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  1. Really wish Marvell Tell was in the mix to apply some pressure. I was very fascinated by him. He looked very promising at corner!
  2. For someone who (sorta) controversially called for RB early in the draft and was ecstatic when we snagged JT, I've been very disappointed in him thus far. He is just not seeing it or getting there fast enough right now. I verbatim said in a post, "A run that Mack would take for 5, JT would turn into 12", and now I'm seeing him miss holes that Mack would bust through I was 99 percent sure he was ready to dominate day 1. I was wrong. It's probably just a confidence/decisiveness thing that will improve. I don't have a huge issue with his carries, but I think we should be throwing it
  3. Yo, our running attack is going to be UNSTOPPABLE. I hope those guys up front can stay healthy. Has this draft selection grown on anyone that was skeptical before, or do you still think we should've went elsewhere? I mean, we're a run first team, and the best running back in the draft, and a top 10 talent was there for us in the second. Not gonna lie, I still brag about predicting that we'd go running back very early haha... well no, I didn't think it would ACTUALLY happen, but I thought it would be the right thing to do and was hoping for it. JT is going to take the heart from our opponents.
  4. My biggest question is Marvell Tell! This guy was very impressive and I feel like I'm not hearing much of his name. I really wonder what role he'll take on and what opportunities he'll get! If Rhodes is slacking, does he come in on the outside? Or is that Carrie?
  5. ….. wait what does this post even mean?
  6. I'd think Rhodes deserves inclusion here, no? I could see how he isn't though... there's not a lot of pressure TEAM-wise, as we didn't invest a whole lot in him, but career-wise, he probably feels a lot of pressure to turn it around.
  7. I, personally, would replace Hooker with Moore if we're talking impact. That's who I thought would round out our 4.
  8. I do genuinely believe we pull that game off, but there is very good reason to be afraid of the Ravens with Lamar Jackson lol. Guys were scoring 40 points a game.
  9. Guys, let's be real here... this was a great move for them. You put a guy with MVP potential, but perhaps a knack for getting in his OWN way with Bill Belichick in NE... could be some successful years for them
  10. I mean, I do appreciate an analyst that says "hold on a sec.. you guys are all caught up on the sexy teams, but this Colts team...". It shows that they're actually paying attention. GMFB is sometimes too unserious for my liking (just depending on my mood), but they really believe in us. Also, nothing makes me more happy than hearing Chris Ballard praise on my television haha. Absolutely nothing.
  11. Let me just say this, and this is what made the Luck ordeal hurt even more; 2018 convinced me that we hadn't even seen the best of him. I don't know exactly how the numbers compare to earlier in his career (I think completion was highest, not sure about everything else) but eye-test wise, that stretch where he was comfortable again was the best I've ever seen him play. His pocket presence was breathtaking at times. He was consistently stepping up and spinning out RIGHT on cue, without even looking. It all looked so easy. So we're comparing finished product Rivers to Luck who imo hadn't even pe
  12. Going into the draft, I was like "Man I HOPE we (controversially) go RB early, but I know we won't." Mack is a serviceable starter, but just average. JT will be elite. We got more explosive, and now the strength of our team doesn't become a non factor if the #1 goes down. The season will start with an even split but I'm certain that JT will give the staff no choice but to give him more and more. Mack takes what our line carves out for him, but not much more, JT is going to shake the LB, put the S in the dirt with a stiff arm, and then run 40 yards for a score. Love it.
  13. Hm... maybe Steelers game gets flexed if Rivers and Ben both turn back time this season? Nice HOF vs HOF story? Yeah... I know, probably not
  14. -We lose @ Cleveland -I really hope we can get to the BYE 5-1 -We beat Baltimore -Of course we play TEN on a short week after BAL -Why the hell can we never get PIT at home!? -I wonder if any of our games get flexed to Sunday night? Maybe if Houston is still battling us late in the season (which I doubt)? 11-5 division winners.
  15. I'm intruiged by Blackmon. I don't know much about him, but I know that our guys were excited to get him and they obviously know what they're doing. Last time we selected a defensive player that I thought we chose "too high", he was DROY and an All-Pro. That being said, I can't seem to find much of him at CB on YouTube. Was he that bad? Also, I'm not seeing much that convinces me he'll be a top FS, all I see is him out of position and getting mossed by guys like Mike Pittman lol. SS instincts seem to be there though. Basically, I know there's something in him that I'm just missing, what is it?
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