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    10 Days

    Fix it Felix!!
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    10 Days

    The 'Inspiration' for the "Carlton" -
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    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    I see where you might draw that conclusion, but I've run many more players than just these posted (which are mostly top tier players). And while I give a nod to PR myself, I find the EN is useful too. To wit, I've not found a high to awesome PR when the EN is average or below. Example... 4 year Tennessee player and Broncos first round draft DE Robert Ayers. Here is his number- EN = (18 + 29.5 + 8.5) = 56 PR = (31.5 + 9) / 48 = 0.844 Both below the top tier level, and the player disappointed on 3 teams over a 9 year period (for real? he lasted 9 years?) He's not the only one that fits this model either. I'm just not in the mood to devote any more time compiling them for posting though. But they exist.
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    Cap space for 2019

    Yes, a poster had aspirations "Or Taylor Lewan at LT if the Titans can't work out a deal with him." But if the desire is a low potential scenario, responding as if it were might send wrong messages to those other members just skimming through and not comprehending the whole discussion. Thus the desire for those others to point out that Lewan is playing under 5th year option for 2018 (around 9 million too!) and gives more time to negotiate an extension for 2019 and beyond. Also the possibility of the club using the franchise tag(s). Suffice to say, the Titans have some leverage to keep him around another 3 years... without even getting a contract done if all else fails. OTOH, it behooves the Titans (player relationship wise and financially) to negotiate in good faith and get something done at some point this or early year for the future.
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    Cap space for 2019

    While a nice dream, teams do not pick up a 5th year option on their 1st round draft picks to let them go after. I haven't checked the Titans cap margins, but I know for fact Bill Polian and Pat Kirwan (and possibly Mark Dominik and Phil Savage as well, who have all negotiated hundreds upon hundreds of NFL contracts) have said that cap space can always be created to retain your top talent, though getting an extension done is more cap friendly than having to use the Franchise tag. And you do not ever let talent walk without due compensation, ever. You must be able to replace talent with talent immediately, or take measures to keep the guy. Even if strapped (I do not know, haven't looked for 2019) they will find other means to make space/cash. It's the job of the GM and team cap-ologist. I think the Titans have more to worry about down the road when Mariota's extension breaks their bank, not Lewan. In any event, letting players like that go without just compensation means they will likely be let go in short order as well.
  6. Autry was signed to 3 year contract, got 6.5 million guaranteed (paid this year), and received another 3.5 million roster bonus mid March, so that's 10 million in his pocket! And while rooks will get rotation reps, let it be known they'll have to significantly outplay Autry in practice and scrimmages to take the starter role. I do not see that happening for 2018. I see Hines as a 3rd down and passing situational RB. I can see him in the backfield with two tight ends. Once their D is set, then one tight end and then maybe even Hines motion and line up out wide and create mismatches for Luck to exploit. I'm hoping for very good things from Leonard, but I'm not on board here with these projections at all and feel these numbers are too inflated, the bar is just set way too high. Those numbers you project above are Derrick Brooks type numbers! (see in the link below) Brooks was a 3 time All American in college at Florida State (big school), a late 1st round draft choice, Al Rookie Honors, elected to 11 pro bowls, selected as a 5 time 1st team All Pro, selected to the NFL's All Decade team of the 2000's, and an inducted HOF member after a stellar 14 year career. And he never missed a game!! I'd love for Leonard to be the next Derrick Brooks, but lets not have a coronation of him before he has even practiced in pads with the club. In my mind, Quinton Nelson has a much better chance of being the next Alan Faneca than Darius Leonard does being the next Derrick Brooks. This is up in the air. Who stays healthy and plays best - Mewhort, Slauson, or a talented, yet NFL green, Rookie? If Ballards 2018 draft class comes close to what the Saints did in the 2017 draft, we will be a power to be reckoned with sooner rather than later. Saints 2017 draft class- (1) Marshon Lattimore, Ryan Ramczyk, (2) Marcus Williams, (3) Alvin Kamara, Alex Anzalone, Trey Hendrickson That was a homerun in my book, and I remember most experts/pundits were calling it a "B" draft right after the draft ended. This is why drafts cannot be graded/predicted right after the players were taken. Let's see how we (and notably the rookies) actually do before we compare our draft to the Saints haul last year.
  7. ColtsBlueFL

    Demarco Murray to retire

    When older vets get to a point where offers are vet min (or close to) and/or incentive laden with those that are hard to achieve (remember, coaches control who plays and what plays are called, not a player), then retirement looks good rather than go through all that camp stuff, pre-season, etc... and not play (even for minimum salary) nearly as much as desired or possibly even get cut (little no guaranteed money either) at some point. The cons to signing and playing in those circumstances certainbly outweigh the pros. I have little doubt Murray/agent were getting calls from teams. Just way below what he would consider to accept, thus his choice to retire.
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    Marcel Dareus sued for sexual assault

    I think, in the grand scheme of things, there are more NFL players that are not committing such offenses than even the general populace. It's just we see every one of the NFL mess ups. Especially in the off season where news is light and they are not busy with team activities.
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    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence
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    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence

    The authorities and NFL are both investigating. Let's not try this in the media or court of public forums. It appears somebody wanted this in the public domain before money/etc.. could stifle any talk/details. but there will n ot be enough 'out there' for us to judge. Let's wait. remember, sometimes high powered lawyers getting huge sums compensation can alter what would otherwise appear to be possibly quite evident. The NFL doesn't play by those rules anymore. 'Shady' might get protection from being associated as one hiring a 'goon' to do dirty work. But if NFL thinks it was 'more likely than not' that it happened, well... Let's let this play out. By the work of the authorities and the NFL. {EDIT: I heard today on NFL radio they believe it is reported he was trying to recover a ring (maybe more?) he gave her previously, via a third party.}
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    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    I checked his Bench reps, Vertical, and pro-day Broad Jump. His explosion number (EN) is right at 70. Ran some EN and Production ratio numbers on a few players below. Some extra stats and comps to go with your more typical numbers (from Pat Kirwan) - Explosion number = bench reps + vertical + broad jump anything higher than 70 is top tier level (higher is better) Production Ratio = (Tackles for Loss + Sacks) / Games Played = Production Ratio anything higher than 1.0 is good (higher is better) Tyquan Lewis - 24 + 35.5 + 10.55 = 70.05 Production ratio = (37 + 23.5) / 44 = 1.375 Joey Bosa - 24 + 32 + 10 = 66 PR = (51 + 26) / 38 = 2.026 J.J. Watt - 34 + 37 + 10 = 81 !! PR = (36.5 + 11.5) / 26 = 1.846 Aaron Donald - 35 + 32 + 9.66 = 76.66 PR = (66 + 29.5) / 51 = 1.872 Jadeveon Clowney - 21 + 37.5 + 10.33 = 68.83 PR = (47 + 24) / 36 = 1.972 Von Miller - 21 + 37 + 10.5 = 68.5 PR = (50.5 + 33) / 47 = 1.777 Cameron Jordan - 25 + 31 + 9.9 = 65.9 PR = (34 + 16.5) / 50) = 1.01 ---------------------------------------------- Kony Ealy - 22 + 31 + 9.5 = 62.5 PR = (28 + 13.5) / 39 = 1.06 ---------------------------------------------- Because you can measure the dog in the fight, but not always the fight in the dog, there are always exceptions / outliers to the numbers. IE: Vernon Gholston - 37 + 35.5 + 10.5 = 83!! PR = (30.5 + 22.5) / 31 = 1.709 Like everything else, it is only anpother tool to be used along side other things (tape, private workout, interviews, etc...) I think it can give a clue if one has the ingredients to be coached to produce at a high level, provided the player is motivated.
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    Pacman Jones Throwin Haymakers At The Airport

    Police investigated and arrested Ragin (the Other Guy) for instigating the altercation and determined Adam was just defending himself, so Jones was left to go on.
  13. Saw a tweet Sam Beal taken by Giants with a round 3 bid. Does not mean we didn’t pass on him. We might have had a not as high as the Giants or submitted a round 4 or higher bid. all teams with 6 wins or less were entered into a weighted lottery (much like the NBA) to determine supplemental draft order. It isn’t necessarily the same as April draft order. Will double check validity of tweet.
  14. ColtsBlueFL

    Supplemental Draft Preview

    Or, we have the same value on him as other teams, but a less favorable draft slot from the lottery. Nobody knows if we also had a round 3 bid in on him, like the Giants (and potentially others team beyond them) did.
  15. ColtsBlueFL

    Supplemental Draft Preview

    It is a weighted lottery, of all teams with 6 or less wins- much like the NBA lottery. Colts appear to have dropped below many other teams. Might have had a 3rd round bid in, but he was gone by the time it was our turn.
  16. ColtsBlueFL

    Sam Beal Pro Day - each team represented

    I think draft starts now (12:o CDT) supplemental draft order is not necessarily the same as April draft. Team with 6 wins or less had a lottery to determine the draft order for today. As did second tier and 3rd tier (playoff teams) clubs. thius draft goes by fast, and I predict 2 will be taken of the 5.
  17. ColtsBlueFL

    Nelson at RT?

    It’s true, but I do not believe Nelson is the guy to fill the role. Interior line are getting notice and paid these days as well. Nelson is a potential Gold Jacket guy at LG.
  18. ColtsBlueFL

    Anthony Castonzo

    These, yes, and teams do. with who? From MMQB from SI- "In the current NFL landscape, the overwhelming majority of top pass rushers play left defensive end or linebacker, which means they line up across from the right tackle. That includes J.J. Watt, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Justin Houston, Joey Bosa, Vic Beasley, Cameron Wake, Cliff Avril, Markus Golden, Ryan Kerrigan, Carlos Dunlap, Cameron Jordan, Jason Pierre-Paul and Danielle Hunter, a 22-year-old rising star who recorded 12.5 sacks for the Vikings in 2016." The RT and now interior line are getting attention, and the good ones getting paid- very well too. Not just the LT.
  19. ColtsBlueFL

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    For his profession, many feel it is. Jerome Baker says "“Not every football player is a millionaire. Just throwing it out there,” Baker said. “We’re not rich, we’re not. Once you throw in the taxes and the things you have to pay for, you’re not that rich.” I guess when you figure it is spaced for over 4 years, and agent fees, taxes, etc... it dwindles fast. For a Pro athlete. Then they have all the years after their career ends.
  20. ColtsBlueFL

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    Yup, pretty much it. There are a couple minor $$ issues agents/players can haggle about too. Things that are negotiable- Size of the signing bonus - this can be amortized over the length of the contract, but it is essentially guaranteed money. Timing of signing bonus payments. Teams sometimes attempt to defer portions of a large signing bonus. They want the use of the money, and to time it to payments made from television and other sources with the payouts if possible. Whether the salaries are guaranteed for skill (performance) or injury. And, as you mention, - Offset language, capability to reduce payment of salary to a player if he is let go and that player ends up on another team roster with pay. But the wage scale is set, with players getting lower salary and less guarantees as they go lower in draft slot.
  21. ColtsBlueFL

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    You left out the Bonus money, but even then it only comes to $6,410,025.00 and I think it might be a bit more when done. It's not done, he still hasn't signed yet, but no pressure as there is plenty of time before camp starts.
  22. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts Contest for Fans

    Favorite, down 7 -0 in Super Bowl. Then this- Next favorite. Vs. Pats AFCCG down 34-31 with just over a minute remaining. 3 yards to pay dirt, then this- {Jeff Saturday pancakes Vince Wilfork!} Honorable mention: "Marlin's got it! we're going to the Super Bowl!" Least favorite-
  23. ColtsBlueFL

    Any news on Leonard or Braden Smith signing their contracts?

    I do not believe so. My last check had 9 first rounders still unsigned, and 5 others not taken in round 1 yet to sign as well. Leonard was one of those 5. Plenty of time before camp to get it done. No pressing deadline looming short term.
  24. ColtsBlueFL

    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    The NFL rules state a PES positive test is 4 games. Period. No wiggle room. It is either positive, or not. Domestic violence is 6 games. (Ray Rice Rule) But... can go more, or less depending upon 'mitigating circumstances'. Apparently, the investigation uncovered some issue(s), and Winston then explained his side. The NFL negotiated a lower sentence based upon all of that, and the promise from Winston not to appeal and serve it immediately. Also, further violations could result in a lifetime ban. The punishment for Substance abuse is different than PES (different policy), and marijuana different (more lenient, IE: it takes four positive or “missed” tests, which are treated the same as positive tests, to trigger a four-game suspension when the drug in question is marijuana) than other non PES substances. This is an NFL - NFLPA agreement. PES and Substance of Abuse- Players/Drug_SOA_Policy_9-29-14.pdf Personal Conduct-
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    Robert Turbin Suspended 4 Games

    Very reasonable perspective. I do not believe in anyone that says they went to (GNC, Max Muscle, etc...) and took an OTC supplement and then tested positive, and they didn't know. If they truly didn't, it is because they wanted to be ignorant and did not care. Because the player is responsible for anything ingested, there are measures to help them stay 'clean', if they choose. First, each team physician has a list of OTC products that contain banned substances. Stay Away! Also, the NFL will test a product submitted to them. Finally, there is actually an app that lists all the products that contain substances banned for sport.