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  1. In fact, I believe there is a much better chance the Dolphins swap their #5 and add their #39 with the Redskins for their #2, and take Tua there, not 'hoping' he even falls to #5 slot. As I mentioned a long while back, there would essentially be no medical rechecks for most all guys. But for Tua, it would be likely different (because of his position and talent level). He was just checked out by a physician voted on by all 32 teams. I guess Tua has been working out in Tennessee. (Tennessee Titans team doctor Thomas Byrd, who is considered one of the most respected hip specialists in the world, was the doctor chosen. He's one that other teams were familiar with and hold in high regard). Also, all 32 team doctors/trainers had input on what tests they wanted carried out. So there's no stone unturned. And all results were shared with all 32 teams. Short scoop- Overwhelmingly positive. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108201/article/tuas-medical-recheck-results-overwhelmingly-positive I think at anytime prior, neither the NFL or NFL Physicians Society would typically allow this.
  2. Depending upon medical, the guy is 2nd round value according to C. Landry, and he ranks all defensive backs in a lump- 6.0 = Mid to late 2nd Round Value (4) 13. BRYCE HALL–VIRGINIA—————–CB 14. ASHTYN DAVIS–CAL BERKELEY———–S 15. CAMERON DANTZLER–MISS STATE———CB 16. NOAH IGBINOGHENE–AUBURN————-CB
  3. I haven't followed any draft stuff. But now that it's close, I've checked in with a scout I trust (and have paid sub to). Here's his Wide Receiver Scout list: 6.9 – 6.5 = Immediate Starter, Early 1st Round None 6.5 = Starter, Mid to Late 1st Round Value (4) 1. JERRY JEUDY–ALABAMA 2. CEE DEE LAMB–OKLAHOMA 3. HENRY RUGGS–ALABAMA 4. JUSTIN JEFFERSON–LSU 6.4 – 6.0 = Potential Starter, Early 2nd Round Value (4) 5. TEE HIGGINS–CLEMSON 6. BRANDON AIYUK–ARIZONA STATE (SLOT/RS) 7. LAVISKA SHENAULT–COLORADO (X,Z,SL) 8. DENZEL MIMS–BAYLOR 9. KJ HAMLER–PENN STATE (SL) 6.0 = Mid to Late 2nd Round Value (2) 10. JALEN TEAGOR–TCU 11. VAN JEFFERSON–FLORIDA 5.9 – 5.5 = Has a chance to make and Contribute, 3rd Round Value (6) 12. TYLER JOHNSON–MINNESOTA 13. MICHAEL PITTMAN–USC 14. KJ HILL–OHIO STATE 15. CHASE CLAYPOOL–NOTRE DAME (HB) 16. ANTONIO GIBSON–MEMPHIS 17. JAUAN JENNINGS–TENNESSEE All in list above too. See #9 above. BTW, wasn't T.Y. Hilton a 3rd round pick, #92 overall?
  4. For many, it's an educated and informed guess taught by years of experience. And they get paid to do it. https://landryfootball.com/about-chris/ Maybe it is that he really is seen as a rotational/roster player of 5th round value, like C. Landry feels. Landry has 25 receivers rated 4th round and higher above him.
  5. Chris Landry (Scout) has Aiyuk and Shenault as early 2nd round value, and #6 and #7 on his WR (X/Z/Slot) respectively. Seems possible if the ball bounces right. OTOH... He has Brycen Hopkins as 3rd round value, and his #2 TE on his list behind Kmet, as above.
  6. I pay for scouting service because I'm too lazy (and not knowledgeable to do my own, nor trust 'free' sites) and short on time t scour mags, blogs/vlogs and sites all day. They have listed Kmet as an early round 2 grade, and the #1 TE on their list. Pittman (#13) is a round 3 grade, like Claypool (#15), but 2 slots higher on the X/Z/Slot list.
  7. Not on the Hurts train, either. Flopping the Weaver and Claypool selections probably has a better chance to happen.
  8. Could have always been Xavier Rhodes. I hear his name... then this 2013 scenario comes rushing back into my head. "With the 23rd pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select... Sharriff Floyd, DT; Florida!" Eruption from Colts fans. Many shouting 'Hey, we're getting the FSU kid. The CB, Xavier Rhodes!!" Grigson, yes, we're taking the FSU kid... but not the CB!! "With the 24th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Indianapolis Colts select... Björn Werner, DE; FSU." Deep sighs, mumblings and grumblings from many. Others are scrambling the web for info. Meanwhile- "With the 25th pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select... Xavier Rhodes, CB; FSU. Well, at least he eventually came here, in 2020 for his 8th season. But there was a chance long ago for him to always have been our CB.
  9. From stories of pre-season lore, I get the feeling he is deemed even mightier than the powerful Mike Hart and Caesar Rayford combination! . . I don't know, in all honesty. Never seen him in any meaningful NFL game, yet. I only hope he is worth holding on to as Rivers ends his career.
  10. Wilson and Mahomes II will fare better than Jackson and some others more similar to Lamar. These two have extensive baseball backgrounds, especially Russell. Patrick's dad was a Major League pitcher. They both know to to slide properly, and also when when to slide/duck/avoid the throw to first on a double play attempt. This transfers to slide in the NFL to avoid big hits. Other QB's don't learn this trait well growing up in football, and also seem to be more inclined to be a 'tough guy' and grind a couple more yards, or try to twitch out of a tackle. Cam's game is to use his legs often, not just throw or hand off, and the hits pile up. There's only so much gas in the tank. It's prudent to wonder how much Cam has left in his.
  11. Maybe, he said limited, ONLY if conditions warrant (changed circumstances, to the good). How things look in NY, LA, Detroit, Chicago, etc in 3-4 weeks will determine if they do it. Because it has to be for all teams, or none. To prepare those teams his memo (leaked) says- “All clubs should now be doing the necessary planning to conduct Draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present and with sufficient technology resources to allow you to communicate internally, with other clubs and with Draft headquarters,” Goodell’s memo reads. “Needless to say, we will be prepared to adjust to changed circumstance in the next several weeks, including the prospect of clubs being able to resume even limited operations within their facilities.”
  12. Agreed. They are prepared. EX GM's on NFL radio mention it often. But those same ex GM's on NFL radio has said those players that had medical issues before/at the combine that can't get a medical recheck (that teams trust), small school and/or later round guys with no prior medical reports at all, and red flag character guys will be most affected (which likely means slide down the board from where their grade only would place them) . For all other players, the hay is in the barn and draft boards fairly well organized. I'll have to check in with Chris Landry football and see what's up later.
  13. Calm down. I actually really thought it was a 'funny play on words', and I liked it. I might even use it myself someday. OTOH, I've seen Siri and auto-correct mash things up, so I politely asked later. But either way I personally find it a funny play on the phrase. Please don't feel disrespect. Or get worked up as it doesn't affect me, only you. It's not worth it.
  14. They will, rent a clean office, probably like i mentioned above. Participants and times are documented by owning facility, can be surrendered to the NFL for review. Mark Dominik, ex GM, says he could do it with a staff of 6, including himself (GM) HC, Dir Player personnel (landline to NFL to make pick), someone to work draft board, one to work trade telephone, and a tech/IT guy for issues that may arise. Skype or Zoom the scouts in. Landline is still preferred, I believe. Ruh Roh... Ruh Roh2 The Broncos are on the clock, but well less than a minute left. Wait, we cut to their war room. They're ready to pick. Let's listen in...
  15. I think they realize that possibility, but want to be an alternative to distract those, if even for a short period, from the brutal reality going on. Bring any amount of joy, no matter how much or little.
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