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  1. but then we they have been talking up Rivers and he has looked as bad as rookies with his int's this year... Ty said that him and Rivers had a good connection and we all know how that is... I believe what this org is saying with a grain a salt... they said the same Sh.. when Pagano was here
  2. doesn't change the fact that he is starring down WR like a FN rookie... he had one open and running that would of been a HUGE gain... He is the one on charge and he had another bad day... I had high hopes for him with our Oline ( which have been B at best this year and that is being generous) his connection with Reich & Sirianni would make for a nice O... this is now year 3 and I am not impressed at all with our OC... we are by no means the best D in the league... our soft cover 2 zone SUX...I undertsnad that this is a Covid year... but done with excuses and I hope Isray chews some *
  3. I would have benched him and brought in JB... at least he can escape and hopefully he has learned from Rivers to get rod of the ball quicker... He has more connection with the receivers ... he had a last year... i t certainly wouldn't hurt
  4. not impressed with our coaches and scheme... on both sides of the ball...
  5. there was no receiver in the area... He had 2 receivers wide oepn in the middle
  6. Leadership 1 HOF for 2 Completion percentage for 3 1st 78.3 2nd 74.6 3rd 78.3 I can go on and on...
  7. may be in a normal year... COVID changed everyhting
  8. He beat out Kelly may be because of limited TC & Preseason and that he was a 4th rnd pick over a FA pick up but the coaches seem to like him better and have talkewd about his progress & they haven't not praised Kelly that I am aware of... USC quarterbacks have not been that great in the NFL... basically they are back ups with short careers... jus sayin... https://www.thesportster.com/football/ranking-the-usc-trojans-quarterbacks-who-played-in-the-nfl/
  9. it was the First game in a crazy year with limited prep...BUT... this team was out Coached and Out Played !... same sad story... we either are not ready or were out coached... I like the FO and I like Reich ( he is who I wanted) but not impressed with Eberflus... We Should Not have shut down the running game after Mack went out!... we Have Hines, Taylor and Wilkins... that is 100% Coaching (Belichick looses Brady & Gronk and wins)... whether that is Frank or Siriana the buck stops there... Frank owned the 4&1 call at the goal line ( a dying trait), ...But that one also fal
  10. watching Brady vs Brees... Brady has 1 ran for a TD(goalLine) 1 TD passing...2 int that lead to 2 TD... Id say him and Rivers are playing very similar...they are both on new teams and little to NO pre season... 1 st game... Rusty... they will both be better...
  11. and that would be a HUGE Disappointment if this D allows that many points
  12. word... look at the Broncos...just last Von Miller for the season ..
  13. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2020/8/3/21353400/pff-ranks-the-colts-anthony-castonzo-braden-smith-among-the-nfls-top-20-ots
  14. he has been working with Mathis before the lockdown...read off of coltswire or stampede blue if I remember correctly...Mathis said he could be steal, I believe...Ill try and find the article
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