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  1. Agreed. Even if he doesn't win a SB - let's just say he is competitive and leads the team on a good playoff run 1 of the 2 years - I think he will cost a bunch of money. That is just the way it is with QBs.
  2. I am also concerned that we just won't be able to afford them all. Can we really afford big contracts for Q, Smith, Leonard, Fisher. And if Wentz pans out he is going to be in for a big payday also. Just seems like it will be too much money in 5 guys.
  3. Yes - lots of "ifs" and speculation. If he goes for a one year deal, suits up early, and plays well If he goes for a one year deal, suits up early, and plays mediocre If he goes for a one year deal, suits up late, and has very little to evaluate on the field If he feels like securing a longer term deal is better than waiting to see what happens If the physical looks good or doesn't look good If it was me I would be more interested in getting a solid deal now - not top tier - with some guarantees than taking the risk. HIs rehab could slow or he could get injur
  4. I guess I like to compare this to my military days. There is a large force of 1st termers (AKA rookies) that are the majority of your force (team) You count on them to be improving their skills and have the ability to move up and be contributors. Then at the end of their first enlistment (contract) there is a decision whether that individual will re-enlist or not. Sometimes that offer isn't there (no contract offered). But there are certainly some that you want to keep around knowing you will never be able to keep all that you want to keep. But there are always budget limitat
  5. We might not get either guy, but that doesn't mean he tries to be too cute. He has a price he is willing to pay and that is it. He isn't willing to over pay, which isn't the same as trying to lowball.
  6. <joke> We should all use the joking/sarcasm tags in future. </joke> <sarcasm> I love web development. It's the best! </sarcasm> Anyway - I think we can be pretty confident that Nelson isn't going anywhere!
  7. I hope not! When I am out I don't like the electronic distractions and I will be in North Idaho.
  8. I'm glad I will be out in the woods camping Thursday night! Don't need to worry about any of this until I get back after the weekend. I can wait until Monday to find out who we drafted.
  9. I would agree. And I don't think signing one of the FA edge rushers would have changed that too much. But again - that is my opinion. It doesn't mean I am right or wrong, and doesn't mean the team or other fans aren't interested in winning. It's important to remember that Ballard makes A LOT of money to build this team. He has a method and since Luck left I think that changed the timeline for having this team at a Super Bowl level. I am also sure he and Irsay have had plenty of long conversations about it. Ballard is not going to change his process as long as Irsay is on bo
  10. Pretty big assumption there. Just because some don't believe and act like you doesn't mean they don't care.
  11. Yes - the good and expensive FAs are gone. Which doesn't mean signing one of them would have made us a contender if we aren't already.
  12. gspdx

    New NFL rules

    But they can always get it right with replay!
  13. If I recall I remember reading that team need is factored in to the BPA formula. So we could take what the Colts have on their board as BPA and still be drafting a team need. I don't see why those things are mutually exclusive. Also by having that in the formula it takes a lot of emotional decision making out of the process. If there is a run on tackles in the first 20 picks I don't think we would reach for a lower rated tackle just because we need one. I just don't think that is the way Ballard works. The same with edge rushers - or any other player for that matter. I think
  14. I get what you are saying. But if Ballard truly believes this I don't think he will be pressured into having to go for an edge rusher early. I think quite a few people could be disappointed by his draft if that is what they are expecting. I am not saying whether it is right or wrong; I am just trying to see things the way Ballard does.
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