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  1. Cowboys claimed Ron’dell Carter off waivers
  2. Zach just had 3 terrific throws on the opening drive of 2nd half vs Boise.
  3. Besides the wrs already mentioned, taking Zach Banner over George Kittle. Curious how taking Pittman over Claypool will play out as well.
  4. I posted this clip jn the other draft thread. Wilson made some great throws again last night. Very accurate with a strong arm and mobile. Looking forward to the game vs Boise St on Friday
  5. Zach Wilson was terrific again last night. He is accurate with a strong arm and very mobile. Of course he hasn’t faced stiff competition but looking forward to Friday’s game vs Boise St.
  6. Darren Waller was a WR at Ga Tech. Ricky Seals-Jones did it in AZ. Eagles are trying Hakeem Butler at TE but don’t remember it happening very often.
  7. Zach Wilson with another big game tonight. Made some terrific throws and showed his running ability as well.
  8. Since Rousseau opted out, the best DE at Miami has been UCLA transfer and #1 hs recruit Jaelan Phillips. He had some injury issues at UCLA but he is playing really well and starting to reach his potential.
  9. Plus he is slow and not a very good runner.
  10. My understanding is that the IR moves can't occur prior to the waiver claims. So we will have to cut someone - perhaps Matthew Adams?. Afterwards, we can put Burton and/or Day on IR and fill out the roster.
  11. Out of the TE options avail, I really like this signing. He was one of the biggest surprises in Eagles camp and they were planning to bring him back.
  12. I live outside Philly and watch a lot of Eagles football. Eagles CB situation is bad and both of these guys have been terrible in the pros. Perhaps another year removed from the achilles injury, Jones can turn it around but so far he has been nowhere near the pre injury 1st rd prospect.
  13. Exactly. Follow the money to find the most in demand players. That is why I'm trying to find out the Colts payouts. Who were the most in demand players that we signed? Also in general, did we spend similar amounts to other teams or we were much more conservative with our spending?
  14. The Chiefs alone have 4 UDFAs with over $100k - Lavert Hill CB Michigan $110,000 - Kalija Lipscomb WR Vanderbilt $110,000 - Yasir Durant T Missouri $150,000 - Darryl Williams C Mississippi State $107,000
  15. I had already sorted by team and position. Most of the Colts information is still blank. My 2 comments/questions: 1. Does anyone have the Colts guaranteed signing info for UDFAs? It is avail for other teams 2. Other teams have paid certain players over $100k. The most I have heard regarding colts players is O’Donnell getting $25k
  16. Besides Rodrigo and ODonnell, has anyone come across the signing guarantees for our UDFAs? I have seen articles on the Eagles guarantees and the link below has details for many of the players. As you can see a bunch of players including several from chiefs and eagles received over $100k https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/undrafted-free-agents/
  17. Was wondering the same thing. Ourlads is normally a reliable source but some of those numbers don’t match what I have seen/read reported on some of the other players as well.
  18. My initial guess is that Patmon and Dulin get the last 2 Wr spots. I thought Dulin played really well on special teams down the stretch.
  19. Very interested to see UGA play this year. Their roster is loaded and following the LSU model made two important changes: 1. Bringing in grad QB transfer and NFL prospect Jamie Newman from Wake Forest 2. Todd Monken new OC - More importantly they are completely revamping their offense. The previous OC James Coley was a great recruiter but horrible OC at UGA (& Miami previously). Monken had a lot of success as the head coach at So Miss and as the 2018 OC with TB Bucs.
  20. Multiple reports and video of Eason throwing 62mph at the combine.
  21. QB - I posted in the Qb thread about Trey Lance. Also will be watching Jamie Newman, Brock Purdy, Kj Costello. As a Canes fan very excited to see D’Eriq King. TE - really good class at the top - Brevin Jordan Miami, Pat Freirmuth Penn st, Kyle Pitts FL OT - Looks like a strong class. Top Gus like Sewell will be gone. OT Trey Smith TN is one to watch Wr - Devonta Smith. There a ton of wrs again but really like his game RB - not really a need but Travis Etiene & Chuba hubbard DT Marvin Wilson DE Greg Rousseau Miami - played Wr/S i
  22. Listened to Tony Pauline Draft Analyst’s podcast last night and he said 49ers were deciding between Ayuik and Pittman with the 25th pick.
  23. Trey Lance just finished his redshirt fr season at ND St so he will be draft eligible in 2021. He had a terrific season and is gifted passer and dynamic runner. With continued development he might go top 10 overall next year. Brock Purdy from Iowa st is another player to monitor.
  24. I remember hating that Banner pick back then especially with George Kittle on the board!!! He was always overrated even in HS and at USC just due to his pure size. He is/was just too slow. After the draft, they talked about how much Joe Philbin loved him, he lost weight etc... I thought Basham was going to be a good player so was completely wrong on that one. Another player I really liked in that draft was Alvin Kamara.
  25. I plan on watching as well. I believe 5 colts in that game - O’Donnell, Patmon, Glasgow, Kendall Coleman and Chris Williams.
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