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  1. JB made his own case for a terrible 2nd half. Photo shopping half the Tenn defense from this picture is just wrong.
  2. Football isnt pretty...
  3. ... but not too angry, should the Colts see them in the play-offs... Haha
  4. Ok here goes... JB (friends call him that) Can be slow on reads. And Reich doesn't know this? So expect the dink and dunks with the occasional long ball (to stretch the defense). Reich's (Please don't EVER suggest the offense's nick name should be called "The 3rd Reich") philosophy is MOVE THE CHAINS. And this is exactly what you're going to get (at this time) with JB. So, yes! He is Reich's man to execute Reich's game plan week in week out and lm ok with that.
  5. Didn't post either way but didn't think they could pull it out. Pass the platter please.
  6. I just hope I dont have to turn the volume down before the 2nd qtr...
  7. He also fumbled in 50% of his games. And had more BBs at the line than any Qb that I ever seen. And besides, I wrote (constant) greatness. If you feel he showed that, so be it. Cheers
  8. I can understand using Manning as a yard stick. But I just didn't witness that kind of (consistant) greatness from Luck where he should be used in a comparison.
  9. I'll continue to turn the volume down during his attempts until he gets a few more hits under his belt
  10. 'Cons 31- Colts 15 AV hits all 5 FGs. The Board laments on how it was better when he stunk.
  11. Call me crazy but seeing # 7 escaping the pass rush and getting positive yards reminds me of Bert Jones. Hope he has a healthier career...
  12. Its over. The fat hog has dun sung...
  13. Do what I did. In 1987 l found a Colts jersey which at the time was near impossible to find in S Fl. The # was 33 and has no name on the back. As free agency developed, l decided not to add a name since that player would probably be gone in a couple of years anyway. Its the only jersey I ever needed. And besides, when I go to a game fans offer me refreshments thinking "Look at this pathetic *... Cant even afford a decent jersey." So... Wait... Nevermind
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