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  1. I don't understand why rude, insulting and condescending behavior is necessary on the forum. Why can there not be an acceptance of a different opinion from others? Just agree to disagree. If this is indicative of your manner/personality win your personal life with family, friends, loved ones, then I feel for them. It's just like facebook. If it's a disagreeable post, scroll on by. We all have common ground. We are Colt fans. Blessings on the Colts and all of us.
  2. That is just stating the facts. That is not bias.
  3. Nelson is not a redhead. Comment was regarding Nelson not Wentz.
  4. It was Taylor, Mack, then Wilkins. Hines was standing and ready to go , but the clip ended.
  5. Reich said it broke loose, hence the "pop" Wentz heard.
  6. It wasn't a problem till Thursday!!!!!!!
  7. Yes, but you KNOW what Ballard would do. Trade it for more picks.
  8. From my experience I agree. Ongoing pain can be a tough mental battle day to day. It can take a long time to learn how to make it through each day. Forty plus I suffered widespread nerve damage in upper left quadrant of body that affects shoulder, arm, neck, face with ever present pain and necessitated amputation of the useless arm. As hard as it was Luck did what he needed and had to do. No complaints about from me. But I sure miss him, the football player and the personality.
  9. I became a diehard, dyed in the wool, true blue (and white) fan in North Carolina in 1964. Unitas, Berry, Moore, Mackey, Parker, Marchetti, and the rest of the gang, and Matte, Richardson, Hendicks, Curtis, Bubba, Bulaich, Bert J., Lydell M., Carr, Doughty, Sack Pack. Had many thrills and some heartbreaks.
  10. Go to Stampede Blue site for a film room study of him. They are saying, and showing clips to support that Stewart has been a major boost for the defense this year.
  11. I would like that as well. As you indicated, but did not mention, Bert Jones can be added to that list of names as he ran into that buzz saw of the 70's Steelers.
  12. Travis was cut when we kept Hentges. And I believe someone else signed him.
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