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  1. This is very unfortunate how things ended up between us and Ebron. I loved his spirit and thought he would prove to be great for our team. He never was known for consistent greatness, but he made some big time plays during his time with us that made me happy he was a Colt. He was very quick to complain though, some maturity issues he still needs to work out personally. I was just hoping he would work all that out and really reach his full potential with us. I agree with you, he will be unhappy if he finds himself having to play with those backups - and he will make sure everyone knows it!
  2. Please stop LOL don’t waste your hope on that!
  3. I’m watching just hopped on the forum to see if anybody else was too. I lost my voice screaming with excitement during this game
  4. Yup I feel bad for him too... really thought it would happen in his last season, the guys were really motivated to win one for him but things got all crazy with that group...
  5. There was that time he criticized Luck after that loss to the Jets... saying things like “it’s not that hard, it’s not trigonometry” and after three years, Luck should “be more comfortable” dealing with the pressure. He tried to clean it up in a later interview but it didn’t make much sense. I’m definitely not trying to argue with you or anyone who thinks he was a great coach, I personally didn’t care for him but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just wanted to point out that he was not a 100% saint when it comes to blaming players. Certainly could have been frustration getting to him, and it wasn’t often, but he did do it.
  6. Randall Cunningham (My old growing up in Philly days )
  7. I don’t know what you are talking about or anything this thread is about... I shamefully confess I am on here simply to respond to the very mention of Darkwing Duck. LET’S GET DANGEROUS!
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