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  1. I became a diehard, dyed in the wool, true blue (and white) fan in North Carolina in 1964. Unitas, Berry, Moore, Mackey, Parker, Marchetti, and the rest of the gang, and Matte, Richardson, Hendicks, Curtis, Bubba, Bulaich, Bert J., Lydell M., Carr, Doughty, Sack Pack. Had many thrills and some heartbreaks.
  2. Question: Did Blackmon play. Never heard his name or spot him om the field.
  3. I consider you very fortunate to have lived closely enough to have met them. Would have been nice. However proud to be a from the Tar Heel state. Yes the game and the players were tough then. Mad Dog deserves to be on HOF. He was tough as nails and a defensive favorite
  4. Now having been a fan from the 60's and watching Matte at QB, that Matte comment brought a smile and made me laugh. But he was a tough competitor and probably would be game.
  5. Coleman was cut days ago when signed one of new DBs and it was later reported he was working out for the Lions.
  6. I had a street bike in the 70's.Decided would sell it and was riding it for the last time to store it for the winter at my brother's. On the way a lady turned left in front of me leaving me no path to escape as cars in the opposite bound lane ,she across my lane and car in the side road she was turning into. Ended up smacking her in the side throwing me across her car onto the road. No VISIBLE injury, but torn nerves across shoulder resulting in loss of use of arm, and amputation 2 yrs later. Chronic pain from the nerve injury ever since. Thank God NC had a helmet law. My helmet was cracked. W
  7. I would beg to submit this name for the Washington football team. I think it is a winner. The "Washington Bureaucrats"!!!!! What do ya'll think???
  8. I can certainly identify with this!!!! Who else does???
  9. Was he initially so because of stepping on oline's foot when dropping back or oline stepping on his? Either of those scenarios sound familiar?
  10. However, if I remember correctly it was the Colts in that game that caused him to be gimpy. Was it avoiding the passrush??? Can't quite remember.
  11. Just read where it was CTE related. Lots of old Colts suffered brain related injuries.
  12. About 4-5 yrs ago, I saw a video clip somewhere about him having alzheimers. Don't know but complications from that could very well be the cause of death. heckuva linebacker and hard hard hitter. Loved watching "Mad Dog" making hits, especially against the Packers. Crying shame he isn't in the Hall of Fame. RIP Mad Dog.
  13. I think we have to see what we have in the players we have. I can see though Ballard either resigning Sheard or someone else after the draft and cuts.
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