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  1. What you say is very true, but man...... , I had hope.
  2. Exactly my feeling! Haha, brutal. Thanks
  3. Ok, I was extremely happy with them. I truly thought we would suck. Colts were in the running for a playoff spot For a while. What was your expectations this year, honestly?
  4. I was shocked we were even in contention for the playoffs without Luck. I was very happy with how the season transpired. Though, it was a tough ending.
  5. I think you answered this in your comment
  6. Hey all. I just have to say, I’m ecstatic with this season. After the Luck bombshell, I really thought we would be bottom dwellers. Man, we are sooooo close to making the playoffs. Thats crazy man! I enjoy every game. Ya never know, cause ANY given Sunday. Peace.
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