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  1. I totally get your point. And I am not using injuries as an excuse for winning it losing. Our guys balled out against who was on the field and that is the game of football. I was stating a specific point that the DC was able to put us in more man coverages because hill and Watkins weren't available. It was a smart adjustment on our part and helped us win the game. I like when coaches are adapting to personnel and circumstances other than just continuingly doing only things they are comfortable with.
  2. I kind of feel the opposite that with all the injuries in the secondary it was easier to go man coverages. Zone requires trust and feel for each other that comes with time and chemistry. Man coverages is just don't get embarrassed on national TV.
  3. Heck of a game. However, I think it's a lot easier to play man against KC when Hill and Watkins aren't out there. Hopefully it gives confidence to the team to play man when needed and maybe be a little less predictable going forward.
  4. Ebron could have also just held onto the ball. Overall a handful of disappointing plays. Lots to work on in all three phases, and I would include coaching at well.
  5. I am in NJ as well now... went to the eagles vs colts game last year in phi.
  6. Remember when Darius Leonard was picked in the SECOND round last year? Didn't a bunch of people freak out when he was drafted? Maybe CB knows how to draft well in the second. If we get 3 guys that are Smith and Leonard types, we are all going to be pretty happy I imagine.
  7. I am not saying Edelman should have been suspended more games than anyone else. I am saying I can't remember another known PED user winning a major NFL award, it is just a bad optic for the league having someone winning an award the same year he faced the suspension. Goodell has fined Kraft more than any other team because the Pats have consistently broken the rule and gotten caught more than any other team. However, they have yet to face any strict actions taken against them. monetary fine to a billionaire is a joke, and the draft picks they lost were so minimal. Mostly, the fact that Goodell signed a massive contract extension and his number 1 supporting owner was... you guessed it Robert Kraft. Kraft went as far as to talk Jerry Jones off his lawsuit and attempt to overthrow Goodell. Kraft was also 1 of the 6 owners on the compensation committee giving Goodell his raise.
  8. Honestly, I view the Saints as the real SB champs. They should have been in it but we all know that story and I do believe Brees and their defense wins that game easily. I also am really having issues with Goodell and Krafts bff bromance. Along with the SB MVP being caught for PEDs and missing 4 games. Just overall not a great look for the NFL.
  9. I would rather trade the 26th pick for a receiver than draft one. Maybe we can get a AJ Green or Adam Thielen. If not I would look for pass rusher or secondary help. Finally, if you look at both super bowl teams or even the 4 teams from the championship weekend, I believe there was only 2 first round drafted WRs; Phillip Dorset and Sammy Watkins. I would consider both of those guys busts. Basically you don't need 1st round WRs to be a contender, scheme is more important. Pass rusher would be my choice if Ballard gave me a vote.
  10. Agreed defense was bad all year; but Bill takes your best player away and that was Kelce because Hunt wasn't back there. I feel like running the ball and picking up 3rd downs would have limited the amount of times NE had to roast their defense. what can you do now tho... it's in the past.
  11. I like Ware well enough, but I said it when it happened; cutting Hunt was going to cost KC a super bowl. they were good without him but not as dynamic.
  12. I kind of feel the same way, but hope it is not. I feel like teaching or correcting vision is much harder to do than some of the other issues.
  13. I actually wanted to start a similar thread about the batted balls he has had lately. I am not a QB expert but it seems like the rate in which it has been happening the last couple of games or so is high for a QB of Luck's size and this o-line. I could understand Wilson, Brees, or Mayfield having a high rate of batted balls but Luck? Is there something wrong with his throwing motion? Like a longer motion or a slower release? Or is it a vision problem?
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