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  1. Meh, I'm not going to say I predicted it or saw it coming per se, but I was absolutely not surprised when it did happen. So Ballard not picking up on ANY red flags in the whole interview process is/was a little concerning... Glad it happened though, cause Reich may be my favorite Colts HC... So... I'm not gonna do a top 5 best/worst list, I'm just gonna go out on a limb & say that Ballards ordeal of "getting" his HC encompasses both his best & worst decision... I guess the whole fiasco also makes Ballard that much more relatable? It shows that he is
  2. Houston's my favorite FA signing since the Polian era...
  3. Id rather have to defend an innocent son than have to console a victimized daughter... Its sad that we live in a world where either situations exist... I hope Okereke is truly innocent...
  4. Right, because history has shown to side with, vindicate, & bring justice & piece of mind to victims of rape...
  5. Think it is/was an old phone directory service. Think it basically means information or more specifically the requested or pertinent information...
  6. Good news, Sanchez has done well, ha, but I guess it doesn't hurt that his punt ratio dropped tremendously from '17 to '18. Hopefully thats a trend that continues!!! The Colts have seemed to have always had a strong kicking duo. Biasucci & Stark, Vangerjagt & Smith, Vinny & McAfee , & now Vinny & Sanchez. So, hopefully, when Adam decides to hang 'em up, the Colts can land a guy that can at least hang or hold his own with that group... Guess I may be a weirdo, but after typing that list, a couple guys on there are amongst my favorite all time Colts. A
  7. Posts have been removed for crossing into the personal... Opinions on Kelly are obviously somewhat varied, & as a moral or character issue, those opinions can & are getting a little heated... So with that said l guess I'll suggest that we all "keep some perspective on the issue" ... Anyhow, Go Colts...
  8. I've applied a self ban on attending road games... Every away game I've attended (5) the Colts lost... So its a no for me... Lol...
  9. Ha... Exactly This is why I am not a Kelly fan, & what I was largely hinting at in my posts & stance in the other Kelly thread... I basically couldn't care less about "what" he did, it's just that you've gotta be a special kind of person to continuously get busted doing the things this guys been in trouble for, Lol...
  10. Lol... So, basically last year's draft class!!!
  11. Ha, I just hope the Colts can win the season opener!!!
  12. If you want to be the class of the conference, you've got to be the class of your division first... Im excited about the direction of the team too, but I'm not setting unrealistic or premature expectations
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