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  1. Completely agree with on paper that this is a Browns team with a huge amount of potential. But we’ve seen lots of teams talked up before a season who don’t perform to standard. In addition, in the politest way, much like teams NE have had winning culture for years, the Browns have had the inverse. Hoping that you guys are good this year as I dislike the other teams in the AFC North, but as @jvan1973 said, need to see it before I crown them.
  2. If they take a hug step surely they’ll get called for holding.
  3. I always had a soft spot for him given his back story.
  4. If you’re “done” with Luck can I politely suggest you stop posting this rhetoric repeatedly in multiple topics.
  5. Actually put it in the calendar so I don't forget! I best catch up on my draft research.... or go with the tried and tested panic clicking because I've let the timer run down.
  6. Mod Note I had to remove a lot of posts that were pretty much a person chest beating argument. Just when I thought this topic couldn't get any worse, I was unpleasantly surprised.
  7. I wish I'd kept a record of the things I've written but didn't post.. especially in anger.
  8. You don't need to post every little thought you have on the issue in separate posts, it could be construed as bumping your own post.
  9. To play Devil’s advocate there’s a huge difference between not being able to practice and being held out from practice to maximise the chance of things clearing. Soft tissue stuff is tricky sometimes and linger and flare up weeks and months after you feel “recovered”. I’m mid-marathon cycle and even with managing effort levels on the old 80/20 rule, a tendon injury from 5 months ago has flared up because constantly knocking out 60-80 mile weeks is going to put a strain on you. I know the only way to make it clear up again is full rest, but as I have a specific goal I’ll push through it accepting the increased risk of a tear. If your trust Luck’s knowledge of the play book, I’d rather give him every chance of getting fully pain free before the games. We got bit hard from him pushing through stuff before. We have zero idea on what work he’s doing outside of team drills.
  10. If you can diagnose injuries at that sort of range can we sign you for the NHS?! We’d save a fortune having you diagnose our patients remotely with no examination. Aside from the team all round having a nightmare I’d put it more down to him hitting the equivalent of the “rookie wall” after so long out without playing.
  11. Bull, soft tissue issues can linger and niggle for a long long time. Maybe they’re being massively over cautious here and pulling him at the first sign of any discomfort. Without actual access to the clinical notes we’re all just guessing. The fact he’s not scheduled to have follow ups is encouraging.
  12. Long time no see! I think it's not a bad value trade at all, always quite liked Johnson as a RB. Trent Williams may well be available but at what price? 2nd rounder at least you'd think.
  13. I’d get cold feet after being traded to Gruden’s Raiders too, to be fair.
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