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  1. A Not sure that I expect them to due to how badly we have played, but this is the week. 2 starting OL are out, rookie QB on the road who only had 1 good game in his career, & our defense getting crushed by media and fans.
  2. The week before Bills limited Texans to 109 total yards (8 yards in the 1st half) and only 6 first downs....if Colts defense doesn't dominate this week, we have some major issues.
  3. He has struggled this year, but we are hurting at CB. He is a former starting CB with the speed and length we typically covet. Wouldn't be surprised to see Ballard put in a claim.
  4. CB - JC Jackson - I'm sure Pats will try to keep him as his emergence allowed them to trade Gilmore TE - I would rather go with high upside guys that are not utilized like David Njoku or OJ Howard.
  5. That was my other thought as well. Regardless so many other reasons the colts lost. Just an extremely frustrating collapse.
  6. It was down but he wasn't touched...so unless they ruled he gave himself up, he was not down.
  7. Watch the replay...Lamar was not touched when he hit the ground...when he tried to lounge forward to get more yards, his elbow and knees were not on the ground when Leonard punched it out..... take a look at the pic I posted in the tweet.
  8. Lamar fumble should have been reviewed. His knee hit ground but he was not touched. Lunged forward and Leonard knocked the ball out. https://twitter.com/mjgiuliani7/status/1447766530872205313?s=21
  9. That was my guess...either him or Stallworth. Woods was released during initial cutdowns and made it to the practice squad
  10. That is my guess as well...we have 6 DTs on the roster...thinking Woods or Stallworth. Woods was cut earlier this year and on the practice squad.
  11. OJ Howard still really isn't involved in TB passing game. Wonder if he is available in a trade for Marlon Mack and/or mid rd pick.
  12. Elite athlete for his size and ran 4.75 40 at over 300lbs at the combine. Played in a 3-4 at Nebraska and was somewhat misused. Bucs have a terrific DL. Hoping we can develop him https://twitter.com/mathbomb/status/1243511423608782848?s=21
  13. I live outside Philly. Probably 90% of my friends are Eagles fans...they are salivating over getting a top 10 pick...right now I believe it is at #2. You would have to think Irsay would step in if necessary to ensure this doesn't happend...Under no circumstances should the Colts convey at top 10 pick. Eagles fans created the following Carson Wentz snap tracker: https://carsonsnaptracker.com
  14. Thread is way off track again. Mods please fix this.
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