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  1. gspdx

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    Well - we all have our opinions. If this guy develops into what we hope - and there is no guarantee - then I think he will have a big impact on our ability to win games.
  2. gspdx

    Schwartz on Nelson: Mostly real good...

    "What an exciting first round pick..." What will be exciting is winning games. If you are dissappointed because he isn't a flashy playmaker you should remember none of those guys get to pretend they are so awesome until the big uglies get the job done.
  3. gspdx

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Is it possible Ballard missed on this guy? Sure. I would bet every GM has missed on some guys. Does that mean Ballard is a lousy GM? And comparing him to Grigson? I was more than willing to give Grigson time to build this team. My original thoughts were that he would need 4 years at least. Give Wilson some time - maybe he will work out. And give Ballard some time. Maybe he doesn't do things like you would. Do you think if you were GM all of your moves would work out?
  4. gspdx

    Luck QB sneak ???

    Like buying insurance even if you don't need it.
  5. gspdx

    Colts got the draft's best player at #6

    So Nelson isn't a hall of famer yet?
  6. gspdx

    Ballard: What if hypothetical

    I wouldn't think like that because there is no guarantee that any free agent will be enough to push you over the top. And by making room on the roster for that one FA you might have cut/waived some other player that stepped forward and made a huge impact. So there is just no way to know.
  7. What!? Did Luck sneeze? What does that mean?
  8. gspdx

    Nice article about ebron

    I was interested in the signing when the Colts picked him up and I still am after reading that article. My wife is from Michigan so I watch a few Lions games. I really think this guy could be a solid producer. And when you talk to Lions fans - at least the ones in my wife's family - they don't have lots of good to say about anyone on the team. The just expect them to implode...
  9. I know. We have this same conversation every year. My typical response is something like "how long did it take you to make your first million?" And then something like "Yes, then they have all the years after their football careers end to get an education and a job." I get it. Not all atheletes are rich. And if your main concern is money football is not the best choice of atheletic professions. It just seems like it would be pretty easy to hammer out the details, since the wage scale is set, and get it done
  10. Only 6.4 mil? The last time I talked about 6.4 mil the word only wasn't in front of it.
  11. I agree. Sign your contract and get to work. The article listed above doesn't really give any details about why he hasn't signed the contract yet. I just can't figure out what he thinks he deserves. If the Colts have already made the offer in line with what he deserves, and I would assume they have, I wouldn't offer anything else.
  12. gspdx

    Nate Burelson has Colts at 10-6

    If Luck is playing well, the Oline is dominate and the defense improves. Lot of ifs there. I would be happy if we get 2 of the 3. Not saying the Colts can't win 10 games, but every other team in the NFL is working to improve too. Not sure our Oline will be dominant yet. We don't know yet that the defense will actually be an improvement. But we know Luck can toss a football!
  13. gspdx

    Question about Quenton

    Yes - that block where he picked up the 2nd guy coming in from the right side was amazing. No idea how he saw that coming. And the body slam. Wow. If he performs like this on a regular basis in the NFL he is definitely worth the #6 pick in my mind. It all starts up front.
  14. gspdx

    Culture Change

    Here is the quote: “The first day I got here I was like ‘Is this what a real organization feels like?'” Rogers said. “Just the energy, the culture, the atmosphere … it really feels different. I’m really loving it.” Don't see any comment about instability or the relationship between the GM and coach. Seems like you are making some assumptions here about his comment. That could be true but we don't know it from this statement. Maybe he didn't think Pagano did enough to like a fire. Or maybe he thought the game planning and preparation were lacking.
  15. gspdx

    Thoughts on Ballard's vision

    Rated higher? Do we know how Ballard's draft board is laid out? I will confess I don't follow this near as closely as many people do but do we even know how all of these players were rated by Ballard and his team?