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  1. As Colts fan, we've been on the other end of that experience before and it sucks. Loved beating the Texans, but never want to see anyone get hurt.
  2. I feel for the Texans; they were decimated by injuries today over the course of the game.
  3. I just want to publicly eat some crow re: Brissett. I've been skeptical/critical the past 2 games, and he came out, without much of a running game today, and put in a career performance. Jacoby Brissett was 26/39 (66.67%) for 326 yards (8.4 YPA), 4 TD, 0 INT, and 126.7 rating. Career highs in passing yards, passing TDs, and passer rating. Yeah, the Texans secondary is banged up, but almost everyone is in the NFL at this point. Keep it up JB. That will be enough to win in this league every week.
  4. Just fall on it next time. I didn't ignore them. He had a good bounce-back drive there. Hit his wide-open guys like he should've. See above.
  5. He had been fine. The problem is, that down counts. I'm not giving him passes for the bad plays anymore.
  6. Brissett is still the same mediocre guy that led the league in fumbles in '17. Been holding my tongue on the guy for a while. When teams force the Colts to pass, the Colts will lose.
  7. It's literally painful to watch the Broncos offense. On a side note, they are not a very well-coached team. The whole organization is giving off a very amateurish vibe right now. Really bizarre to witness. To call Joe Flacco a statue in the pocket would be an insult to statues; they're more mobile than Joe. I would be shocked if the Broncos don't start a fire sale.
  8. That bad hammy has to be bothering him. He has definitely regressed. PFF season grade currently sitting at a woeful 52.7. Moore hasn't been as strong either, grading out at a 64.2. Wilson: 43.1 (yikes) Ya-Sin: 61.5 Overall, it's been a rough year for the CBs. 2 of the safeties, on the other hand, have been quite good. Willis: 70.8 (good) Hooker: 76.1 (good)
  9. Friday will be the key practice to watch, for sure. Think they're probably just getting maximum rest. I agree that no Desir and no Moore would be bad news. On the flip side, if Hooker can play, that is tremendous news.
  10. Do you remember the podcast? I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. If he was doing his job, he wouldn't have his defensive snap counts significantly reduced. Furthermore, his PFF grade is an abysmal 49.4. Hunt was absolutely destroyed in the Raiders game.
  11. In 5 games, he has 1 tackle (solo) on the season. Here's his snap count: LAC - 35 TEN - 28 ATL - 36 OAK - 19 KAN - 15 It's clear that his snap count is being reduced. He has not been playing well this year. He hasn't produced a tackle (not even an assist) since TEN.
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