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  1. Has he signed yet?
  2. I thought Reich's limit was only as an OC up until that play.
  3. Life of a typical nfl player. Get drafted, play for four years with that team if you're lucky, then you start over somewhere else. Disciplined cap mgt by GM as well. You don't get anything else unless you're really good and hooker was borderline at best. Add the injury factor and not a surprise imo.
  4. One more edge rusher. Just not sure about banogu.
  5. So other than the stories floating about, can someone point to documented incidents that question his personality. Did he get into a fight, suspension, pull a moss, booze it up on instagram, anything?
  6. There's no way Mack is happy. But his reaction is not surprising given the type of players Ballard selects. Good on him. And on Reich for communicating with him right away.
  7. So... is he out for the year or not? Can't find anything official.
  8. Is Eason or fromm worth it here? Or we could get someone better next year?
  9. After the season. I think he'll have another solid year, even with splitting carries. Then see what happens.
  10. Campbell seems to be almost forgotten. To me we drafted 2 WRs for next year. With Rivers behind our online, this could easily be a top 5 offense.
  11. Would Mack have asked for that much money? This was a good business move as we have a running back on the cheap for 4 years, but unless Mack were to get hurt, I can't see how it makes us better now.
  12. That would be the only position the Colts could take that would truly be disappointing. We have a top 5 running game (with hardly a passing game to mention). We better not take a rb that high.
  13. Unfortunately, he didn't show much on tape in college or the NFL regarding his pass rush skills imo. Run defense, setting the edge, frankly I didn't watch much, so have little idea of his skills there. But purely as a pass rusher, not much. However, I thought the same of Turay in his rookie year and it looked like he was heading to a pretty good second year, so maybe the same thing happens with banogu.
  14. This signing fits so perfectly, I was almost certain we'd read he was signed by another team! Great job cb
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