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  1. Obviously can’t count, I’ll take WLB for $1000 please.
  2. He has such a good track record as an analyst too..
  3. Out of curiosity, when you look at posts does it say "Quoth" rather than "Quote"?
  4. Good topic @Superman. Personally: QB - Self Explanatory OT (Specifically my LT) - Gotta protect the Franchise OG - Probably LG to shore up one side of the line, but maybe RG for balance. TE - I'd go TE over WR in the modern game, a Gronk can be a #1 receiver and monster blocker too DE - PASS RUSH, PASS RUSH and more PASS RUSH. A legit 15+ sack every season guy and drive a whole D IMO. Either they have to account for him, or he's going to be disrupting that backfield. CB - Was torn between this and FS. Although I think we've not seen a Revis type corner since, if you could have a Revis guy who can follow their #1 and shut him out 1 on 1 it's huge.
  5. Sorry for the lateness in replying, I wanted to give your post the consideration it deserved.
  6. Very true but even in that case most QBs don’t get nearly a third of their yards from an absolute fluke play. Basically, context. Brissett won the game, but I wouldn’t go to say it was with his “arm”. Semantics I know.
  7. This is true.. what’s also true is 80 of those yards came on a fluke play. One other chunk play for 45 yards, it’s not like he went full airing it out to win the game.
  8. Vaguely remembered the name, looked him up to refresh. Slipped in the draft and never wowed in the pros. Good measurables though.
  9. Do you mean the first game? In the 2nd Hilton had 14 yards receiving and the longest pass was 9 yards.
  10. I had a very similar thought when I saw @The Old Crow was the last poster in the topic
  11. It's more the I can't think of a team who would be willing to chance him, a long way to go though before the end of the season. Maybe he comes good and makes TB rethink.
  12. I think it says more about the Redskins then it does about Champ Bailey.
  13. Winston is a frustrating one for sure, shows glimpses of being very capable, but then will have moments of complete implosion. I don't think he's losing the starting gig anytime soon, but I do think they move on from him after this season which adds another team into the mix for QB hunting in the draft. If that does happen it will be interesting to see what he can get on the open market, because he's not really the ideal type QB you'd want as a backup and I can't see him getting another starting gig elsewhere.
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