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  1. Just remind them they lost to the Jets who just conceded 50 points today.
  2. Laughing at the people going to bed after the niners first drive
  3. Pittman Junior is playing outstanding. Always drawing the flag
  4. I think gambling has a lot to do with it. Over here on this side of the world a rugby player received death threats even though his team won but he did not score a try(touchdown).
  5. 400 yards rushing combined Ravens 24 -17
  6. 8-9. Regardless I will still be cheering loudly and proudly this year and every year until my time comes to an end.
  7. 1. I love the Colts 2. I want to see as much Colts related product possible. 3. This show means we get to be a fly on the wall inside meeting rooms and offices.
  8. Not sure if the Colts do something similar but if I wanted to buy a 49ers vs Saints ticket then I also had to buy a 49ers vs less popular opponent ticket i.e jags or lions. As I was only in the USA for a week I had no choice but to buy from a scalper.
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