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  1. I think the Colts played well. I just hate when a team steals a game. We used to be the team that stole games. Ahhhh, well played stupid Baltimore.
  2. I respect the specs. End of topic!
  3. Man, I was SOOOOOO mad when I read this topic, then…….
  4. And if we just had an iota of mobility at QB this year, it would have been yuge
  5. Well, I meant no one but us true blue fans. Though that AFC championship game had me doubting.
  6. Colts will shock. Colts 24 bills 10
  7. Who ya want, bills or ravens?
  8. Yeah, I can respect that feeling. Lol.
  9. Honestly, I like the other spelling.
  10. Oh man, my lucky horseshoe is vibrating like crazy on the fact that I’m even reading this thread. My lucky rabbits foot won’t even talk to me now.
  11. Does logic forbid us from rooting for the fins to lose, BUT not rooting for the pats to win? Can’t we do both ? I need alcohol!
  12. Come on man. Let’s not forget, HUMAN!
  13. No. No one. We did good. For humans. If we were aliens, it’s a different story.
  14. No, sorry. Won’t complain. I love my Colts.
  15. I love this year. It’s a do or die situation every week. Loooooooooove it.
  16. Why do I feel when we find our mahomes, the D will be porous again.
  17. Exactly my feeling! Haha, brutal. Thanks
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