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  1. Don't remind me of that game. I flew from new Zealand to Los Angeles spending $1000 on game tickets.............................
  2. Really interested in seeing if this kicker has any potential. Think his name is adam someone.............
  3. Waiting for the obligatory post of the famous rodney Harrison picture from a certain superbowl................
  4. For some reason I have a hankering for a double cheese burger......
  5. It was only a matter of time before we got some ol drafted
  6. if you didnt like reggie speech i hate to think what you thought of mcafee
  7. and then he comes back for the 2nd pick and says he has clips lol. LEGEND
  8. thats what i think every time i read your posts
  9. good solid pick but even better announcement love ya reggie
  10. they are mad because all they like to do is MOAN
  11. even if he does we will only see him every 4 yrs
  12. Ballard knew that and still traded so he obviously didnt care what you thought you knew about tillery
  13. good question, i dont think they would have
  14. all these *s think we only got next years 2nd
  15. 3 picks in the 2nd round with so much ol cb wr talent still available. well done mr ballard
  16. Went to the opener against the rams 2 yrs ago. Tickets on the colts side ranged from $60-500 but stadium is 3 times larger then chargers. Cost me $1000 for 4 tickets 6 rows from sideline on 30 yard line. Right where tolzien threw his first interception returned for touchdown.....................
  17. 5 auto wins. They always seem to lose at Miami for some reason.
  18. Wonder how many if any team mates were in attendance. They did well to keep it hush hush. I know when 1 of new zealands most famous sports people was recently married the media circus was ridiculous.
  19. Bye Gronk. Time for stone hands to step up ........... oh wait he's now a dolphin............
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