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  1. Did you compare that to this more recent study, conducted with 80 NFL players identified as having Achilles tendon tears between the 2009 and 2014 seasons? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6415485/ Interested in your thoughts there as well... This graph on performance pre-injury stuck out to me (Red vs. Blue) and their post surgery performance; for those the made it back. N No arguing here, just discussion that I'm certain the Colts medical teams/FO/Coaches are having... but they have even more information.
  2. Best data I've come across thus far- For OL, the mean in this case is 342 days, plus or minus 98 days. 8 out of 13 (61.5%) returned to play, 5 ( 38.5% ) did not make it back.
  3. Yeah, I don't think he will ever be a candidate for a 'Mr. Congeniality' award. But he is a little better when he is guest host on the 'Late Hits' show that airs on the SiriusXM NFL radio channel.
  4. The study actually had a 'matched control' group. ** Abstract Background: Achilles tendon injuries are common in sports, including football. The purpose of this study was to determine (1) return-to-sport rate in National Football League (NFL) players following Achilles tendon repair, (2) postoperative career length and games per season, (3) pre- and postoperative performance, and (4) postoperative performance compared with control players matched by position, age, years of experience, and performance. Methods: Publicly available records were used to ident
  5. Oh yes, knee reconstruction is so very much more complex (and has so many different types of injuries) than an Achilles tendon repair. Orthopaedic surgeons are always trying to improve procedures and outcomes in the knees, and they are still chasing the holy grail of finding ways to develop a reliable and cost-effective means of regenerating the knees articular cartilage. Let's go the other way- I know two that don't. Running backs, and Linebackers. Especially Linebackers, as I show below. Others are probably comparable to each other in both returning rate and performanc
  6. No problem. Then again, I'm countering the information is out of date, or just plain wrong. The medical evaluation he gets on his visit here trumps everything 'reported' beforehand.
  7. I'd like to know his source. I know what was said in March by the Chiefs GM- "Mitch just recently had his disc worked on, and we’re hopeful for him to return to training camp, and the same thing with Fish," Veach said just 10 days before Fisher and Schwartz were released. "So, we’re hopeful both these guys can complete the rehab and be available for training camp and start the 2021 season. I would probably say Pat is ahead of them just because of that type of injury and probably a quicker recovery, but hopefully we’ll have all three ready to go by training camp." Chiefs
  8. By a coach or team front office guy? And just before said #1 overall pick and 8 year vet was cut from their team? " It was on the internet... it has to be true. "
  9. Yes, the question was (now expanded) if things are altered, explain how these altered things are 'so much better' these days than it was 19-20 years ago... Feel free to answer... My implication is anything that was/is new over the years (I've reported some AT repair procedures I'm aware of) is fairly minuscule in comparison to the patients biology and their desire to recover to full strength by consistent strenuous rehab, which determines the bulk of recovery time and capacity.
  10. Absolutely there has been, who said I didn't? In addition, I'll add I've been intricately involved in some of it (maybe a minute portion) as well... before I finally retired. Some (Many?) way more than others... However- Pro basketball players can 'dunk' the ball. Have been for awhile. Who's doing it now so much better now than Dr. J did back in 1976? (45 years ago) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRw-mN-fiAk Once you can do something well, improvements on it are incrementally small. OK, evidence of someone
  11. https://www.stoneclinic.com/achilles-tendon-repair-rehab-protocol There are really only 2 types of surgical repair for ruptured achilles- Open surgery— This is where the orthopedic surgeon makes a single large incision on the back of your ankle and sews the two parts of the Achilles tendon back together. Percutaneous surgery— This is a minimally invasive procedure where the orthopedic surgeon makes several small incisions instead of one larger one, and sews the two parts of the Achilles tendon back together. (likely the preferred method for athletes?).
  12. And how does that alter things? If the extent isn't bad, it could be healed non surgically via a lengthy convalescent period. Surgical repair increases potential for full recovery though. Santa Rosa Orthopaedics foot and ankle specialist Dr. Mark Schakel puts it this way- “Surgically, Achilles tendon tears are comparatively easy to repair. A small incision is made over the back of the ankle, making it possible for the torn tendon ends to be sutured back together,” Schakel explains. “The greater issue for highly athletic patients is the recovery per
  13. Darn, I hate to be 'that guy' and rain on peoples parades. But there's history and quantifiable numbers about this. "Dr. Parekh performed a study and measure of functional outcome in the evaluation of “skill players” in the NFL, which included defensive tackles, cornerbacks, linebackers, wide receivers, and running backs. The power rating is a measure of a player’s performance using statistics gathered during game play, such as passing and rushing yards for an offensive player and tackles and interceptions for a defensive player. This study showed that 31 acute Achilles tendon rup
  14. Remember this? A new take on it- "I now hear Patriots instead of Panthers in this dialog!
  15. Hmmm, maybe this might be one of those reasons/times when GM's shut out the fan noise. Wasn't he a dude we claimed off the waiver wire back in 2017? Haven't heard much about him ever since. { }
  16. There is always the very slim chance things settle down over the summer, and Rodgers returns in August/September to play anyway. But a trade (at least right now) seems very unlikely.
  17. Appears so. "Gutekunst told Peter King for Football Morning in America that the only call he got came after the draft day reports that Rodgers could be traded. Gutekunst says he shut that conversation down quickly." “I had no [trade] discussions with any team. I received one call from a team Thursday night, after all the news came out. I said no. That was the end of the conversation,” he said. "San Francisco General Manager John Lynch has acknowledged that the 49ers contacted the Packers about Rodgers." And their discussion ended abruptly.
  18. They will designate him a post June 1st cut- "Releasing Leno as a post-June 1 designation will save the Bears $9 million in cap while accounting for $2.3 million in dead cap in 2021, per Over The Cap. Leno will be free to sign with a team in need of a starting left tackle, and at 29 years old, he still has plenty of good ball left in him. An obvious pairing would land Leno just one state to the east, Indiana, where he could fill Indianapolis' biggest remaining need and wouldn't meet a financial hurdle, thanks to the Colts having among the most remaining cap space in the
  19. And as a lead blocker for Taylor, or at times taking the handoff himself with Taylor as a decoy. Reichs playbook opens up with this guy. He has even lined up as a slot receiver, or end line TE in addition to FB. You guys comp him to Cooley, Rick Neuheisel comps him to Kyle Juszczyk of the 49ers. Here's his tape from last year- I'm interested in how Reich/Brady want to use him.
  20. I see this kid expanding Reich's offensive to include more 2 back sets, as well as end line blocker and out in space receiver from either fullback, slot, or TE position. Hopefully this addition improves the Red Zone / Goal Line offense (and situationally overall), and also allow for an effective 4 minute clock draining offense as well. If this happens, then it could potentially be more impactful than Paye's contributions, IMHO.
  21. Look at Eason an d the new guy. Who has traits/style that better fit the Reich/Wentz playbook? Because that is the playbook QB's will learn and execute, not the Rivers playbook. And those that do it better. I kind of like Ballard's picks. But what do I know.
  22. I'm thinking in a Kyle Juszczyk (49ers) type of role.
  23. And H back. I expect him in short yardage and 21 personnel groupings. We will see what Reich does.
  24. I'm heading out to beach/dinner soon with some visiting friends from GA. When I get back later, I'll be most interested in the UDFA signings (after draft phone lines will be burning up everywhere). I'll try to sneek a peek on my phone here and there.
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