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  1. We don't NEED an Andrew Luck talent to be a contender anymore, and honestly it feels good knowing that. We just need a guy that will throw the damn ball downfield to T.Y on the play-action! (shade intended). I've loved the idea of Carr for a while. Lately though, I've been debating which I like more: - Acquiring Rivers and drafting Love or Herbert to sit. - Drafting Carr (and obviously being able to use that 1st rounder somewhere else) I think I'm still leaning Carr. But again.. the way Chris and Frank have operated, we don't NEED elite. We'll be just fine It's still our division.
  2. I absolutely love CeeDee Lamb. He's a BALLER. Imagine his skillset paired with T.Y.... it's perfect.
  3. Carr is atop my wishlist (Luck returning is atop my wishlist, but I'm going to pretend like it's not). I think Franky could bring out the best in him. The thought of drafting someone developmental and having to go with JB another full season is . It's funny because I'm in crisis and realizing, "Is this what it's like to not have a generational talent at quarterback!? I did not sign up for this!" Boy, have we been spoiled.
  4. It's crazy how Tannehill has been on fire basically since taking the job over there, but some of you are choosing to only acknowledge his last game. When the other team has NO answer for the run game… you don't need to pass for a lot of yards. I've been watching Tannehill jealous OUT OF MY MIND this whole season. JB isn't on his level. Also if you want to talk about his winning percentage... let's keep in mind where he was playing.
  5. I do like the idea of this, not going to lie. Especially with a QB guy like Frank. I think we could see the best of Carr. I like him better than any of the QB's in this draft not named Joe or Tua, and we're not getting Fields or Lawrence next next year.
  6. Man, I just gotta say: I get so jealous when I watch Ryan Tannehill . Every time I watch him, I can't help but think about how JB is just not on his level. I like that guy a lot. This is the first time I've felt like we are really inferior to the Titans. It just does not seem to get any less frustrating watching this guy NOT throw guys open downfield. It's always exciting watching a QB hit that last step on the play action and know he's about to release immediately (unless it's against us), however, when it's our guy, I just roll my eyes.
  7. It pains me to say this, but I think every other starter (now that Minshew has overtaken Foles) is better than ours. I was convinced that as the season went on, we'd see JB begin to trust himself more and go downfield. But....
  8. Fair. I guess my point is that the last two weeks hasn't convinced me that we're all of a sudden the worst team in the division and fraudulent. It seems like it's convinced a lot of people. (This season) we are a systematic, slow-burn team.. and JB's style is so important in that. We would've won the last two weeks with him playing and we wouldn't be this fearful of the Jags right now. I think him playing gets us back on track. And this team isn't made up of softies either (although I do question the mental of Ebron). I think with our backs against the wall, our guys stand up tall.
  9. Geez... you guys are this confident that we lose to a returning Nick Foles @ home (with our backs against the wall)? Lol. Just because of a couple BRIAN HOYER induced loses? We are not losing this game… Jacoby + Zach, Eric, Jack and Nyhiem will be enough. Not very concerned this week. Next week is another story... we will NEED T.Y.
  10. Okay, Reich & Ballard do indeed "know more than we do", but let's not downplay the post altogether. I was shocked we didn't go Kelly at HALF. It was CLEAR that Hoyer wouldn't get anything going. The only reason we still had a game in the fourth is because... well it's Miami. I will say, though: I didn't know how much (or how little) practice time Kelly got. Doesn't that happen sometimes though? I think it was worth the risk... I mean how much worse could the QB play have gotten? We literally only needed AVERAGE QB play. He looked good preseason. This one leaves a sour taste in my mouth because I feel like we surrendered it by not playing Kelly.
  11. Okay whoa. I think you all are massively overreacting about the overall state of this team. We had a stagnant offense -- that's all. We don't have "losing" locker room all of a sudden. Yes, we lost to (easily) the worst team in football... but guys... Brian Hoyer is -- very very bad. He is a downgrade from the quarterback he was playing against. When you have a quarterback that bad playing with backup wide receivers... We can't run the ball EVERY down. I'm more disappointed that we didn't go Kelly in the second half. The game was still salvageable and ANYTHING would've been better than Hoyer. Anything. It was clear he wouldn't get anything going.
  12. We pulled Kelly up for this game, correct? I know this would've been "controversial", but I am disappointed that we didn't see him this game. I was sure that we had no choice but to bring him in second half. The game wasn't too far gone by that point and Hoyer was -- bad. Did he (Kelly) not show enough in the pre-season to inspire the confidence that he could beat the 1-7 Miami Dolphins? I mean Hoyer was just throwing that thing anywhere. I don't get why we didn't make the switch, it was pretty clear we weren't winning with Hoyer.
  13. At this point, when it comes to predicting how we will perform any given week, I don't apply ANY type of logic or statistics anymore, I just flip a coin . We're either going to play good or bad, and I'm not sure the opposition has any to do with that. I feel a dominant display coming. 27-17? What I will say though: even with our erratic play, I have been very proud of the heart we're showing late in games. This is so different from the teams in the past that we saw just completely drop the ball late in games. Culture change!
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