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  1. I would beg to submit this name for the Washington football team. I think it is a winner. The "Washington Bureaucrats"!!!!! What do ya'll think???
  2. I can certainly identify with this!!!! Who else does???
  3. Was he initially so because of stepping on oline's foot when dropping back or oline stepping on his? Either of those scenarios sound familiar?
  4. However, if I remember correctly it was the Colts in that game that caused him to be gimpy. Was it avoiding the passrush??? Can't quite remember.
  5. Just read where it was CTE related. Lots of old Colts suffered brain related injuries.
  6. About 4-5 yrs ago, I saw a video clip somewhere about him having alzheimers. Don't know but complications from that could very well be the cause of death. heckuva linebacker and hard hard hitter. Loved watching "Mad Dog" making hits, especially against the Packers. Crying shame he isn't in the Hall of Fame. RIP Mad Dog.
  7. I think we have to see what we have in the players we have. I can see though Ballard either resigning Sheard or someone else after the draft and cuts.
  8. Surely between Turay, Banogu, Autry, Lewis, Muhammed, or a combination thereof that that end position can be successfully manned. And as heard before, later cuts could result in someone being added.
  9. North Carolina born and raised. First became aware of Johny U and Colts in 1958 at the age of 8. But really came around a committed fan about '63. It was Unitas, Moore, Berry and Orr that pulled me in like a strong magnet. That great '64 season that ended in agony at the hands of the Browns. The '65 season when Matte almost led them to the NFL championship game, but lost over a blown FG call. '67 season in which they lost 1 game but were not even the playoffs due to terrible tie breaker rules. Then '68 when Morrall, playing for Unitas, took them to the SuperBowl resulting up to that point the worst day of being a Colt fan. Then Shula leaving to get away from Rosenbloom. Then the Superbowl V victory. Then dark days of "Unitas We Stand" and his being traded and Thomas dismantling that proud, successful but aging team. But then a new era of Jones, Mitchell, Carr, Doughty, Chester and that defensive front four. Then another dark day when they ran out of Baltimore in the cover of darkness. I had been in a very painful existence for about 8 yrs due to a traumatic physical injury. , but was fighting my way thru it and doing some sailing as well as got married. I gravitated away from the Colts and football to concentrate on married life and sailing more and more. I did check score /read little game paragraphs in local paper. However, I found myself drawn back during the run to the Superbowl and victory over the Bears. Seeing that helmet and uniform I was hooked again and have been since.
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