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  1. Yes, I remember that. Problem is, he didn't define what fail is (likely a lot different than either yours or mine) and over what time period. He won't be going anywhere for awhile.
  2. Mark Davis wont fire Jon Gruden anytime within the next few years after giving him a 10 year, $100 million contract. (Yes, coaches contracts are almost always fully guaranteed).
  3. If he can lay off all banned substances... who knows, maybe not too far out there. He will be tested a boatload though.
  4. For cause. Here's his timeline- https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/aldon-smith-timeline-trouble-arrested-suspensions-history-49ers-raiders-contract/rg7ss2w4qx5i1boyj36tycphx to be reinstated requires: APPENDIX B Procedures for Reinstatement Following Stage Three Banishment Any Player who has been banished under Stage Three may apply formally in writing for reinstatement no sooner than 60 days before the one-year anniversary date of the letter so banishing him. The application should include all pertinent information about the Player’s: (a) Treatment; (b) Abstinence from Substances of Abuse throughout the entire period of his banishment; (c) Involvement with any Substances of Abuse related incidents; and (d) Arrests and/or convictions for any criminal activity, including Substances of Abuse-related offenses. Set forth below are the procedures to be used when an application is received by the Commissioner. 1. Within 45 days of receipt of the application, the Player will be interviewed by the Medical Director and the Medical Advisor, after which a recommendation will be made to the Commissioner with regard to the Player’s request for reinstatement. 2. The Player will execute appropriate medical release forms that will enable the Commissioner’s staff and NFLPA Executive Director’s staff to review the Player’s substance abuse history, including but not limited to attendance at counseling sessions (individual, group and family); attendance at 12-step and other self-help group meetings; periodic progress reports; and all diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations. 3. The Player will submit to urine testing by an NFL representative at a frequency determined by the Medical Advisor. 4. The Player will agree in a meeting with the Commissioner or his representative(s) to comply with the conditions imposed by the Commissioner for his reinstatement to the status of an active Player. 5. All individuals involved in the process will take steps to enable the Commissioner to render a decision within 60 days of the receipt of the application. the two (Smiths timeline and Appendix B) don't mesh.
  5. That really wasn't a surprise (at least to me), surgery for James. Yet another no surprise, they may try to get him back in ASAP (minimum just after mid season or so). However, at some future time not too long after, may well have a good chance to re-fracture it again... just like those mentioned above and, most recently, Greg Olsen. Feel a little bad for the guy. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chargers-derwin-james-reportedly-needs-surgery-on-broken-foot-will-be-out-until-at-least-november/
  6. Unless he gets more aggressive with it (almost into snap count trickery) I agree that will be the line in the sand of legality. Blandino apparently agrees.
  7. Down here in FL, I just decided to listen to it on SiriusXM NFL radio (channel 88). It's just pre season #2, and I can listen on my laptop, iPad, or iPhone, so I'm not tied down. They are using the Colts local radio broadcast team (Matt Taylor and Jim Sorgi) as well.
  8. Reminder - No profanity, masked or otherwise, is allowed in your postings. People, you know better.
  9. It comes down to the player at least desiring to attempt to carry out a league mandated recovery, treatment, and sobriety maintenance plan for full reinstatement (it is currently conditional). Note this in his reinstatement- "Subject to appropriate progress on clinical care and other arrangements, ..." He wasn't given full access until he gets his next failed urine test. It's a full on plan with steady testing. He's been around that block before and failed to cross the finish line. It seems to me that if a player really shows initiative to overcome their issues, the NFL will give them (multiple) opportunities to do so. But in the end, it will be that player himself that determines whether he succeeds and plays, or succumbs and fails. The human side of me hopes he finally conquers his demons. The football fan inside me despises that if/when he does, he plays for the Patriots.
  10. As others have mentioned, it is not a new rule, just an adjustment period to determine what is and isn't 'crossing the line'. The way he clapped really isn't all that uncommon among college quarterbacks. But in the NFL, it could well be an infraction depending how it is done. Murray said the officials told him it wasn’t that he clapped during the snap count out of the shotgun, it was how he clapped that drew the flags. The clapping was “too abrupt” and “not smooth enough as far as bringing my hands together.” According to the NFL rule book, any quick or abrupt movement, such as that of a player in position to receive the snap in the shotgun formation — including “thrusting his hands forward when there is not a simultaneous snap” — is considered a false start. "... any quick abrupt movement by a single offensive player, or by several offensive players in unison, which simulates the start of the snap, is a false start." So getting a defense drawn offsides by (too) abrupt movements is a false start, in this case on the QB, and Murray/Kingsbury will have to figure out how and how much hand clap snap counts are legal. Ex VP of officiating Dean Blandino- "There is no prohibition against clapping. You just can’t do anything abrupt to try and draw the defense offside. The action has to be smooth and deliberate. They are calling it very tight on him. I didn’t think what he was doing was abrupt." However, Murray associated it with using a 'hard count'. So a line in the sand will be drawn at some point.
  11. It's just John Dorsey, calling about JB to back up Baker Mayfield- https://www.facebook.com/NFL/videos/john-dorsey-calls-chris-ballard-on-draft-day/614844095657380/
  12. I don't think he'll be 100% either. And once the season begins, chances of getting to 100% are minuscule. But if (further) injury is not a concern, they will likely find methods to manage his pain and he will play, if his effectiveness in doing so is adequate.
  13. Chargers All Pro safety Derwin James suffered a stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his right foot. Some know it as the "Jones" fracture, but I also know it as what Dr. Chao calls it the Wide receiver fracture as Dez Bryant, Sammy Watkins, Julio Jones, and Julian Edelman (maybe more) suffered the same. If not treated surgically, this could be season ending. If surgically repaired, James could possibly return sometime before or around mid season. However, experience with all of the above athletes also shows a quick return to play also exposes the player to re-fracture and a necessary second surgery. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/chargers-derwin-james-reportedly-suffers-broken-right-foot-out-a-significant-amount-of-time/
  14. Yes, the Colts will likely be as secretive and concealed about it as they can. It seems New England always does it.
  15. My guess, he gets no real reps in a preseason game. Next, we will know the prospects for Luck starting the season game 1 sometime after the 3rd preseason game. (lean on the gas, or push on the brakes) If he doesn't practice (at least) the week before the 1st game, JB will get the call. We just have to let it play out and accept the circumstances.
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