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  1. I live outside Philly and watch majority of Eagles games. Agholor had an awful season. This viral clip for earlier in the year sums up his season and how he is viewed in Philly.
  2. Sydney Jones has been absolutely awful for the Eagles. Borderline unplayable. He was a very good prospect prior to the Achilles injury but can’t even contribute on eagles team with weak, often injured cbs.
  3. Deebo went very early in the 2nd rd. Also AJ Brown and Mecole Hardman were drafted before Campbell. I still believe the main reason Metcalf slid was due to his injuries at Ole Miss including season ending neck surgery.
  4. Good summary....just want to add the the missed XP in the Dolphins game forced the Colts to go for a TD instead of a chip shot FG to tie the game and force OT.
  5. Now that Wilkins is expected to play, what do we expect to happen tonight in terms of rb usage? I’m thinking Hines role remains mostly unchanged but having a hard time predicting the usage between Wilkins & Williams. Wilkins was the clear backup all year and now Williams is coming off a big game. Do we expect: 1. 50/50 split 2. Wilkins as primary ball carrier and Williams the back up 3. Williams the primary & Wilkins the back up
  6. This goes back to the point I tried to make earlier in this thread about two of the reasons cfb prospects are so hard to evaluate (especially at Qb), are the big talent discrepancies between teams and the diverse offensive systems. If Fromm or Love were playing in LSU’s new scheme with that talent at WR, how would they look? Conversely, how would Burrow look in UGA’s very slow paced old school offense? Keep in mind Burrow really struggled in that type of offense in 2018 and had a 57.8% completion %. This years he is at 78.9%.
  7. Your post pretty much summarizes my thoughts. Love stood out to me last year and I have made a point to watch several Utah St games this year. His talent and upside just jump off the screen. Love looked terrific this weekend. He still makes ill advised throws but keep in mind he is working with a new coaching staff and skill players. It is easy to focus on his mistakes, but if they can be corrected he might have the most talent in the draft. Regarding Burrow, he is without a doubt having a terrific year. Prior to drafting him, I think you need really need to understand why he struggled so much in 2018 and has exploded this year. I know the old LSU offense was bad, but is this current scheme so good and the Wrs so talented that he is looking better than he actually is. Two of the reasons cfb prospects are so hard to evaluate (especially at Qb), are the big talent discrepancies between teams and the diverse offensive systems.
  8. I like all 3 of the bama wrs, but in terms of pure speed Ruggs is clearly the fastest. He is expected to clock under 4.3. This is a terrific wr class with the players you mentioned plus a bunch more including Cede Lamb from OU.
  9. Jordan Love with a strong performance tonight. He still has room to improve, but really makes some terrific throws displaying accuracy and arm strength.
  10. If I was a Jags fan, drafting Fournette ahead of Mahomes or Watson (when Bortles was your starting qb) would drive me insane.
  11. Sat 10/5 Utah St at LSU. Excited to see both Love and Burrow.
  12. It is amazing what a change in offense can do. I watched LSU several times last year and the entire offense including Burrow struggled against good comp. He had like a 57% completion after transferring from Ohio St. With that being said LSU has had an antiquated system for years. He looks like a completely different QB this year. One thing to keep in mind is that LSU has elite WR talent that are finally getting an opportunity to show their ability.
  13. I have been watching Jordan Love as well and agree has some really impressive tools.
  14. Justin Fields is a true sophomore so he is not eligible for the draft until 2021. Both Fields and Trevor Lawrence are from UGA and were the top 2 hs Qbs in the nation. Espn actually had Fields ahead of Lawrence.
  15. Lauletta signed to Eagles practice squad.
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