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  1. Some of the barbershops around here will "give" you a beer with that shave and haircut for 60 bucks!
  2. They need to learn to us their legs wisely. Wilson is getting that message. He will scramble and then he will slide. These guys need to learn to avoid as many of the big hits as possible. But he can also kill you on a designed run play when the defense gets lazy. Wilson has been doing this for quite some time now so I would think he might be the guy to pattern your game after if you are an athletic QB.
  3. And even with more time many teams will still miss horribly on their draft picks. It's time to make a decision. The draft itself can be done remotely without having everyone in the same room.
  4. I wouldn't want him because he didn't dive for that ball. And I am not speaking for anyone else. Neither should you. You don't know what other people think.
  5. We are all entitled to our opinions - but if my QB doesn't dive for that I am mad. And as far as "you have to protect your MVP QB", you do that by the quality of your o-line and the play calls and such - but this was Cam "protecting" himself. Totally different thing. His team needed him to dive on that ball to try and give them a chance to win a Superbowl and he "protected" himself. It says a lot.
  6. It's not about whether he could have recovered that fumble - it's that he didn't even try! He should have dove for the ball and then whatever happens, happens. But when you don't even try when the game is on the line - will that is pretty lame. Also - it appears he has now been cut.
  7. Agreed on all points. I don't like most of the retreads out there. Not sure how much Rivers has left - that is my only concern. I hope this would rejuvenate his career for a few years. But I also hope any contract has an escape clause for us. Not sure how all the contract structures work but I would like for us to be able to part ways after one season without costing us a bunch of money.
  8. I never said I was worried. I don't care if he runs a QB sneak every play if we win.
  9. The only numbers that matter are wins and losses. If he gets us to the AFC Championship game I would be thrilled. I don't really see that happening, but anything is possible, right?
  10. Maybe he will get there. Still time to learn.
  11. I believe in Warren Buffet's investing approach too. But I haven't been able to duplicate it yet. So....
  12. gspdx

    how long

    One data point - the 2019 season - is not a trend.
  13. Depends on how many Phil Knight is willing to buy.
  14. So - what do people here think Clowney is worth? What would you as GM be willing to spend on him?
  15. And as long as some team pays the price then it was the right price for Clowney - and his agent - to set. I have no problem with a "supply and demand" free market for players to try and maximize their dollars. But with owners willing to do anything to "win" they overspend and then count on passing league rules to limits what teams can spend, limit rookie contracts, enact rules like the franchise tag, etc. Too many of these owners who are supposed to be great business men can't keep their hands off the "buy now" button and then regret it later in so many situations. I would be really surprised to see the Colts come anywhere near that kind of money for him.
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