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  1. I totally get your point. And I am not using injuries as an excuse for winning it losing. Our guys balled out against who was on the field and that is the game of football. I was stating a specific point that the DC was able to put us in more man coverages because hill and Watkins weren't available. It was a smart adjustment on our part and helped us win the game. I like when coaches are adapting to personnel and circumstances other than just continuingly doing only things they are comfortable with.
  2. I kind of feel the opposite that with all the injuries in the secondary it was easier to go man coverages. Zone requires trust and feel for each other that comes with time and chemistry. Man coverages is just don't get embarrassed on national TV.
  3. Heck of a game. However, I think it's a lot easier to play man against KC when Hill and Watkins aren't out there. Hopefully it gives confidence to the team to play man when needed and maybe be a little less predictable going forward.
  4. Ebron could have also just held onto the ball. Overall a handful of disappointing plays. Lots to work on in all three phases, and I would include coaching at well.
  5. I am in NJ as well now... went to the eagles vs colts game last year in phi.
  6. I think if i add some weight i could be the starting center for the colts.

    1. ColtsBTM12


      Me too. I have some real experience from pee wee and Jr high



      heck if we lose anymore of the o-linemen to injury, experience might not be required.

  7. Worst part of about the offseason, mock drafts!

    1. kjyb


      that actually takes time of the offseason



      I think the odds of getting a mock draft right is worse than the odds of getting a march madness bracket right.

  8. Anyone getting Titanfall for xbox one?

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    2. ColtsLegacy


      I may get it eventually. I have battlefield 4 and really enjoy it. I'm not sure titanfall is all that much different from bf4 that I need to buy it now.

    3. bestQBever


      Titan fall is a lot different.

    4. ColtsLegacy


      I played the beta. I got the gist.

  9. just heard jerry rice on espn, saying he thinks the colts should be a .500 team or better
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