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  1. They lose this game, and it’s lights out on the season. So embarrassing.
  2. A turnover-worthy throw is a pass that deserves to be intercepted, regardless of whether it is. It’s an advanced metric to grade QBs. The INT against the Rams wasn’t turnover-worthy. Donald blew up the play after the shovel pass was in the air. Doyle was knocked down and the INT happened. I am assuming that was what you were getting at. Hope that helps. Although, in my defense, your reply didn’t leave me much to go on.
  3. Stallworth’s face is on a milk carton at W. 56th street. Guy has been virtually non-existent this year.
  4. Love it when everything PFF says supports what my eyes told me. Reed is good in the running game, but allowing 4 pressures from the LG spot is exactly why he’s a backup-level player. Buckner has been very quiet from a getting-home perspective this year. LBs played their best game of the year yesterday, but even that isn’t saying much.
  5. Colts are stuck with a broken QB. Have to engineer a top 10 pick. This is the worst QB class I can ever remember. Stuck in QB purgatory.
  6. We are playing like we are scared that Brissett will carve us up with arm talent. Even in the running bail out technique at times. I’m at a loss for words.
  7. “Probably not looking good for Quenton this week,” Colts head coach Frank Reich said. “I’m not ready to rule him out or anything like that, he’s a quick healer, but we’re probably not optimistic about this week.” I’m sorry for thinking going from this to IR in 3 days is hilarious. I don’t care if they don’t tell us anything. Just don’t insult our intelligence. I respect Bill B. even more now.
  8. The disconnect between what this team communicates publicly and what actually happens has reached farcical levels.
  9. He is being pressured on 47.5% of his dropbacks, the most in the league. That’s simply unacceptable with the money invested in this OL. I actually have no problem with Wentz holding the ball when he’s extending plays and moving out of the pocket. But that tactic is not what is pumping up the league-leading pressure rate, IMO. The tackles have been dreadful, and so have Kelly/Glowinski at various points.
  10. I laughed a bit and cried a bit when I read your guess was QB hits. Gotta get that fixed.
  11. He has only been responsible for 2% of the pressures he has faced this season, which is #1 among all 34 qualifying QBs. Per PFF. He’s not running into pressure, he’s not holding the ball too long, etc. It’s the protection - or lack thereof. And I say protection because the OL, TEs, RBs, and coaching staff all have some blame here.
  12. That’s 100% a valid counterpoint. At least Hundley has done it in a real NFL game before, however. His road passer rating in 2017 was 91.7. He just has a lot of composure. I think he can win the Colts a game.
  13. This may be an unpopular opinion, but when Hundley did play this preseason, outside his first terrible pick 6, I thought he looked the best of any of the QBs in terms of running the offense. Jacob Eason will not be on the Colts past his rookie contract. He has mega physical tools, but the same things he struggled with in college, he struggles with now. But the penalty for slow processing in the NFL is infinitely harsher.
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