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  1. Well technically this could be considered a Colts football topic, as you have made reference to game 1
  2. I thought overall our team played well, all of the QBs looked good. Our defense allowed the Browns to throw way too many down the middle though. This is a game we could have/should have won, which is frustrating. But yes, I understand... it’s only the preseason.
  3. They definitely called a tight game for sure. But I also think some of it was sloppy mistakes on our part that could have been avoided. Hoping Coach Reich plans to address this with our offense!
  4. I was thinking the same thing... was just about to type that!
  5. I think it’s less of Walker’s fault and more of people needing to learn how to catch the ball
  6. Oy Vey... we gave them enough chances to finally score before us
  7. Not that I am complaining about not having Baker on the field... but I was kind of hoping we would “humble” him today after all that celebration hype the Browns displayed in their preseason game one
  8. I give credit to all of you who were brave enough to watch a replay of a game that you knew we would lose (albeit just a preseason game); especially with the lopsided scoring throughout. Maybe one day I will gather up the courage... but for this one, just couldn’t bring myself to do it!
  9. I particularly liked the second video because it focuses on what we achieved last year specifically, with the beautiful “glimpse” into the Super Bowl future. Also... was never a huge Pagano fan, especially near the end, so seeing him and remembering that time just makes me shudder a little
  10. Not speaking for the OP but I don’t think the validity of it is being questioned more than making the point that it can be frustrating at times. Obviously they are going to show the teams that will likely get more ratings during prime time; this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get under your skin from time to time as a Colts fan living outside of the area.
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