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  1. This just seems like normal "bottom-of-the-roster" churning in order to ensure depth and continued competition. I'm not really excited about any of these guys. I'm not displeased, either. Sometimes there's a quality guy out there because another team had incredible depth at a certain positions group, but, typically, these guys are available for a reason.
  2. It’s not a run-of-the-mill high ankle sprain. Why do people keep referring to it as such? That’s one of the easiest injuries to diagnose via MRI.
  3. He stuck out over and over again . . . for all the wrong reasons. Hairston - Yikes, the dude just looked lost sometimes. Positives: Tell and Ya-Sin both looked very dialed in and competitive. Mixed bag: Odum. He's physical, but relies on speed he doesn't have in coverage.
  4. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Is this what you're referring to? https://www.colts.com/news/2019-coltscamp-notebook-day-11-putting-in-final-preparations-for-bills Surprised none of the other beat writers have investigated this further.
  5. I have not seen one source that indicates AV is injured.
  6. I was going to say, if they were basing this off of official team boards like this one, the Colts would win. There may be a few eccentric folks here, but there is absolutely no colorful language, and I think that is very classy and a reflection of the awesome administrators and moderators on the staff.
  7. Average number of profane words per 10 subscribers on each team's subreddit. That's how it's calculated. It's just a bit of fun, not a peer-reviewed study.
  8. Was hoping we wouldn't appear on this list . . .
  9. zibby43

    TC day 6

    I viewed it much differently. He got the initial separation he needed and the throw was about an entire century late, allowing the missed swipe to even happen in the first place. In the NFL, you rarely get readily apparent "visual" separation in man-to-man situations.
  10. I think this one is pretty straightforward. Rock and Desir at CB. Moore at the Nickel, where he excels and can be utilized as a blitzer. Wilson will be the Dime.
  11. Had an 89.1 grade as a pass rusher with PFF last year. Here's your splash, folks.
  12. And rhymes with Desir. Well played.
  13. Both are talented. I'm a little worried that Metcalf has maxed out his frame. He's a little stiff when running routes, too. If you compare Metcalf's last full season to Boykin's, Boykin outproduced him. I don't know anything about Metcalf's leadership potential, but you see what happened with the locker room when you added ND guys like Farley and Nelson. All you have to do is watch the current ND roster's reaction to Boykin's performance to understand what he meant to his team last year. Character and leadership are huge, underrated intangibles when you're approaching locker room construction in the manner Ballard is.
  14. And I think we could snag him early in the 2nd round. He is a high-character guy, extremely intelligent (ND product), had a great final season in college, and just put up incredible numbers at the combine today. 4.4 speed at 6'4", 220 lbs with outstanding leaping ability (huge catch radius), quickness, and agility. Led all WRs in the 3-cone drill.
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