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  1. Curtis Samuel seems like such a Colts signing. I really wish we could do Samuel AND Will Fuller (for his speed), but that won't happen.
  2. Watching his highlights at work to "refresh my memory", and a lot of the long ones are coming out of gun. Of course, highlights could be misleading. Either way happy he turned out to be the stud we expected... his early season form was horrible lol.
  3. There's a good chance my memory is serving me incorrectly, but I could've sworn that he started turning it ON when he started running out of the gun more. I thought that was when he stopped getting to the line and stopping/hesitating, seemed like he was taking the ball and GOING.
  4. Win. First off, any QB succeeds in our system. All he needs to do is throw the ball deep 3 times a game (to a guy that is open more times than not when we dial it up) lol. Jacoby was mentally unwilling, Phillip physically couldn’t threaten consistently. He doesn’t even NEED to be 100% his potential, lol we just needed an arm really! W/ that being said I think he DOES get back to full potential in such an easy setting, he doesn’t NEED to be Superman like he had to be in Philly every game.. he can reeeelax. With his job becoming so much easier, he’ll get back to his best... there’s no b
  5. I like Ryan. Always felt like he was underappreciated. I just wonder how many good years he has left. I feel like it's only 1-3, really wish it was more like 3-5. I do think Ryan could take us to the promise land this upcoming season though.
  6. We need to roll the dice, or else the AFC is going to leave us behind, it's about to get scary good. We can't just play it safe forever. Mac Jones or Kyle Trask aren't going to put us over against Pat, Lamar, J Allen, Herbert, etc.... Winston or Wentz at even 80% of their best is a Super Bowl with this team. The thing with those guys is the turnovers, but behind our OL (I know we need to solve LT), and with Nyhiem as an outlet, that doesn't worry me whatsoever.
  7. Everyone suggesting we stop going the FA route @ QB and finally just find our future in the draft, who is that future? We're not getting Lawrence, Fields, or Wilson. MAYBE Lance could be in our trade up range. I personally trust Frank's ability to repair a high upside guy like Wentz or Winston in our high % offense more than I trust Lance or Jones or Trask. Our offense is so QB friendly... idk why some have such little faith in a quarterback being able to improve their recent play in Indy.
  8. Also, perhaps I'm impatient also, but this talk of waiting to see what we have in Eason or settling for someone like Mac Jones (is he even good?) is driving me insaneeeee lol. I want it NOW!!! Let's swinggg!! We're ready!! Give me a high risk high reward guy like Wentz or Winston. Can the deep ball return to our offense?! (I am an erratic, chaotic Aries if you can't tell)
  9. Man, I am here for Carson Wentz. I have so much faith in this team being able to repair him. I'm probably too optimistic when it comes to reclamation and too dazzled by potential/upside, admittedly. Most people REALLY don't foresee his play improving with literally every team aspect improved around him and I wonder why. I mean that line was getting him MURDERED... and he was throwing to 4th stringers lol. I think he still has top 5 talent.. only thing that potentially worries me is the character flaws, but like Chris said, our locker room is ready to absorb any of that
  10. My hot take is that Tell is a better corner than Rock. Even in his limited time playing the position, he looked more natural, and less hand-sy. I was really looking forward to year two.
  11. Has anyone mentioned Jared Goff possibly? I'd welcome that. I honestly feel like we're one of those rare cases where the team is built in a way where we don't need elite QB play to make it to the SB (which is encouraging). We only need above-average with willingness and arm strength to throw downfield, imo. Our run game is respected enough to make those PA shots high percentage. Jacoby lacked the willingness, Phil lacked the strength. I think any of these guys we're mentioning will put us over, honestly.
  12. I mean he did miss an easy first down to Burton and an easy TD to Pitt (also a less easy TD to T.Y). He and Hot-Rod both missed big ones.
  13. I get #1 and I especially #4. #4 worries me. I think #2 & especially #3 would be greatly reduced with us, just like with Phil.
  14. I personally think that Wentz's turnovers and erratic play was just based on him trying to be the hero, knowing that was their ONLY shot. He's not the type to play game manager. That team and specifically their protection was horrible. We could give him a top O-Line and a top running game and just tell him he can relax, and then be clutch (which he is) in the 4th if needed. This scenario is growing on me.
  15. Write in: Derek Carr? I wonder if Gruden is finally sold on him.
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