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    Okay I decided to hop back into my profile to type something about myself because I’m so shocked I actually have a few followers LOL

    Why Colts? Been a Colts fan since the 90’s, but never had the opportunity to really follow the team as I grew up in a Philly home with obsessed Eagles fans (and one random Cowboys fan) haha. Was able to fully commit to the Colts as an adult in the early 2000’s and never looked back! I have always loved the Colts’ determination, honorable and productive players, as well as that beautiful BLUE! I will be a fan forever, go COLTS!

    Other facts about me:


    School-based Speech-Language Pathologist since 2016

    —Married 17 years (to a Pats fan, ugh LOL)

    —Two kids, teenagers (yes my hair is constantly turning gray)

    —BFA in Writing for Film/TV from University of the Arts; MS in Communication Sciences and Disorders from LaSalle University (Philly PA)

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  1. YES BABY!! YEEESSSS!!! Knicks crowd starts of wild… then the crowd goes MILD! THANK YOU PACERS!! WHOOOO GO INDIANA everything!! I’m a long-time resident there in spirit! The hoodie in this press conference is EVERYTHING! Pacers, Pacers, SHUT UP ALL THE HA-TERS!!!
  2. Yep, I’ve noticed the bias and it is sickening! GO PACERS! I love how this is all playing out. Wish Reggie was able to suit up for Game 7!!! R-E-G… G-I-E…. RE-GGIE RE-GGIE… SHOOT THE 3!!
  3. I thought you were a Science teacher for some reason lol, shows how well I pay attention! God bless you sir! I was pretty terrible in History throughout my school years lol
  4. Thanks bestest buddy! And wow, nice gift! You know what they say… food is the way to a Mom’s heart! I know it was delicious! Great Sunday all around!
  5. Awww snap there ya’ go Pacers, thank you for the Mother’s Day gift! Let’s put the pedal to the metal now folks, those Knicks are NOT unbeatable!
  6. Peyton arrived as a surprise guest. Some of his jokes were: —Said that when BB will join him and Eli on their Monday night show, the coach will finally be working with QBs he respects —Listed things Tom has more of than him, and mentioned Tom had “more retirements” than him lol —When it was time for Brady to go up at the end and speak, Peyton introduced him as “3 time Super bowl loser Tom Brady” It was more but I can’t remember. It was a long night and I did a lot of laughing
  7. As a born-in-Philly girl I will definitely say… GO PACERS!!!! DESTROY THOSE BLANKIN’ KNICKS!
  8. You don’t recognize me I’m sure, but I usually put laugh reactions on lots of things you post LOL. We can’t do that anymore, so just know that a trophy reaction from me means thank you for making me laugh yet again!
  9. Yes! Yes! More Saved By the Bell references… I’m as shameless with my obsession for this show as the OP is with his random negativity lol
  10. Thanks I was purposely avoiding wild card weekend, still was upset about the way the Colts game ended and needed a breather before jumping back into football lol. For the games today, it doesn’t really matter to me who wins, I think they could both go either way. As a Philly girl, part of me will always be happy for any Eagles success, but I wouldn’t say I’m rooting for them necessarily. It’s more like oh well, whatever happens happens haha. But I always love seeing the few other posters on here that give them credit or predict them to win a game (like my homeboy @2006Coltsbestever) If anything I would love to see the Steelers lose, can’t stand them. Really mad that the chips fell their way for them to even be in this position, and we aren’t. I wasn’t even expecting us to get that far, but once we were there I was all wrapped up in it haha. Not losing sleep over it or anything, it is what it is, but just hate seeing the Steelers do anything besides losing lol. So I would say that’s the one thing I would care about today.
  11. Dude you foresaw great things for this team this season! Wow!
  12. I agree with most of this lol. Happy to see your thoughts about the game finally! Of course your absence was noticeable in the Texans Colts post game thread. You may have jumped on after a few days but I stopped reading after about Day 2 so I could go throw eggs at stuff and cry in a corner somewhere lol
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