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  1. Seems kind of harsh. What are you expecting at this point? The guy is a rookie and has to go up against some of the best Olineman in the league instead of the college level.
  2. As usual I have no prediction on the result. I just have no idea. I do expect quite a few points on both sides. Colts are improving overall each game. Defense is an issue still which is the most concerning part for me. Tennessee is hitting on all cylinders and will be a tough opponent. Have the Colts improved enough? I think so, but they will need their best game of the year to win this one. They really need to avoid stupid mistakes.
  3. Are you going to give out some nachos like Baker Mayfield?
  4. As was mentioned in another thread you might consider uzzu.tv for more sports. Not sure if you would get all Colts games - haven't looked that deeply into it. Not too expensive and lots of sports. Merry Christmas!
  5. I didn't say Rodgers has class. I said I think all of this behavior - taunting, celebrations for one good play, etc., is a bunch of nonsense that for me doesn't add anything to the game. But I also see Romanowski in the same light that I see a guy like Suh. Very good player but a dirty player. To be fair we only see a small bit if what really goes on in the trenches. But guys like Suh and Romanowski get those reputations somehow. So I am tying your comments on two different threads. I feel like you are being inconsistent. That's all.
  6. Right - I hope JT can be effective with fewer carries and avoid some of those hits.
  7. And a dirty player. We all know that. Rodgers is a great player too if we just go by his ability on the field. But you seem to think he needs to buy some class.
  8. I don' think anyone is saying Taylor >= Henry. But this is impressive and I am thrilled with this running production. We have an effective running game and that just helps Wentz and the passing game to be better.
  9. And you are the guy that seems to think Romanowski is just a great guy.
  10. But the choice is there. You can choose to allow the family parasites to latch on or you can cut them loose. Either way - as we are seeing here - there can be blowback by either decision. On a more football note - Mahomes is really learning adversity in the NFL this year. Every great QB has had to deal with this. Russell Wilson is dealing with it this year and it has been going on for a while in Seattle as they are not the team they once were. The question is how will Mahomes respond? It shows how fragile the dominance and greatness of a player/team can be. It will be interesting to see what happens next for Mahomes and team. I don't really care about the family drama.
  11. I understand you aren't advocating to replace Nelson, but it seems like the bolded is where this thought process breaks down. Would any team out there be willing to trade a 1st and 2nd round pick in next years draft for a guard? That seems like it is approaching QB territory. I just don't see it as possible so the thought process is flawed. Maybe I am wrong, but that seems way out of line for a trade. So with that logic and back to the kickers: Is Blankenship worth anything for a trade? Probably not. So we would just be swapping one for the other.
  12. Even if we are out of playoff contention I don't see the Colts sitting him unless he is injured. That just isn't what a reputable organization would do. You play your best players that are available.
  13. I just look at the guy's signature and that tells me all I need to know.
  14. 60 in November. Baby Boomers ruin everything
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