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  1. Imo, this group is very strong and can't be considered a "weakness" anymore. Not saying their the 49ers or Seahawks in their primes, but I don't cringe anymore when a qb gets a pass off.
  2. Did banogu play? Speed has potential. Fast and reckless (in a good way). I thought Willis and ya-sin were pretty good, but hard to follow secondary plays.
  3. He tried to do an outside speed rush and dip under on one play. I wanted to cry at the attempt.
  4. The bad thing about Turay was he was struggling against inferior competition as well. He seems very indecisive. Almost as if he's thinking "what should I do" as he gets out of his stance.
  5. I said this when we drafted him and since I haven't seen a thing since (was he in the otas and mini camp?), I don't get the infatuation with this guy. I watched every single tape I could find of him in college. Decent with potential is about all I could say. Same with Banogu honestly. I trust cb and the coaches though, so my expectations are still high for them, but as far as college tape, nothing special imo.
  6. Bert Jones....if not for that shoulder injury, who knows what might have been.
  7. I hesitated even adding to this thread except to say it should be locked, buried and forgotten. The longer it gets, the greater the chances it gets picked up as "a report says that blah, blah...". So far at least our local reporters who may read this forum have had the good sense to refrain from giving it more legitimacy. Send me your annoymous emails and I'll post them? And please give me money when you're at it? That's laughable even in this day and age
  8. I thought badgely had one of the best kicking forms of any kicker I've seen in a while. I was actually hoping Vinny would retire that year!
  9. It's the grass is always greener syndrome. Our FA can't be as good as another team's FA. We could sign 10 of our own, but if we don't sign someone from another team, inevitably some fans will complain about us not signing any FAs.
  10. At first I thought he did something new. But since not, this really shouldn't change anyone's opinion of him imo. I still want to know what about him makes him worth so many chances.
  11. Sorry, the memories of a couple years ago still haunt me. Until there is video evidence of Luck throwing some deep balls, I'm thinking setback and cover up!!! I'm kidding, but not really.
  12. cbear

    Day one OTAs

    Anybody have any updates on days 2 and 3? Or is the media barred? Can't even find tweets on them from the usual Colts reporters.
  13. cbear

    Day one OTAs

    Thanks CR for the updates! Please keep them coming if you can for the upcoming sessions.
  14. We didn't address an interior disrupter in the draft. Maybe Ballard gambled on this happening? Either way, he should correct that problem now. Need to take that pocket apart from the inside. Imo, our current crop can't do that consistently.
  15. Would have kept him over one of the young guys. We have enough potential type guys (and I include funchess as he hasn't been very consistent). Needed a proven sure handed guy who won't drop that crucial 3rd down pass. Now we absolutely need those young guys to be the real thing.
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