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  1. I think this is very true and probably matches what most people think. The question for me is what do we want next year and what do we expect? If the goal for next year is to have a repeat of this year with the possibility of some improvement then Rivers is a reasonable choice. Is it possible the Colts win a Superbowl with Rivers? I think the odds are not in our favor but possible. I know some people have greater confidence in Rivers than others but I think we saw what he is capable of this year and it is really what we should have expected. If the goal is a
  2. I think a lot of this would hinge on the cost/benefit analysis. I don't think Ballard makes lots of emotional decisions and the cost of a Wentz deal might be too risky. Not saying it won't happen but since Pedersen was fired and looks like Lurie preferred Wentz over Hurts as the starter this could be a meaningless discussion anyway. It's going to be an interesting off-season for sure.
  3. Exactly. If Ballard already had his mind made up I would say he isn't a very good GM. He and his team will be very busy looking at what is possible and what it will cost. Nothing is written in stone yet and shouldn't be. I think Ballard told us exactly what is on his mind right now and he knows nothing is decided yet. I know people want answers but the reality is there is no answer yet.
  4. I'll take him at his word on that too. But I don't agree we can win a SB with Rivers. And with all of my expertise and amazing career as a football talent scout I would know!
  5. So without showing his hand that is really good info. Doesn't mean he isn't interested in drafting a QB but he knows the team is in that situation where trying to force drafting a QB could cause more issues than it helps: Try to move way up in the draft to get the guy you want - which can be very damaging due to the cost of moving up Draft a guy that is available - if all the quality guys are gone what's the point And if you keep winning 9 to 11 games a year you will never have a really high draft pick
  6. I'm not viewing Eason as the likely future starter just like I am not convinced that any 1st round QB will be a successful starter. There is just too much evidence that many of the 1st rounders don't become what teams hope they will. So if we go get a guy like Lance I don't want to see him damaged by being thrown in year 1 with all of the pressure that goes along with it. I would expect if we draft a guy in the 1st round we expect him to start at some point, but I wouldn't just throw him in there because he was a first round guy. He needs to be ready.
  7. I think at this point we don't know who could be that guy. Until a guy has some time under his belt as a starter you just never know. I would not object at all if the Colts drafted a QB and gave them an equal shot. So we have the best guy start next year and if that is Eason then fine. If over time the new guy looks to outperform Eason - maybe Lance - then he becomes the starter. If Eason can't get it done then we have a second option. And if they are both good then we have trade capital. And if they both fall on their faces we need to start a
  8. You think he would last that long? But he does throw a better bounce pass than Rivers.
  9. Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that we get a QB in the 1st round and in training camp and pre-season Eason is clearly the best guy. Why wouldn't you start him?
  10. Not sure that I agree that the most important position on the team should rely on a plan to "work itself out." I wouldn't actually see Stafford as being a stop gap. If we could get 5 years out of him, which is very probable at 32 years old, that could be a good thing for us.
  11. This is pretty much what I expected from Rivers. To be sure getting bounced from the playoffs in the first round is not all his fault. But I am just not sure I like the idea of spending another 25 mil on a good - not great - season. If we are going to improve I feel like we need to take a chance. Trying to find a franchise QB is difficult at best. I would rather spend that 25 mil on someone who has the possibility of being better. If we bring Rivers back at 25 mil and have another good season and get bounced out of the playoffs we are still in the same position we are in now.
  12. I would disagree that they weren't costly. I am pretty sure one was on third down and killed a drive. But I would also say the rookies did pretty good. The difference between the Colts and Bills was interesting. I didn't see the Bills giving the Colts anything. But the Colts made mistakes and missed on important plays and that cost the game. Time for this team to make the next step in maturity.
  13. Reich didn't overthrow Pittman in the end zone. Reich didn't throw a pass to TY Hilton on 3 and 5 that was maybe a 20 yard downfield pass and leave it short. Reich didn't fail to catch 2 easy dump offs (Taylor). Reich didn't miss a field goal. All of this blame for Frank is a little over the top. Was he perfect? No. Was he the reason the team lost? Not on his own and not by a long shot. Reich could have called a perfect game the Colts still gave away too much on the field.
  14. If the Colts could get Stafford for a reasonable deal I would be interested in that. I think we have seen what Rivers has to offer and I would be surprised if we would see anything different next year.
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