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  1. I agree with your bullet points (the challenge was brutal and we need that timeout at the end) but still think we need an upgrade at Qb. Rivers simply can’t make the plays or throws that elite qbs can make. Watching Josh Allen make plays over and over compared to Rivers.
  2. Believe I posted about Jaelen Phillips being a high level and better prospect than Roche at the beginning of the season. He is a great athlete and very high effort player. Plays run and pass but still has a ton of potential. Some mocks now have him going top 10 overall, but it will come down to his medical. Phillips was the #1 overall HS recruit in the country. He didn’t like the fit when Chip Kelly took over at UCLA. Had some injuries on and off the field due to car accident while driving a scooter. He briefly retired from football due ankle, wrist injuries, concussions and lost lik
  3. We did have plenty of time. Should have used the middle of the field and also incorporated Taylor. This has been consistent complaint about Rivers - just don’t think he can bring us back late in games and he just gets careless with the ball and when forced to throw it. Rivers could have been picked off 2 or 3 times on the final drive
  4. Jaelen Phillips keeps playing better and better. Tremendous athlete that has a terrific motor. As a canes fan I hope he returns for another season, but seems to leaning towards NFL. His medicals (concussions, injuries) will have an impact on his draft position.
  5. They have a promo for $1 per month https://theathletic.com/checkout2/intro1/introperiod6
  6. Cowboys claimed Ron’dell Carter off waivers
  7. Zach just had 3 terrific throws on the opening drive of 2nd half vs Boise.
  8. Besides the wrs already mentioned, taking Zach Banner over George Kittle. Curious how taking Pittman over Claypool will play out as well.
  9. I posted this clip jn the other draft thread. Wilson made some great throws again last night. Very accurate with a strong arm and mobile. Looking forward to the game vs Boise St on Friday
  10. Zach Wilson was terrific again last night. He is accurate with a strong arm and very mobile. Of course he hasn’t faced stiff competition but looking forward to Friday’s game vs Boise St.
  11. Darren Waller was a WR at Ga Tech. Ricky Seals-Jones did it in AZ. Eagles are trying Hakeem Butler at TE but don’t remember it happening very often.
  12. Zach Wilson with another big game tonight. Made some terrific throws and showed his running ability as well.
  13. Since Rousseau opted out, the best DE at Miami has been UCLA transfer and #1 hs recruit Jaelan Phillips. He had some injury issues at UCLA but he is playing really well and starting to reach his potential.
  14. My understanding is that the IR moves can't occur prior to the waiver claims. So we will have to cut someone - perhaps Matthew Adams?. Afterwards, we can put Burton and/or Day on IR and fill out the roster.
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