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  1. I feel like it's hard on the outside to get an idea of the internal dynamics when it comes to lower down the coaching hierarchy. You've seen some head coaches come from some pretty 'lowly' positions.
  2. It would wager you're more likely to see an outside hire as Reich hasn't been given the chance to pick 'his' guy yet.
  3. There is some false equivalency at play in this topic. I'd argue if your line is worse, and is going to let up more pressure, then I'd rather take quick release over mobility. Quick release will cover a multitude of sins on a line, mobility is more helpful when the play breaks down and you're playing backyard football. The issue with that, as we know all too well is that it exposes your QB to more physical risk. You don't see many old QBs you rely on their legs to get them out of trouble.
  4. I mean I get the sentiment, but I tend to agree with @csmopar in that any affirmative action feels like a sticking plaster fix to avoid addressing the deeper issues. Specifically this rule also seems ripe for abuse.
  5. I think we all have regrets about this topic. Your post makes more sense now.
  6. But what stats? You mean comparing Brissett's from this season? Because that's a really false comparison to make.
  7. Right.. you're seriously comparing Brissett and Painter? Neither is a franchise QB, but Brissett was a much better QB than Painter. Your original post cleared out the cherry orchard.
  8. Let's put it another way, if this is more about the organisation's handling of him. What were they meant to do? Cut him? Not going to happen with all the uncertainty around this season. Let alone the dead cap hit. So he's a Colt, what you going to do when asked directly about him? Say sure he's a great guy, but a lousy QB. Of course you talk your guys up, that's what you do. Add into that he does seem to be a genuinely loved guy in the locker room, so why run the risk of creating conflict when it's not needed. He could have sat and pouted about losing the starting gig, instead he'
  9. If you do make it back to 2019, I'd invest in PPE and needle manufacturing companies if I was you.
  10. I still don't get why the need for such polarisation around everything. Appreciating that JB isn't a bad dude doesn't mean people are blinded to his shortcomings as a QB. People have got too hung up on the salary. They didn't sign him to that deal to be the backup; they gambled on him establishing himself as the starter. A reverse of the Flacco situation a few years back. It didn't work out and he's not going to get that type deal wherever he lands. Similarly, during that season it was a gross misrepresentation by lots of posters on this board that being critical in any way of his
  11. Then we trade him to the Texans for King's ransom?
  12. The two are separate things. You still need to call a play, likely adjust it at the line based on what the D is showing. You telling me Rivers is running the numbers at the line? Assuming it’s not 4th and short and we’re sneaking Brissett.
  13. I mean it’s like his 3rd best season by the numbers, and that’s not even pro-rating for missing 2 games, but sure thing.
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