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  1. “We’re having too many,” Ballard accurately states. I've been banging this drum for a long time now. I believe the Colts have always realized that this is an issue, as well. There are some folks here that just simply refused to believe it - that old "all teams have injuries" routine lol. When you're in the bottom half of the league for 10 consecutive years, and near dead-last in 4 of those years, there's a problem. There just is. I would love to see the injury breakdown in terms of location (home/away) and type of surface.
  2. For being selected at #15, I would've expected more from Hooker by this point. If he doesn't have a Pro Bowl or near Pro Bowl-caliber season next year (All Pro is a pipe dream), I don't think he'll get re-signed. My three would be: 1) Smith (starting RTs of this caliber aren't easy to find), 2) Okereke (outplayed Roquan Smith), and 3) Walker (this ended up being great value and production). Honorable mention: Willis.
  3. You’re probably absolutely right. That said, this is the first quote that we have seen that conveys the fact that, at least a part of Andrew is/was unhappy/sad with the decision, in some facet. The fact that he is lamenting the fact that he bailed on an offensive scheme that he thought was “good” is an indicator, no matter how small, that he still cares about football. Just my opinion though. I think it’s a 1% chance he returns at some point. And I always thought that was the percent chance he’d retire before age 32.
  4. Anybody have further context for this?
  5. Has this already been posted? Was also from today, before Irsay's tweet. Hope is a funny thing.
  6. You won't be thinking that when Claypool runs in the 4.5 range at 6'4" and 229 lbs with an 80" wingspan at the combine. He is going to be a weapon of a WR in the NFL. Agree on Pinkney though.
  7. Great piece by colts.com's very own contributor, Jake Arthur (check him out on Twitter; good guy with good content). https://www.colts.com/news/pro-football-focus-evaluations-2019?fbclid=IwAR2BsZBfkaBTfjeQ-Ci44wXqBKIhd6fes1M7cB4eOylYfmWIj9UtGo6zn6I Here's a snippet (the top performers who were in the top 15 in the NFL at their respective position groups): Guard Quenton Nelson (G2, 91.2) Edge defender Justin Houston (ED11, 87.0) Offensive tackle Anthony Castonzo (OT5, 81.3) Offensive tackle Braden Smith (OT7, 79.8) Linebacker Darius Leonard (LB7, 78.8) Linebacker Bobby Okereke (LB8, 77.3) Kick returner Nyheim Hines (KR4, 77.0) Punter Rigoberto Sanchez (P5, 73.4) Center Ryan Kelly (C6, 73.0) Kicker Chase McLaughlin (K10, 68.2)
  8. If you draft a QB this year, and you think he is talented, you want a *great veteran* to be able to teach him. Jacoby, for all the things he does well, is not the guy I'd want mentoring the future QB. Not enough experience. Hoyer would not be that guy either. This is the only path that makes sense (signing a proven veteran and drafting a QB) if the Colts are serious about upgrading QB for now, and the future, this year.
  9. Not even close. Derk Carr has a higher career QB rating than Andrew Luck lol. Career QB Rating (* denotes leader): Luck - 89.5 Carr - 90.7* And when it comes to QBR in 2019 . . . Brissett - 52.1 Carr - 63.7* In terms of the "eye test," Carr makes more "wow" throws in the first 6 minutes and 20 seconds of this 2019 highlight video than Jacoby Brissett has made his entire career as a Colt.
  10. If you actually know what you're talking about when evaluating QBs, they are. Various aspects of mechanics have been broken down and quantified, so that there can be a science to evaluating and comparing various aspects of mechanics. Example: "The best metric for quarterbacks is load to arrival (LTA) because it is the best practical representation of their “arm strength,” but more importantly their mechanics. The event begins just after ball carriage, which occurs during drop back phase, and ends at the arrival at the target. There are 2 major paths that improve LTA; a level head and sequencing." My initial intent was to have a civil conversation, until your flippant comment about "style points." Was trying to share information on here. All you've done is ended up being insulting and putting your own ignorance of modern evaluation techniques on display.
  11. Tommy Kraemer is returning to Notre Dame. He's not in the draft.
  12. Well I was trying to be polite initially, but I guess I’m going to have to be frank. I know your version of scouting consists of looking up a guy’s traditional stats on ESPN.com, whereas the rest of the collegiate and NFL world have moved on to PFF and PFO advanced analytics and grading. And I know you wouldn’t know the difference between good mechanics and bad mechanics if Peyton Manning sat you down and explained the difference for an hour. But, these are merely 2 examples of scouting metrics that are more relevant than any traditional statistic.
  13. If someone is going to rely on traditional statistics (which aren't the best metric anyway), and that someone is going to hold that season against him (which is fair), then that same someone has to give him credit for his incredible '18 season, too.
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