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  1. I think the Broncos had him on their roster a regular salary rookie contract , it might have affected how the Colts had to pay him too. (Broncos and Colts pay, cap, dead cap, etc...) Because coaches don''t want to use the players they think has the best chance of winning, thus securing their jobs. Got it. Coaches see him against their players everyday. There is a thing called 'development'. And it doesn't require starting NFL games right away. Since it's Indy, I'll give a race analogy to the NFL saying- You cannot win the race in the first corner, but you can most certainly lose it. It's hard for inexperienced QB's to win an NFL game, but very easy for them to lose it. Those guys practice, study, and play hard. They want to win. While playoffs were still a possibility, the coaches and team (via reports) were in on JB leading them. Not sure how it goes from here, though. I wonder how CK does in the off season (maturity), and passing that test, competes in training camp 2020 (performance). GM's make decisions on what personnel to acquire/keep/cut. Coaches decide who is active, who plays, and at what position(s). And yes, they communicate with each other to try to work in unison rather than against each other as much as possible.
  2. This one? JB threw this as Doyle was making his break- JB just threw it behind him, just enough to miss. I've replayed this many times real time and slo-mo. There was barely enough time to see the ball and react after the break. No time to 'slow down'. It was a misplaced pass. Unfortunate at that point of the game.
  3. Drew Brees led a game winning drive where JB did not. But Saints left enough time on the clock for their D to lose it, again. Yup, behind him. But he didn't stop either. He kept going and the ball was behind him. Double whammy.
  4. 49'ers 35, Saints 33 11 minutes left in game, 49er ball.
  5. first completions and a 1st down for Griffin.
  6. Yes indeed. from the enhanced rules- "For situations other than an attempt to freeze a kicker, the erroneous granting of a second timeout in the same dead-ball period will result in a five-yard penalty. Generally, however, the officials are expected to decline to grant the second timeout, without a penalty. In other words, a team isn’t penalized for trying to call a second time out in the same dead-ball period. The team is penalized only if it gets the second timeout. The 2nd timeout was never granted, play had to be run.
  7. Teams/DC's have no tape on him yet. He will go through ups and downs all rookie QB's endure.
  8. Yup, somewhere I said their new coach will see how hard it is to get a QB (Cam replacement)... but what I didn't finish with was if Will Grier doesn't pan out... Yes, but it is now because he is still old school ans won't increase anaslytics into his decisions, I heard. Agreed. Maybe HC somewhere next year...
  9. I kiond of thought everyone knew about Andy moving up for him, even though Alex Smith was still the QB. Yes, as are the Texans after trading their pick No. 25 and their 2018 first-rounder in the 2018 draft to take Watson at #12. And mocks don't foresee trades which happen more and more each year.
  10. It was not long ago a team with the #3 overall pick traded up one spot to #2, while giving up their 3, 67, 111, and the following year 3rd round pick. Their choice? Mitchell Trubisky Mahomes went 10th, Watson went 12th. No other first rounders were QB. In the 2nd round, only Deshone Kizer. Davis Webb and CJ Beatherd in the 3rd. For #2 overall, I expected more. Maybe Trubisky turns the corner at some point, but he is stuck at the light presently. And shows how easy it possibly is to feel great on draft day, and then scratching your head almost 3 years later.
  11. I don't know what's worse, throwing it... or not throwing it.
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