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  1. zibby43

    Interesting draft analysis from Rob Rang

    Wow. Fantastic read. Would highly recommend reading the entire piece. Great statistics and schematic analysis to back up claims and grades. Very rare to find something this in-depth these days. Thanks for sharing.
  2. zibby43

    Colts Draft ZAIRE FRANKLIN LB Syracuse

    McGlinchey is 68. He’s the LT taken in the first round by San Fran. That’s who did the horn locking I mentioned. Nelson is 56.
  3. zibby43

    Colts Draft ZAIRE FRANKLIN LB Syracuse

    I saw McGlinchey lock horns with him from when ND played the Orange back in '16. Haven't seen Nelson jaw with him on tape yet.
  4. I didn't miss the point my friend. I just happened to disagree with it. The crux of your argument, which you reiterate above, is that Nelson is not a play maker or game changer or "difference maker." I respectfully disagree, and the tape don't lie. To compare Nelson to any offensive lineman drafted by Grigson, including Kelly, is to miss the mark. Nelson was one of the best players in the entire draft, irrespective of position. And I disagree that elite OGs in today's NFL are overrated from a value perspective. QBs are now being smothered with pressure up the middle, a point I alluded to in my initial response. The ability to take away an opponent's ability to be multi-dimensional with the pass rush is a game changing factor. Nelson is also the best pulling OG in the Draft. With the scheme our new coaching staff is employing, the ability for powerful, athletic OL to execute pulling blocks is essential. If you still disagree with everything I've set out above after reviewing the tape and studying the scheme our new coaching staff plans to employ, then I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. You're 100% entitled to your opinion, and I respect the fact that you decided to share it. We all don't have to think alike on here. Discussion makes a message board. Take care bud.
  5. Absolutely 100% correct. Once "exotic" A-gap and double A-gap blitzes are virtually routine now. I want some nasty interior OL that are going to dispatch of those pass rushers with extreme prejudice; Nelson (and Kelly) will be happy to oblige.
  6. As someone that has watched Nelson play every game the past 2 years, I can say that I'm very low on your ability to evaluate offensive line talent. With all the pressure that comes up the middle in today's NFL, and with the need to have talented guards that can pull to create a rushing offense, Nelson has the ability to make a gigantic impact. He's going to help protect the franchise QB and hopefully he's going to help create a respectable running attack for the first time in the past 5-6 years. In other words, cheer up. Oh, and go watch some tape. Not 4-minute YouTube highlight reels. Entire games.
  7. zibby43

    John Simon Interview

    I don't think he meant a "power conference" in that it is stacked with teams that play "power schemes." I think he just meant it's a strong conference now; all the teams are talented. The AFC South used to be one of the worst conferences in the league, a reality which was alluded to immediately before the "power conference" comment.
  8. zibby43

    Colts Re-Sign RB Christine Michael

    A whale with a tusk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narwhal
  9. zibby43

    Jack Mewhort

    Yep, I'm with ya. Agree 100% on Mewhort. At the right price, he is at least giving everything he has.
  10. zibby43

    Jack Mewhort

    From what I have heard (from a variety of reliable sources that cover our beloved Colts), Moncrief is 99.9% gone. I believe JMV alluded to the fact that Ballard was very, very disappointed with how Moncrief played in a contract year, irrespective of the QB circumstances. The sentiment on Moncrief is that he is a "fraud" in the sense that he has all the measurables you'd want from an NFL WR, but is sorely lacking in the "game" and production categories. I mean, Moncrief lost snaps to Aiken. -=Shudders=-
  11. And, regarding the biceps, there is this:
  12. zibby43

    Welcome Coach Reich!!

    In the PC, Reich mentioned that prior to the playoffs commencing, he spoke to his agent and told him he wasn't going to take any texts or calls related to job interviews. Reich "went dark" so he could totally prepare for the Eagles' playoff games. Hope that helps.
  13. zibby43

    Welcome Coach Reich!!

    Wow. Reich dominated that presser. Incredibly impressed. Blew away my expectations.
  14. zibby43

    Official: Nick Sirianni hired as Colts' OC

    It's official.