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  1. My point was offensive weapons.... I love the combo of pass rushers that was added in the draft.
  2. I agree, if Ertz gets cut, you got to think there is a good chance he can land with the Colts and be reunited with his good friend Wentz.....that is assuming the Colts are still interested.
  3. If we had enough weapons at this point we would at least have something to show for it. The Colts have not won a division title since 2014. We have played in 3 playoff games and won one of them. I can see the depth, the youth, the family as you say, but the window of opportunity is not indefinite. Look how many good years we had with Manning, but were only able to win one Superbowl. We have added a new quarterback and a rookie tight end. In my opinion (thank you Mr. Lebowski), that does not makes us demonstrably better than last year.
  4. Not at all. I don't think anyone wants a return to the Grigson days. I don't see it as a panic move. I simply don't think the Colts have enough established offensive weapons to compete with the other AFC contenders. We are putting a lot of trust in the fact that Wentz is going to propel this team to the next level, and he just might. All I am saying is to give him as many weapons as possible to do that. I see players like Pittman, Campbell, Granson, as potential, but not proven producers. There is a difference between those two. As I explained in my post, age and money are not the real barrier
  5. The Steelers achille's heel may be their offensive line. That happens to be one of the strongest points for the Colts. Even though I don't think the Steeler are better than the Coltys, they somehow always finds a way to beat us. The Colts choke from the 2020 season which cost us a division title and a higher seed is the most recent example. The Colts have only beaten the Steelers twice in their last 10 matchups. I didn't think the Titans were better than us last year either especially after we kicked their tales in Nashville. However, we could not win the home game to put them away. They lost
  6. Remember, this is how the Julio Jones rumors started? It’s like dejavu! It’s like dejavu! Sorry, I had to do that. Remember, how everyone said that it was not possible for Jones to end up with the Titans because they had no salary cap space? We all knew that was not true. All it takes is a contract restructure here, a signing bonus there, and poof, it magically happens. Now, the reality is that the Colts will match-up against the future hall-of-famer 2-3 times a year. If the latest rumors are true, the Titans are now thought to be the favorites to land disgruntled TE Zach Ertz. Are the Colts r
  7. Over 97% of the people in the country who are currently hospitalized with Covid-19 have one thing in common................They all have not been vaccinated!
  8. Chris Ballard has been clear since he took over the reins of the Colts in 2017. He believes the best way to build a team is through the draft. Success follows as you grow and develop in-house talent in a way that matches the goals of the organization. Ballard’s actions have re-affirmed his belief in the draft process as opposed to other methods such as free agency or trades. Trades: In his five seasons as a GM, Ballard has only pulled the trigger on three substantial trades. The first major trade was in response to Andrew Luck’s uncertain health status to start the 2017 season. Wh
  9. Eason's potential remains to be seen. My only question is why not spend the 4th round pick on a more pressing need in 2019 if you are not going to utilize him?
  10. With just one season under his belt it is hard to say where JT should rank. If he continues on the tear he was on in the final half of the season last year, he could definitely work his way into the top ten.
  11. Fun times but also the last time we won a divisional title!
  12. Glad to see the Colts at least use some incentives to lessen the cap hit!
  13. I like Fisher. I would really like to see the Colts use cap strategies to their advantage more often. You see a lot of other teams front-load contracts and offer signing/playing bonuses to avoid counting the full amount against the salary cap.
  14. Glad to see Carson making himself at home in Indiana!
  15. Sure hoping he can stay healthy this year and contribute to the offense!
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