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  1. So you say "We have little talent at the receiving positions." But then you say "What's on the roster is irrelevant to my point." So if who we have on the roster is not relevant to whether we have talent - I don't know what you are saying. If they aren't on our roster they won't be on the field for us.
  2. Does she have her own bike or ride with you? I would say get rid of one or both bikes. You don't want both parents going down in one accident. Not trying to be paranoid - just thinking about the kids.
  3. If they are all family members that live together. If not you might as well be at the big birthday party and spread it to grandma and grandpa. I wonder how many people would claim to be "family" anyway?
  4. Just challenging the idea. Thanks for the answer!
  5. Male doctors have never given birth. Would you not give their opinions as much credibility as female doctors who have given birth on birth related issues?
  6. Very true, That is why we need to defer to Ballard and his staff in finding talent. It is their job! For the rest of us it is a sideline or hobby and there is no way we can put in the time to evaluate players the way they do. That's not to say they hit on a winner with every pick, but I bet they are better than if we got together and completed an NFL draft. And I mean completing an NFL draft during the draft. Setting up the board, fielding and making calls, making the on the spot decisions that will impact the team for years.
  7. We will see. I am hoping Rivers bounces back and has a couple of great years, like Elway did. But I am not sold that he can take us to the promised land. He needs to play within his limitations, protect the ball, and deliver in clutch time. I would just love to see him have his best years - which to me is about wins and losses - not individual stats.
  8. Would like to see that points against around 10th. That would be a significant improvement.
  9. I think we have a good core on both sides of the ball. Things I will be looking for: WR growth. Quite a few questions there. Will Rivers take care of the ball. Getting pressure on opponents QB. I think our running game will be good and if the defense grows a bit from last year we could be in the hunt.
  10. I get it. I'm just messing with you. We write a property tax check every year and that one is a bit painful.
  11. Sorry man. You are still paying taxes. You are just giving the govt an interest free loan instead of doing something with YOUR MONEY! I always pay and I like it that way.
  12. Pretty scary when a guy that is 6'4" and 290 lbs is called undersized! Man this league has changed.
  13. He is kinda in no man's land. I guess if I was him I wouldn't be worried about money. Look for a decent team that will give him a shot as a starter. A pretty short list really.
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