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  1. Walk around in a Hanes t-shirt with a big Q on the back. Someone will get the hint!
  2. Honestly, I would think twice about re-signing him. Can't chance he might leave again. That being said, why still harbor such resentment for someone who has done so much for this team? Just because he reached a breaking point you don't think you would have reached? I'm glad he looks happy.
  3. Assume this includes last night's game? By the way, Turay was really coming along, but I don't think he was playing that fierce....yet! ;)
  4. You know it's a bad call (in your mind) if you can say it was a bad call even if it results in a big gain. That was one such play imo for reasons stated. Funny, but I think as a fan there are probably several calls a game you could pick out like that. We just remember the ones with the bad results.
  5. Personally I hate zone defense, and I do think we have guys that can play man. I still dream of those crazy Baltimore lineups across the D line and those crazy blitzes. You can get burned but it is exciting to watch!
  6. I don't think all that much changed except the down four just did a better job. Maybe it was because they didn't have to worry about the run. I don't think coverage was the main reason. Mahomes had much less time to throw period. It wasn't like there was a lot of pressure due to coverage. I see a lot of talk about Odum and his stop and that Hooker may not have been able to do that. To be fair, let's talk about the 3 and 28 touchdown that had Odum turned the wrong way. Would Hooker have made an interception instead? Either way, let's hope we see this type of pressure from the front four here on out.
  7. Thanks.....my bad. I was thinking about Walden.
  8. They didn't have to worry about the run. I would think it frees you up when you just have to rush the passer on pretty much every play.
  9. Ditto to all. Not a knock on JB, but he is a game manager, not a game changer, and in fairness to him, we still have Luck on the brain. I admit thinking more than once we'd be unstoppable with this running game with Luck back there.
  10. Imo, Banogu looked lost as a pass rusher in college and so far in his limited snaps as a pro. Hoping for the best but not getting my hopes up.
  11. Muhummad will get turays snaps, and he is very underrated imo. We need to replace his snaps. Also sheard had double digit sacks last year iirc, so he's no slouch. Resign Phillips and hope banogu gets a clue.
  12. As happy as I am, I'm losing faith in this passing game. In fact everytime we go more than 10-15 yards down field, I'm crossing my fingers. Haven't watched the coaches angle replay yet, but my gut feeling is that it's not the WRs.
  13. We just need to rush the qb better. That's it. Has nothing to do with cover shell, DB depth, nothing. IMO, if we could pressure the qb better all the other problems go away.
  14. They may have edited in that scream, but it's still a great piece of video.
  15. I give any modern day athlete a ton of credit if they speak using proper grammer. How refreshing!
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