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  1. cbear

    Why do Colts screen plays not work so well?

    That's what it seems like to me as well, but I'd love to see a stat about how many times we do throw screens as compared to other teams and yards per play on those passes.
  2. cbear

    Question About Mack

    The o ly question I have about Mack is durability. He's good in everything else imo. I still think Wilkins is under used.
  3. cbear

    Darius Leonard vs Dwight Freeney

    Freeney. Rookie season only, I still remember thinking I don't think I've seen this type of pass rusher before, especially since so many were down on his size. I remember hoping the opponents would pass!
  4. I'm not too sure. I would have felt better about this if he was brought back as offensive line coach period. But since we just hired one....too many chefs in the kitchen and all that. Trust Reich will work it all out.
  5. Nelson. Leonard. Smith. Turay (surprising). Good to see the recognition.
  6. While nice to get some pub, I still feel that the majority of the media don't know much about specific teams, but instead base most of their opinion on sort of the "general feeling" going on at any one time. We are the flavor of the month right now.
  7. cbear

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    What do you mean by catch rate?
  8. Interesting. I wonder if he would feel the same way if he played him later in the season when he had more experience. I thought he would have said Reid.
  9. Hopefully he can do his magic and/or get the same level headed cooperation he got with Glowinski and his agent and sign a reasonable deal. I like Desir. I think he has good coverage skills. Rarely did I see his man beat him. And like Moore, he likes to tackle. Geathers plays well when down in the box but cover skills lacking and as many have said, injuries are always a concern.
  10. cbear

    Should the Colts extend Ebron?

    Anybody know what his drop rate was per target, something like that? Maybe it's my imagination, but I picture him dropping a lot of passes considering his number of targets. I just don't know about him to be honest. I like to watch plays in slow motion, and when I see that a ball is heading his way, I cringe.
  11. Who did he have the most problems with?
  12. cbear

    Colts hire OL and TE Coaches

    As I have no knowledge and little interest below the coordinater level, I knew no matter who they hired, I wouldn't have a clue who they were, so this met my expectations.
  13. cbear

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    As far as drafting another olineman high, I would hope the stars align and the best player on the board when we pick is an edge rusher!
  14. cbear

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    I'm not sure how cb got glowinsky at that price but it is good value for a player who had one good year. It's almost as if glow was agreeing with cb that he wouldn't ask for more because he knew he hasn't established a long enough resume yet. Whatever, a great signing.
  15. cbear

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    I'm OK with bell from what I've heard. You don't back out of your contract, but playing hardball when you don't have one is fine by me, which I believe is what he's doing. His injuries are concerns though. Brown on the other hand is the worst of TO and Moss in their petulent primes. I hope he never plays here.