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  1. Colts have been tight lipped about everything. It appears they have a close net on potential 'leaks'. From FA, to trades, to draft. Still, it would not surprise me to hear the scouts not actually in the draft room until day 3 though.
  2. Chris Landry has written an article that details the items and long days of NFL teams finalizing their draft boards. This content is supposed to be free. So I'll post a link here- https://landryfootball.com/final-draft-meetings-schedule/ Enjoy.
  3. Yup! And... there is no financial discourse in the locker room. The Chiefs had purged both Justin Houston and Dee Ford along with their massive salaries / cap hits. (Ford had been Franchise tagged). Clark is a better prototype / fit for Spag's 4 - 3 as well.
  4. {Not trying to single you out alone, there are several others that have the same outlook} What is not to get? The Chiefs hired a new defense coordinator. He runs a 4 - 3 scheme, not a 3 - 4 like they ran before. They are retooling / revamping the defense. Now we get to Dee Ford and Frank Clark. Who is a better 'fit' at hand in the dirt Defensive End for Spagnuolo's 4-3 to go along with Chris Jones? Frank Clark- 6' 3" and 265 lbs, 26 years old (who might be the best pass rusher this side of Mack) Dee Ford- 6' 2" and 240 lbs, 28 years old? Then add Tyrann Mathieu and Bashaud Breeland to their secondary with Kendall Fuller. Even the oldest, Breeland, is only 27. This is a team getting their new D coordinator guys he wants and feels he can succeed with. In 2007, that was sometimes lining up 4 true DE's on the D line in 3rd and long (NY Giants - Strahan, Tuck, Kiwanuka, and Umenyiora). I'm sure the Chiefs aren't trying to become the next inept 1 - 31 team.
  5. Gil has great stories! I'm not so sure that wasn't a tactic to get other teams to bite on a player they really have no interest in so they can get another player to slide through. Here's another- *Jerry Jones was so intrigued by Brandt's draft history lessons, he asked the Cowboys' original personnel guru if he'd ever deviated from his board. "Once," Brandt said. That would have been the 1979 draft, when the Cowboys were set to take a quarterback from Notre Dame in the third round. Tom Landry reminded everyone that they already had three quarterbacks -- Roger Staubach, Danny White and Glenn Carano -- and there was no room for a fourth. So instead they selected Doug Cosbie, a tight end. "Played pretty good for us," Brandt added, diplomatically, "but he wasn't Joe Montana."
  6. Maybe on some other players. Interesting thought. In this case, I think it was Clark's agent saying, "Just give us a little bit more than DeMarcus Lawrence got and we'll sign it. That was the driving impetus.
  7. This is right. In fact, I'd keep the scouts out of the draft room until day 3. That is when their knowledge comes back into play on those lesser known guys. They can answer last minute questions for those all important later round selections, if needed.
  8. I only played this once before a few years ago (I think I tied for 3rd too...) and playing again for fun this year. But I was thinking about the point system. In real NFL life, hitting late in the draft can separate great football teams from good ones. It's much harder to get those late round guys mocked (chosen) correctly. I was thinking maybe hitting on A. and B. selections in later rounds should count for as much, or more points than than the 1st 3 rounds. (players much more well known). Just a thought, except it would also defeat the strategy of picking more blue chip players late just to get more points.
  9. Moot point now, but it tells me that he doesn't wan't to develop their pass rushers, they want to buy ( pay ) and bring in free agents at big bucks instead. This after he's on record saying this- “Just look at the roster and look at the contracts that are going to be coming up over the next two- to three-year period,” Ballard said. “Eventually, what you’d like to happen is you’re paying your own guys, you’re rewarding the guys in the locker room who have done the right things for you.” Getting Houston, OK. I get it. Especially at that price he got. But to later bring Clark in right after, for a massive contract (years/money) would override the 'draft and develop/pay your own' mantra.
  10. Sometimes I wonder if some people know the market of players. I thought I saw proposed deals of Brissett and a non 1st round pick all the way down to a 2020 second round pick. The market is steep, and Ballard is disciplined with the purse strings. He and the pro personnel department have placed a value price tag on every guy. Once the bidding surpasses that, Ballard kindly bows out. He's had to do it many times this year.
  11. This includes the combine and also pro days, not just bringing them in. BTW, Sweat could easily be a guy to fall, but do Indy team doctors feel they can mange his medical issues? "One NFL scout has recently discovered that Sweat’s team medicals have been especially bad. According to Bleacher Report NFL scout Matt Miller, Sweat’s stock has practically bottomed out as a result of his team medicals. Per the report, several teams have taken him off their board entirely. Miller concluded that Sweat could fall out of the first round altogether." They have a board of their top 175 (or so) that includes the 'elite players'. It's easy to take their names off the board as they are called and place them on another board as 'taken players', sorted by team, round, and position. Any elites not taken stand out on you board, you don't even have to look at other lists/boards.
  12. And immediately making him the highest paid guy on the roster (excluding the QB Luck) The Colts are all about doing it the Right Way. Is that the right way? (and the right fit) Asking for a friend... ;)
  13. What message would be sent by bringing in Houston and Clark for big money and getting to take the 1st team reps tell the other guys Ballard drafted and/or signed?
  14. If you are lucky, that gets you to spot #16, but more likely #18. Is your guy still there? That is going to cost even more than the above. A lot more. Agree. My Guess? Interest would be let Brian Decker evaluate him before any further talks.
  15. OK, I'll join in once more, but not use the genius strategy of FirsTime. Round 1 - #26 A: Dexter Lawrence, DT B: Jaylon Ferguson, Edge C: Christian Wilkins, DT Round 2a - #34 A: Jeffrey Simmons, DT C: Jerry Tillery, DT C: Jonathan Abram, S Round 2b - #59 A: Taylor Rapp, S B: Andy Isabella, WR C: Miles Sanders, RB Round 3 - #89 A: Sean Bunting, CB, Central Michigan B: Kahale Warring, TE C: JJ Arcega Whiteside, WR Round 4a - #129 A: David Long, CB B: Austin Bryant, DE Round 4b - #135 A: Beau Benzschawel, OG B: Daylon Mack, NT Round 5 - #164 A: Tre Watson, LB B: DaMarkus Lodge, WR Round 6 - #199 A: Hunter Renfro, WR B: Alex Bars, OG Round 7 - #240 A: Cole Tracy, K B: Jessie Burkett, OC
  16. Gil is going into the hall of fame for a reason. He's old now, but still sharp. He's not saying Jones is better than Peyton. What he is saying, is Jones reminds him of a College draft eligible Peyton, just like a scout might say Jeffrey Simmons reminds him of Fletcher Cox going into the draft. And digging further I can see a reason beyond a few common physical attributes, the development coach I'll mention below. Dave Gettleman has a poker face, but many still tie Daniel Jones going to the NY Giants to (eventually) replace... Eli Manning. Brother of Peyton. The connection between all 3 of them? David Cutcliffe. Or, as Peyton calls him, Coach Cut. Cutcliffe was Peyton Manning’s quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee, and Eli Manning’s head coach at Ole Miss. “My dad had the biggest impact on me, but after that it was Coach Cut,” Peyton says. “Because he got me from [age] 18 to 22 and developed me.” They both still revere him and work with him and the Duke team often. https://abc11.com/sports/peyton-and-eli-manning-visit-duke-football-head-coach-train-with-team/3308894/ I didn't laugh when I saw this at all. And I heard in Senior bowl drills, Drew Lock outperformed Daniel Jones. But in the actual game, Jones outperformed Lock! Many NFL personnel have them graded very close. And a good many of them give Jones the edge, and Peyton agrees!! “Daniel has a real advantage because he has been coached by Coach Cutcliffe,” Peyton Manning says… “or Coach Cut, as everyone calls him.” The New York football Giants desire/require a certain kind of QB, not just any (especially flashy / braggadocios) QB. Jones might fit that bill quite nicely. Maybe at pick #17 instead of #6, if they think others aren't as interested and will drop that far... or Will Grier at #37 if they miss out or mess it up. We'll see.
  17. Well... This. As a name gets peeled off the board, the name plate and drafting team plate, get placed in the position row of another board by round. It is easy to see names stacking up quickly at a single position on such board, by anyone, all around the room. Who knows, they may have 65" or > ultra 4k monitors with snazzy graphics and metric around the room too, and not just the NFL Network showing the announcements of draft choices. I do think they will do this in cases where there remaining selections are in a tight group. One player slightly graded a touch lower, but at a higher position need and/or where there is a shortfall of prospects should and would get preferential treatment. Some might say reach, others would say 'getting your guy'. (because if you pass now, he may be long gone before your next shot at him). But if there is a guy sticking notably up above over the others, that is BPA. And if he is not chosen, the GM didn't stay true to the board. Or they scouted/valued players incorrectly and compromised their board. Neither of which is good.
  18. I do not know, could be Simmons may play at 3 tech, but maybe he doesn't appear to be a prototypical B gap shooter. He plays great against the run, and can handle/penetrate double teams. The 3 tech alignment avoids double teams. His pass rush move is a bull rush, that needs work. I feel Ed Oliver is a lot closer to Aaron Donald than Jeffrey Simmons. A real NFL scout / paid consultant read in a podcast what I wrote in a higher above post, this was just like he was reporting to a GM setting up a draft board. What else can I say?
  19. Chris Landry disagrees, and says he is a NT in a 43 (shade or on the nose), and a 5 technique in a 30 front. (a DE in a 3-4) Here is the link. https://landryfootball.com/listen-to-draft-room-scouting-reports-on-first-round-value-players/ But his site is a pay site, so it may not work for you. I've been a member for a couple of years. And these reports are not written, they are mostly verbal podcasts for members to listen to. Oh, here is his credentials- https://landryfootball.com/about-landry-football/
  20. This is the correct explanation, IMHO.
  21. Yes, but you might have missed where I said this in the post... "There are more (different layout) boards around the room too."
  22. Montez Sweat (cardiomegaly, cause undisclosed) Depends upon the team doctor and his comfort level with such a player in that condition.
  23. Ballard now has Brian Decker to lean on here as well. I agree about not trusting cutup tape. One needs to watch at least 2 full games, with coaches tape (all 22) view (not TV). From Chris Landry, NFL scout and paid consultant- "Like the frame, Like the athleticism, like the explosiveness, great first step. Unleashes hips into blockers. Good upper body strength to throw blockers to the side. Really good in his timing on twists and stunts. Explodes and works his hands and arms against the run, can peek and toss guys aside to get in position to make a play. Exhibits a lot of the characteristics Fletcher Cox demonstrated. Has medical and character flags. Without these, the tape says he is top 8 in this draft (values). Because of these issues though, he can easily fall to late 20's. Strong at point of attack, occupies blockers. Can fight through double teams, good pursuit player. Could be a little bit quicker and better at finding the ball. His pass rush could be (should be) better, he doesn't finish quite well because he can get a little bit tall and let guys get into his body. Hand quickness is average and hand use can improve, but he has very heavy hands. He might be slightly undersized for a NT, (but I like him there) and once he improves his leverage and hand use, he will be a disruptive, penetrating, power rusher who can also play the run. He's a shade technique, or right on the nose of a 4-3 defense (or a 5 technique in a 30 front). Can be more than a 2 down DL with a powerful bull rush pressure, once he improves leverage/hands. He's an outstanding player, and from a football standpoint, worthy of a top ten. but medical and character flags will likely have him drop." A short report from my connection...
  24. Look in on the background in this shot from 2015- Top level starts at A, sometimes I see a B (no A rated). Goes down in rating vertically. Amount in each section varies, but are in preferential order. There are more (different layout) boards around the room too. Now this was a Grigson board from 2015. Others may label theirs different, add color (for flags, etc.) but they all let you see top players left on the list in every position, and those that stick out above the rest as the names peel off. The name that sticks out above the others is BPA and must be taken even if that selection doesn't fulfill a 'hole' in the roster with 'that pick'. If players left are (very near) equal in grade, then they go toward position of perceived need.
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