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  1. I just realized how little Houston is mentioned (myself included). We brought him in to affect big games like these, right?! Need THREE sacks, Justin!
  2. Man, all this "he's throwing the ball too hard" has got to stop. Like, c'mon now. As a former WR, that's B.S. At the NFL level, if it hits your hands... it should be a reception. Period. Let's not make excuses.. as much as I love Eb and his knack for making big plays, he has a mental issue: when he drops, he let's it get to his head. He can't overcome it. So far, I like what I've seen from Brissett. His numbers have been up and down (week 1 due to coaching. Not BAD coaching.. but due to coaching), but he has shown me that he is TOUGH. His fourth quarter against the Chargers. I loved it. Even when everything was going to % around him against Oakland, you could just see that he didn't get rattled. I've been watching closely in certain situations to see if he'll crumble, and he does not. The fact that some of you are calling for Chad Kelly already is amazing haha.
  3. I think JB plays well @ Arrowhead. I don't think he was bad last week aside from the INT (that was bad). I saw a player that did not crumble when it was going to % around him. I see a lot of people saying he was throwing too hard, but as a former WR... B.S... not an excuse. He was putting those balls on the money, none of the drops were his fault. Eb is a big time player but he's not the most mentally strong, when he drops one, it gets in his head.
  4. I'm a little surprised at how small a percentage thinks it COULD be close. You guys know its never black and white. What IF our offense (with T.Y) comes out playing like the ATL game? It COULD be close. I think (hope... it's possible) we'll go down swinging. I could see a 38-31 game with Maniac and T.Y going.
  5. Man, after years of Grigson and Pagano (hate to include him, as I liked him as a man.. but less as a coach) it feels SO good to have a pair you trust in. You know when Ballard speaks, you know he knows what he's talking about. I was so relaxed during the draft, I knew I wouldn't question ANY move Ballard made, no matter who I wanted or what my mock said. We're building a machine, and we're moving way faster than Ballard himself expected. We're a top 4 team in the NFL right now. Chiefs & Pats (I hope) are trending DOWN as we trend UPWARDS. I haven't been this excited in a while.
  6. Am I the only one who wouldn't mind taking Jawaan Taylor? I think it would be crazy good value & an opportunity to really solidify an already great front. Anyone know our plans with Braden Smith? Are we planning on keeping him at tackle or do we intend on ever moving him back inside? I've been curious.
  7. And I’m hoping there’s no rule that says you can’t trade a pick back to a team that you acquired it from, because this could get embarrassing.
  8. So what are you guys thinking the chances of trading up for “our guy” is? NYJ has come out & said they’re willing to trade. I could see Ballard considering it. Do you guys think giving up or first second would be worth say.. Q.Williams? (I’m sure this has already been asked. Didn’t feel like looking, sorry haha)
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