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  1. You think Bill would have said that much? I did think if anyone could reign him in it would be the Pats. I also don't think Bill would allow any one player to disrupt the team. Brown had a short leash and he had to jerk on it.
  2. It would seem good vision would be a problem so you are probably over qualified.
  3. It was a great pass. And Campbell was running away from the defender in that crossing route. They made it look easy.
  4. Let's not forget about how things went in San Fran that caused him to leave there to begin with.
  5. I don't think they need to have 30 mil available to not play him, not allow him to suit up or be on the sidelines. I am not exactly sure. I just don't think I would be interested in watching the drama spread. It would be worth the financial loss to protect the rest of the team.
  6. Sunk cost. Is the potential damage he might do to this team worth the possible upside? That is what they would need to determine.
  7. No character issue here! Too bad the guy feels like he is above the team. Great talent - poor character. So which path will he take - will he get his stuff together and be a team player or continue down the road he is on? If I was Mayock/Gruden I would be thinking about cutting him now before he poisons this team. Sometimes its better to cut your loses and move on.
  8. And the only way you reach the top of a mountain is one step at a time. Spending too much time focusing on the top can be overwhelming so you you focus on the obstacle in front of you right now and successfully negotiate it. Then you move on to the next obstacle. Unless you have a helicopter then it is much easier.
  9. An old man was sitting on his front porch when a patrol passed by. About an hour later a Lieutenant walked up and asked the old man some questions. "Did you see any soldiers pass by? How long ago did they pass? What direction were they going? I must find them, I'm their leader!"
  10. They should start selling the Brisket Sandwich in the stadium. I really nope he does well - not just for the team but for him.
  11. What we know is Luck has sacrificed his physical health for this team. To even try to compare this to McDaniels makes no sense. McDaniels never gave ANYTHING for this team. Luck carried this team for a few years and got pounded regularly for it. He suffered severe injuries, including internal injuries. And yet so many people now can just ignore that because their feelings are hurt. I would imagine Luck really did want to play and I am sure this was a very difficult decision for him. McDaniels - not so much. He just had a talk with Billy and Bobby and changed his mind. Simple. McDaniels chose to stay a coach in football. Luck chose to stop playing the game he loved and leave his team mates. That makes this a huge decision for him. Two totally different situations.
  12. I am just not sure who we could get that we think would be better in the short term then Jacoby. Also - why bring in some other guy if he is considered a short term fix? Why even pay the money? If we can't get someone that we think has the potential to take this team to the SB what good would it do to have another journeyman QB?
  13. What's funny with this is that staying in the NFL is the abnormal decision. With all we know about CTE at this point I question the sanity of anyone who wants to play this game professionally. If Luck was concerned about CTE leaving the game would be the only normal decision to make. I for one will not try to decide why he did what he did or why it played out the way it did. Being so concerned that he lied to us, or the front office lied, or he let his team mates down, or anything else is our perception being forced on someone in a situation that most of us couldn't comprehend. I can't imagine playing pro football and the dealing with both the physical and mental abuse. With that someone who has committed so much of their life to the game Luck deserves our compassion to the situation and what he has been dealing with.
  14. Some people just need something to talk about. They need to write an article. I didn't even open it because it doesn't make any sense. Eli is not the answer.
  15. That isn't at all what I am saying. Too many people jump to either one extreme or the other. These guys are making millions to play football. Where is all of the concern for the guy making 40k-50k a year and would like to go see a football game? I don't hear anyone supporting that kind of employee. I am not saying they should earn good living, but I am much more concerned about what is happening to the average people in this country to worry about football players. If they wanted to make more maybe they should have chosen a better paying sport like baseball.
  16. I feel like our running game should be sufficient. Unless you are Barry Sanders much of the running game success is a reflection of the o-line performance. Not to say that anybody can run the ball, but we don't need Elliot, Gurley, Bell, etc, to have a successful running game.
  17. My biggest concern is the league will continue to look for how to get more of the fan's money. I am more concerned about all of us that aren't millionaires or billionaires. As the players make more the league will push more of that cost onto consumers. Owners aren't just going to share more of their money with players. If they agreed to not increase the cost on consumers I would be fine with adjusting the revenue distribution. I just don't think that is reality. I could be wrong.
  18. They are only getting Crack back by Ray Lewis or Leonard because they choose to. I am not for the players or the owners. I think the whole thing is way too expensive and they all just want more. But the players and their union agreed to certain rules in the collective bargaining agreement and then the players sign their individual contracts. So these guys are willing to break two contracts if they don't get what they want. I can tell you I don't go to games, don't buy merchandise, don't pay much attention to commercials during games. I love football, but I hate the big business. That is just me. If you want to pay for all of this stuff to support the millionaires and billionaires that is your choice.
  19. So do you think that the owners just keep that 52% or just maybe are there all sorts of other operational costs that come out of that 52%? What is the real income for the owners? Now I'm not saying that is right either - but it is the agreement the players union made.
  20. Did I say the players' actions are a crime? Are you just as concerned for a factory worker who gets injured for life or a coal miner suffering from black lung disease? Did I say a player should be shamed for standing for higher wages? But as a player when your union signs off on the collective bargaining agreement and then you break that agreement there are consequences. And for the record - I have never asked for a pay raise. 20 years in the military - you don't ask for pay raises. And now 19 years working for 2 large companies as an IT professional and I have gotten good pay raises based on my performance. I make good money and I also know that money isn't everything. Sometimes chasing the almighty dollar will make you less happy rather than more happy. I'm not saying they shouldn't try to maximize their earning potential but I will tell you I can afford to go to a game but I wouldn't because the entire thing (the NFL) is just too expensive. And the player's greed is a part of that as much as the owner's greed. Sign a contract - live by it.
  21. First - these guys choose to play football. I would never tell them to "put their life on the line." My brother is a fireman and actually does put his life on the line. I don't hear anyone here saying they should be allowed to hold out for more money. I spent 20 years in the military. Hold out for more money? Are you kidding? Second - these guys are protected by a union and have the ability to negotiate a contract that is merit based. I don't know many employees that have the luxury of union protections and individual negotiations. The union can always work to improve the situation for player contracts. Third - Every situation is different. I do feel like players are entitled to be paid well for what they do. We are talking about the best of the best in their fields and it is big money entertainment. I disagree with what happened to Earl Thomas. I felt a little uncomfortable with what we did to Peyton. But in the end I don't feel sorry for a guy who makes millions to play a game for a few years.
  22. Trying to equate character issues to "Alpha Male" is apples and oranges. The alpha male is the leader of the pack. Or in our sports world - the leader of the team. Being an alpha male is not in itself bad. It is similar to equating arrogant and cocky guys to confident guys. You can be very confident and not be cocky and arrogant. But we have gotten to a point where we equate these things together and then rationalize the ridiculous behavior. I have seen it on this board before where people say players need to be confident and "x" behavior is just confidence coming out when that is not the case at all. So back to the alpha male - the leader of the team. Not better than the team, not an "all me" kind of a guy. There are so many guys that are more concerned about themselves - they are the character problems on a team.
  23. SOOOOOOO. Tell us what you really think!
  24. Yes - it's pretty funny when you report out that you have nothing to report. We probably could have figured that out from silence.
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