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  1. If I was a Jags fan, drafting Fournette ahead of Mahomes or Watson (when Bortles was your starting qb) would drive me insane.
  2. Sat 10/5 Utah St at LSU. Excited to see both Love and Burrow.
  3. It is amazing what a change in offense can do. I watched LSU several times last year and the entire offense including Burrow struggled against good comp. He had like a 57% completion after transferring from Ohio St. With that being said LSU has had an antiquated system for years. He looks like a completely different QB this year. One thing to keep in mind is that LSU has elite WR talent that are finally getting an opportunity to show their ability.
  4. I have been watching Jordan Love as well and agree has some really impressive tools.
  5. Justin Fields is a true sophomore so he is not eligible for the draft until 2021. Both Fields and Trevor Lawrence are from UGA and were the top 2 hs Qbs in the nation. Espn actually had Fields ahead of Lawrence.
  6. Lauletta signed to Eagles practice squad.
  7. Any more details regarding the extent of Fountain’s injury and recovery time. I saw that it is a dislocated ankle and fracture but haven’t seen more details. A couple of years ago Ronald Darby had a nasty looking dislocated ankle in week 1 and was back on the field in early November.
  8. We discussed the suspension quite a bit when it was first announced and although it isn't good to be suspended, it might actually help the colts with roster management at the beginning of the season since he won't count as a roster spot. Also might give him more time to round back into his predraft form. https://forums.colts.com/topic/62454-antonio-garcia-failed-ped/?tab=comments#comment-1884825
  9. I’m one of the several people really intrigued by García signing. Low risk potential high reward signing who impressed me at the Senior Bowl. I need to rewatch the game but I was trying to pay particular attention to García at LT in the 4Q. My first impression was that he was really inconsistent. He got beat badly in pass protection a couple of times and on other plays he looked good vs both run and pass. Overall disappointed in his performance but definitely want to see him more next week.
  10. I have directv as well and noticed Colts game was listed as 212-1. I haven’t seen this with nfl network before but they have done stuff like this with Sec network in past. They would have an sec game on 611 and other games on 611-1, 611-2 etc... they have the ability to add temporary channels.
  11. Great article - what safety do we think Ballard is referring to in this quote? Adderley? Thornhill? We had a specific safety we debated hard for weeks and thought he could move to corner. He reminded us a lot of Rashean Mathis when he came out of college. We debated taking him if we moved down. We had a strong conviction about what type of player he could be and he had good football character
  12. Just like everyone else, I love that Ballard & the Colts are sharing their insights with the fans. In addition to what has been mentioned above, I really liked the following comments/information: - Rock Ya-Sin - I liked the pick was a little concerned with 3-cone and short shuttle at the combine. Ballard confirmed his times were much better at his pro day. I looked at his pro day times and he had a huge improvement. - Banogu - continued to rave about his senior bowl and his athleticism. Also pointed out he needs to improved with his hand usage. Interesting that Ballard talked about how they had to take into account that he was playing 90-95 snaps per game at TCU. - Campbell - reading between the lines it sounds like they had him much higher rated than the 59th pick. Mentioned that they thought he could go late 1st rd. Also Colts wanted to add size at WR (Funchess). Wanted to add speed as well, but not as much of a priority. - Willis - Ballard "I didn’t see much difference between Willis and even the higher safeties — (Johnathan) Abram;" Great Stuff.
  13. I haven’t found much information or video, but Shippy ran a 4.82 40 which is terrific for DT.
  14. This is one of the players I’m most interested in. He played very well at the senior bowl and thought it was a great low risk move for the colts to bring him in last year. Hope he returns to form and is completely healthy.
  15. I’m excited about the Banongu but one thing to keep in mind are the player’s ages. For instance Burns just turned 21 on 4/23, while Banongu turned 23 in January and Chase Winovich is already 24.
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