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  1. Todd Gurley messed up trying not to fall in to the end zone on a run, but the ball was in his wrong hand and it landed on part of the goal line. TD. Thus Lions get the ball back with 1:06 left, and went downfield and got their own TD to take the lead back. Wild finish.
  2. Saw 49'ers on RedZone. Reminds me... it's #NationalTightEndsDay !! (Kittle says he didn't invent it, Jimmy G. did, on a day where all tight ends were active. Jimmy asks Kittle, "What is it, national tight end day?" Kittle responded- "We were like 'Yeah, it's a holiday, man, it's national tight end day,'" Kittle said. "And we just kind of rolled with it and Garrett Celek had a touchdown on that day, which that was our first annual Niners national tight end day."
  3. Bad teams get the Good QB's. NFL designed it that way. Bengals have to build around him, that's their responsibility.
  4. Todd Gurley fell on the end zone line (broke the plane) for a TD, when he was trying to fall down short, and then they could run time down and kick a game winning FG. But with the accidental TD, Lions had a minute to score a comeback TD, and did. Wow.
  5. Raiders up 7 - 0 early vs. Bucs
  6. Lions an improbable comeback win vs. Falcons!! Browns and Mayfield last second TD pass beat Bengals
  7. TN, wide right! FG no good and Steelers win!!
  8. Joe Burrow TD pass with 1:06 left, Bengals lead Browns. 406 yds passing, 3 TD (1 INT) Mayfield has 1:06 left to comeback.
  9. Titans intercept in the endzone.
  10. Titans have made it a game vs Steelers.
  11. Congrats to them. And.. she also saved his leg!! (truth)
  12. Fortunately they had reduced Teddy's knee dislocation quickly, stabilized it, and transported him. That fast action reduced vascular and/or nerve damage so his remarkable recovery was possible. It's a good story. Dak actually tried to 'self-reduce' his own dislocation / fracture on the field (I saw him bang it on the turf twice) before the refs and med team got there. I'm not sure Dak was successful, but the medical staff very likely was before stabilizing it and putting on a protective boot/cast before transporting him. Since he was released fairly quickly after his surgery, I f
  13. "The manner in which the Dolphins have handled Tagovailoa’s first year in the NFL ― bringing him along slowly rather than thrusting him immediately into action ― has drawn praise from across the NFL." “They should write an NFL self-help book on how to handle a rookie quarterback, and (Dolphins head coach) Brian Flores should author it,” said Gil Brandt, the Hall of Fame front office executive who spent nearly 30 years with the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami’s starting quarterback for the team’s first six games, was also lauded for his handling of the situation.
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