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  1. Yes, we got some breaks, but so did Chargers get some breaks from our misfortunes. That's football.
  2. That was Melvin Ingram!!! I luv it. Snapped Ingram's head back, He won't forget that hit.
  3. Yes, I misspoke. But why didn't he play? any idea why Ward and Stewart over Lewis?
  4. With every game, there will be MULTIPLE REASONS/PLAYS for the win or loss. Game 1 will not be our best game of the year. I'm hopeful that it will be the worst.
  5. Lewis was not on the inactive list. anyone got the scoop as to why he didn't play?
  6. In the 2nd half, the running game nullified the Charger's pass rush. I wonder if that that was the intent.
  7. Here in North Carolina Sunday ticket. Used to do Game pass till went up from about $30 to $100.
  8. But that would make my Dad roll over in his grave mad at me for doing so against his Redskins!!!
  9. I believe they bringing Cain back slowly to be cautious. But started hearing more an positive things toward en of camp and pre-season.
  10. I believe he is talking about OT Matt Khalil, brother of former Carolina Panther center Ryan Khalil. he was cut the other day, don't remember by who.
  11. Sounds like they are closing out their bank account of picks for the future.
  12. Still need a few back up pieces, or upgraded pieces, but this team looks real good on paper.
  13. So , wondering how to return Wilkins and Williams are?
  14. And Mo adds some sizable pass catching along with Doyle.
  15. As someone who has suffered with chronic pain for 2/s of his life and which started in my mid 20's due to an accident I think there is another piece of the puzzle that has been overlooked(at least I have not seen it mentioned). There are the past injuries which Luck may or may not still suffer from to some degree. There was the present injury, with which he was still suffering. AND THEN there is the risk and concern of possible future injuries of resulting in unknown magnitude and pain that would require an unknown amount of rehab. And what would be the lasting symptoms or pain (ie, chronic pain) for the rest of his life.
  16. I totally disagree. Every one of those Baltimore Colt players who had their jersey retired deserved it. And more did, such as John Mackey.
  17. I believe Ballard has and will continue to do a great job. I also believe in Reich, Eberflus , Siriani. Although may still be missing some pieces, I like this team a lot and was excited to see them play and see to what level they would reach expectations given them. Although my expectations have been tempered a little since Saturday, I am still excited to watch and see them play. Who will digress? Who will rise? How will the chemistry change with Brissett officially the starter and Luck totally out of the picture? And , PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, NO MAJOR INJURIES.
  18. How long does it normally last? All the conjecture? And then the constant dissecting and re-dissecting of all the conjecture? And the claims that so and so says he go it from a source. That could be your grandmother, a drug addict on the street, or off the men's room wall. Everthing, everybody can be a 'source'.
  19. I disagree. When people are taking off his jersey and burning it, It's hard, at least in my mind, to say it wasn't personal.
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