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  1. If Rogers and Autry played for Jax or Detroit, would they be killing it like they are in Tennessee? The team around you and coaching has so much contribution to player success
  2. Authentic: Manning Replicas: Manning, Luck, James, Gore, Hilton, Leonard Super fake replica: Wayne (got scammed but kept it) Custom replica: me
  3. Bummer that it won't be reflected in his career stats. Amazing play nonetheless
  4. Would love to see a heavy run scheme in the next offensive drive then hit a bomb when they least expect it
  5. Why are you being such a smart Alec? Get yourself to sleep already. No one cares what you think after every comment. Weak
  6. This one really really hurts. A win would have boost morale and fight in our players.
  7. The missed XP made me sick. I knew it would haunt us
  8. Un freakin believable. The Colts want to lose the game
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