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  1. ColtsBlueFL

    Reich : The Chiefs outcoached and outplayed us .

    That is the Chiefs method. We weren't the only team they scored on fast and made the other team one dimensional. They lead the league in sacks because they could pin their ears back and rush the QB after getting off to a fast start. Luck was just the next on the list. I can't remember seeing so many batted balls at the line of scrimmage.
  2. ColtsBlueFL

    We’re not suppose to

    Twice!! college- pros- Go Colts!
  3. ColtsBlueFL

    Pagano to Bears

    You and I saw that coming...
  4. ColtsBlueFL

    Foles or Wentz

    Wentz is where the wagon is hooked. Rightfully sop. Too bad it ends up broken on the side of the road before reaching the destination and Foles has had to give them a tow a couple times already. I'll be somewhat surprised if Steelers let Bell go without trying anything for compensation, same with Eagles and Foles. But they might. It will be interesting to watch this off season.
  5. ColtsBlueFL

    Cardinals and Browns interested in Pagano as DC

    True. and I've also heard the bears are 'keenly interested' in him as their DC.
  6. ColtsBlueFL

    Arians New HC at Tampa; Kingsbury HC at Arizona....

    "For new Bucs coach Bruce Arians, success begins with developing a bond with his quarterback. And not only does Arians already have a history with Jameis Winston, he believes he's capable of winning a Super Bowl. Winston stood out to Arians as a teenager, when Winston wowed him at the quarterback camps he held in Arizona. So in that context, the marriage between Arians — the known quarterback whisperer and a 25-year-old Winston still trying to reach his potential as he enters his fifth NFL season — is a fitting one. Arians loves his quarterbacks. Some of the game's best quarterbacks enjoyed their best seasons under Arians' guidance, and in Tampa Bay, Arians' offense will center around Winston." This is the last Hurrah... for Jameis and Bruce... They're in it together.
  7. ColtsBlueFL

    I owe Quentin Nelson an apology

  8. ColtsBlueFL

    Foles or Wentz

    Foles is a tag and trade (if Wentz becomes healthy), or a 1 year insurance plan. Foles only becomes long term consideration if Wentz' back doesn't respond well. Will Tom Coughlin take time to develop a newly drafted QB? There will be someone that will pay for Foles.
  9. ColtsBlueFL

    Anyone Going to Kansas City?

    I'll be here in SW Florida watching from home. Enjoy the game !!
  10. ColtsBlueFL


    These. If we can't speed up Mahomes throws, the chance of Hill and/or Kelce getting behind defenders for big plays goes up. I'm hopeful we will maintain gap discipline and containment (as much as possible). I expect we will try our best to keep everything in front (possibly a lot of zone), and give up the short plays to prevent the big plays. Increase their plays/drive and try to create turnovers when possible.
  11. ColtsBlueFL

    Kitchens to be Browns new HC

    I knew as soon as Dorsey (a real football guy) was hired it was going to change the Browns. It seemed to me at the time that many here thought the Browns would change him instead (especially after he drafted Mayfield over Darnold...)
  12. ColtsBlueFL

    Fangio new Broncos HC

    ""I didn't walk away, though, I got fired," he said. "It was either fire Vic or fire me. I was asked by Bill Polian -- I was told by Bill Polian -- he wanted me to fire Vic Fangio. I said, well, he doesn't deserve to be fired. He's an outstanding coach, was then and he still is. So we had talks with Jim Irsay, it came down and I wouldn't do it." Bill Polian has confirmed this. He did ask Mora to fire Fangio (because his defense was going to end up too expensive and required smart veterans {and $$} to run, and with Peyton they needed cap space for offensive weapons). Mora refused, so Bill fired them both. Polian wanted to move to a Tampa 2 defense, and Tony Dungy (father, along with Monte Kiffin, of it) just happened to become available too. Mora fired Jan 8, Dungy fired (Bucs) Jan 14, Dungy hired (Colts) Jan 22.
  13. ColtsBlueFL

    Arians New HC at Tampa; Kingsbury HC at Arizona....

    Interesting question... not sure. I know they hired some 'big name' big time, big school guys that flamed out... Saban, Spurrier, Petrino, Holtz, etc...
  14. ColtsBlueFL

    Foles or Wentz

    I think the team has to exercise the option within a week after the Super bowl. Then Foles has 5 days to accept or reject. If he opts out, he has to repay 2 million. I don't see the Eagles doing this. I think they let him hit FA, and Franchise tag him, for a trade (Jacksonville?) to another team. If the medical reports on Wentz aren't going as hoped, maybe they retain him. Just letting him out the door probably won't happen. Just like Steelers likely won't let Bell out the door without trying to get compensated. (transition tag).
  15. ColtsBlueFL

    Foles or Wentz

    20 million was already figured in there for Foles 2019 option. Here's where they clear a lot more quickly: LT Jason Peters 2019 cap hit: $10.66 million (team option) Savings: If the Eagles decline the option, it'll probably clear the cap hit. Peters is 36 and mmight retire anyway. Even if he doesn't, it's more likely his option is declined and the Eagles only bring him back on a cheaper, one-year deal. DT Timmy Jernigan 2019 cap hit: $11 million (team option) Savings: If the Eagles decline his option, they'll rid themselves of the remaining three years on his deal without any dead cap hit. S Rodney McLeod 2019 cap hit: $9.9 million Savings: If he's cut pre-June 1, the Eagles would save $5 million with a $4.8 million dead cap hit. If it's post-June 1, they'd save $7.5 million with $2.4 million dead cap hits in 2019 and 2020. There's plenty of space generated right there. I'm sure they have other options too. They can make room to tag Foles... if they want. Then, trade or keep him as insurance one more time.