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  1. I'll mention a breakout from a new addition no one talks about much: Sheldon Day. People are going to be surprised by his production.
  2. Kid has blazing speed and excellent ball skills. So many CBs struggle with turning to find the ball. Rodgers becomes a WR when the ball is in the air. Think he has the potential to be a great backup Nickel early in his career. This was one of my favorite picks in this class, TBH.
  3. I am really, really impressed by his ability to play the ball in the air. It just looks effortless for him to turn and find it when running at full speed. Many CBs struggle with that. Here's a nice interview with Rodgers: Every single one of the picks this year seems extremely bright and well-spoken.
  4. Steal. Cannon laser rocket arm.
  5. Seems like a reach to me, which is probably why Ballard was so confident in trading down from 75.
  6. I'm happy with Buckner, but there's no doubt that the 49ers ended up getting tremendous value out of that trade. That being said, time will still tell who the ultimate winner was.
  7. Kenny just put together something he liked. Totally unofficial.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I think the Colts are very fortunate to have one of the few true "classic" uniforms in the league (top 10 uniform, easily) and I don't want to see any significant color/style changes to the helmet or uniform. Only change I would like to see is removing the captain's patch from the armpit of the jersey. Colts were the only team I saw with this awkward placement. This placement (nearer the chest, as opposed to the armpit) looks much better:
  9. You're right about his play in the XFL. That said, the level of competition compared to what he would face as an NFL starter is drastically lower. It's more akin to the 4th quarter of an NFL preseason game.
  10. SIAP: Rivers is pumped about coming to Indy, says his favorite movie is "Hoosiers."
  11. We just got a 25-year-old All-Pro at a crucial position on the defense.
  12. Darius could believe in Santa, but that doesn’t mean he’d be the answer at QB.
  13. “We’re having too many,” Ballard accurately states. I've been banging this drum for a long time now. I believe the Colts have always realized that this is an issue, as well. There are some folks here that just simply refused to believe it - that old "all teams have injuries" routine lol. When you're in the bottom half of the league for 10 consecutive years, and near dead-last in 4 of those years, there's a problem. There just is. I would love to see the injury breakdown in terms of location (home/away) and type of surface.
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