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  1. Actually, they gave them Walmart's store brand, Great Value! Not even the real Pop Tarts brand, but a discount generic version.
  2. Oh dear... You know it. Maybe, but let me throw out some factual info. Carson Wentz record versus the Seahawks is 0 wins and 5 losses! So evidently Pete Carroll know how to have the D play vs. Wentz. Carson has 6 TD's, 6 interceptions, and has taken 15 sacks vs. Seattle. Seems like a tough first assignment as a Colt to me.
  3. His Injury/repair was December 5th. (Almost 2 months earlier than Fisher) He got 1 catch for 5 yards in a pre-season game (where they don't play the whole game) about 8 1/2 months later (August 19), or 257 days. Fisher would have to make his first game appearance on about October 17, 2021 to be comparable. It seems many teams are accelerating rehab on players that had limited or mini-open repair Technique. And things don't always work the same for every player. Take Sidney Jones. For example. He tore his Achilles at his pro day in 2017. He fell from a certain first round pick
  4. Aye, but here is the rub. All (anyone that disagrees, show one that doesn't demonstrate this) of the studies show (that tracked this data) there is a very noticeable degradation in play for those that return to sport. Some 20 to 25%. Not for a few weeks or a month or two, but the rest of the whole season. Any marked improvement to where they were prior to injury mostly occurs the 'next' season. I do not expect Fisher to improve very much once (if) he is inserted into the starting line up. If he is 90% by the playoffs, I'll believe he was 85% or more in his return. It could happen, but I feel
  5. Finish the conclusion so that the end result is clear for everybody. The only study recently that evaluated those with an average 9 months to return to sport also concluded this- "While the incidence of Achilles tendon ruptures in NFL players, especially in the preseason, has increased substantially, more players are returning to play after injury and with better post-injury performance as compared to the previous two decades. These injuries should still be considered potentially career-altering as 26% of players never return to play after Achilles tendon ruptures and there is stil
  6. LOL. I'm not a true MD, nor DO (and not a PhD either) But I sometimes play one on teh interwebs- (j/k!!) This picture was of me taken 5 years pre Covid-19 in the control room of a hybrid operating room suite (which had advanced X-Ray imaging equipment permanently installed) before a case. I do not recall the city or state. I retired 3 years later on 12/31/2018. Before retirement, I worked for a Major International medical imaging device company for over 25 years as a Zone / Senior Clinical Education and Support Specialist in Image Guided Therap
  7. Maybe 11 games, if he returns after reserve/PUP served (because I think he makes it onto it. Colts physicians will have all of the discussions and get all of the medical data on Fisher. Ballard will talk with the Colts medical team about what they know/recommend. Leno seemed to be guy that would be on the radar. And I think its almost unrealistic to think Fisher is going to be in game day shape in just short of 7 months (mid August). In my mind, if he had minimally open procedure and no (especially nerve) issues, with a solid accelerated successful r
  8. If, for some reason, he can't go, do you think the Colts might have a 'split' contract (amount) on his P5 salary written in? I expect he will be on the active/PUP pre-season, and very possibly to start the regular season on reserve/PUP list (missing the first 6 games. But that just me and my expectations. I want to be more optimistic, but a Mid August return in football shape is way to rosy for me. I do not trust Rapoport (nor his source) on this projection on Fishers return status. I caution those that do, do not be upset and angry if he isn't 'ready'
  9. That's one of the reasons for these discussion boards. People get some info, watch some game/tapes, pick their person. Others gather stats, watch different tape/games, get unknown before (to the public) medical data and maybe go a different route. Nobody is getting paid by the organization, and nobody is on the hot seat of losing their job if they are way off in their 'predictions.'. It's fun conjecture and possibly sharing new information or at least different perspectives.
  10. For those that didn't see it, here's the exclusionary flow chart of the surgeries from 1958 - 2016 I count two studies (one with 95 cases, the other with 80, one of which Dr.Parekh was involved in) having a nearly identical average of a 72.5% return to sport rate- "One previous study investigated RTS and postoperative performance for players who underwent Achilles tendon repair in the NFL. The prior study demonstrated an RTS of 72.5% in 80 NFL athletes. The RTS from this prior study is nearly identical to the results of the present study with an RT
  11. I do not know. I'm not a GM, and don't try to play one on teh interwebs. ;) This is what I do know- Chris Ballard, Frank Reich and the assistant coaches knows a lot more about the abilities and skills and their fit of players on the roster than I do. The Pro Player scouting department knows a lot more about the same information concerning Free Agents and potential cut or for trade players than I do. The Team physician, athletic trainers and medical staff know a lot more about roster health and the health and prognosis of our draft class and potential Free Agents on the
  12. I'm tempted to, but only as a secondary end point ( by throwing out both the high and low, then determining the mean. ) Nevertheless, even not throwing it out resulted in almost 9 months recover time.
  13. After a KC GM, Brett Veach, takes it and puts it out there to the local fans consumption. This type of stuff happens more than people know... Who knows for certain. Maybe, a few days later, the KC team physician meets with Veach, gives him the straight skinny, and then a few days after that Fisher is thanked for his services and the exit door was held open for him.
  14. I've always heard linebackers and running backs are the lowest RTS positions, and show the lowest regained performance demonstrated for those that do return. "The purpose of this study is to report on the use of PARS mini-open repair in a consecutive series of professional football athletes." PARS (Percutaneous Achilles Repair System - PARS, Arthrex, Naples, Florida)" So all data here was one surgical system performed by one physician. Good start. "The average age at the time of injury in this patient population was 25.6 years. The average retu
  15. Did you compare that to this more recent study, conducted with 80 NFL players identified as having Achilles tendon tears between the 2009 and 2014 seasons? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6415485/ Interested in your thoughts there as well... This graph on performance pre-injury stuck out to me (Red vs. Blue) and their post surgery performance; for those the made it back. N No arguing here, just discussion that I'm certain the Colts medical teams/FO/Coaches are having... but they have even more information.
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