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  1. I think gambling has a lot to do with it. Over here on this side of the world a rugby player received death threats even though his team won but he did not score a try(touchdown).
  2. 400 yards rushing combined Ravens 24 -17
  3. 8-9. Regardless I will still be cheering loudly and proudly this year and every year until my time comes to an end.
  4. 1. I love the Colts 2. I want to see as much Colts related product possible. 3. This show means we get to be a fly on the wall inside meeting rooms and offices.
  5. Not sure if the Colts do something similar but if I wanted to buy a 49ers vs Saints ticket then I also had to buy a 49ers vs less popular opponent ticket i.e jags or lions. As I was only in the USA for a week I had no choice but to buy from a scalper.
  6. Have you considered that a lot of season ticket holders aren't Colts fans or live in Indiana. They buy the season ticket then re sell them individually to make a profit. I went to a 49ers game when I was visiting my wife's family on holiday. I bought the ticket on StubHub for $80. The ticket came from Iowa and was originally $40.
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