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  1. I think that’s an unfair and lazy representation of a lot of posts made so far.
  2. I don’t think using context such as sample size is going to land here... After this move I’d be somewhat surprised if Holden made the final roster. Well beyond a few weeks anyway.
  3. Fresh off making the majority of those starts, he couldn't stick with the Colts PS so I'm not sure you can read too much into it. Tevi has more pedigree as a true tenured starter than Holden and Davenport certainly, though mostly at RT IIRC.
  4. That's a slightly binary, and slightly over simplified outline of the situation. I don't think anyone is saying it's too much for Fisher if he was starting Game 1 at his previous level of play. The question is when is he back, and at what level. The FO clearly have a level of confidence he will contribute in some way or shape this year, but the actual terms will give more insight into how confident they feel.
  5. I think I mis-remembered the table then, but you're right there was definite split. Did it define what it classed as a 'skill' position? I know a common long term effect of an achilles injury is a loss of explosiveness, which I can understand affecting say a RB/WR, but would equally think it applied to say a CB?
  6. Don't underestimate that relatively, by the nature of the position, O-Line guys tend to be 'overweight' for their natural frame. A lot of stress and strain on those joints and tendons. IIRC the study @ColtsBlueFL did show there was a link with BMI and recovery?
  7. Or look further in the previous topic for the very nice breakdown by @ColtsBlueFL which is a bit more in-depth than a fluff piece.
  8. Even at a best case scenario of he's ready to go Game 1 (which I doubt), and is more likely a PUP candidate, there is going to be some rust to shake off and confidence to rebuild. I know he went down late last season, but even with the best prognosis it can take a while for players to get back to 100%. The question might be more, do you think Fisher at 80% of his usual level, for 8-9 games this year is worth 9 Million?
  9. Will you stop with your reasonably stated posts taking us through the logic of your posting without containing at least one personal shot? Question would you have been happier, or at least understood more, a 2 year deal? Let's say for sake of ease circa 18 Mil. I'm still nervy about achilles injuries, the science of treatment has come on massively, but you it's still far from a 'routine' injury.
  10. There's a risk of paying someone $9 million to do not a lot... As with most NFL contracts, once the fuller terms are out you get more sense of how/why the deal was struck. If it's heavily incentive laden that tells you something about their confidence levels. If it's fully guaranteed that tells you something else. Likely a large chunk will be guaranteed come whatever, but always pays to wait on the full terms.
  11. In @Superman's defence I'd like to see the full terms of the deal, as that might shed more light on how much of a risk they feel the move is. If there are terms to escape without paying the whole 9 (million) yards that's something of a different story.
  12. I guess we'll see when(if) further details come out about the deal. I'd hope there is a break point in the money around number of games played etc. Are we more paying for 1st option in case he does get fit enough to play at some point this season. I agree it's an odd deal on the face of it.
  13. Everyone bangs on about the Hughes trade with the benefit of hindsight, yet forget the circumstances behind it. He was fed up of being sat, and had a real axe to grind, in short had made it clear he didn't want to be in Indy. Up to that point he hadn't shown much exactly. So do you take something for a player who was overtly stating he didn't want to play for the team, and had was very unlikely to play the way he did for the Bills while here. There was very much a personal dislike for Irsay for whatever reason. Didn't work out in our favour but I get the why.
  14. I do firmly believe if you get a rep for being "grabby" you're going to get called for it more. Suplexing a guy probably didn't help.
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