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  1. Fixed it for you. For those that missed it (MNF, Cowboys/Giants game, I was listening in my car on Westwood One radio live) a black cat went onto the field while a play was in progress. Kevin Harlan announced both the play, and cat movements simultaneously. After the whistle, Harlan did play by play of the whole cat incident. It was really funny then, and still is now. You listen to it here- Bob Papa (Radio voice of the NY football Giants) was calling the game as well, and also did play by play and stated "The cat, is not in the hat" at one point. A lot of folks had fun with it t
  2. Even Mr. Fusion on Doc's DeLorean DMC-12 time machine can't handle 2020
  3. Thanks. I'm not sure I trust Reich or Ballard at 100% on medical information, but I guess that's the best we can get for now.
  4. True, and I'd wager more ACL are non contact than contact. Sure, player may be engaged and even take contact, but injury too often occurs on the non contact side during the play. Much less often is an ACL a direct contact injury... but still can be. Any official word? I'm saying if it is either 'just' and MCL, or 'just' a PCL, he might be ready to come off IR after the 3 weeks or so. If both, things get more complicated. But I've never heard definitive that it is both, just many reports. If anyone knows with certainty, let me know who/where please. Thanks.
  5. Fixed it for you. When I saw the hit on the outside of the knee, It said MCL to me. To what grade was/is unknown. But the replays I had were inconclusive if there was also any frontal impact (which may lead to a possible PCL injury as well). That's why I was reserved and that there could be more. And if the reports that he also has a PCL injury, that complicates matters, significantly lengthens rehab time, and maybe even suggest internal interventional remedies that might end his season. I await updates.
  6. I believe the possibility is some/most/all of these would have still happened in the pre-season as well. It just gets a lot more exposure when it happens during the season, which was all because of a shortened pre-season.
  7. According to Dr. Chao, there was a total of 7 ACL tears. Ex Charges team physician and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chao pulled out an old tweet about his (at that time) 2 year old daughter telling her mom she tore her ACL-
  8. I was hoping for an MCL only, but always felt there could possibly be more (but not an ACL). The MCL generally has a high potential to heal conservatively, non-surgically, on its own. Nevertheless, there appears to be a lower threshold to surgically address the medial ligament if a significant instability also exists because of a PCL injury and deficient knee. They are likely checking these scenarios out, thus the delay in deciding on the upcoming healing plan. That is a real possibility, depending on the decided medical correction/healing plan.
  9. We'll see how bad the sprain/tear is fairly soon. Remotely, but I think they will find more. If a player collides with another player when trying to make a tackle, and the side of the runners knee is hit hard, his MCL may be injured. The MCL (medial collateral ligament) is a band of tissue that runs along the inner edge of the knee. It helps to connect the shin bone and thigh bone and to keep the knee stable and working properly when they move. If a players MCL is damaged, their knee can over-extend itself, and/or bend too far in a direction tha
  10. Between physical on site tests, and even 'film review' (yes medical staff often does it too) of the injury gives them a good idea what the damage is and what imaging will later confirm.
  11. Please keep comments in Chat or game day thread until after the game please.
  12. The one he did was a big one for a very likely TD. He does have 'just a knee sprain'. The question is, what ligament(s) are involved, and what grade level of tear (sprain) on it/them?
  13. Well, the minimum would be an MCL. Worst would be an ACL/MCL combo. Possible contusion too. I'm hoping MCL/contusion....
  14. Yes, test their protocols and plans at first and adjust. Even at the Chiefs game where one was positive, it was just 10 other fans that have to quarantine. Not that bad considering.
  15. OK, so the 'snap' is good. How about the 'hold' and then the end result... the success of the 'kick' ... ??? I do hope for the best for him.
  16. What this really does is take away home field advantage. Visiting teams may do much better this year than previous history shows. For every team thus far.
  17. To me, an RT-PCR test pre-game for fans seems useless and expensive. Results can take a long time unless they are processed on site (highly unlikely have a lab well equipped enough to do it). I think the only true way would be one of the new RDT antigen (viral proteins) detection tests if results in <15 minutes. Temp scan would be a minimal protocol, I would think. People can be infectious 1-3 days before symptoms, and at least 7 more days after. Last protocol I remember a person was generally accepted as likely no longer infectious after 10 past their onset of symptoms, or
  18. Likely before the because of incubation time frame. OTOH, they 'slipped by' safety testing procedures in place at Arrowhead- "According to Chiefs’ protocol, fans entering the open air field-box should have been tested prior to the game. A Chiefs spokesperson said the fan was not tested before the game based on information they said came from the health department. The Chiefs spokesperson said they do not yet know how the fan bypassed pregame testing." It appears teams and also their health department have ties/plans for situations like this. **The team issue
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