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  1. 60 in November. Baby Boomers ruin everything
  2. Not that I disagree with the bolded statement but I think many of the owners do. For them at the end of the day it's about the revenue and as long as fans keep spending money and advertisers keep spending money then for the owners the product on the field is producing the desired result. If - for fans - the product is not meeting expectations then stop paying for it. That is what the owners will understand.
  3. Practice? Don't be silly. He's going to get 3 sacks his first week with no practice and save the season! OK - end sarcasm. He needs to practice and learn how to be an NFL caliber DE.
  4. Interesting topic. The NFL has changed so much since the 80s - no wait, the 70s - that I sometimes don't even like watching. I am one who likes to watch when the teams approach the line of scrimmage to when the whistle blows. The rest to me is just nonsense. So - the Rogers stuff to me is no different then all the celebrations, taunting, getting in front of the cameras, etc. I just don't care for it. The game is enough for me. I get excited about football. But we all have our opinions and I know some people feel this is part of the game.
  5. Responding like an adult? That's just silly!
  6. Since they don't have an official staring down the line of scrimmage anymore it's hard to tell - oh wait, maybe he just missed it. It's easy not see a really big guy moving when everyone else is still.
  7. Personally I think the comms into the helmet are one step too far anyway. If we are going to to that then every player should have that. And they should all have microphones too so they can communicate to each other on the field. And noise cancelling headsets installed in their helmets so crowd noise doesn't matter. That way fans can just sit there, keep their mouths shut, and watch the game like good fans! But seriously - I would get rid of the comms onto the field.
  8. gspdx

    Uzzu TV

    Reasonable price and lots of sports content. I am surprised this hasn't gotten more attention.
  9. Yes - none of us know what kind of agreement - if any - Irsay has with Reich or Ballard on topics like these. The only person that matters is what Irsay thinks. We just don't know at what point Irsay would fire either of them. All speculation.
  10. Wonder where you are getting your inside information?
  11. So dressing like a lawyer will make you a successful coach? That shows respect? Sorry - I love to wander through the forest. One of my favorite pastimes and I will be doing it this weekend. Seriously - back to my military stories. I was an aircraft maintenance guy and I worked with plenty of people who kept a nice crisp uniform and shiny boots and couldn't fix a thing on an airplane. I believe more in "you can't judge a book by it's cover" rather than "the clothes make the man." All of that is just your opinion and has nothing to do with the real effectiveness of the coach. I seriously doubt there are guys in the locker room that care if the coach wears a suit, and the locker room is where it really counts.
  12. Yes - that would be a touchdown. I am thinking now we recovered in the end zone. I do remember both teams were so bad those were the only points they scored all season. And we ended the season with a big, fat, goose egg for points. My 9 year old memory is not transferring as well to my 60 year old brain.
  13. Totally irrelevant story - but! My first year playing football. Played in the Indy Police Athletic League and I think I was 9. I was on a team that hadn't won a game. I don't think we had even scored a point. We were playing another 0 win team. Our center hiked the ball over the punter's head and the other team recovered in the end zone. We lost 2-0. In football.
  14. I give credit to anyone who has learned multiple languages. I wish I had. But that isn't the norm here in 'Merica.
  15. Come on man! Most of us have problems with English - so don't expect too much Danish.
  16. We're only one game out of first place! I think I hear that every year about this time.
  17. I went to Fleetwood Mac concert when I lived in Utah. Took my son - he was 13 and really excited about it. My son got to sit next to a woman who "Wooop wooped" the whole time. I was having a hard time hearing the music she was so loud and I am sure my son couldn't hear. I had to ask her to quiet down. How could she even hear the music? I can understand standing and yelling at a game but if you are doing it the whole time it is pretty annoying. And please don't bring a sign or where a big foam hat!
  18. Honestly - I have never watched either. So I am assuming - yes I know not a great idea. Maybe I should know what I am talking about first! But if there wasn't any drama I think there would be fewer viewers. I don't think they produce it as a documentary. Even lots of shows today posing as documentaries use pumping music and heavy, flashing camera shots to get people involved. All of that creates some drama to get people interested. I just don't like all that garbage. So I know my age is showing here - but watching the beginning of the Bucs-Cowboys game they were unveiling some new championship banners and had fireworks and pumping music and as they panned the stands with the cameras lots of people seemed really uninterested. It looked like they had already had enough of the hype and just wanted to watch some football.
  19. They also have Facebook and I don't waste my time with that trash either. Although I do like sliced bread! I guess for me football is enough. Trying to create more "drama" for us to consume is a little lame to me. But anything to increase the revenue stream is OK. I agree with those that are concerned about the distraction during the season. I would like the entire staff focused on the task at hand, not about having to be available for mindless chats with TV people. We all have an opinion. In the end this is all just entertainment.
  20. So your point here is to trade Nelson so we can then go get two "good" guards? Is that what you are saying? Is that the obvious conclusion you came to?
  21. Are you saying you got paid to do this? This data shows we were mediocre at best in areas that count on both sides of the ball. Time of possession is great if you turn it into points, but doesn't really matter if you turn the ball over on downs. And it doesn't really matter when you let other teams throw over the top of you and score TDs with a handful of plays. I do like to look at the pts for and pts against as a pretty easy indicator. Certainly doesn't provide any analytical information about what to improve on. And this is only one game but if we are giving up 28 points a game we will lose a lot of games.
  22. Living that far away attending 6 of the games is pretty good. And you have every right to sell what you don't use. Hope you see some great games this year.
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