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  1. CS Coltsfan

    Would you rather...

    unless you have a Gronk
  2. CS Coltsfan

    NFL stops radio game streaming.

    I'm in Colorado Springs Colorado...I tried to listen on 1070 and it was ESPN...no Colts game..haven't been ever to hear them in 18 years
  3. CS Coltsfan

    Colts Training Camp 8/16/2018

    he still lives in cherry creek, rich suburb of Denver...plus he retired a bronco not a colt which I lost a bet on
  4. CS Coltsfan

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I did a show 4-5 years ago here in Colorado Springs and Dr. Bennet Omula ( Concussion) was the main speaker...also had team Dr.s form several NFL teams including the Colts and the Broncos... the conference was on sports nutrition and injuries... any who...had an expert they was talking about the different levels of Turf... I had no idea that there were either 4 or 7 different levels of turf you could purchase... seems the colts have one of the lower grades...I thought that explains why we have so many injuries... later that year or the following is when we saw a couple players from the Chiefs and other teams stating the colts had one of the hardest fields in the league... I'm a simple Indiana farm boy, but Id be making sure I have the BEST TURF for my players to play on thus limiting my players injuries... hopefully we get a much better turf and between that and Rusty's nutrition the injuries begin to slow down. FYI..Dr Omula will not let any of his kids play ANY Contact sports...
  5. NO!!! he took a new and continued too... I stand for my Flag and take a knee for the Cross...in that order