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  1. Luck 4 president

    LeVeon Bell

    He’s being a diva like every offseason. He’s always saying he wants to retire a steeler but that’s obviously a lie. I honestly don’t think anyone will beat the Steelers offer next offseason and he’s going to regret not being more reasonable with the Steelers. He’s going to be 27 and we all know how RBs historically drop off at 28. No one is going to give him a long, heavily guaranteed contract because of that. And if the Steelers start preparing for the future and give more reps to the young guys, his stats won’t look as impressive which will hurt his value even more.
  2. Luck 4 president

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

  3. Luck 4 president

    Nelson at RT?

    Try Braden smith there but not Nelson.
  4. Luck 4 president

    Need Fantasy Football advice for 2018? Ask here!

    It depends what type of league and how many people. In a 12 man standard that would be good. But projections mean nothing and will only lead to disappointment lol
  5. Luck 4 president

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    It was to Charles Pagano
  6. Luck 4 president

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    Way more than that. The Football without a signature is already like $100. It’s probably 300+ but to a colts fan priceless
  7. Luck 4 president

    Kung Fu Kemoko

  8. Luck 4 president

    is wr Hakeen Nicks now a colt?

    Glad I wasn’t the only one bugged by his improper grammar
  9. Luck 4 president

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    If I had to guess maybe during the appeal they decided groping shouldn’t receive the same suspension as rape or domestic violence. Stuff like that is always case by case because some are much more severe than others.
  10. Luck 4 president

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Had nothing to do with his status as a low tier RB. Cheating is cheating, and others have received the same suspension for PEDs.
  11. Luck 4 president

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    That gives Wilkins a shot at taking the bruiser role
  12. Luck 4 president

    All-Time Pure Talent Team

    I’m not gonna do all positions but... QB: Aaron Rodgers RB: Walter Payton, AP WR: Megatron, Moss, Rice TE: Gronk LB: Urlacher, Lewis DE/edge: Watt, Lawrence Taylor CB: Champ Bailey, Darrell Revis S: Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins
  13. Luck 4 president

    The "Slauson Effect"

    You’re kidding right? 2 years ago the raiders had a top 3 OL. Good has never been an average starter in the league. He’s always been below average but is serviceable. Check his pff rating. He might be able to start on 3-5 teams in the league while Howard would probably start on half the teams.
  14. Luck 4 president

    The "Slauson Effect"

    In camp Howard got most of the first team reps next to Slausen. There’s a big difference being an OL starter for the ravens/raiders and being a starter for the colts. He’s been a starter most of his career on good lines. He’s never been great but he is an average starter, something the colts haven’t consistently had in years. An average OL would be a major upgrade from what we’ve had
  15. Luck 4 president

    The "Slauson Effect"

    Nah Howard has that on lock imo unless Good somehow got significantly better since January