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  1. Interesting. I would have thought more like 10 sacks and a penalty a game the way he's graded and folks talk about him. I think I'll go back and actually watch some chargers game from last year.
  2. I would change that to Tevi plays well in training camp and preseason, but still gets beat out by.....then Fisher comes back and we have an abundance of riches. Can dream.
  3. In my scenario, if tevi stared for 5-6 games and we make the playoffs, that would mean we didn't limit our offense. If he does, I'm not sure we make the playoffs.
  4. HA! That must be some chin! No concerns only due to the fact that I haven't heard many say that. In fact, it's the other way around. I also don't think Ballard would have signed him if he had concerns he'd miss the entire season. If he did and still did this, I'd have to reconsider my opinion on him tbh. That's why I'm thinking a couple games at most.
  5. If tevi starts for let's say...5-6 games and we make the playoffs, I think that means he played well. At that point, would we break up the oline to insert fisher? Would be an interesting decision.
  6. I have yet to see anyone say his entire season is up in the air. Part of it..sure. If we're playing the guessing game, I'd say 99% he plays at least 10 games. I wouldn't have signed him for that personally, but I have no concerns he misses the entire season at this point.
  7. Maybe misses 1 or 2 games, fine. Anymore than that, this is an iffy deal. 9.8 mill and he only plays say...10 games and I'd have taken Leno. If anything, I'd rather have gone longer term and at least gotten more games out of him.
  8. Give them both an offer. First one that says yes, sign him! (kidding...sort of).
  9. If Fisher is sound, I'd sign him to a 3 year deal easy. He's not that old, he actually was getting better as time went on (2 pro bowls in last 3 years I think). That gives us 3 years to try and find that 10 year tackle.
  10. If the season was starting tomorrow, I'd be right there panicking with you.
  11. I'm not sure why folks are so worked up over this tbh. Paye slipped to 21. Had to take him there. The tackles were gone by our pick in the second round. Hey, it happens. The ones left after that second round run were equivalent to a vet we can pickup as cuts loom later, but noone was left in the draft that could be our 10 year starter. We'll have to find him later, but the way things fell, it just wasn't going to happen in this draft.
  12. Why are people saying he has drop problems? One horrible game yes, but how many did he have in the others?
  13. No one said we need to draft a 10 year starter now. Would have been nice, but the tackles were gone by 54. So sign one in FA. There will be a lot available especially after final cut down day. With the line we have, we just need an average LT and we still challange for the SB. In the meantime, we wait one month of the regular season, then get someone that would have gone in the first round. It's worth the wait.
  14. I think the future success of Paye is Turay. If Turay does become what we hope after that second off season surgery, Paye will be seen as a solid DE who can set the edge, stop the run and is a decent pass rusher. If we need him to be a dominant pass rusher and judge him that way down the line, I think we might be disappointed.
  15. It's the stigma, not the lack of help imo. Sometimes, it takes spiritual counseling. Sometimes behavior therapy, sometimes medication. Sometimes a simple life change. But unless you think of mental health like you do physical health, it will never be resolved as well as it could be.
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