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    COLTS FOOTBALL! (and NFL in general)
    Love singing along to my gospel music LOL
    Pretty much anything of entertainment from the 90’s haha

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    Okay I decided to hop back into my profile to type something about myself because I’m so shocked I actually have a few followers LOL

    Why Colts? Been a Colts fan since the 90’s, but never had the opportunity to really follow the team as I grew up in a Philly home with obsessed Eagles fans (and one random Cowboys fan) haha. Was able to fully commit to the Colts as an adult in the early 2000’s and never looked back! I have always loved the Colts’ determination, honorable and productive players, as well as that beautiful BLUE! I will be a fan forever, go COLTS!

    Other facts about me:


    School-based Speech-Language Pathologist since 2016

    —Married 17 years (to a Pats fan, ugh LOL)

    —Two kids, teenagers (yes my hair is constantly turning gray)

    —BFA in Writing for Film/TV from University of the Arts; MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from LaSalle University (Philly PA)

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  1. Had a weird dream last night that the Colts acquired both Stafford and Darnold somehow? It was flashing as Breaking News on a big TV screen. I have no follow-up comment about this, just wanted to share my delusional subconscious thoughts with you all carry on!
  2. Wild Card Saturday: Wild Card Sunday:
  3. @danlhart87 Gabby would have been blown away by that first quarter
  4. Awww... a solid 21 points and leading the Steelers... I remember those days
  5. Last touchdown was hilarious... ran right off the field and never looked back. Never seen a game like this in my life LOL absolutely entertaining
  6. So much false slime today... disappointing
  7. SLIME! Late into the evening and the TD drives taking too long, wonder how many kids are even watching now it’s school tomorrow
  8. Gabby bringing up the Saints Colts SB... not cool LOL
  9. Haha yep finally! Saints might be fired up to run up the score even more now. Pagano’s defense has been very impressive this whole game though have to hand it to them
  10. Very entertaining half by Nick crew... hope to see more Slime 2nd half
  11. Exactly, I’m impressed by the Bears defense but they are messing it up I assumed we would see lots of slime due to many Saints TDs
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