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  1. O-Linemen seems the big one. Did you see when Alan Faneca retired, dropped 100 pounds and ran a marathon.
  2. Potentially.. Elliot certainly wasn't happy at having his result shared. If we get into the season though, and players are missing time due to Covid, you'd assume it would get listed on the injury report as such.
  3. Regards the whole mask trope... Initially they didn't advise the wearing of medical masks because of fears of shortage of PPE supplies. This was circa Feb/March. It was exactly the same here. Subsequent to that, and while there is some debate over asymptomatic spread and the effectiveness of cloth masks, the CDC/WHO recommendations have changed. That's why the encouragement to wear cloth masks at least. I wouldn't call reacting to changing situations as a lack of credibility. The call for widespread use didn't start till April/May time. For example when things like this starting appearing in the BMJ: https://www.bmj.com/content/bmj/369/bmj.m1435.full.pdf Side note - Trish Greenhalgh is an excellent academic clinician whose done some great work in all sorts of areas. Back to NFL, given that everyone is still working the dark somewhat about how you deal with this, that's why you've seen small bits of info dripped out. I think they're still figuring it out, and having to do a lot of "testing" with the public/players/staff to find a palatable solution. The clock is ticking somewhat though with July not far away at all.
  4. He does some great stuff. Stumbled across him via his video on Landry.
  5. I'd say it's harder to compare interior LBs across generations vs edge rushers as the changes to the game have had more impact on what is considered the "prototype" ILBers. Just my opinion of course.
  6. Politely, can I ask that we keep this to football please. This will only inevitably lead to a wider discussion which is being had away from the football forums in Misc.
  7. Trying to steer this back towards football... I'm not sure you can directly compare the two in some respects as they played "different" positions. I wouldn't call Leonard a MLB, more a WLB in our base package , although he often slides across in nickel/dime packages. IIRC 2000 era Ravens was very much a 4-3 hybrid that allowed Lewis free reign to roam/seek/destroy. I'd argue he probably had more talent around him as well in that D, as well as it's successors (adding Ngata/Suggs!). I'll always have a soft spot for that Willis/Bowman/Smith/Smith era 49'ers D. I think they would have turned the Pats over too if they hadn't fumbled their chance against the Giants. Although that game did expose the limitations of that offense.
  8. I know we're firmly into pre-season preaching/coach speak/training camp titillation but it is reassuring to see him saying all the right things. Would you actually want to be a "bell cow" in nowadays? We've seen the massive drop off from backs who have had heavy reps in a season. Is it better to perhaps have slightly less money each year but have a longer career?
  9. I mean it’s not the craziest idea, but it’s a hard PR sell.
  10. I'm sorry, posting a reply to a post you made on a public forum giving wider context to something quoted without providing the full source is now harassment? I'll say this for the last time, if you have issues with a post, report them. If you want to continue posting in your style you need to learn to deal with challenge to what you post, especially when posting unsourced and unqualified statements as fact. Which league, which country? You have absolutely zero proof that this will be true. No one does right now. It's a fricking contact sport, that's vastly different to putting in measures try and get, say an office, back up and running. The league Dr you mentioned himself said they are continually assessing this and wouldn't be drawn on firm plans as yet.
  11. While the financial loss of a delayed/cancelled season would be immense, remember the product is key. There's already been criticism about the declining quality of play in some areas. Do you really think the NFL would let a team out there with say 80% starters missing because of an localised outbreak within the team?
  12. The same person also said "We are not putting dates on the calendar at this point,". It would be "naive" to think there wouldn't be break points around % roster infection rates, otherwise you start to affect league parity too much.
  13. Well deserved, an awesome servant of the franchise. A real "shoe guy".
  14. Always this picture... By accident it lead me to finding this video, actually not a bad watch:
  15. That's the one, interesting character. I can most remember the interception he made, promptly followed by being stripped of the ball...
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