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  1. I feel like I lost a member of my family, and I didn't even know him.
  2. I believe Tua will start week one and lead us to the SB. I hope he falls to us. By the way, this has nothing to do with him coming from Hawaii and me being a fan of his since following him in high school.
  3. For the sake of argument, can our personnel switch to a 3-4 or whatever he runs? I doubt we pursue him but I've always liked his imagination.
  4. Good post. Where did you get that fact about the Colts holding the pocket. Never heard of that, but interesting.
  5. Our 6th round pick? I never heard of any of these guys honestly.
  6. I'd go for that. Wish we could do something like that for Andrew as well.
  7. Wow....not one full day into the off season and Ballard is making the right moves already!
  8. As NCF said, that loonnnggg off season begins..... He was asked the question, he gave two short answers. What did you want him to say? They threw the ball to me too much? It's not as if he called a press conference or held court like TO or AB. Frustration at end of season is a good thing. Now they move on to fix things.
  9. I admit I'm at a loss to explain the defense really regressing. Is Moore that valuable? Turay's injury hurt, but he's been gone most of the season and we were doing OK. Somethings been happening lately. Maybe Moore is that valuable. Maybe the rooks hit a wall. But I'm not ready to blame flus yet though. Some were touting him for a head coaching job just earlier this season. I also don't buy this "we don't have talent" either. We have a lot of good young kids on D. Just get the dt, let the kids grow up between year 1 and 2 and we'll be fine. This team is very close to being a contender. We were flat out beat only a couple times. Most of the loses were very winnable but for a couple plays here and there, couple kicks go in, and we would be in the playoffs now.
  10. cbear


    I don't get all the pessimism from some fans either. Crazy injuries, Vinny's out of body year, Luck's retirement, a backup qb, and we were still a play and kick or two from being 10-6, 11-5.
  11. Well, the season is pretty much over, and JB is not someone that I feel comfortable with leading us next year. However, he might improve given his injury healing and possible learning curve, so I still don't feel it's #1. For me it's still DT above all else. We'll already "draft" Campbell, Turay, maybe Funchess. RB is solid. LBs, secondary pretty good. So unless one of the top qbs, fall, go best player available after the dt.
  12. It's pretty miserable here in Hawaii today. 70 and ☔! Still though... Melekalikima and a hou'oli makahiki hou! A blessed Day to all! And a pray for a wonderful New Year!
  13. I agree that Rosen hasn't gotten a fair shake. Thrown into the fire with a bad Arizona team as a rook, team gets impatient and falls in love with Murray. Samething in Miami. If Miami would take a 6 or 7, I'd look into it.
  14. I'm just glad Ballard signs our own and makes sure we have the money to do so.
  15. I readily admit I'd like to see what Kelly can do. And honestly, I wouldn't be all that disappointed if JB comes down with a (ahem..) bad cold. But I still feel you always try to win. And you never know who's going to be good or bad next year.
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