip apart any zone defense he faced. Jacoby just looked lost against a zone.
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