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  1. Why do I feel when we find our mahomes, the D will be porous again.
  2. This can’t be a real topic, can it?
  3. What you say is very true, but man...... , I had hope.
  4. They are only as good as their next game.
  5. Yeah, I saw the first half. The pulled it after NO scored thier 4th TD. Though it was gonna end in the 50's. Lol. D must have been exhausted. Was it an exciting ending?
  6. Of course, I get a Colt game in NY and they pulled it for the Redskins game. Score looked like it was a great ending(except the L) was or was it just garbage stuff?
  7. One of them was today. 3 missed FG's!!!! Whew!!!
  8. I really have tried to defend this coaching staff thru thick n thin, but you are correct.
  9. Awwwww' crappola. We finally get a run game when everything else falls apart? Lol. ( just kidding)
  10. I don't know what else to do except root for my team.
  11. He's right! Colts are now lethal.
  12. Oh I sooooo totally agree, doesn't help the sting though! Lol
  13. We should have thrown to Gronk more......... What? ....... Oh wrong team?...... Nevermind, continue.
  14. Yeah, gotta agree. If we had just showed up, then I would be so proud. But you are correct, baby steps. Next year SB bound!
  15. That will be the first place I comment if we win! Man, that would be sweet.
  16. Vinitari to kick the game winner this Sunday!
  17. You can count on that more than the weather!
  18. Remember we matched up well against the Hawks and beat them last year.
  19. sb2001


    Boom's got a lot of heart. I'll take that anyday!
  20. sorry. was just trying to be positive.
  21. I know today is a big game. The former GOAT of Indy vs the guy that made it easy to see him go. It's a long shot that we win if you compare it on paper and check the stats. The Colts are on the rise, we all know that. Let's sit back and enjoy today regardless of the outcome. Let's enjoy our Colts improve and get the playoff experience they need. If it's not today for us, it will be soon. If it is today, then move over NE, it's our time!
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