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  1. Do you know the story of Wally Pipp? Because that's basically what I just said my man haha!
  2. You are correct. I know for a fact that wasn’t the case. And I’ve got a pretty good source
  3. Texans making their push for Bieniemy.
  4. Another potential Eberflus destination off the board.
  5. That phrasing wasn't the most awkward phrasing I've ever seen, but it wasn't the least awkward either.
  6. Rivers put up 24 points (would've been 34 with the made 33-yarder and Pittman hauling in the 4th down pass) against the Bills D. The reigning MVP, who was ranked 7th in QBR for 2020, did virtually nothing against the Bills. And yet, half of Colts nation is trying to run Rivers out of town because "mobility." Not to mention the fact that he played half of the season with a broken toe/foot that may need to be surgically repaired.
  7. Eason has impressed the entire coaching staff and front office since becoming a Colt. All accounts are that he has kept his mouth shut and worked his tail off. He arrives early, stays late, and is active with asking questions in the film room. In sum, has raved about his work ethic and professionalism. The unknown is, how does Eason play in a game against other NFL players? That's a crucial unknown that won't be answered until the preseason.
  8. It's a definite possibility. Tyson Campbell from UGA could be there at #21. He was teammates with Surtain (#1 overall CB in the draft) in HS. I could see 2 things happening: 1) Colts draft either an EDGE or CB in Round 1, and an OT in Round 2. 2) Ballard re-signs Rivers for a 1-year deal, then goes for his franchise QB by trading up to the top 10 for someone like Wilson or Lance. Ballard actually drops some pretty big hints in his press conferences. The last two years, he has talked about how much he believes in building the trenches, and the
  9. OT Alex Leatherwood from Alabama in Round 2. Allows Colts to address Edge or CB in Round 1.
  10. Rankings are one thing, but teams draft in accordance to need and position depth as well. I like to give my own grades to guys, but in terms of actually projecting where a guy will be taken in the draft, I've seen Eichenberg go anywhere from the 20s to early 30s. "With this being Eichenberg’s last game, I felt it prudent to analyze his draft stock with the season coming to a close. Although Eichenberg has played well this season, it feels like his draft stock remains a 2nd round tackle. He could push into the late first-round territory, but an early Day 2 selection feel
  11. Veldheer is with the Packers now. He looks to be in “hired gun” mode at this point in his career. Colts had a chance to sign him to the active roster and they passed, likely knowing the AC retirement was coming. On Eichenberg, he won’t fall past 34th overall. Too much excellent tape at a critical position.
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