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  1. NOT trying to start or stir up a political discussion. But just wondering as I saw where my home state team may have had couple of players kneeling during the anthem. Anyone have any information/knowledge of any Colts players doing so? Am recollecting after an initial instance last year that they or some were wearing shirts saying we stand for........
  2. Good night, COLT friends. Sleep well. We got a lot to look forward to tomorrow.
  3. Thanks again to all for your covering camp sharing the happenings to the rest of us.
  4. Did Hilton go against Ward any today? If so, what was the outcome?
  5. Thanks to you guys for keeping the rest of us in the loop.
  6. Not since the one where you 'had to go for few minutes'.
  7. Giving him a much needed break from being abused by Autry.
  8. Thanks for the updates, guys.
  9. I'm in NC also and was upset when couldn't see it. I think it was only shown around NY as their game was blacked out to them per something on NFL channel at game time.
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