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  1. Is there a timeline on Braden Smith?
  2. Is it just maintenance/load managing for Q? I didn't miss any set back, right? Still on track for Sunday?
  3. Damn. I really felt like that DK vs Rhodes matchup was going to win or lose us this game. Looks like now Russ is going to go for 30 and win me my fantasy week
  4. Sorry, kinda random... But how has Parris looked? What role is he playing in the group? That deep TD got me excited, reminded me what he CAN be for us.
  5. I don't know if in actuality foot injuries are reaggravated any more commonly than other leg injuries, but it sure seems like it. I'm going to be cringing every play for the first 2-3 weeks if they're back week 1. Sure do hope they are though.
  6. I, personally, take the "it" factor over the physical traits 8/10 times. I like Sam.
  7. I'm actually surprised we didn't add a cheap vet to the room like we usually do, considering the uncertainty. I wouldn't mind.
  8. Some of you are trying so hard to not give them credit lol. Henry/Brown/Jones is absolutely scary. Top RB/pass catcher trio in the league, you could argue Minnesota's trio I guess. They are going to be very good and should be considered a Super Bowl contender as long as the defense improves even just slightly.
  9. AJ Brown is already top 10 wideout in this league going into year 3.
  10. I guess you rate him a lot lower than I do right now, which is understandable. I think you're understating though. He's still 6'4 with top tier routes and speed. Jones being any better than Corey Davis makes this offense more of a threat than it was last year. We do not want a team in division with Derrick Henry to now have two #1 wideouts... even if just for a few seasons. He definitely elevates them imo.
  11. My gut is telling me he ends up in Tennessee and I hateeee it . Frankly, if I'm him, that's where I'd want to go.
  12. Yeah I'm confused as to where this notion that Frank's seat is even warm is coming from? It's not and it shouldn't be.
  13. I want to say Bobby O, I think he's better than he gets credit for, but idk how much you can visually stand out when playing beside the Maniac. So I'll go with Blackmon, I say he puts together a full season of the playmaking ability we saw most of last season... adds some INT's
  14. Him producing could really put us over the edge. So excited. I wonder if he'll be strictly slot or if he'll play some outside w/ T.Y inside. He or Pitt need to add some new routes to the arsenal though, they can't both be running underneath crossers all day lol.
  15. Respectfully, I don't know which team you've been watching if it's not apparent to you. Also it won't totally make up for a lack of talent, but it DOES make a tangible difference. A close 4th quarter can be decided by very very little.
  16. Do you see how our CULTURE and team mindset jumps off the screen? And now we're getting more athletic. We not falling behind anything.
  17. I know the original post was more so relative to the rest of the conference (that is a lot better now). I know. It's a fair question. I just don't get why some people are saying we've fallen off a cliff lol. I think we edge the division over TEN and make it to AT LEAST the second round. I worry about KC, BAL, and Buffalo. Kinda CLE, but not too much. Kinda LV lowkey, but not much. The Chargers don't scare me JUST yet. Jags, not yet. Steelers fell off I think.
  18. Let's assume what I think we should assume: -We get at least average QB play from Wentz (We should assume this because he's only had one bad season and has been a top 3-8 QB all the others) (Wentz at his "average" is already more dynamic than Rivers) -We have a healthy JT/Mack combo -We sign a LT that gives us at least average LT play -Kwity/Turay are at least average -Campbell.... well... yeah nevermind LOL Tell is back giving us more depth/flexibility, Blackmon is second year and is a bonafide playmaker. Did we lose vets? yes. Are we more dynamic? yes. I think the floor is the slightest bit lower and I think the ceiling is a lot higher. I mean if we get 2019 Wentz, we're going to the SB. I do NOT get why I'm reading that we apparently suck now
  19. Wow this is a great point that I didn't think about! We probably figured that we wouldn't be picking anywhere close enough to acquire his type of talent. Especially at a position we covet.
  20. Anyone feel like Dayo has a higher ceiling than Kwity? I do. They are both incomplete, but he just seems more violent early in his rush. Strong *** arms. If he learns the moves, he's lethal. Plays inside & out. Imagine us bringing him along to close out the season. Even if he can't break out this season, he'll at least add to our rotation. Our rush "deteriorating" late killed us. I'm realizing why edge was higher priority than tackle in a win now mode. I think a vet will be just fine by Q.
  21. So what's all that ish some of you were talking about doubling on edge and not drafting Tackle, huh? Lol Joking joking. Not really though. I do think this was the best way to go about it. We will be just fine with a past prime vet beside Q. We will NOT have been fine without adding to our DL group on the edge.
  22. Has Ballard and our scouts not earned a little trust?! Geeeeeez lol. Tough crowd. Blackmon was injured! There’s clearly a plan for OT. Our “needs” outside of that are massively being overstated. Relaxxx. We have a damn good football team!
  23. Wow. Wow. Very surprised but I will never not have faith in CB. I remember not being thrilled about Blackmon & having to “wait for him to get healthy”, and then BOOM, DROY candidate. My biggest takeaway is that he has something brewing for OT via trade or free agency (pls don’t move Nelson). That’s exciting to contemplate.
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