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  1. IF those infamous "sources" are right, Ballard must have a pretty good idea that he can bring in Stafford or someome of that caliber. No way they would "force Rivers out" without a bird in hand somewhere and I doubt that would be Eason, a rookie or Brissett.
  2. Stafford for our #1 easily (and more if need be). The Colts are ready to win NOW. Too many things can happen if we have to wait even a couple years for a rookie to develop. Besides, the way Ballard finds talent in day two and beyond, I have no problem without a number 1 pick.
  3. Imo, we are already contenders. I'd say only the chiefs are clearly better.
  4. Proof again that we are so fortunate fans don't run this team. We'd be the laughing stock of the league and rightfully so if we dumped Reich. Crazy how emotions affect judgment.
  5. If that affects to a point it affects his future, than he's mentally very weak. I don't see it. My concern is that he still doesn't seem to know how to beat his man.
  6. Best of luck in your future endeavors. Appreciate the effort and your commitment.
  7. There were questions whether rivers could play. Now we know he can. Best year he's had in a while. Sure he's not the long term answer, but even with him at qb next year, I expect us to win the south and be a top 5-7 team.
  8. LOL! Fans... always need to fire or cut someone after a loss
  9. We are way better than we were last off season. Pittman, Buckner, Taylor, Blackmon. Last off season, we were wondering if we'd reach 9-6. Now imo, I'm wondering about contending for the championship.
  10. Only Reich haters would blame him for this loss. He made one questionable call and that the first two point conversion. Colts could have folded after Buffalo went up double digits, but fought back. That's coaching and culture. Buffalo was just a bit better. But we are RIGHT THERE!!
  11. I can live with this loss. Colts are right there with the best in the NFL. Today proved it. Sometimes you just lose. It happens. I expect them to be contenders for quite a while. Season was way better than expectations.
  12. I laughed and cringed at the same time!
  13. Sorry, I don't get it. Please explain.
  14. We knew we were in for a wild ride when he went for the win against Houston. You take the good with the bad I guess.
  15. cbear


    Turay is still a bit of a question mark for me. He's explosive off the line to be sure. You watch in slo-mo and he's always first off the snap. But once he's engaged, he still seems a bit lost imo. I still chalk it up to time missed, but I think one more injury and prolonged missed time and I might call it on him.
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