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  1. On the other hand they’d never see it coming.. Philly Special for Phil?
  2. A quick google pulls this up, that seems a good summary: https://sportdfw.com/2018/05/08/explaining-run-pass-option-rpo-nfl/ Interestingly from the article: "Perhaps the biggest reason the NFL has been so slow to incorporate RPOs in their playbooks is because of the challenges it poses for the offensive line. A proper RPO asks its linemen to play like it’s a run. This means rather than stepping back to pass-protect, they drive forward to run-block. The only problem with this is if the QB decides to keep the ball and throw it downfield, he must do so before the
  3. I’m fairly certain we called it at least one at the goal line against Cinci.
  4. I reckon Rivers’ 40 time is around 30s so this is apt.
  5. With Fitzpatrick not stinking the joint up, and with some pressure to start Tagovailoa alleviated by his recovery from injury, they have to have a lot of confidence in him to make this move. Might have to catch a few Miami games on porpoise to see how it pans out. Welcome to the NFL.. have you met Aaron yet?
  6. I'm not sure the OP is a different enough of, or a in depth enough of a take to warrant a stand alone post. Plenty of Rivers talk already:
  7. How does he overthrow him! I thought his arm was done!
  8. Maybe we finally caught the most mythical of Indy beasts... halftime adjustments.
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