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  1. I am curious what Ballard is actually looking to get for Mack. The Fact that a trade has not happened yet makes me think there is either no real interest or Ballard is asking to much in return. Thoughts.
  2. No doubt that was a huge win for the Titans last night. They seem to have a formula to beat Buffalo. Possibly that formula is the beast known as Derrick Henry. Am I the only one who got a sinking feeling watching that game last night that we are not going to beat the Titans when we face them next?
  3. Is it just me or is Taylor deadly in the open field? I think Reich needs to throw a few screen passes his way every game. He doesn't look blazing fast on the screen but he sure makes our opponents pay.
  4. Apparently only contenders are looking to add talent to their teams? Although I don't consider Carolina a contender and they have traded twice recently.
  5. We blew a 17 point lead to the Steelers last year so we obviously didn't figure out what we need to do to increase our odds.
  6. Two more thoughts. Why does it take Frank Reich all of this time and another crushing loss for him to realize you can't take your foot off the gas in these types of games? Also, the trick play that we tried when the Ravens were reeling was absurd. We had them on the ropes and instead of pounding the run for a knockout and burning the clock, we instead are forced to throw the ball away and stop the clock. We danced around the ring instead of delivering the final punch.
  7. These blown leads are a crushing blow to this team, the franchise, and its fans. Just like blowing the large lead to Pittsburgh last year cost us a division title and a home playoff game, this game will cost us a shot at the playoffs. I think half of the gray hairs on my head come from watching this team play football.
  8. We blitzed like crazy in that game and actually hurt Mahomes. I don't think I had ever seen the Colts blitz that much in a game in all my years as a fan, and have not seen that since.
  9. Unfortunately this is not 2007. No way this D holds the Ravens to 6 points.
  10. I bet you could get a good betting line for Wentz outrushing Jackson. Sadly, it is not going to happen barring a freak injury.
  11. Maybe we will get to see some of these inside secrets when the Colts go on Hard Knocks....hope it doesn't reveal incompetency!
  12. The Cowboys paid big money to Jaylon Smith in 2019. He has Indiana roots but it appears he is not close to the 2018 version of himself. Would he help the Colts with depth?
  13. He would be a huge addition to our team. I feel like the Colts are not very aggressive compared to other teams in these kind of situations. Maybe its because we are often not the sexy choice. Why play for the Colts when you could play for the Chiefs, Bucs, etc.
  14. Glad the Colts were able to get their first win. I was impressed with MAC once again. The guy just produces when given the opportunity. He just went up and snatched his TD away from the defender. After a few flashes last year, I think he deserves a more consistent role in this offense. He is an imposing, physical, presence on the field and a big target for Wentz. We know that Wentz liked to utilize his TE's when he was in Philly. Why not give your QB another consistent RedZone target?
  15. I agree our offense has looked atrocious and Reich's play calling seems to be getting worse. The OC and Reich have got to get on the same page in putting our players in position to be productive. I don't think Reich or anyone for that matter thought that our line would struggle so much early on, and that the defense would be giving up so many points. They believed they were going to have time to develop Wentz and this offense. The Wentz injury along with the litany of other injuries really has this coaching staff rattled. They may not always show it outwardly, but they are struggling to adjust. They get paid to navigate these struggles and need to do better. I am afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better.
  16. You are right. Something is odd with Fulgham. The guy had four total games with over 75 yards receiving last year, 2 of the 4 were over 100 yards. If he plays and gets targets, he is productive. Then he just disappears like he was never a part of the team. Strange.
  17. I know, 7 starters did not practice yesterday.
  18. Not sure that is true. Are you telling me there are no wide receivers available that can't produce more than 33 yards (P. Campbell), 26 yards (M. Strachan) in 3 games of work?
  19. I get what you are saying, but it doesn't mean they couldn't contribute. Todd Gurley scored 12 touchdowns las year and is still not signed by any teams. There are a lot of factors like injury which play into this. My beef with the Colts right now is that we don't have enough producers on the team. We have a lot of "potential" and supposedly a great locker room, but not enough producers at the WR position.
  20. You are correct. If we can't block for our Quarterback, I am not sure it will make that much difference who he is throwing to. But, there are not a ton of productive lineman sitting on the sidelines right now that can be snatched up by the Colts.
  21. I don't know about waiver wire pickups, but there are free agents that could be added to our team. Namely John Brown and Travis Fulgham. Brown has over 1,500 receiving yards the past two years. That is better than every Colts receiver including T.Y. and Pascal. Fulgham had similar numbers to Pascal last year and he only played in 13 games, plus he is familiar with Carson Wentz. It is far past time for the Colts to stop touting the "potential" of players in their receiving room, and sign players who might actually be able to "produce." I will wait for all the "we are good at wide receiver" posts. Besides Pittman and Pascal, we have no receivers with more than 33 total yards in three games.
  22. Fuller will probably torch us for 3 TD's this week.
  23. True. Interestingly, that is exactly what the Dolphins paid Fuller this offseason.
  24. I agree we could use DB help desperately. You have to admit signing Devin Funchess is not exactly an aggressive approach if that is all he has to show for 5 years of free agency.
  25. You are correct. I was referring to this offseason in the reference to Fuller and Ballard. Pittman has to be good because Ballard has missed on a lot of good receivers in the draft over the last four years (A.J. Brown, DK Metcalf, Calvin Ridley, J. Jefferson, DJ Moore, C. Lamb) just to name a few. More importantly he has failed to acquire a good receiver via free agency or trade since he has been the GM. I would be less critical if he had signed some impactful players and they didn't work out. But to not sign one single receiver in 5 years is unacceptable.
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