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  1. This makes me nervous. But I do remember Luke Kuechley having a horrible run with concussion, and after a long time out returning to his old self the last 2 years.
  2. Surely the Jeff Saturday pancake game is #1 with the 2 eli SB wins #2 and #3
  3. Taco claimed by dolphins so we would've heard about c.k by now
  4. Hold on.............. are you telling me that 2 "experts" actually picked the colts to win. Must have been reggie and Hasselback
  5. Couple of decent kickers on that list. Could all come down to how AV performs in week 3.
  6. Nfl game pass international. Every nfl game live. Redzone. Nfl network 24-7. Heaps of nfl shows plus my favorite, full games in 40 mins. Every play minus the adverts.
  7. To all the people moaning read the above post 5 times. If you still want to moan read it 5 more times.
  8. Favourite part of this article was what he said about Bayliss.
  9. Luckily for everyone I'm an experienced lip reader. His exact words were "we should go snowboarding together next off season"
  10. I still think it's #12 posting these tweets
  11. Is one of your reality based shows going to be about bowling?
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if they packed up and moved to Prague or another part of Europe.
  13. Like most people I was also very angry. Then I watched his retirement speech and shed a few tears
  14. Let's be honest here. If he had retired at a more appropriate time , he could have made an appearance at halftime and received a standing ovation. By retiring now his everlasting memory of LOS will be being booed as he walked off for the last time.
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