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  1. ColtsBlueFL

    Player Name Game - Songs

    Cry me a Rivers (Justin Timberlake) (Rashaad) Penny Lane (The Beatles) Beast Mode of Burden (Rolling Stones)
  2. ColtsBlueFL

    Player Name Game - Songs

    Ertz so Good (John Mellencamp) Maclin the Knife (Bobby Darin)
  3. ColtsBlueFL

    Browns Win! Mayfield Is Their Leader

    Marc Sessler predicition is here-
  4. ColtsBlueFL

    Tyrod benched, Baker Mayfield in to play QB

    See how they do when they get hit a few dozen times, and DC;'s have a lot of tape on them and scheme for their strengths.
  5. ColtsBlueFL

    Difference between our current d?

    It’s a good observation. Mind you, there are many variations / hybrids of defenses these days, and base defense is used only 1/3 of the time or less. (Sub packages dominate in these pass happy times) Jason kind of boils it down to easy to handle size. A 2 gap defense typically has bigger, less explosive less speedy players lined directly right up on the Offensive player in front of him (Nose T on center, Ends on the Tackles, or shaded just slightly on their outside shoulder). They have to ‘read’ the play as it develops, then try to plug the most appropriate (of the 2) gap up in front of them. 1 gap players (typically 4 -3 alignment, like we are now runnning) are often smaller/quicker/faster and more explosive than 2 gap D linemen, and they are lined up off the shoulders (and in a gap) of the Offensive guys in front, and their responsibility is determined pre-snap. And their goal is quickly split and penetrate that gap as fast as they can. The linebackers have a gap to mind now as well, but it is designed to keep the WILL (Leonard) as free as possible to flow and make plays. And everyone is tasked to attack the ball/carrier. At all times, as fast as they can, while first executing their main responsibility. It appears to be working.
  6. ColtsBlueFL

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    Every rule the NFL enacts these days will be for more player safety, or reducing time of the games (probably to make up time for flags on those increased penalties for safety of players), or both. My idea uses all three phases of the game, gives each team a shot, and reduces player wear and tear and keeps game time reasonable. Each team gets to ‘free kick’ (like after a safety) once in OT. The receiving team gets one drive (on a 5 minute clock) to score points. After their attempt, no matter the result, then that team free kicks to the other, and that team also gets one drive (on a 5 minute clock) to score. 1 timeout allotted to each team. Check scoreboard, game over.
  7. ColtsBlueFL

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Yup, which shows, drafting an immature kid can be problematic, even years later when you feel he may be past that stage. This incident supposedly occurred in March of 2016. 2 seasons he played, and now in 2018 has to serve suspension time for it. Bad timing as Bucs were at a crossroads whether to extend him or move on just before this reared it’s ugly head. I personally feel this has cemented the Bucs resolve to just move on after this year.
  8. ColtsBlueFL

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    10 TD’s for Mahomes so far in 2 games. Drew Brees in 2009 and Peyton Manning in 2013 each threw 9 TD’s in their first 2 games.
  9. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    No, he cannot. See this. And the consensus would be right this time, even if it was wrong on Mack. But nobody I saw on here felt the Raiders would get the 2 first round picks they wanted, yet they did.
  10. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    Steelers cannot trade him... Bell is Not_Under_Contract. The only two choices right now, Bell signs his tender and plays (likely at week at week 10) and beyond and then accrues a season, or the Steelers rescind the franchise tag and Bell is an Unrestricted FA immediately. Exactly, as far as a contract with Steelers. He can only be an UFA this year (only if NFL allows Steelers to rescind their franchise tag, which they are on record saying they will not do) or play on his franchise tag. No other options. jvan has already pointed this out. He can't be offered or sign a contract this year. Period. By anybody (including Steelers). He has an exclusive Franchise Tag so no other team can even negotiate with him/agent, and the new contract for Steelers (July 16 ?) deadline passed, so when Bell decides to sign his tender and to collect $855,000 for a Sunday day of work, it will be on the franchise tag only. Likely just before week 10, it appears.
  11. ColtsBlueFL

    The NFL has to get rid of ties

    As coltsva says (and most new rules these days) player safety. And concern (extra play load) for teams playing in OT that have an upcoming Thursday night game.
  12. He will have a limited playbook. especially early, I'll bet. But if he executes it, it will be effective for him, Gronk, and Julian. If he doesn't Brady will will be all over him. If he still doesn't, he may not be on the roster long enough to get his 10 games in and the Pats get a late round pick back.
  13. He can reapply for reinstatement after one year. My educated guess is if he attended rehab with verified success and professionals approvals, he would be let back in, but still in Stage 3 protocol. The NFL policy on marijuana (not others like cocaine, MDMA, opiates, amphetamines, PES, etc) was made much more lenient very recently. In both levels to be considered positive, and reduction in punishments. Now- All players will be tested at least once per league year during training camp for substances of abuse, including marijuana. A first offense for any of those drugs enters a player into Stage One of the intervention program for a period of 90 days. If a player tests positive again while in Stage One, he'll be subject to an immediate three-week fine and be advanced to Stage Two (for at least 1 year). {These incidences almost never get leaked to the media} In Stage Two, players will be subject to unannounced testing up to 10 times a month and marijuana is separated into its own (more lenient) discipline structure. Next violation relating to MJ 2 game fine (that's 3 violations now) Next violation relating to MJ 4 game fine (that's now 4 violations for MJ) Next violation relating to MJ 4 game suspension (has taken 5 violations though!) Now media gets the word! Next violation relating to MJ 10 game suspension, automatic entry into Stage 3 (for at least 2 years, after 6 failed tests) Next violation relating to MJ is Banishment, can apply for reinstatement after 1 year So any guy that gets suspended for 4 games? If it was for MJ, he already as failed 4 other tests. Gordon can be tested up to 10 times a month. Since his last punishment was the 10 game variety, his next is a minimum 1 year ban. Players never testing positive for substances or PES can smoke after every game now until the end of the season. They cannot be tested for it again until the off season. Most likely at training camp, but could also be at OTA's too. But testing for Performance Enhancing Substances continues during the season.
  14. Patriots have a strict locker room protocol, and a strong 'Patriot Way' core group (coaches and players) to administer it. Colts do not... at this time. My fear is he's already had non football professionals helping... and it hasn't worked yet.