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  1. You mean like how there is talk of Premier League games being played in the States? True that even that league can’t compare with the draw of the London Cockneys CC. Average gates are over 100,000, and that’s even for the 10 day games. That’s what you call real tailgating.
  2. Not really, given the voting system, the inflexibility around voting for positions, and the large number of alternates, it's not the most direct relationship to who are the "best" players. Not saying I don't rate him as a player to be clear.
  3. I think a Pro Bowl appearance is one of the worst ways to judge talent, but I'd like Hooper on a value contract.
  4. Semantics maybe, but I'd have used 'professional' rather than ethical to describe it. However I understand the point you're making.
  5. This whole topic has been derailed with several personal shots. Locking. You know the rules people, follow them please.
  6. That's not that unusual for even good coaches, go look at Wade Phillips for example.
  7. Edited, thanks. It's just the way it is, Tannehill has a historic (and I do more historic) streak of games, but let's only look at the last 2 playoff games. Interesting to compare Brissett to Mariota...
  8. I’d interested to see how ANY/A for a QB plays compared to QBR. Good work sir.
  9. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/chad-kelly-21995/
  10. I guarantee that's not a picture of his kid. I also get the impression I've missed a merge here as it seems like most were venting against another Brissett topic (fair IMO), but your response was a bit OTT IMO.
  11. You also guaranteed Brissett was the answer and we wouldn’t be drafting a QB...
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