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  1. I think this was a good move...now we will find out if Sirianni was making the calls or Reich... another plus the eagles feel like Siranni will be able to work and help Wentz !! Yes... did not want his contract that starts this year... 70 mil guaranteed & 128 mil...
  2. I don't want him for several reasons.. 1. Contract 2 .Injuries 3. turnovers 4. locker room
  3. Colts Lost because of their Coaching ! Reich benched Taylor because his missed a block and cause a big sack... you can not blame the officiating for your loss IMO... Turnovers in games kill you and they killed us for 10 or 14 points... the bad call Glowinski hurt, but he is a veteran he should not have pushed him especially since the ball was already down the field... This Loss is 100% on the Colts !!!
  4. and if they don't make it... it's all on them...not the refs...
  5. bring in the fact the Frank benched Taylor for missing the block that sacked Rivers... we were out coached again... on both sides... & the one thing I said ... who won the turnover ratio would win the game... Taylor being taken out to me was one of the Keys for the Loss... Rivers turnovers ...
  6. Thank You for a great find & Post... it is soul searching ... I can see a movie coming out of this and his life after he is done playing...IF he would want it to happen... I've always sad you think you got it bad look over your shoulder ... I have always admired DL story and how he got here, but this takes it to another level
  7. but then we they have been talking up Rivers and he has looked as bad as rookies with his int's this year... Ty said that him and Rivers had a good connection and we all know how that is... I believe what this org is saying with a grain a salt... they said the same Sh.. when Pagano was here
  8. doesn't change the fact that he is starring down WR like a FN rookie... he had one open and running that would of been a HUGE gain... He is the one on charge and he had another bad day... I had high hopes for him with our Oline ( which have been B at best this year and that is being generous) his connection with Reich & Sirianni would make for a nice O... this is now year 3 and I am not impressed at all with our OC... we are by no means the best D in the league... our soft cover 2 zone SUX...I undertsnad that this is a Covid year... but done with excuses and I hope Isray chews some *
  9. I would have benched him and brought in JB... at least he can escape and hopefully he has learned from Rivers to get rod of the ball quicker... He has more connection with the receivers ... he had a last year... i t certainly wouldn't hurt
  10. not impressed with our coaches and scheme... on both sides of the ball...
  11. there was no receiver in the area... He had 2 receivers wide oepn in the middle
  12. Leadership 1 HOF for 2 Completion percentage for 3 1st 78.3 2nd 74.6 3rd 78.3 I can go on and on...
  13. may be in a normal year... COVID changed everyhting
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