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  1. Rivers makes Peyton look like Michael Vick. I laugh and cry when watching Rivers scramble.
  2. Actually, I thought we did a decent job of getting pressure on Mayfield. The guy is just very mobile. He avoided 3-4 sacks on his own with his scrambling. Banago has shown nothing imo from day one. Sometimes it seems like he's spying the qb rather than trying to actually sack him!
  3. Our run blocking hasn't been up to par imo. Watching the game in slo-mo, there wasn't a lot of holes in this last game. Also JT is definitely not Marlon Mack yet. Maybe he's anxious, but he seems like he just wants to get what he can, put his head down and not fumble. That's not bad necessarily, but I don't sense he can really break one or if he's looking to try.
  4. Q is just an average pass blocker? Who says and for what period of time? Wilkins always has good numbers, not just in garbage time. Guy just can't seem to get any respect for some reason.
  5. I don't really care if they're meaningless or not. I just like bring ranked highly in every category possible! The good ones I mean.
  6. The most explosive player we have imo. Boy I was looking for some good things this year. Everytime he touches the ball, it was exciting. Hoping for the best for the kid.
  7. He just gets the job done. I still think he could be a starter somewhere. Vision, slight delay, let's play develop, then one cut and bang. Also hardly ever goes down on first contact.
  8. cbear


    Well he was probably in Ballard/Reich plans to be the starter by next year, so I guess he gets an early start.
  9. USA Today has them as the 8th favorite to win the super bowl. I love the hype!
  10. I'd go with that. I think not having your starting qb as a captain is not ideal. Rivers is new, so I get it if the team doesn't know him well enough to elect him, but still would be a good sign if they did.
  11. Anyone that misses as much time as he has, no matter the reason, is a concern imo. At some point, it doesn't really matter what the reasons are, just that he's not available. Not there yet, but yeah...its a concern to me.
  12. Has he signed yet?
  13. I thought Reich's limit was only as an OC up until that play.
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