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  1. bertjones7

    Tampering is upon us!

    What was the tweet? It has been deleted.
  2. bertjones7

    Hidden DT gem after round 1

    Huge Canes fan here. Random info - Landon Collins and Gerald Willis are brothers. Willis was elite hs recruit that had issues at Florida and transferred to Miami. - He played 2016 at Miami was basically in a 3 man rotation at DT with Kendrick Norton and RJ McIntosh. - He was suspended for 2017 season and matured a great deal while sitting out. - 2018 was an absolute breakout year. He finally put everything together and was a total stud on the field. - With his past off the field history combined with missing the senior bowl and combine due to injuries, Colts might be able to get a 1st rd talent in the 2nd rd.
  3. Jaylon Smith’s injury was much more severe. He tore ligaments and suffered nerve damage. There were questions if the nerve would regenerate and he would be able play in the NFL. ACLs are much more common and a solid history of players coming back to full speed or near full speed. Achilles is worse than a ACL as well
  4. bertjones7

    Latest WalterFootball Mock

    I live in Delaware and went to university of Delaware and follow the program. Wes Hills was a talented rb for the blue hens but was academically ineligible so transferred to Slippery Rock. Had a big season there and was just MVP of the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. Also has had a pretty good week at senior bowl.
  5. Obviously colts & other teams will need to due their due diligence. I will say having actual video proof of an incident causes much more scrutiny and media backlash. For instance, folks that closely follow hs recruiting and college football were very aware of the joe Mixon incident and the unreleased video. When the video was released and started showing up on TV etc.... the Joe Mixon incident became a much bigger deal. Ray Rice & Kareem Hunt incidents also were viewed very differently once the videos were released. Right or not, violence is viewed very differently when people actual see it vs just reading a report about it.
  6. I posted something similar in a thread a few weeks ago but thought this warrants it’s own thread. Would the colts even have Simmons on their draft board? Simmons was a HS AA & had a Joe Mixon type incident HS (check out 28 sec mark of video below) . Mullen & Miss st allowed him to enroll. He is a stud on the field but might drop in draft once his story & video hits the mainstream media.
  7. Gerald Willis is recovering from an injury and pulled out. He didn’t play in the bowl game either. Supposedly nothing too serious.
  8. I follow hs recruiting pretty closely and am a huge Canes fan. Simmons and Willis both had terrific years but have had off field issues in the past that might cause them to drop in the draft. Simmons was a HS AA & had a Joe Mixon type incident HS (check out 28 sec mark of video below) . Mullen & Miss st allowed him to enroll. He is a stud on the field but might drop in draft once his story hits the mainstream media
  9. bertjones7

    Post your Colts Christmas Swag

    I wanted to buy this Mitchell & Ness Peyton Manning Throwback "Tshirt" in white, but I need a Medium. Can't find it anywhere in that size. If anyone knows where to get one, please let me know. Thanks
  10. bertjones7

    Roster Moves 11/13/2018

    Lenzy was released by lions.
  11. bertjones7

    Antonio Garcia - OT

    I really like this move. It is low risk move with a potential payoff if he returns to form (& health). He is someone I thought highly of in last year’s draft. He played very well against Clemson and at the senior bowl. Weighed in at 293 at senior bowl and 303 at combine.
  12. bertjones7

    Wed injury report

    Haha. Sometimes fought to keep track with all of the moves. They added him at CB a couple of weeks ago after he was released by the saints.
  13. bertjones7

    Polian and Dakich

    I agree. Polian doesn’t value the guard position as highly. Also our moves in free agency will greatly influence our draft priorities.
  14. bertjones7

    Today's Tryouts

    Bausby has a really good off season with eagles and at 1 point was pushing for starting job in camp. As the preseason played out he fell behind other guys including last year’s 2nd rd pick Sidney Jones. Josh Shaw has never really impressed me. Good measurables that never really translated to the field IMO.