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  1. ok thanks I was reading pieces like more than one... we definitely wont go with just hoyer...
  2. confused...why calling Kelly up would have us loose pieces to waiver wire...please indulge me ...I may be missing something
  3. he doesn't do well under pressure... has a higher ceiling than Brissett, but his completion rate drops alot and he makes turn overs...
  4. I'm surprised Ward hasn't been put on the practice squad...guess Ballard is searching for someone better
  5. the thing that concerns me about Love is,,,, his completion rate drops dramatic under pressure...against CSU I believe it was in the 30's%... he had 2 int & a fumble... his throws were off also...may have been a bad day/game like the Colts today
  6. I was with you till Walker (meh),, I thought he had another good game... he missed a few, but saved several more
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