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  1. I can see where some Colts fans would trade the M. Pittman (#34) and J. Blackmon (#85) slots to get up to #26 where J. Love was taken. At least we would still have J. Taylor at #41 in the second round and could draft another player in the 4th round at #122 instead of a QB (Eason). That would yield Buckner, Love, Taylor and a 4th rounder instead of Buckner, Pittman Jr., Blackmon, Eason we ended up with.
  2. No, I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong here. The Packers and Dolphins also swapped their round 1 pick positions (Packers were at #30 and the Dolphins had another round 1 pick at #26) and THEN Green Bay added the other pick(#136) to the deal. It wasn't just we'll give you our pick at #136 so we can enter round 1 again at #26 and take the QB we want... and also keep our spot at #30. No, a team also had to give the Dolphins their 1st round pick slot... and the Colts just didn't have one because they gave that away to get Buckner. But if the didn't trade it for Buckner, woul
  3. From all the banter and reports back then, the Colts/Ballard was keenly interested and often tied to him. But at what cost to get him? No, I believe you are truly mistaken here. The Packers swapped their 1st round pick at #30 pick and added their pick #136 in a trade with the Dolphins to move up just 4 spots to pick at #26 and take Love. The Colts did not have a first round pick (traded #13 for DeForest Buckner) at all to take him or trade down with, nor willing to move a lot of other draft capital to move ahead of Green Bay to get Jordan Love. End of story.
  4. This is pretty funny- https://twitter.com/TomBrady/status/1348797993634455554?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1348797993634455554|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nbcsports.com%2Fboston%2Fpatriots%2Ftom-brady-pokes-fun-himself-drew-brees-hilarious-tweet-nfl-playoff-game
  5. Two things- The game day thread (as illustrated by many members here in response to you) is the only place to enter any comments concerning Colts players and/or coaches that has any connection/inkling to the circumstances of the game being played at that time. Typically, a moderator (quite a few of us) or the community manager (Nadine) will see and just 'lock' such a thread. I was not around my laptop much during the game so I missed most conversations here. But I can see (yes moderator privilege) your post you refer to, and truth is, I likely would have 'hid' it duri
  6. I just hope we don't have a second half meltdown , as in a couple previous games.
  7. Please post in Game Day thread.
  8. Completed last 13 passes in a row, too. Got to stop that.
  9. Division games are harder than the typical game. Teams know each o5ther well. I can guarantee you I'm excited about it. Right now, Bucs are on one channel, Dolphins on the other. If the Colts were playing at 1:00 pm, I would not see the game on TV. At 4:25, they will be on network TV here in SW Florida!! Woo hoo!! I do! I'm pleased!! Works for me!
  10. I'm awaiting any possible medical issues resulting from this- I believe they are probably going to check him out for ribs, kidney (Luck type laceration?), liver, spleen, more... True. That's why NFL wants that style of tackling eliminated, and heavily funded the 'Heads up football' programs. https://www.nflfoundation.org/health-safety
  11. Possibly because of this rule change for the Covid season- "Teams now have more flexibility with using practice squad players on game day. PS players can be activated on game day before the team announces their inactives (90 minutes before game time). The player doesn’t have to be elevated from the PS to the main roster for the move. This can happen with up to two practice squad players per week, but the same player can’t be elevated two weeks in a row. A player is only able to be elevated twice per season. To be put activated a third time requires the player to be signed to the re
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