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  1. I guess I don't see it that way. There is nothing wrong with having a contrarian position and you can say I don't disagree with this pick. And there were plenty of posts where people were expressing that kind of opinion. But some people seem go a little farther that expressing an opinion. The way people like to inject their opinion as fact is what I find funny and I have no problem going back and looking at it. I hope some people will read what they said and maybe learn a little from it. The draft in general is as much art as science. We never know for sure how a player will turn out. But people bashing Ballard or acting as though he doesn't know what he is doing (or that they know more) before ever seeing these guys on the field in a Colts uniform is worth a review.
  2. The part the really kills me is how so many of us screamed about how poor our o-line was for so many years and when Ballard takes action to fix it people scream about that. I am no expert on this stuff. And obviously neither are many people who post here. So this year before you all start freaking out (and you know who you are!) during the draft relax, have a beer, and enjoy the ride. Maybe - just maybe - the folks that are getting paid to do this stuff know a little more than we do.
  3. gspdx

    NFL Schedule

    We still have 8 home games and 8 road games. And it doesn't matter to me whether our road games are the only prime time games or not. Regardless of what time, what place, or how it is televised we need to be ready to win. Each games counts the same on the record.
  4. And the run threat makes his scrambling passes even more effective. When the defense starts to look at containing his run and come up a little he blows a pass right over them to an open receiver. He does have a tendency to spin out of pressure, running backwards through the spin and taking his eye off the defense with his back to the LOS while he does this. It does cause him to take some bad sacks. But he doesn't usually beat himself.
  5. Living in Portland I do get to see quite a bit of Russell Wilson and I think Superman is spot on: overrated in Seattle but underrated by the rest of the country. The guy does know how to win. He isn't perfect but I would take him over lots of other starting QBs in the NFL. And if he is your QB and you are looking at options finding someone better isn't very likely. So you pay him.
  6. So it looks like Rogers got a one year 3mil contract. Not signed long term but still getting a chance to prove himself. I certainly didn't love him last year, but he has improved in production in 2017 and 2018. If he can make similar gains he could be a real asset to this team. No problem giving him a chance.
  7. I agree. Spent 20 in the military. Some are natural leaders. Over the years there were 2 traits that stood out to me. 1. Leaders won't ask others to do what they won't do. 2. Leaders are completely invested in the success or failure. They will go down with the ship. Watching that little video "with the next pick" I thought it was interesting Ballard said they all "checked" their titles at the door. Didn't matter if you are in intern or assistant GM everyone would get challenged. That is awesome. Everyone is valuable and everyone gets input. The leader should own the responsibility and delegate the authority to get stuff done. Ballard sounds like that kind of guy. Not just the GM (manager). That is a title. Grigson had that title, but didn't seem much like a leader in the way he treated people.
  8. Anyone got a picture of the trophy the winner of free agency gets?
  9. Yes - I get it, but they are already heading down the slippery slope. They have continued to adjust the replay system due to "imperfections" and that will continue since it will never be perfect. And regardless of their reasoning bad calls at any time in a game can completely change the game. This to me feels like a knee jerk reaction and will lead to other actions to "improve" the system. And down the slope we go.
  10. Happens all the time. Justice might be blind, but it isn't cheap!
  11. Going back to replay in general - I don't like the 2 minute rule. What about the last 2 minutes makes it naturally more or less important than a play at 2:02 on the clock? Or in the first 2 minutes of the game. The rules just feel arbitrary to me. Also - why can't a holding penalty be just as game changing? A bad call on holding can change everything, yet we are going to focus on pass interference mostly due to one really bad no call on not only PI but an illegal hit. The solution here is to make the refs better. Discipline this team of refs, hold them accountable, and move on.
  12. I am not sure we need a temp for now. Hey - if the Rams and other teams aren't interested maybe there is a reason. I would be just as happy giving our younger guys more opportunities to develop.
  13. Any decision has an opportunity cost. Spending money on an FA - which will not guarantee any success - limits other opportunities. It goes both ways. Your opinion is the opportunity lost in this scenario is the bigger loss. Fair enough - your opinion. I disagree. My opinion. Your vibe from CB is also just your opinion. I am assuming neither of us know him personally so we don't have any idea. Again, my opinion is different than yours. And as far as CB being right or wrong - as long as his boss says he is right then he is. What we think about him being right or wrong is meaningless.
  14. And I loved seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0_rXN5itlg
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