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  1. this one is in Eberflus... the D played a great 45 minutes and then in the 4th as always he goes into Prevent Defense... we kept them out of of the end zone until the 4th quarter the score 4 touchdowns back to back... PATHETIC
  2. be surprised with his RAS score... not typical for Ballard to keep people who don't test high...jus sayin
  3. I agree... Stampedeblue had a nice breakdown on Tevi... after watching that and seeing that he has improved and only allowed 2 sacks last year... I think & hope that Ballard and the staff see more than what we have and can coach him up and make him better than his tape shows... he is athletic and we know that is something Ballard likes
  4. shouldn't have to trade up for him...I've seen him in mocks from late 2nd -3rs/4th... he has an injury history, but if he can stay healthy could be a good pick... there are several OT that should go ahead of him
  5. I am not saying we Do NOT get a starter at LT tonight or top of the second if we trade back, but if we don't look for Ballard to grab Fischer... He knows who he is and he has gained extra lower picks for our losses this year and the team are excellent ...( since Pollian left) at managing our cap and extensions... we just signed Nelson to a fifth year... I'm excited to see what we do... just wanted to give a heads up for people if you don't see us get who you think we should.... Ballard knows the Whole Board today and the future... I for one am very happy to have him as a GM...
  6. I think this was a good move...now we will find out if Sirianni was making the calls or Reich... another plus the eagles feel like Siranni will be able to work and help Wentz !! Yes... did not want his contract that starts this year... 70 mil guaranteed & 128 mil...
  7. I don't want him for several reasons.. 1. Contract 2 .Injuries 3. turnovers 4. locker room
  8. Colts Lost because of their Coaching ! Reich benched Taylor because his missed a block and cause a big sack... you can not blame the officiating for your loss IMO... Turnovers in games kill you and they killed us for 10 or 14 points... the bad call Glowinski hurt, but he is a veteran he should not have pushed him especially since the ball was already down the field... This Loss is 100% on the Colts !!!
  9. and if they don't make it... it's all on them...not the refs...
  10. bring in the fact the Frank benched Taylor for missing the block that sacked Rivers... we were out coached again... on both sides... & the one thing I said ... who won the turnover ratio would win the game... Taylor being taken out to me was one of the Keys for the Loss... Rivers turnovers ...
  11. Thank You for a great find & Post... it is soul searching ... I can see a movie coming out of this and his life after he is done playing...IF he would want it to happen... I've always sad you think you got it bad look over your shoulder ... I have always admired DL story and how he got here, but this takes it to another level
  12. but then we they have been talking up Rivers and he has looked as bad as rookies with his int's this year... Ty said that him and Rivers had a good connection and we all know how that is... I believe what this org is saying with a grain a salt... they said the same Sh.. when Pagano was here
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