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  1. Go to Stampede Blue site for a film room study of him. They are saying, and showing clips to support that Stewart has been a major boost for the defense this year.
  2. I would like that as well. As you indicated, but did not mention, Bert Jones can be added to that list of names as he ran into that buzz saw of the 70's Steelers.
  3. Travis was cut when we kept Hentges. And I believe someone else signed him.
  4. Lewis' count was down in the last game because he was injured early, not from a decision or plan regarding number of plays.
  5. Yes, we got some breaks, but so did Chargers get some breaks from our misfortunes. That's football.
  6. That was Melvin Ingram!!! I luv it. Snapped Ingram's head back, He won't forget that hit.
  7. Yes, I misspoke. But why didn't he play? any idea why Ward and Stewart over Lewis?
  8. With every game, there will be MULTIPLE REASONS/PLAYS for the win or loss. Game 1 will not be our best game of the year. I'm hopeful that it will be the worst.
  9. Lewis was not on the inactive list. anyone got the scoop as to why he didn't play?
  10. In the 2nd half, the running game nullified the Charger's pass rush. I wonder if that that was the intent.
  11. Here in North Carolina Sunday ticket. Used to do Game pass till went up from about $30 to $100.
  12. But that would make my Dad roll over in his grave mad at me for doing so against his Redskins!!!
  13. I believe they bringing Cain back slowly to be cautious. But started hearing more an positive things toward en of camp and pre-season.
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