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  1. Thank you Phillip for making this season memorable and exciting. 11 wins and a playoff appearance is much appreciated. You were a Colt-Killer back in San Diego/LA but glad that you can bring us a great season
  2. A lot of great points made in this thread. At the end of the day, its business. If TY is asking for a lot of $$, indy might have to move on. Very interested in how this plays out. Regardless, he will always be a Colt in my eyes
  3. Personally a 2 yr deal would make sense. He's amazing but no longer at his prime
  4. Does that mean Rock Ya Sin goes to special teams lol
  5. With Pittman emerging as a solid WR, the future looks good for him.
  6. After this heartbreaking loss, I wonder what the future holds for TY. Would love to see him back but it might make sense to seek another younger receiver. Thoughts?
  7. Fellas what a game. No one had us to win or keep it close
  8. Ball game. Great season Colts. Love you guys! Let's get them next season
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