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  1. Trevor lawrence please. Would only cost 4 x 1st rounders.........
  2. Current non colt player is deandre Hopkins. Former non colt player is megatron. Current any sport Steven Adams. Former any sport Jonah Lomu.
  3. I'm excited that he will be bringing that gorgeous looking ............... dog with him to Indiana
  4. Totally agree about the patriots. They have a top 5 defense and we all saw how well the steelers went last year with 2 horrible qbs but a top 5 def
  5. Pick 69 standing up. Pick 70 sitting on edge of chair. Pick 88 sitting right back into his chair. Pick 95 feet up on the footrest. Guessing pick 105 wearing monty burns pyjamas including night cap. Guessing final round 3 pick lying in bed reads the pick then blows out a candle.....
  6. By the end of today, Goodell will be reading the picks from his bed
  7. Wow did you see bill obrien go nuts to someone on his zoom. I'm guessing they mentioned Hopkins lol
  8. Loved his highlight tape. Seems he fell due to tearing his acl
  9. You know that belichick setup is fake. He has a super spy room in his dungeon
  10. I wonder if the reason buffalo took epenesa was because his 13 year old brother plays basketball........ come on espn could you not find a dead relative
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