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  1. gspdx


    So this isn't about a narrative Ballard is trying to sell - it is about your assumptions based on his behavior as a GM. Glad you cleared that up. Let's remember buying star players is also not a sure fire solution to creating a championship team. But it will create a financially unsustainable roster over time. You don't agree with his approach but that doesn't make you right. I am not saying Ballard is a genius or the best GM in the league, but he has a plan and is executing on it. Lots of other variables this year have seriously impacted this teams ability to win.
  2. And what would you need to see to determine there is accountability. If someone got fired would that satisfy you that accountability has been established? Or maybe fine the entire defense - including the coaches - since there is no way Winston could have torched us if there was accountability? What is it?
  3. And during the FA period, and during the draft, and during training camp...
  4. So did Cain and Abel. Look how that turned out.
  5. I certainly get that. Still too many questions. I do feel like we could easily be 8-2 with a solid kicking game, even with everything else that has gone on.
  6. Sorry - I couldn't help it. But I get your point.
  7. Custard - Custard is a variety of culinary preparations based on milk or cream cooked with egg yolk to thicken it, and sometimes also flour, corn starch, or gelatin. Custer - George Armstrong Custer was a United States Army officer and cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars. I love custard!
  8. Well - just because he regressed doesn't mean he isn't better than everyone else!
  9. I didn't read the article but my thoughts anyway! I didn't realize the Colts were going to be on TV here in Portland since they never are, and turned on the game just as Hoyer threw the pick 6. Then we scored and missed an extra point. And then gifted them a FG before the 2nd quarter was over. That is an 11 point swing on the road. You just can't play like that. As I watched that I was telling myself if we lose the game the end of the 2nd quarter will really be the issue. And even with all of that we had a chance to win at at then end.
  10. Which also goes to the scheme. You can plan/scheme/coach to player's strengths and help to mask the weaknesses. I think coaches must adapt to the players skills. Reminds me of the early days of the west coast offense. Lots of passing but also lots of short passes that substituted for the running game.
  11. Not trying to be funny - but it's not about what kind of Oline or QB we need. People won't be complaining if we win. Also - we need to win enough to look like a contender. That's just the expectation that Manning left us with as fans (it's all his fault). It doesn't matter what round anyone is drafted in. It doesn't matter if we have what some believe is a franchise QB. Certainly nobody - not even the Pats - thought Brady was a franchise QB when he was drafted. Also - if they are all performing like they are in the top 10 at their position when contract time rolls around they will get paid like it. So sometimes the money issue forces you to let a guy walk. And then you replace him with a guy on a rookie contract because that is all you can afford. Right now we have some cap space and I am sure Ballard knows that if his guys work out and perform like they want they will get paid and use up that cap space. If all of our o-linemen were UDFA and performing well nobody would complain. But the reality is some people are always going to complain because things aren't going the way they feel they should. We don't build a team in a vacuum. Every other team is trying to improve too (although it looks like some really aren't trying!). It doesn't matter where you draft a guy, it doesn't matter how much you are paying him. Winning silences the critics.
  12. The original poster made one comment and then "left the scene of the crime." Typical troll behavior. Got some of us riled up but as we can see from the posts here we all know that comment was just garbage anyway.
  13. Longer than I am willing to believe some aging "hired gun" is going to come in and save us from ourselves. Your statement above speaks the truth of the situation: It doesn't matter how many ultra talented players you have on the team you might not win. We lost our starting QB yesterday, missed our #1 WR, our center was out, and yet we still beat ourselves! We should have one that game.
  14. Yep - Nelson is a bust. Better cut him now! What's interesting is that Nelson was still in between Brissett and Heyward at the time of the incident. He was still blocking his guy. You could say maybe Brissett needs a little better pocket awareness and move a little. Then this wouldn't have happened. Hey - it's football and these things do happen.
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