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  1. Heading into the Bengals game, the Colts had the #1 passing defense in the league. In both yards and pass efficiency defense. You've got high standards my man.
  2. I think Hilton is still getting great separation and running great routes. Age hasn't slowed him down one bit in that regard, IMHO. I think the Colts are misusing him. And he's constantly having to move around in the offense to combat the onslaught of WR injuries. If Reich was more committed to the vertical passing game, and letting Hilton do what he does best, I think you'd see better numbers. My sole issue with T.Y. this year has been drops. If the Colts aren't committed to signing him, an offense with a QB/approach dedicated to slinging i
  3. Totally understand and respect where you're coming from, but in T.Y.'s case, his contract is up at the end of the season, and he's not going to be taking any "hometown" discounts to stay a Colt (in what might be his last NFL contract), and the Colts cannot afford to pay him like a #1 when he's not producing (traditional stats aren't there, and he's ranked in the upper 60s range with PFF this season).
  4. He's played 6 games as a Colt. Give him some time to build some rapport with the WRs (who are constantly being re-shuffled with injuries) and the rest of the offense. No preseason this year. The throws he made today will translate. Reich just has to keep being aggressive with the vertical passing game.
  5. I think this is why Reich wasn't on Ballard's original interview list.
  6. Rivers threw a beautiful deep ball to Hilton in the end zone a few weeks ago (unfortunately, it was dropped). He threw 2 more to Dulin and Johnson against the Browns. Rivers may have trouble zipping out routes like he used to, but I've seen nothing to suggest he has lost anything on deep shots and 50/50 balls.
  7. Respectfully, I could not disagree more with this take. Nelson re-anchors and once he becomes the lowest man, he drives Garrett back with power and balance.
  8. Aaron Banks is currently a LG at ND, and there are rumblings within the program that if he decides to come back next year, Kelly will give him the opportunity to slide out and play LT to put a year of tape out there at that position. Something to watch in the future at the G position and having someone with the physicality and athleticism to play multiple positions.
  9. Just to provide context, all players get in work during individual drills. To the last healthy man in a position group. That’s why those drills exist. Definitely not new, but I can see how people are interpreting it that way with how Keefer framed it. He’s trying to drum up excitement, which is his job. Now, if Eason were taking part in *team* offensive reps today, that’d be an interesting development.
  10. In law school I took both professional and amateur sports law courses. Trust me, they exist. And if you don't trust me, Google is your friend. (Hint: They're not commonplace in the NFL, but can be found in veteran contracts. https://nfltraderumors.co/jimmy-grahams-contract-with-bears-includes-no-trade-clause/)
  11. Wait a second. A few weeks ago, Rivers was leading the league in completion percentage (he's currently 6th behind Carr, Bridgewater, Wilson, Goff, and Brees). He's currently 12th in the league in YPA (Brissett finished 29th in 2019). And after 1 bad half against the Browns on the road, people are seriously ready to jettison him and start a rookie who played 1 full season as a CFB starter? The pick 6 was atrocious. I get it. But c'mon man. If Rivers has 2 games (4 full halves) of looking like he did for that bad half in Cleveland, then I'm open
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