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  1. How bad did it look when AC got hurt again and the Colts rolled with Holden and Veldheer in the crucial stretch of the season? Veldheer was signed off the couch. Quite literally. Most teams would kill to have 4 high-quality OL. Just try to keep that in perspective.
  2. Agreed. I like this pick more than the Paye pick, TBH. This kid would've been a 1st rounder without the freak injury. Position versatility? Check. Freakish physical traits? Check. Desire to run through a brick wall and walk through hell with a gasoline suit on? Check!
  3. I have the projected success rate as more variable and based on several factors, including position, round/spot selected, and the scheme being drafted into. Lawrence is in no way a 50/50 draft selection. He could flame out. But the probability of him flaming out is less than 50%. Now, other QBs that are selected further down in the 1st round? The potential flame-out percentage can jump to as high as 66% (historically, anyway).
  4. Another EDGE with traits and limited actual rush skills/sack production. If he hits, great. But this is no more than a 50/50 for me, at best.
  5. How many of you would trade Wentz, #21, and a 2023 2nd for Rodgers? The compensation will be fascinating with Rodgers’ determination to sit out rather than return. (Not going to happen, I know, but a man can dream?)
  6. You’re given an allotment. For example, you can select $450 worth of stuff from the store on the shopping spree. He took the full allotment. And then took $300 more. “As a reward for qualifying for the 2016 Belk Bowl, Arkansas players were given $450 to spend in a Belk shopping spree. However, Arkansas TE Jeremy Sprinkle was cited by police at the event for shoplifting nearly $300 worth of additional items, causing him to be suspended for the bowl game.”
  7. In college, he allegedly stole $300 worth of merchandise after his team was given a free shopping spree as part of the bowl gift package at the Belk Bowl. We all did dumb things when we were younger, but that's kind of a red flag for me.
  8. Extremely high-character. Could not be more of a locker room fit. Also has a high motor. A little quicker/more athletic than Autry. Nice rotational depth. Motor on display:
  9. I'll take "Things I Never Expected, Ever" for $400, please.
  10. It’s okay. We have Ben Banogu. Whoever that is.
  11. Man, I knew Taylor had a special rookie season, but my jaw was on my desk seeing all of his physicality and speed progress as the season went on. Kid is going to be special.
  12. You know what would've gone really well with this thread?
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